Date   : 02/23/2005    Duedate: 03/08/2005


DM-22    TURN-502

This Weeks Top Honors


(22-6103) [23-9-0,122]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

                               KISS ME (726)
                               (22-6448) [2-0-0,19]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

NO HURRY                       BIFF STREICHER
JUST CHILLIN (699)             MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)
(22-6174) [15-15-0,84]         (22-6375) [6-9-1,54]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. THE ZOO (205)               37
2. THE REPUBLICANS (103)       25      KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)
3. JUST CHILLIN (699)          22      Unchartered Team
4. TREE PEOPLE 2 (718)         16
5. CONSPIRACY INC. (100)       13      KISS ME (726)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1- 1*DON'T ASK SANDY (716)     16   3  0 84.2   1/ 1 THE POISON CLAN (692)    12  3 0
 2/ 2 KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)    187  87  4 68.2   2/ 7*KISS ME (726)             7  5 1
 3/ 3 THE POISON CLAN (692)     98  62  1 61.3   3/ 2 CONSPIRACY INC. (100)     7  6 1
 4/ 4 ROCK ETTS (595)          405 287  7 58.5   4/ 3 KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)     7  8 0
 5/ 9*KISS ME (726)              7   5  1 58.3   5/ 4 JUST CHILLIN (699)        6  9 0
 6/ 5 CONSPIRACY INC. (100)    180 146 13 55.2   6- 6*LEGIO ITALICA (724)       5  3 0
 7/ 6 JUST CHILLIN (699)        81  68  7 54.4   7/ 5 THE REPUBLICANS (103)     5 10 1
 8/ 7 THE REPUBLICANS (103)    377 374 25 50.2   8/ 9 MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)      5 10 0
 9- 8*LEGIO ITALICA (724)       14  14  0 50.0   9/ 0 THE ZOO (205)             4  1 0
10-10 THE DEMOCRATS (202)      167 174 13 49.0  10- 8 ULTRA-VIOLENCE (723)      4  3 0
11/11 MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)      56  63  5 47.1  11/14 TREE PEOPLE 2 (718)       3  7 0
12-12*DROP THE LEASH (701)       7   8  1 46.7  12-11*DROP THE LEASH (701)      2  0 1
13-13 ULTRA-VIOLENCE (723)      51  62  3 45.1  13-10 THE DEMOCRATS (202)       2  3 0
14/ 0 THE ZOO (205)            367 505  6 42.1  14-12*DON'T ASK SANDY (716)     1  0 0
15-14 A UNIT (649)              11  20  1 35.5  15/13 ROCK ETTS (595)           1  5 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
16/15 TREE PEOPLE 2 (718)       13  28  1 31.7  16-15 A UNIT (649)              0  2 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ A Wolf at the Door #1 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

     Ilsa She-Wolf leaned on the parapet of the bridge and watched the water swirling
below.  It was soothing, because the river didn't expect anything from her.  She was
a great gladiator, she knew that, but sometimes it was a burden.  It was an old
bridge, three shallow arches, two stone piers in the river.  Probably antique
Fratsfan; everybody said the Fratsfans built all the old stuff around here.  That
didn't sound like the Fratsfans she'd met.  They all seemed to be living on past
glories, not DOING stuff like building bridges.  It was the Convincians who DID stuff
these days.  But maybe they had been more active once.  Well, they'd have to have
been, if the history she'd read was true.  Sometimes she had her doubts about that,
too.  So it was in the history books, anybody could write a book.  That didn't PROVE
     Take the Hurinwood, for instance.  Her eyes rose to the high ground beyond the 
river.  There was a little flat ground before the bluffs rose and the trees closed in
like a dark pelt on a bear's back.  Meadows and straggling groves of trees, because
nobody cared to farm in the shadow of the Hurinwood.  The history books said that the
Hurinwood had been left alone so that it could be a sort of royal hunting ground for
the leaders of the Aruaki.  Ha!  Nobody hunted up there!  And it hadn't been left
alone always; there were houses up there.  Abandoned now, sure, but someone once
hadn't seen any reason NOT to build there.  So she figured the Hurinwood was one of
the things that the history books lied about.
     Which was odd, when you really thought about it.  What was there to lie for?
     "They say it's haunted."  The voice rumbled like thunder, behind and above her.
     Ilsa looked around at Eldridge Phant.  Retirement must agree with him; she had
never seen the gladiator so relaxed and at ease.  "People always say that when a
place is abandoned."
     Eldridge glanced over his shoulder at Solven and snorted.  "Them, sure.  But I'm
a Shew, Ilsa, and we KNOW about mountains and forests.  And WE say it's haunted."  He
stared up at the dark mass of the Hurinwood.  "We KNOW, Ilsa."
     "Okay.  So tell me what you KNOW--tell me who or what is haunting it and why?"
     "Bored with being a Lady Protector?"
     Her eyes narrowed at his amused tone.  Still, he was a friend, and besides, it
was no use getting upset with Eldridge.  He just shrugged it off.  "Maybe a little,"
she admitted.  "The Isle is...okay, I guess.  But it's so crowded.  THOUSANDS of
gladiators, and all they talk about is fighting and who's hanging out with who.  Or
should that be whom?  Not that I care, but...."  She shrugged and fell silent.
     Eldridge's question and her response had crystallized her feelings about the
Isle.  "Every one is tense," she said.  "I hadn't realized....  Really tense.  Like
they thought the world was going to come to an end, but they didn't know exactly
when, and...."  She shivered.  If Eldridge laughed at her, she was going to push him
off the bridge.
     The Shew was silent for several minutes.  Then he said, "The decline in the
Arcanum.  It must be worrying Lady Greywand, and I do know that if a magician is
worried, everybody around him--or her--ends up being tense."  There was disapproval
in his tone.  "Sloppy shielding."
     Ilsa opened her mouth to reply, then stiffened.  "You're changing the subject!
Why don't you want to talk about the Hurinwood?"
     "For the same reason I don't wave bloody meat in front of real wolves," Eldridge
answered.  "I'm not a fool!"
     Ilsa looked up at the Hurinwood again.  The bluff was seamed with ravines.
True, they were choked with trees and brush, but it might be possible to go up them.
And there were the two old roads that crossed the high ground.  Probably overgrown
now, but not to the point of impassability.  She could get up there, if she wanted
to.  And if there was something up there that nobody talked about....  Her spirits
rose.  "TELL ME."
     The Shew heaved a sigh.  "It's a different world up there, Ilsa."
     "People always say things like that."
     "This time, it's true.  The Hurinwood is not in Alastari."
     "That's nonsense, and you know it!  It's right THERE, I can see it."
     "So?  When someone leaves a gate open, you can look through and see what's on
the other side."
     "A whole new WORLD?  Really?"
     "It isn't 'new' to the people who live there.  But yes, really."
     "This I have GOT to see!"
     "Then I'm coming with you."
     There was no point in denying that having Eldridge at her back would be....  She
would like the feeling.  But... "I'm immortal, you're not.  If you get killed--"
     "You are NOT immortal," Eldridge said.  "The Greywand's spell gives you
agelessness, which isn't the same thing.  You can be killed to, and if your body
isn't brought back to the Isle, they can't resurrect you.  Having someone along is
insurance, girl."

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                          ---===ANDORIAN REGIONAL NEWS===---

 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 253): YMIR BLOODRAVEN of NORTHERN BADLANDS (Maximillian, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 509): PURPLE PANTHER of ANIMAL FARM (Mino, mgr.)
 DM  14 TOBIR (turn 508): THE THING of THE DEATH SQUAD (Street Legal, mgr.)
 DM  22 SOLVEN (turn 501): THE SCORPION of THE POISON CLAN (Master Tazo, mgr.)
 DM  24 ZORPUNT (turn 498): STONEFISH of AUSSIE KILLERS (THawk, mgr.)
 DM  25 LYRATILAN (turn 497): WE LIKE THE MOON of SPONGMONKEYS (The Dark One, mgr.)
 DM  26 CALEAM (turn 498): JAW BREAKER of HOME LIFE (?, mgr.)
 DM  30 IAYE (turn 490): DARK STAR of THE WARLOCKS (Malaquar, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 460): BORIS KARLOFF of MEN OF 1,000 FACES (Mad Max, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 453): GREW SOME GRUE of OLD SCHOOL (Otto X. Frothingslosh)
 DM  46 ARDIVENT (turn 445): KHORNE SHADOWSPAWN of RUBY DRAGONS (Talon Warsmith)
 DM  52 FRATSFA (turn 201): BEXLEY of OHIO (Berylstar, mgr.)
 DM  60 ARADI (turn 357): WILDFIRE of NATURAL DISASTERS (Soultaker, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 347): SELAUNAH of WAYFARERS (Leeta, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 156): THE SADMAN of THE FURIOUS FIVE (Generalissimo Puerco)
                            Ivy, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 253): PHOENIX FIRE (Bobby Bigfoot, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 509): none
 DM  14 TOBIR (turn 508): THE DOGHOUSE (Leeta, mgr.)
 DM  22 SOLVEN (turn 501): THE POISON CLAN (Master Tazo, mgr.)
 DM  24 ZORPUNT (turn 498): KRILL CAVALRY (Leeta, mgr.)
 DM  25 LYRATILAN (turn 497): MADTOWN (Carnage, mgr.)
 DM  26 CALEAM (turn 498): HEADBANGERS (Sablon-O-Vlad, mgr.)
 DM  30 IAYE (turn 490): THE WARLOCKS (Malaquar, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 460): MEN OF 1,000 FACES (Mad Max, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 453): GLAD TO MEAT YOU (Alfredo Frothingslosh, mgr.)
 DM  46 ARDIVENT (turn 445): BLUVALLEY WARRIORS (Leeta, mgr.)
 DM  52 FRATSFA (turn 201): ASSASSIN NATION (Ghab, mgr.)
 DM  60 ARADI (turn 357): NATURAL DISASTERS (Soultaker, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 347): WAYFARERS (Leeta, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 156): THE FURIOUS FIVE (Generalissimo Puerco, mgr.)
ADM 105 ANDORAK (turn 394): JUST CHILLIN (Mr. Freeze, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 253): L'ORC BLEU of LA PENTARCHIE (The Pentalque, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 509): PURPLE PANTHER of ANIMAL FARM (Mino, mgr.)
                   (turn 508): STRONGBOW of ELFQUEST (Armalias, mgr.)
 DM  14 TOBIR (turn 507): SCARBOROUGH of FRAG 'EM ALL! (Edge, mgr.)
 DM  22 SOLVEN (turn 500): DARRELL ISSA of CONSPIRACY INC. (Damion, mgr.)
                           THE TOAD of THE POISON CLAN (Master Tazo, mgr.)
 DM  25 LYRATILAN (turn 496): BAYLEFYRE of BRETHREN OF SIN (DeGotti, mgr.)
 DM  26 CALEAM (turn 497): FIRE of SEEING RED (Edge, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 459): PISTON HURRICANE of AS FAR AS SIAM (Huckle Cat, mgr.)
                             Frothingslosh, mgr.)
                             CHICKEN TIGHT JEANS of GLAD TO MEAT YOU (Alfredo
                             Frothingslosh, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 346): PASSER BY of WAYFARERS (Leeta, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 156): THE SADMAN of THE FURIOUS FIVE (Generalissimo Puerco)
                             WHIPSNADE of THE FURIOUS FIVE (Generalissimo Puerco)
                             DASKINOR of DARQUE FORCES (Master Darque, mgr.)

                                      SPY REPORT

     The sages err'd not in their foretelling of a god descending upon SOLVEN, for I, 
Novgorodny Vir, have returned!  Nothing works for a team like victory (How's that for 
a perceptive observation?) as KISS ME can attest...  Practice pays for ARISHTARTE, 
who pummelled TONY BLAIR, to pocket 19 points.  CEPACOL certainly had a baffled 
expression on his face, after losing to THE BASILISK and losing 12 points in the 
process!  You could cut the tension with a scimitar as ANTHONY SCALIA of CONSPIRACY 
INC. met the Duelmaster.  What can be a greater victory?  ANTHONY SCALIA has taken 
his place as the top, as SOLVEN's new Duelmaster.  So who's the team that's been 
walking into taverns last week and ordering milk?  Sounds like a PR stunt to me.   
     A Zenmaster once told me, 'Does not the spinning wheel turn?  And do not the 
little birds cry out?'  Any ideas?  Perhaps the warriors of CONSPIRACY INC. should 
take up some hobbies, as they are the most avoided team...  As a woman of good 
breeding scorns the "warriors" of THE POISON CLAN, so did that sorry team shy from 
CONSPIRACY INC.  If challenges were horses, CLINT EASTWOOD could open up a fast food 
joint!  Take heed SOLVEN, of the unprincipled action of THE PHOENIX.  By challenging 
BIFF STREICHER, 16 points below him, THE PHOENIX besmirches the noble art of dueling. 
THE PHOENIX subdued BIFF STREICHER.  The whole thing leaves a bitter memory.  Them's 
the breaks, CLINT EASTWOOD.  Expecting fair challenges from KELLUMBO'S KIDS is 
evidently too much to ask.  Bookies and NAME DROPPER were more than a little 
surprised, as CLINT EASTWOOD snatched an easy victory from NAME DROPPER, gaining 17 
     The moving sword slashes, and having slashed, moves on...  Charity is unknown in 
SOLVEN, and rightly so.  JUST CHILLIN exacted their revenge against THE REPUBLICANS.  
Justice was served as HARD LUCK WOMAN fought CHRISTINE GREGOIRE in bloodfeud.  Well 
done, KISS ME!  Ask not for whom the sword slashes; it slashes for thee.   
     Leave me now, you base fools!  My fingers tire and I fear my incessant prattling 
may cause unfair judgement upon my impeccable character.  Can anything compare to the 
pleasure of writing Spyreports for SOLVEN?  On that giddy note I take my leave-- 
Novgorodny Vir  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 ANTHONY SCALIA 6103          23   9  0   122       CONSPIRACY INC. (100)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 MAYBE LATER 6176             21   9  1   122       JUST CHILLIN (699)
-ROE V WADE 6226              13   8  0   103       THE DEMOCRATS (202)
 THE SCORPION 6117            19  13  0   100       THE POISON CLAN (692)
 SNAKE CHARMER 6169           24   8  0    97       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BLIND ILLUSION 6379          14  10  1    93       MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SCHWARZENEGGER 6265          16   4  0    90       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)
 THE LOTUS 6208               14  13  0    90       THE POISON CLAN (692)
 NO HURRY 6174                15  15  0    84       JUST CHILLIN (699)
 EASY BREEZE 6173             15  15  3    76       JUST CHILLIN (699)
 LUCIAS CLAY 6359              9   4  0    75       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)
 PLATINUM 5677                12  29  1    70       ROCK ETTS (595)
 THE PHOENIX 6227             16   9  0    69       THE POISON CLAN (692)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TAX DEDUCTION 6269           10  10  1    66       THE REPUBLICANS (103)
 CRIMSON WONDER 6373           8   3  0    64       MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)
 CLINT EASTWOOD 6286          11   8  0    61       THE REPUBLICANS (103)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BIFF STREICHER 6375           6   9  1    54       MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)
 THE BASILISK 6307            11   5  0    52       THE POISON CLAN (692)
 NAME DROPPER 6306             7   8  0    51       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)
-CAIUS 6404                    6   0  0    49       LEGIO ITALICA (724)
 ARISHTARTE 6257               7   8  1    47       THE ZOO (205)
-WRATHCHILD 6395              11  11  0    46       ULTRA-VIOLENCE (723)
-JOHN EDWARDS 6399             3   5  1    46       THE DEMOCRATS (202)
 CEPACOL 6377                  9   8  1    44       MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)
-CHARLES RANGEL 6229           7  12  1    44       THE DEMOCRATS (202)
-SUBOTAI 6387                  7   5  1    40       ULTRA-VIOLENCE (723)
-FREDDY BEAR 6389              9   8  0    39       ULTRA-VIOLENCE (723)
 ZOOIE 6152                    6  20  1    39       THE ZOO (205)
 TAMMY 6407                    6   2  0    38       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)
 TONY BLAIR 6334               9   3  0    36       CONSPIRACY INC. (100)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BROOKS AND DUNN 6398          4   7  1    33       THE REPUBLICANS (103)
-TRADER JACK 6189              3   0  0    33       DROP THE LEASH (701)
-ON A DATE 6325                3   1  0    29       DON'T ASK SANDY (716)
-I DON'T GET 87 PTS? 6323      4   0  0    28       DON'T ASK SANDY (716)
 APPLE TREE 6411               3   2  0    28       TREE PEOPLE 2 (718)
-AEMILIA 6402                  4   2  0    27       LEGIO ITALICA (724)
-MARIUS 6401                   3   3  0    27       LEGIO ITALICA (724)
 SUPPLY SIDE 6358              5   9  0    26       THE REPUBLICANS (103)
-JAMMER 6261                   3   1  0    25       DROP THE LEASH (701)
 ELDRIDGE PHANT 6280           2  11  0    25       THE ZOO (205)
-2 CHEAT 4 YOU 6320            4   0  0    24       DON'T ASK SANDY (716)
-WHEN'S IT DUE? 6324           4   0  0    24       DON'T ASK SANDY (716)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-MICHAEL MOORE 6410            2   3  1    23       THE DEMOCRATS (202)
 KIWIRA 6305                   5   5  0    20       THE ZOO (205)
-WOOFAMIGH 6177                1   0  0    20       ROCK ETTS (595)
-ADDER 5612                    2   2  0    19       A UNIT (649)
 HARD LUCK WOMAN 6448          2   0  0    19       KISS ME (726)
 SANDSTONE 6056                2   3  0    17       ROCK ETTS (595)
 ZEBROE 6370                   2   3  0    16       THE ZOO (205)
 PEAR TREE 6412                2   2  0    14       TREE PEOPLE 2 (718)
-ULTRA FAITH 6360              1   1  1    13       DROP THE LEASH (701)
-A TOO 5589                    1   1  0    13       A UNIT (649)
 FOREVER 6422                  3   0  0    12       KISS ME (726)
 CHRISTINE GREGOIRE 6441       1   1  1    12       CONSPIRACY INC. (100)
-RIP-A-DIP 6384                3   1  0    11       ULTRA-VIOLENCE (723)
-ENVIRONMENTALIST 6427         1   1  0    11       THE DEMOCRATS (202)
-DESTINED TO DIE 6383          2   2  0    10       ULTRA-VIOLENCE (723)
 THE MONKEY 6460               1   0  0    10       THE POISON CLAN (692)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-WHY DUEL II? 6405             1   0  0     9       DON'T ASK SANDY (716)
-BLOSSUM 6431                  0   1  0     7       ROCK ETTS (595)
 OHIO '04 6428                 1   3  0     6       THE REPUBLICANS (103)
-SHOUT IT OUT LOUD 6421        1   1  1     5       KISS ME (726)
-DETROIT ROCK CITY 6423        1   1  0     4       KISS ME (726)
 SLIM JIM 6440                 0   3  0     3       MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)
 CORD 6432                     0   2  0     2       TREE PEOPLE 2 (718)
 DEAN LOGAN 6449               0   1  0     1       CONSPIRACY INC. (100)
 CALIF OAK 6450                0   1  0     1       TREE PEOPLE 2 (718)
 KEVIN KENNEDY 6456            0   1  0     1       CONSPIRACY INC. (100)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
CHILLI DOGG 6429       0  4 0 JUST CHILLIN 699      KORGE, SHEWISH GI 404 502 NONE    
I'M MELTING 6461       0  1 0 JUST CHILLIN 699      BANDIT PRINCE 408     502 NONE    
ICE PICK 6335          8  6 0 JUST CHILLIN 699      BROOKS AND DUNN 6398  501 JUST REV
GOT TO CHOOSE 6419     0  2 0 KISS ME 726           CHRISTINE GREGOI 6441 501 JUST REV
CHRISTINE SIXTEE 6420  0  1 0 KISS ME 726           ULTRA FAITH 6360      500         
LITTLE BRANCH 6337     3  6 0 TREE PEOPLE 2 718     KORGE, SHEWISH GI 404 502 NONE    

                                     PERSONAL ADS

     Oh no!  Bandits have stolen all the personals! -- Ed.

31 January 2005
     My fellow duelists I come before you bearing a sad and unfortunate message.
Several months ago our group, the Vendetta Cartel, had lost contact with one of our
friends.  Since he was in contact or correspondence on an almost daily basis there
was concern amongst us.  With some research two of our members discovered why contact
was lost with him.
     On November 10, 2004, Richard Hammes was taken from us in a senseless act of
violence during a robbery attempt at a friend's store where he sometimes worked.  He
was watching the store so his friend could go home to tend to his son who had taken
ill.  You may have known Rich as Abarsis, The Slaughter Priest ; richh10 on the RT;
or gameogre on the Duel2 messageboard.  You may not have known that he spent 13 years
serving the United States in the Navy.
     Rich dearly loved this game and all it encompassed.  He may not have been the
best or most experienced manager but he loved to interact with others and was quick
to offer advice whenever anyone asked for help.  He was always kind and gracious and
tried to strengthen our game, often by helping new players feel welcome or give them
a chance to compete.  With his prolific posting I know that I am simply speaking the
obvious about what he did for our game.  Many, like me, were drawn to him, perhaps
for his kind nature or his sense of humor, and it appears he lived his life as he
played this game.  Always willing to help or do right by others.
     I realize that he had many friends outside the VC so I will include the link to
the news story in case any of his other friends would like to know more of what
happened.  We're all dealt a hand in life but it's not the strength of the hand
you're dealt but rather how you play it that really matters.  Rich played his hand to
the very best of his human ability and for this I admire him greatly.  I know we all
choose to like or dislike managers but I believe deep down we are all good and
decent, in this game, and will drop party (alliance) lines and will show the proper
     Rich was taken from us all to soon and with so much left to offer the community
around him.  He spoke of a desire to run a contest on the Duel2 site which I hope to
uphold in his name.  Some of the people I have spoken with think it would be a nice
gesture to do one final good act in Rich's name, though it could never match what he
would've done within his community, for his community of San Diego.  I hope that with
this contest we might raise a little money to donate to an appropriate charity within
San Diego in his name.
     In conclusion I send a message to Rich:
     "Rich, though I'm sure you gathered this I never really told you how much I
admired you and what a friend I considered you.  I thank you for being my voice of
reason and always reminding me of why we both loved this game so much!  You have
taught me one final valuable lesson in learning more of you.  There are things far
more valuable in life than material possessions such as character and kindness.  That
nothing going on in your life means that you cannot find a way to be kind and giving
to others.  We always spoke of meeting someday and until we finally do know that you
will live on in with me and the rest of your brothers and sisters in the Cartel:
Master Darque, Kat, Bum, Sensei Jan, Maximillian, Hammer, Fizban, Firehawk, Phat
Phat.  You increased all of our enjoyment of this game, you were a true ambassador of
Duelmasters, and the game will not be quite the same without you.  A farewell battle
cry from the ZalCon:  'Confusion to our enemies'.  May your soul rest in peace, my
     Should anyone wish to correspond about Rich feel free to contact myself, or
anyone else within the Vendetta Cartel.
     Street Legal
     Jeff Bura
     The Death Squad(63) in Tobir or triumph1971@hotmail.com

31 January 2005
     Be it known throughout Alastari that Hammer is no longer a member of the
Vendetta Cartel alliance.
     A difference of opinion with another highly respected member of the VC due to my
recent vocal actions in DM 47 can only be resolved by my resignation from the VC as
of January 29, 2005.
     I leave of my own accord, in good standing with all members and with no hard
feelings towards anyone in the Vendetta Cartel.
     There was a time when I felt that my membership in the VC made the alliance
stronger.  I know that my resignation today makes the Vendetta Cartel a stronger
alliance with my absence. -- Hammer

1 February 2005
                           St. Valentine's Massacre update
My apologies, the Kill Contest starting on turn 476 in Jhans will run for 10 (ten)
turns ending on turn number 486.

5 February 2005
On behalf of the ILLUMINATI Confederation of Alliances (The kLk, CHAOS, Inc. and The
Company of Brothers) I would like to express our sympathies concerning the tragic
loss of Rich Hammes to both the DM community and to the real life world.  Surely our
loss has been Heaven's gain. -- Talon Darkhart, deeply sorrowful
                                kLk God of War, Illuminati Alliance, Puppetmaster

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

LITTLE BRANCH was butchered by KORGE, SHEWISH GIANT in a 1 minute Dark Arena fight.
CHILLI DOGG was barely slain by KORGE, SHEWISH GIANT in a 2 minute Dark Arena battle.
I'M MELTING was murdered by BANDIT PRINCE in a 1 minute Dark Arena fight.
EASY BREEZE viciously subdued BROOKS AND DUNN in a 2 minute Bloodfeud brawl.
HARD LUCK WOMAN defeated CHRISTINE GREGOIRE in a 6 minute amateur's Bloodfeud match.
ANTHONY SCALIA slimly won victory over THE SCORPION in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
LUCIAS CLAY savagely defeated PLATINUM in a crowd pleasing 3 minute Challenge brawl.
THE PHOENIX outwaited BIFF STREICHER in a action packed 7 minute Challenge melee.
NAME DROPPER lost to CLINT EASTWOOD in a 1 minute veteran's Challenge duel.
APPLE TREE won victory over SUPPLY SIDE in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
SNAKE CHARMER narrowly defeated THE LOTUS in a exciting 6 minute veteran's fight.
BLIND ILLUSION was bested by MAYBE LATER in a exciting 4 minute master's conflict.
SCHWARZENEGGER subdued NO HURRY in a crowd pleasing 4 minute veteran's brawl.
TAX DEDUCTION viciously subdued TAMMY in a action packed 6 minute gory fight.
CRIMSON WONDER devastated ZOOIE in a 1 minute uneven duel.
CEPACOL was savagely defeated by THE BASILISK in a unpopular 10 minute bloody brawl.
TONY BLAIR was overpowered by ARISHTARTE in a 2 minute brutal one-sided bout.
PEAR TREE beat OHIO '04 in a 2 minute match.
ELDRIDGE PHANT overpowered SANDSTONE in a 2 minute mismatched conflict.
KIWIRA bested SLIM JIM in a 2 minute bout.
FOREVER outlasted CORD in a 7 minute novice's duel.
ZEBROE beat DEAN LOGAN in a 2 minute beginner's fray.
CALIF OAK was handily defeated by THE MONKEY in a 1 minute one-sided contest.
KEVIN KENNEDY was demolished by SHIFTYEYED VOLUNTEER in a 3 minute one-sided fight.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|TOTAL PARRY                     11         PARRY-STRIKE       8 -   4 -  0      67  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  8         TOTAL PARRY       59 -  37 -  1      61  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    6         WALL OF STEEL     38 -  28 -  1      58  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   5         SLASHING ATTACK   23 -  18 -  2      56  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      4         LUNGING ATTACK    29 -  27 -  3      52  |
|AIMED BLOW                       3         STRIKING ATTACK   37 -  57 -  1      39  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  3         AIMED BLOW         7 -  12 -  0      37  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         BASHING ATTACK     5 -  10 -  1      33  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   2         PARRY-LUNGE        6 -  18 -  1      25  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    0         PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -   6 -  0      14  |

Turn 502 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

AIMED BLOW         3 -  0     LUNGING ATTACK     2 -  3         3  STRIKING ATTACK
PARRY-STRIKE       2 -  0     WALL OF STEEL      2 -  4         3  TOTAL PARRY    
SLASHING ATTACK    2 -  1     PARRY-LUNGE        1 -  3         2  WALL OF STEEL  
TOTAL PARRY        6 -  5     STRIKING ATTACK    1 -  7         1  SLASHING ATTACK
BASHING ATTACK     1 -  1     PARRY-RIPOSTE      0 -  0         1  BASHING ATTACK 
                                                                1  LUNGING ATTACK 

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
WALL OF STEEL    ANTHONY SCALIA 6103        23   9  0  122 CONSPIRACY INC. (100)
SLASHING ATTACK  MAYBE LATER 6176           21   9  1  122 JUST CHILLIN (699)
STRIKING ATTACK  THE SCORPION 6117          19  13  0  100 THE POISON CLAN (692)
TOTAL PARRY      SNAKE CHARMER 6169         24   8  0   97 KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)
LUNGING ATTACK   LUCIAS CLAY 6359            9   4  0   75 KELLUMBO'S KIDS (676)
PARRY-STRIKE     CRIMSON WONDER 6373         8   3  0   64 MEDIEVAL CHAOS (722)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is NO HURRY 6174.  The most popular warrior this turn 
was BIFF STREICHER 6375.  The ten other most popular fighters were MAYBE LATER 6176, 

The least popular fighter this week was THE BASILISK 6307.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were CEPACOL 6377, FOREVER 6422, KEVIN KENNEDY 6456, TAMMY 6407, 

The following warriors will travel to AD after next turn:



     The winter tourney brought a lot of people to the Isle who didn't appear there 
normally.  This included Commission employees.  Half a dozen arenamasters regarded 
each other warily in the mirror behind the bar at the Pig in a Haystack.  The Pig was 
obscure and mediocre, drawing few gladiators, which is what they had all been looking 
for.  They saw gladiators every day.  Most arenamaster were convinced that this was 
some kind of punishment.
     You could always pick out the arenamasters in a crowd.  There were superficial 
differences:  One of these had clearly Adantri features, one wore an eye-patch, two 
were female.  But there were, in significant ways, alike.  The same size, the same 
hair-trigger alertness, the same deadliness.
     The one-eyed man broke the ice, raising his beer mug in salute.  "I'm Zrof One-
Eye from Zukal.  Sugar of Arvat--"  One of the women bowed slightly.  "I know Sugar.  
The rest of you...?"
     The Adantri matched his salute.  "Dernal of Dayla Kiv."
     "Daiyla Kiv?  Ah...."
     "No, without the 'I' in it.  These damned bureaucrats can't spell, and they 
thought adding an unnecessary vowel was exotic."  Disgust dripped from his voice.
     "Tell me about it!" another man growled in agreement.  "Khagal of Niatoli, and 
what they do to the spelling of THAT simple word--!"
     "I thought Daiyla, I mean Dayla Kiv had a different name right now," 
Arenamistress Sugar said.  "The arena, at least, because of a contest?"
     "Chavez Ravine."  Dernal's tone was the one that substituted in polite company 
for spitting on the floor.
     Zrof blinked, taken aback by the bitterness.  He wouldn't have minded a contest 
in Zukal, and damn what they called the place.  "It's only temporary, though."
     "Temporary, shmiperary," another man muttered.  He seemed well into his drinking, 
although, like all arenamasters, he carried his liquor well.  "They do it all the time 
in Aradi.  No reshpect.  Go around changing thish, changing that.  I wish I could 
change shome thingsh."  He signalled the bartender for a refill.
     The second woman put her hand over his mug.  "You've had enough, Harkon.  Try the 
coffee, instead."
     "You should be mad, too, Ripplesh," Harkon said.  "They're going to do shtuff 
like that in Jahnsh, aren't they?"
     Ripples Dorrigan shrugged.  All the men paused, some with glasses half raised, to 
watch.  "It's the way things are," she said.  "Not much we can do about it."
     "You know," Khagal of Niatoli said, "maybe we could make a few changes.  Fix the 
spelling of Arena 33, for one, change a few standby titles--"
     "The Commission hates changes."  Dernal of Dayla Kiv topped up his glass and 
drained it gloomily.
     "Yes, but if we disguise it," Sugar of Arvat said, excited, "make it... maybe a 
general Name-Change-O-Rama!  Then we could slip OUR changes through and no one would 
notice or mind."


     By popular demand, we are holding a Name-Change-o-Rama during the month of March.
If you wish to change the name of your warriors or teams, please contact RSI Customer 
Service.  The charge for a name change is $1, unless you're in DOOMCorps, in which 
case you take your chances.  (Just kidding, guys! *snicker*)