Date   : 01/15/2009    Duedate: 01/28/2009


DM-24    TURN-600

This Weeks Top Honors


(24-4868) [6-5-1,55]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

TCHENI LOY                     SERGEANT3
KRILL CAVALRY (403)            MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)
(24-4868) [6-5-1,55]           (24-4872) [2-0-0,28]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

LORMIN GARDE                   TCHENI LOY
KRILL CAVALRY (403)            KRILL CAVALRY (403)
(24-4854) [8-10-0,41]          (24-4868) [6-5-1,55]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)     55
2. KRILL CAVALRY (403)         -9      KRILL CAVALRY (403)
                                       Unchartered Team

                                       MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 1*MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)   10   0  1  100   1/ 2*MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)  10  0 1
 2/ 2 KRILL CAVALRY (403)      713 673 20 51.4   2/ 1 KRILL CAVALRY (403)       7  8 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

        + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Andorian Succession #21 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +


     "Okay," Lenpro said, "we have to go to Andor.  We figured we'd need to do that
eventually.  Why sooner?"
     "Because someone doesn't want us to," Fandil said.  "That, I think, is what the
magical barrier--it's still there, and it must be using an enormous amount of energy
to maintain--that's what it's all about.  Cutting off Andor from Fratsfa."
     "From you?"
     The old mage shrugged.  "I don't know.  Maybe.  Or cutting off a magician there
IN Andor who is seeking help from Fratsfa.  Or both."
     "Or even for some reason you haven't thought of," Lady Fern said, "and the
effects you mentioned are secondary."
     Both men scowled at her.  One may love a sister and still be annoyed at her
unconventional observations and peculiar viewpoint.
     "Yes, perhaps," Fandil said after a moment.  "But we can't base our actions on
'something we haven't imagined'.  We have to work with what we CAN think of.  Which
is that the barrier is a sort of magical 'divide and conquer' effort."
     "Which makes it a reason for you to go," Lenpro said, "but I don't--"
     The door banged open, letting in the smell of flowers from the back room of the
shop and one of Lady Fern's gladiators.  Sizzling Sunflower posed in the doorway,
radiating excitement and energy.  "Someone's kidnapped a couple of girls!  People are
saying it was monsters!"
     "Just 'monsters', nothing specific?" Lenpro asked.
     "Well, the description sounds like a werecat half-changed," the gladiatress
answered.  "I didn't know they could hold themselves at that stage, unless it's the
effect of the shape-changer plague?"
     "There's already widespread distrust of the Aruaki here," Lenpro said, rising.
"People could even just imagine that the kidnappers are werecats, and it would be
enough to bring about attacks on quite innocent people.  I'd better go check on
this."  He shrugged apologetically at his brother Fandil and took Sunflower's arm.
"You can lay most of your plans without my presence, can't you?"
     "Yes, of course," Fandil said.
     As the door slammed shut behind Lenpro and the Flower Girl, Lady Fern said,
"There might be a physical barrier between Fratsfa and Andor, too, as well as a
magical one."
     "What would be the point of that?"
     "It would keep Emperor Alonj from going to Andor and taking control of the
     Fandil sat down with a thump.  "You're right.  I hadn't thought of that.  But is
he ready to go?"
     Fern shrugged.  "That isn't the point.  If the king is truly dead--"  She held
up a hand.  "I know, you're almost certain.  It's just, well, it feels odd to say it.
Like that makes it more real.  Anyway, if there is going to be some new ruler, the
sooner he's in place, the better.  Because whoever gets there first will have an edge
in any, ah, dispute.  If Alonj isn't first--"
     "But there isn't anyone else," Fandil said.  "The people won't accept an elf
from Ardivent or an Aruaki at present, and the High Thane of Convincia is too old.
Raltumas...not a chance, especially not now that Aradi has seceded; their political
credit is no good.  So who else could there be?"
     "Someone you haven't thought of yet," she said, ignoring his theatrical groan.
"Someone who's trying to usurp control, maybe for himself or maybe as an agent for
some enemy--the Karnhorns, maybe.  How should I know?  But there's someone stirring
this pot, Fandil.  That's the person you have to identify and stop."

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                          ---===ANDORIAN REGIONAL NEWS===---

 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 304): GOLDENEYE of BONDAGE (Spawn, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 610): SEPHIROTH of NIGHT'S GUARDIANS (Ichabod Frothingslosh)
 DM  14 TOBIR (turn 610): WHOLE MUTT of THE DOGHOUSE (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  22 SOLVEN (turn 603): HOT EIGHTEEN of KELLUMBO'S KIDS (Detective Kellumbo, mgr.)
 DM  25 LYRATILAN (turn 599): TRELLIN XISS of THE MIDDLE WAY 4 (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  26 CALEAM (turn 596): SOLDIER 23 of MEDAL OF HONOR F7 (The Anarchist, mgr.)
 DM  30 IAYE (turn 592): OUT OF TIME of GAMEHENDGE (Malaquar, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 561): DACEANA LINZ of BEYOND THE PALE (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 552): GHETTO DEFENDANT of RADIO CLASH (Rude Buddha, mgr.)
 DM  46 ARDIVENT (turn 543): BIG DOPE of DEATHTONGUE (Technogeek, mgr.)
 DM  52 FRATSFA (turn 252): BRAIN TUMOR of OTTO'S PARTS (Crip, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 442): M.T. LANE of WAYFARERS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 205): TRYPTOPHAN of SUPERIOR FORCES ZC (Manager, mgr.)
ADM 105 ANDORAK (turn 465): GOKU of DRAGONBALL Z (Armalias, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 304): CONSANGUINEOUS (Mannequin, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 610): ANIMAL FARM (Mino, mgr.)
 DM  14 TOBIR (turn 610): OTAGO HIGHLANDERS (The Mun, mgr.)
 DM  22 SOLVEN (turn 603): KELLUMBO'S KIDS (Detective Kellumbo, mgr.)
 DM  24 ZORPUNT (turn 599): KRILL CAVALRY (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  25 LYRATILAN (turn 599): THE MIDDLE WAY 4 (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  26 CALEAM (turn 596): ULTRA-VIOLENT (Deep Thought, mgr)
 DM  30 IAYE (turn 591592LENPROS (Lenpro, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 561): BEYOND THE PALE (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 552): MEDAL OF HONOR H3 (The Anarchist, mgr.)
 DM  46 ARDIVENT (turn 543): FANDILS (Wise Old Fandil, mgr.)
 DM  52 FRATSFA (turn 252): THE ORDER (Torak, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 442): WAYFARERS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 205): THE ZOO (Jorja, mgr.)
ADM 105 ANDORAK (turn 494): KELLUMBO'S KIDS (Detective Kellumbo, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 304): GOLDENEYE of BONDAGE (Spawn, mgr.)
               (turn 303): ROCK GLAS HUT FUN of ORCISH IDIOMS (Slugbait, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 609): SILVER SNAIL of ANIMAL FARM (Mino, mgr.)
                               ERITHE ENDIREDRE of PATRONAS VERITAS (Ichabod
                               Frothingslosh, mgr.)
 DM  30 IAYE (turn 592): OUT OF TIME of GAMEHENDGE (Malaquar, mgr.)
             (turn 591): PRINCE POLIOLES of LENPROS (Lenpro, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 560): NORM THE GNOME of GUARDIANS II (Twig, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 552): GHETTO DEFENDANT of RADIO CLASH (Rude Buddha, mgr.)
 DM  52 FRATSFA (turn 552): SIZZLING SUNFLOWER of FLOWER GIRLS (Lady Fern, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 441): CRUZIA GARDETT of WAYFARERS (Jorja, mgr.)

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

     The "Position Is Empty," it says.  That's because Tcheni and I are tied in
recognition, and there's no one higher.  We talked it over, heatedly at points, and
decided that I would do a column anyway, because I won my fight and she lost hers,
and her right to the title with it.
     Uh, having gotten this fine soap box, I admit I don't have much to say.  But I
will welcome (though soon we will be cursing them, I have no doubt) the gladiators of
the new team Medal of Honor J4.  Medalists may come and go, but The Anarchist, it
seems, remains.  We salute you.

                                    Lormin Garde

P.S.  I note that I said nothing about my fight.  That's because it wasn't worthy of
comment.  A Captured Orc?  Child's play.

                                      SPY REPORT

     Welcome ZORPUNT.  I, Olaf Modeen remember this place well.  Many the fights have 
I fought here.  The celebrations, the disappointments...  Woof!  KRILL CAVALRY were a 
bunch of dogs after MEDAL OF HONOR J4 got through with 'em!  2nd ain't so sweet as 
1st!  What's with SERGEANT3?  He actually beat KRILL CAVALRY's TCHUMP LOY, and walked 
away with 15 more points from the fight.  Major screwup at KRILL CAVALRY.  LORMIN 
GARDE lost 7 points to THE USEROUS MERCHANT.  Some new strategies, perhaps?  Maybe 
LORMIN GARDE will provide more easy wins...  I'm sure ZORPUNT is excited about TCHENI 
LOY, the new Duelmaster from KRILL CAVALRY.  (remember?)  But when you've seen as 
many as I have...  I suppose you want to hear some rumors and dirty gossip about your 
fellow fighters?  Tough!   
     If at first you don't succeed, avoid.  That'll get you in the Spyreports.   
     A fighter's lot is filled with strife, revenge, and killing.  Some fighters 
don't accept this.  The best do.  Is it my imagination, or are fighters getting 
younger every day?  To die so young, so gloriously!   
     Well, I'm pretty much through.  You guys need to get back practicing.  ZORPUNT 
is a nice place to live, but I don't like to live in nice places.  Time for my 
medication, so I'll leave now.  Practice, practice, practice!-- Olaf Modeen  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TCHENI LOY 4868               6   5  1    55       KRILL CAVALRY (403)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 LORMIN GARDE 4854             8  10  0    41       KRILL CAVALRY (403)
 BUBBA LOY 4853               10   8  0    38       KRILL CAVALRY (403)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-LISA ANN 4824                 2   0  1    33       MINGALOIDS (486)
 TCHACK LOY 4856               7   9  0    31       KRILL CAVALRY (403)
 SERGEANT3 4872                2   0  0    28       MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)
 IS RIGHT HANDED 4873          2   0  0    27       MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)
 DA2 4875                      2   0  0    24       MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PAUL WIEDORFER 4876           2   0  1    22       MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)
 DA1 4874                      2   0  0    22       MEDAL OF HONOR J4 (496)
 TCHUMP LOY 4871               5   2  0    17       KRILL CAVALRY (403)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD                W  L K TEAM NAME            SLAIN BY              TURN Revenge?
CONVICTED THIEF         0  0 0                      PAUL WIEDORFER 4876   600  NONE

                                     PERSONAL ADS

The Venomous Concubine is such a NASTY woman, I can't like her.  And she knows it,
curse her.  She takes advantage.  She...LAUGHS at me. -- Tcheni Loy

It doesn't seem to me that leaving Dangerous Criminals loose in the arena is a good
idea.  Someone should do something about this. -- Tchack Loy

A Fratsfa Slave?  This is practically an insult! -- Bubba Loy
P.S.  And he isn't Fratsfan, anyway, not that I'd mind if he was.  Us Shews don't
like Fratsfans.

Huh, Bubba talks about being insulted, the Fratsfa Slave is nothing to the Mordant
Deserter.  What a wuss. -- Tchump Loy

Kernlho up Sartis, Merchant of This City -- Try collecting! -- Tcheni Loy

Sellestro, Master of the Unknown Cult -- Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Tcheni Loy -- Foolish woman!  You put too much faith in men.  Betrayers, every one,
if not in fact then by intention and desire.  Don't be so trusting next time. --
Omaha LaRue, Venomous but nobody's Concubine

Lormin Garde -- One day I'll get free, and then you will regret your brutality and
contempt. -- Dahlak Krag, Orc in Chains

Tchack Loy -- You're a fool, you know.  It shows all over you. -- Kusster, Highly
Dangerous Standby with Criminal Overtones

Bubba Loy -- Stay away from me!  You're out to GET me, I can TELL! -- Piatri, slave
of Arsanj of Fratsfa

Tchump Loy -- You think you can lord it over me because you're tall, but be warned!
Someday you will pass through the wrong alley, and I'll get mine back. -- Jessaro
Dra, Mordant Escapee

Sergeant1 -- There was no need to cut off my hand!  That just shows you up as a Tool
of the Establishment. -- Looshus J. Kittson, semi-professional thief

Is Right Handed -- So? -- Jessaro Dra, Mordant Escapee

DA1 -- I wish. -- Jessaro Dra, Mordant Escapee

DA2 -- Your timing was off.  You should have come out twelve hours later. -- Finagis
L'Banc, Financial Scribe

Paul Weidorfer -- I was already tired. -- Looshus J. Kittson, semi-professional thief

Lormin Garde and Tchump Loy -- Don't underestimate me. -- Jessaro Dra, Mordant

Tchack Loy -- Can you possibly be more insulting?  It isn't like I CHOSE to be a
Fratsfan's Slave. -- Piatri

Bubba Loy -- Bwahaha! -- Sellestro, Cult Master, the Unknown Cult
P.S.  We have plans.

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

LORMIN GARDE was bested by THE USEROUS MERCHANT in a crowd pleasing 1 minute fight.
TCHACK LOY lost to CAPTURED ORC in a 1 minute expert vs. novice upset battle.
TCHENI LOY savagely defeated THE USEROUS MERCHANT in a 5 minute Title duel.
BUBBA LOY was outlasted by FRATSFA SLAVE in a 7 minute fight.
TCHUMP LOY was viciously subdued by SERGEANT3 in a crowd pleasing 2 minute fight.
PAUL WIEDORFER butchered CONVICTED THIEF in a 1 minute one-sided competition.
IS RIGHT HANDED handily defeated EMBEZZLING SCRIBE in a 1 minute uneven melee.
DA1 vanquished PERSISTENT BEGGAR in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
DA2 vanquished PERSISTENT BEGGAR in a 1 minute one-sided duel.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|AIMED BLOW                       2         PARRY-STRIKE       4 -   0 -  0     100  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         BASHING ATTACK     2 -   0 -  0     100  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    2         LUNGING ATTACK    16 -   8 -  0      67  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      2         TOTAL PARRY       11 -   6 -  0      65  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   1         AIMED BLOW         7 -   4 -  1      64  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   1         PARRY-RIPOSTE     11 -  11 -  1      50  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      0         PARRY-LUNGE        0 -   0 -  0       0  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  0         WALL OF STEEL      0 -   0 -  0       0  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  0         STRIKING ATTACK    0 -   0 -  0       0  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    0         SLASHING ATTACK    0 -   0 -  0       0  |

Turn 600 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

AIMED BLOW         2 -  0     PARRY-LUNGE        0 -  0         2  PARRY-RIPOSTE  
PARRY-STRIKE       2 -  0     LUNGING ATTACK     0 -  1         2  TOTAL PARRY    
BASHING ATTACK     1 -  0     SLASHING ATTACK    0 -  0         2  PARRY-STRIKE   
PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -  1     STRIKING ATTACK    0 -  0         2  AIMED BLOW     
                              TOTAL PARRY        0 -  2         1  LUNGING ATTACK 
                              WALL OF STEEL      0 -  0         1  STRIKING ATTACK
                                                                1  BASHING ATTACK 

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
PARRY-RIPOSTE    TCHENI LOY 4868             6   5  1   55 KRILL CAVALRY (403)
TOTAL PARRY      BUBBA LOY 4853             10   8  0   38 KRILL CAVALRY (403)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is LORMIN GARDE 4854.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was TCHENI LOY 4868.  The ten other most popular fighters were SERGEANT3 4872, 
4876, DA1 4874, TCHACK LOY 4856, BUBBA LOY 4853, and  0.

The least popular fighter this week was BUBBA LOY 4853.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were TCHACK LOY 4856, DA1 4874, PAUL WIEDORFER 4876, TCHUMP LOY 4871, DA2 
4875, IS RIGHT HANDED 4873, LORMIN GARDE 4854, SERGEANT3 4872, TCHENI LOY 4868, and