Date   : 09/26/2003    Duedate: 10/23/2003


DM-28    TURN-233

This Weeks Top Honors


(28-3432) [21-7-0,116]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

POLARIS                        POSITION IS EMPTY
ASTRONOMY DOMINE (345)         
(28-3015) [15-9-0,121]         

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

POLARIS                        FARKLE
(28-3015) [15-9-0,121]         (28-3765) [2-4-0,20]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. SHADOW GATE (414)           67
2. IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)        51      IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)
3. VALHALLA (435)              48      Unchartered Team
4. FILIPINA LADYZ (423)        41
5. KESSEN (443)                38      BAD GERMS (430)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 2 IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)      70  38  4 64.8   1/ 2*THE WARLORDS II (413)    12  3 1
 2/ 1*BAD GERMS (430)           18  11  0 62.1   2/13 IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)     10  5 1
 3- 3*GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT (445)   14   9  2 60.9   3/ 6 THE PENTARCHY (397)      10  5 0
 4/ 4 THE PENTARCHY (397)      144  93  3 60.8   4/ 3*MOMENT OF SILENCE (424)   9  5 0
 5/ 8*MOMENT OF SILENCE (424)   17  11  1 60.7   5/ 1*BAD GERMS (430)           9  5 0
 6- 5*WENSINWASIN G.T. (437)    15  10  1 60.0   6/ 9*KESSEN (443)              9  6 0
 7/13*THE WARLORDS II (413)     20  14  2 58.8   7/19*PRIMAL FURY (438)         9  6 0
 8/ 9*KESSEN (443)              17  12  0 58.6   8/15*SHADOW GATE (414)         8  5 0
 9/ 6 KILLALODEAN (361)         48  34  1 58.5   9/16*FRUITS OF DEATH (449)     8  6 1
10/15*VALHALLA (435)            14  11  2 56.0  10/11*ROOK'S RAVENS (412)       8  7 3
11/10 CANADIAN BACON (383)      89  71  8 55.6  11/ 4 LUNAE MILITES (387)       8  7 1
12-11 NORTHERN BADLANDS (337)   61  49  1 55.5  12/28*VALHALLA (435)            8  7 1
13/14 FLOWER HAMMERZ (372)      45  38  2 54.2  13/20*LEE FAMILY (440)          8  7 0
14/18 BOXOROX (396)             40  34  1 54.1  14/23 BOXOROX (396)             7  6 0
15/12 ASTRONOMY DOMINE (345)    64  55  0 53.8  15/14*ARCANA ESOTERIC (421)     7  8 1
16/25*SHADOW GATE (414)         16  14  0 53.3  16/29 CRYPT KNIGHTS (191)       7  8 0
17/ 7*UGLY URBAN ORCS (425)     17  15  0 53.1  17/32*WIMPS OF MADNESS (433)    7  8 0
18/19 CRYPT KNIGHTS (191)      129 116  8 52.7  18/17*HEAVEN'S GATE (446)       7  8 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
19/24*FRUITS OF DEATH (449)     15  14  2 51.7  19- 7*WENSINWASIN G.T. (437)    6  4 0
20/16*ARCANA ESOTERIC (421)     15  14  1 51.7  20/12*LADZ OF LUGBURZ (444)     6  7 1
21/17*MAGICAL MADNESS (417)     16  15  0 51.6  21/24*MAGICAL MADNESS (417)     6  8 0
22/28*PRIMAL FURY (438)         16  16  1 50.0  22/30 DODGE BULLETS (126)       6  8 0
23/20*LADZ OF LUGBURZ (444)     15  15  1 50.0  23/25 FLOWER HAMMERZ (372)      6  9 1
24/30*LEE FAMILY (440)          15  15  0 50.0  24/27*CHAOSITECTS (422)         6  9 0
25/23 OTTO'S MECHANICS (226)   147 151  7 49.3  25/18*5 BELOW ZERO (436)        6  9 0
26/22*50TH MILK RAS (448)       14  15  0 48.3  26/ 5 CANADIAN BACON (383)      6  9 0
27/26 DODGE BULLETS (126)      181 195  9 48.1  27/10*50TH MILK RAS (448)       6  9 0
28/27 LUNAE MILITES (387)       32  37  2 46.4  28-21*GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT (445)   5  0 1
29/21*DEMO-SQUAD (405)          15  18  3 45.5  29/38 KILLALODEAN (361)         5  5 0
30/34*GONDORS BASE (441)         8  11  0 42.1  30/ 8*UGLY URBAN ORCS (425)     5  7 0
31/31*CHAOSITECTS (422)         14  21  2 40.0  31-33*CLASSIC ARCADE (415)      4  6 0
32/29*ROOK'S RAVENS (412)       12  18  4 40.0  32/26*TEAM SLAYER (419)         4 10 0
33/32*FILIPINA LADYZ (423)      12  18  1 40.0  33/31*SRETSAMLEUD (431)         4 11 0
34/33*WIMPS OF MADNESS (433)    12  18  0 40.0  34/35*DEMO-SQUAD (405)          4 11 0
35/35*HEAVEN'S GATE (446)       14  22  1 38.9  35-37*DREW'S BOYS (428)         3  1 0
36-37*DREW'S BOYS (428)          7  13  1 35.0  36-22 NORTHERN BADLANDS (337)   3  2 0
37/36*TEAM SLAYER (419)         11  21  0 34.4  37/36*GONDORS BASE (441)        3  4 0
38-40*CLASSIC ARCADE (415)       8  17  0 32.0  38/34*FILIPINA LADYZ (423)      3 12 1
39/38*5 BELOW ZERO (436)        10  22  0 31.3  39/42 OTTO'S MECHANICS (226)    3 12 0
40/41*SRETSAMLEUD (431)          9  23  2 28.1  40/41 ASTRONOMY DOMINE (345)    2  8 0
41-43*THE ARMAGEDDON (442)       2   8  0 20.0  41-39*THE ARMAGEDDON (442)      1  4 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

                                   Hammerz Herald
                      Morya Madness Round Five Edition/Turn 232
                                      by Hammer

       Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the Lord understand all
things.  -- Proverbs 28:5

a hopefully restful night's sleep.
     She pondered upon what had appeared to be a dream or a vision, when the swirling
purplish mists had earlier formed in her mirror as a plaintive cry for help reached
from another realm into her mind:
     "My Lady!  My Lady!  Send Us Help To Be Free We Plea!  Bring Friend Hammer!  Do
Not Delay We Pray!"
     Lady Martilyo had instinctively reached out to press the palm of her right hand
to the mirror and SUDDENLY withdrew it as the shock of what transpired registered to
her senses!
     "Oh My!" gasped Lady Martilyo as her fingertips merged and disappeared somewhere
beyond the restraints of the glass reflection in her mirror; then hastily withdrew to
reemerge in the familiar surroundings of her room.
     Lady Martilyo nodded to herself in the mirror as she remembered what had
transpired earlier in the evening, although she had not discussed the incident with
     "What should I do?" asked Lady Martilyo to herself as she stared into the
thoughtful eyes of her mirror image.
     "Follow Me!"
     Lady Martilyo stared in amazement as her mirror image spoke to her and then
abrubtly turned her back to Hammer's Covenant Call Partner and seemingly walked away
into the further recesses of the mirror that Lady Martilyo was gazing into.

     WIMPY, SHADOWGATE AND ELGON sipped a quiet round of Elven Ale at ElGon's expense
as the trio sat silently studying the Document that was sealed with a Black Spot.
     Shadowgate eyed ElGon suspiciously as Wimpy prodded Elgon to open the Document.
     Leaning upon his Laen Alloy Longsword, Shadowgate noticed that the cloaked
figure from across the room had disappeared from view while the trio had watched the
waitress deliver the Document to their table.
     ElGon refused to be influenced by Wimpy's curiosity as he hastily tried to
change the subject while secreting the Document inside his tunic.
     Shadowgate turned his attention to ElGon and Wimpy as he drained the remnants of
his tankard without averting his gaze from his troubled drinking companions.
     With a sigh ElGon jumped to his feet and hurried towards the back door of
Arthur's Last Stand.
     "Follow Me!"
     Shadowgate and Wimpy followed close behind as their fingers instinctively
reached for the handles of their weapons.

     THE FRENZIED FORM of one Dr Mabuse clutched a well worn Teddy Bear...as he 
approached the shambling mass of an experiment gone awry...holding the Teddy Bear
above his head as a sign of friendship...only to be met with the growling roar of
something that Did NOT Want to be Disturbed!!!!!
     His life flashed before his eyes as Dr Mabuse realized that his foolish quest to
develop a Basher that would guarantee dominance over any of Assurnasirbanipal's
entries in the Basher Style Masters category of the Madness had hopelessly gone awry.
     The Misshapen Mass slowly advanced upon the trembling alchemist as the stench of
devoured rats emanated from the gaping maw of the experimental Basher.
     As Dr Mabuse felt the cold concrete against his back he thought he saw the flash
of Twin Obsidian Daggers glinting in the shadows along with the glare of a pair of
Yellow Eyes that seemed to keep their distance from a black clad figure slowly
approaching the menacing mass of Basher experimentation gone awry.
     The roar of the wounded Basher mingled with the fierce war cry of Sensei Jan as
the Daggers split the gruesome hide in multiple lighning flashes of ferocity born of
the rigors of the Wastelands from whence the legends of Sensei Jan filtered to the
civilized cities.
     Further shrieks of pain were mingled with the sounds of the slashing and rending
of perverted experimental flesh as the snarls of a great cat echoed throughout the
underground chamber as the Misshapen Mass of Basher bulk fell to the floor beneath
the onslaught of unsuspected retribution from the shadows of the Morya sewers.
     Then all was silent save for the labored breathing of a petrified Dr Mabuse.
     MEANWHILE IN THE SANCTUM SANCTORUM of the Flower Hammerz stable a strange pact
was agreed upon by Venus Fly Hammer and Marigold Hammer to Dance the Dance of Death
in hopes of inspiring Violet to battle her way back from the ranks of the Dead to
once again claim the Morya Duelmasters Throne.

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                              ELGON'S ELEGIBLE ENTRIES
                             Round by Round Recognition
                        P-ad Approved Style Masters Listings
                               "Be Bold! Wager Gold!"
                         (P-ad declarations in parenthesis)
                       [Manager name/Stable name in brackets]

     01.  Streptococcus (T-226) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs] Died in April Mailer
          2003 Rookies Tourney
     02.  Coliform (T-226) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs] Died in Dark Arena T-227
     03.  Staph. Aureus (T-226) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs]
     04.  Anyja (T-227) [Abraxis/Team Slayer]
     05.  Lady Consolacion (T-227) [Lady Martilyo/Filipina Ladyz]
     06.  Chopin (T-227) [Rook/Rook's Ravens]
     07.  Bach (T-227) [Rook/Rook's Ravens]
     08.  Missy Mayhem (T-227) [Lord Chaos/Chaositects]
     09.  Broadside (T-227) [Lord Chaos/Chaositects
     10.  Manic Mage (T-228) [Dameon Darkheart/Magical Madness] Died T-231
     11.  Hengist (T-228) [Fizban/The Warlords II]
     12.  Ciaran Power (T-228) [Dr. Mabuse/50th Milk Ras]
     13.  Pat Tikakes (T-228) [Wimpy/Wimps Of Madness]
     14.  Skullagrim (T-228) [Phat Phat/Stretsamleud]
     15.  Death (T-228) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate] Died in Dark Arena T-229
     16.  Nerf The Softy (T-228) [Bum/Ladz Of Lugburz]
     17.  Greedy Grape (T-228) [Spawn/Fruits Of Death]
     18.  Coa Coa (T-228) [Iker (Son of Dreihdenflahg)/Kessen]
     19.  Maphistus (T-228) [Lord Chaos/Chaositects]
     20.  Moon Rock (T-229) [The Omnimancer/Lunae Milites]
     21.  Giardia (T-229) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs]
     01.  Clost. Perfringens (T-226) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs] Died in April
          Mailer 2003 Rookies Tourney/Input Error/STILL ELEGIBLE
     02.  Lost (T-227) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate] Died in April Mailer 2003 Rookies
     03.  Shurlee Ujest (T-227) [Kalkin/Wraiths Of Wrath] Died T-228
     04.  Arthur (T-228) [Fizban/The Warlords II] Died T-229
     05.  Pharaoh (T-228) [Chosen One/Warpath]
     06.  Caesar (T-228) [Chosen One/Warpath]
     07.  Narcissus (T-228) [Goat/Masters Of Men]
     08.  Freddy Fender (T-229) [Crip/Otto's Mechanics]
     09.  Whore Of Babylon (T-229) [Jack Wolfspider/Visions]
     10.  Enterococcus (T-230) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs]
     11.  Mr. Infinity (T-232) [Slugbait/Ugly Urban Orcs]
     01.  Rhinovirus (T-226) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs]
     02.  Farkle (T-227) [Wimpy/Wimps Of Madness]
     03.  Freya (T-227) [Kat/Valhalla] Died in Dark Arena T-229
     04.  Balder (T-227) [Kat/Valhalla]
     05.  Sif (T-227) [Kat/Valhalla]
     06.  Coppertone (T-227) [CFH/5 Below Zero]
     07.  Vivaldi (T-227) [Rook/Rook's Ravens]
     08.  Diaper Bag (T-227) [the Mun/Drew's Boys]
     09.  Teddy Bear (T-227) [the Mun/Drew's Boys]
     10.  Spasm (T-227) [Manray F./Heaven's Gate]
     11.  Immortal Coil (T-227) [Manray F./Heaven's Gate]
     12.  Louis E. Fur (T-227) [Lord Chaos/Chaositects] Died T-232
     13.  Skull Prince (T-228) [YoungBlood/Wensinwasin G.T.] Died in Dark Arena T-230
     14.  Boudicca (T-228) [Fizban/The Warlords II] Died in April Mailer 2003 Rookies
     15.  Niall Quinlan (T-228) [Dr. Mabuse/50th Milk Ras]
     16.  OU812 (T-228) [Phat Phat/Stretsamleud] Died in Dark Arena T-228
     17.  Blackheart (T-228) [Southern Boy/Moment Of Silence]
     18.  Wessfield (T-228) [Flagg/Flagg's Finest]
     19.  Wessmill (T-228) [Flagg/Flagg's Finest]
     20.  Steel Tiger (T-228) [Flagg/Flagg's Finest]
     21.  Prickly Pear (T-228) [Spawn/Fruits Of Death]
     22.  Coaren (T-228) [Iker (Son of Dreihdenflahg)/Kessen] Died T-230
     23.  Frogger (T-228) [Street Legal/Classic Arcade]
     24.  Napoleon (T-228) [Chosen One/Warpath]
     25.  Moon Pie (T-229) [The Omnimancer/Lunae Milites]
     26.  St John The Insane (T-229) [Jack Wolfspider/Visions]
     27.  Para Bull (T-229) [Goat/Masters Of Men]
     28.  You (T-231) [Phat Phat/Stretsamleud]
Total Parodys
     01.  Venus Fly Hammer (T-226) [Hammer/Flower Hammerz] DQ'd 1st FE T-226 Died in
          Dark Arena T-232
     02.  Marigold Hammer (T-226) [Hammer/Flower Hammerz] DQ'd 1st FE T-226
     03.  Nonce (T-227) [Wimpy/Wimps Of Madness] Died in Dark Arena T-231
     04.  Star (T-227) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate] TV'd in April Mailer 2003 Rookies
          Tourney/ Died T-230
     05.  Lady Maria (T-227) [Lady Martilyo/Filipina Ladyz]
     06.  Gypsy (T-227) [Chain/Arcana Esoteric]
     07.  Frigg (T-227) [Kat/Valhalla]
     08.  Smooches (T228) [YoungBlood/Wensinwasin G.T.]
     09.  Paddy Sweeney (T-228) [Dr. Mabuse/50th Milk Ras]
     10.  Cryptosporidium (T-228) [Assurnasirbanipal/Bad Germs] Died in Dark Arena
     11.  Ug (T-228) [Abarsis the Slaughter Priest/Lee Family]
     12.  Coa Sumpthing (T-228) [Iker (Son of Dreihdenflahg)/Kessen] TV'd in April
          Mailer 2003 Rookies Tourney
     13.  Pole Position (T-228) [Street Legal/Classic Arcade] Died T-231
     14.  C-4 (T-228) [Shadowmere/Demo-Squad]
     15.  S.A.D.M. (T-228) [Shadowmere/Demo-Squad]
     16.  Nyall Bloodgrin (T-229) [Maximillian/Northern Badlands]
     17.  Des Descardo (T-229) [Moorlock/Crypt Knights]
     18.  Purgatory Jester (T-229) [Jack Wolfspider/Visions]
     19.  Nu'Kee (T-229) [Goat/Masters Of Men]
     20.  Colm Bracken (T-231) [Dr. Mabuse/50th Milk Ras] Died in Dark Arena T-232
     21.  Skadi (T-231) [Kat/Valhalla]
     22.  Caesar (T-231) [Fizban/The Warlocks II]
     23.  Battle (T-232) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate]
     01.  Bubkes (T-227) [Wimpy/Wimps Of Madness] Died in April Mailer 2003 Rookies
     02.  Allure (T-227) [Dameon Darkheart/Magical Madness]
     03.  Sponge Bob (T-227) [the Mun/Drew's Boys]
     04.  Doctor Of Style (T-228) [Southern Boy/Moment Of Silence] TV'd in April
          Mailer 2003 Rookies Tourney
     05.  Ghengis Khan (T-228) [Fizban/The Warlords II]
     06.  Bunny Power (T-228) [Cosmo Frothingslosh/Hitlist XXVIII]
     07.  Joel (T-229) [God's Soldier/The Armageddon]
     08.  Rotting Meat (T-229) [Jack Wolfspider/Visions]
     01.  Pettifogger (T-227) [Wimpy/Wimps Of Madness]
     02.  Dream (T-227) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate]
     03.  Talisman (T-227) [Dameon Darkheart/Magical Madness]
     04.  Andrea Hannos (T-227) [Dr. Mabuse/Redlands Peleton] DQ'd Team No Show
     05.  Razorback (T-227) [CFH/5 Below Zero] Died T-229
     06.  Bottle Boy (T-227) [the Mun/Drew's Boys]
     07.  Galo The Grey (T-228) [YoungBlood/Wensinwasin G.T.]
     08.  Gryphon Jr. (T-228) [YoungBlood/Wensinwasin G.T.]
     09.  Cleopatra (T-228) [Fizban/The Warlords II]
     10.  Rory Wyley (T-228) [Dr. Mabuse/50th Milk Ras]
     11.  Doomstrike (T-228) [Southern Boy/Moment Of Silence]
     12.  Slasher (T-228) [Gonad/Gondors Base] Died T-230
     13.  Giles (T-228) [Abraxis/Team Slayer] Died T-232
     14.  Gabmaz (T-228) [Bum/Ladz Of Lugburz]
     15.  Horrible (T-228) [Abarsis the Slaughter Priest/Lee Family] Died in Dark
          Arena T-232
     16.  Asteroids (T-228) [Street Legal/Classic Arcade]
     17.  Tron (T-228) [Street Legal/Classic Arcade] Died T-228
     18.  Isaiah (T-229) [God's Soldier/The Armageddon]
     19.  Grim Blacksmith (T-229) [Maximillian/Northern Badlands]
     20.  Sundam (T-231) [YoungBlood/Wensinwasin G.T.]
     01.  Twitter (T-227) [Wimpy/Wimps Of Madness] Died in Dark Arena T-232
     02.  Infinity (T227) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate]
     03.  Lady Emelita (T-227) [Lady Martilyo/Filipina Ladyz]
     04.  Philippa (T-227) [Chain/Arcana Esoteric] Died in Dark Arena T-232
     05.  Mystic Zealot (T-227) [Sensei Jan/Primal Fury]
     06.  Mozart (T-227) [Rook/Rook's Ravens]
     07.  Ly T'Ning (T-227) [Kalkin/Wraiths Of Wrath] Died T-230
     08.  Grim Ripper (T-228) [Phat Phat/Stretsamleud] Died in Dark Arena T-231
     09.  Meter Maid (T-228) [Slugbait/Ugly Urban Orcs]
     10.  Grenade (T-228) [Gonad/Gondors Base]
     11.  Grottarak The Sneak (T-228) [Bum/Ladz Of Lugburz]
     12.  Fug (T-228) [Abarsis the Slaughter Priest/Lee Family]
     13.  Coapi (T-228) [Iker (Son of Dreihdenflahg)/Kessen]
     14.  Alexander (T-228) [Chosen One/Warpath]
     15.  Deborah (T-229) [God's Soldier/The Armageddon]
     16.  Apocalypse Clown (T-229) [Jack Wolfspider/Visions]
     01.  Paradox (T-227) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate]
     02.  Buffy (T227) [Abraxis/Team Slayer]
     03.  Lady Beatriz (T-27) [Lady Martilyo/Filipina Ladyz]
     04.  Kakini Rouge (T-227) [Chain/Arcana Esoteric]
     05.  Tyr (T-227) [Kat/Valhalla]
     06.  Mesmeric Fiend (T-227) [Sensei Jan/Primal Fury]
     07.  Organ Grinder (T-227) [Sensei Jan/Primal Fury]
     08.  Genevieve (T-227) [Dr. Mabuse/Redlands Peleton] DQ'd Team No Show
     09.  Iris (T-227) [CFH/5 Below Zero]
     10.  Handel (T-227) [Rook/Rook's Ravens]
     11.  Baruk Khazad (T-227) [Kalkin/Wraiths Of Wrath] Died in Dark Arena T-230
     12.  Thun D'Ar (T-227) [Kalkin/Wraiths Of Wrath]
     13.  Dimachaerus (T-227) [Kalkin/Wraiths Of Wrath] Died in Dark Arena T-229
     14.  Gardenia Hammer (T-227) [Hammer/Flower Hammerz]
     15.  Alaric (T-228) [Fizban/The Warlords II]
     16.  Kiernan McMahon (T-228) [Dr. Mabuse/50th Milk Ras] Died T-229
     17.  NE1469 (T-228) [Phat Phat/Stretsamleud]
     18.  TV (T-228) [Phat Phat/Stretsamleud] Died T-228
     19.  Black Scotty (T-228) [Southern Boy/Moment Of Silence] Died in Dark Arena
     20.  Gritbucks (T-228) [Slugbait/Ugly Urban Orcs]
     21.  McEvil Clown (T-228) [Slugbait/Ugly Urban Orcs] Died in Dark Arena T-229
     22.  Willow (T-228) [Abraxis/Team Slayer]
     23.  Thrakklash (T-228) [Bum/Ladz Of Lugburz]
     24.  Outrageous Orange (T-228) [Spawn/Fruits Of Death] Died in Dark Arena T-231
     25.  Home (T-228) [Abarsis the Slaughter Priest/Lee Family]
     26.  Coa Patty (T-228) [Iker (Son of Dreihdenflahg)/Kessen]
     27.  Linux (T-228) [CFH/5 Below Zero]
     28.  Gorgon (T-228) [Street Legal/Classic Arcade] Died T-229
     29.  Det-Cord (T-228) [Shadowmere/Demo-Squad]
     30.  Blast Radius (T-228) [Shadowmere/Demo-Squad]
     31.  Zionist (T-228) [Goat/Masters Of Men]
     32.  Daniel (T-229) [God's Soldier/The Armageddon]
     33.  Moonshine (T-229) [The Omnimancer/Lunae Milites]
     34.  Soul Reaver (T-229) [Kalkin/Wraiths Of Wrath] Died in Dark Arena T-230
     35.  Bulwyf Redhammer (T-229) [Maximillian/Northern Badlands]
     36.  Spirit (T-232) [Shadowgate/Shadow Gate]
     01.  Lady Dominga (T-227) [Lady Martilyo/Filipina Ladyz]
     02.  Construct (T-227) [Dameon Darkheart/Magical Madness]
     03.  Six (T-227) [Chain/Arcana Esoteric]
     04.  Digustini (T-227) [Dr. Mabuse/Redlands Peleton] DQ'd Team No Show
     05.  Nirvana (T-228) [YoungBlood/Wensinwasin G.T.]
     06.  Lava Runner (T-228) [Sensei Jan/Primal Fury]
     07.  Seasons (T-228) [Flagg/Flagg's Finest]
     08.  Jaffa (T-228) [Spawn/Fruits Of Death] Died in Dark Arena T-232
     09.  Nationwide (T-228) [Cosmo Frothingslosh/Hitlist XXVIII]
     10.  Blackcherry (T-228) [Manray F./Heaven's Gate]
     11.  What A Waste? (T-229) [Phat Phat/Stretsamleud] Died in Dark Arena T-231
     12.  Centipede (T-230) [Street Legal/Classic Arcade]
     13.  Camshaft (T-231) [Crip/Otto's Mechanics]
     14.  Filth (T-231) [CFH/5 Below Zero]
     01.  Reagent (T-227) [Dameon Darkheart/Magical Madness]
     02.  Tuesday's Child (T-227) [Chain/Arcana Esoteric]
     03.  Mr Book (T-227) [the Mun/Drew's Boys]
     04.  Ironfist (T-227) [Manray F./Heaven's Gate]
     05.  Usurper (T-227) [Manray F./Heaven's Gate]
     06.  Stargrits (T-228) [Slugbait/Ugly Urban Orcs] TV'd in April Mailer 2003
          Rookies Tourney
     07.  Grinch (T-228) [Gonad/Gondors Base]
     08.  Dawn (T-228) [Abraxis/Team Slayer] Died T-232
     09.  Bliserpah (T-228) [Flagg/Flagg's Finest]
     10.  Blackheart (T-228) [Spawn/Fruits Of Death] DQ'd because First Fight in DM
          28 resulted in Challenger Init Recognition Ranking
     11.  Teen Shocker (T-228) [Cosmo Frothingslosh/Hitlist XXVIII] Died T-228
     12.  Mot (T-228) [Abarsis the Slaughter Priest/Lee Family]
     13.  Perl (T-228) [CFH/5 Below Zero] Died T-230
     14.  R.D.X. (T-228) [Shadowmere/Demo-Squad]
     15.  Zionist (T-228) [Chosen One/Warpath]
     16.  'I' (T-228) [Goat/Masters Of Men]
     17.  Jeremiah (T-229) [God's Soldier/The Armageddon]

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

     Rook stepped out of his office and looked down from the balcony into the
theatre.  They were having a party celebrating The Ravens' good week.  A jocular Bach
was surrounded by his teammates, a look of pride and satisfaction on his face as he
recounted his bout in the Dark Arena.
     Rook watched for a few more minutes, then rapping his cane sharply on the
railing, called for their attention.
     "You all did very good this week and your celebration is deserved, but we still
have work to do."
     "Bach, congratulations on your victory!  You have showed everyone what you're
capable of.  Please take our condolences to Hammer regarding Venus Fly Hammer and
assure him that she will receive our finest treatment."
     "Vivaldi, I want you to locate Dr. Mabuse and let him know arrangements have
been made for Colm Bracken."
     "Chopin, give our regards to Abraxis and inform him that Giles and Dawn will be
ready for his last rites by tomorrow."
     "Mozart, you find Chain and make sure that he will be satisfied with the
arrangements for Philippa."
     "Handel, you'll go to Lord Chaos and let him know we can have Louis E. Fur ready
in two days."
     Rook nodded as his warriors departed on their separate missions, then he started
down the stairs heading for the mortuary.
     As he limped into the morgue, his nostrils were met with the cloying scent of
death and lilac oil.
     "Master we're hhunngry!  Need meat."
     Rook lifted his cane, a faint violet glow emanating from the silver Raven as he
turned towards the hiss.  Two figures in elegant tuxedos, their heads lolling at
obscene angles on broken necks, stood in the shadows next to the door.
     "Dominic, I'm well aware of your needs; be patient."
     Turning Rook limped further into the morgue, finally stopping next to a marble
slab with a sheet covered body on it.
     "Marcus!  Dominic!  Here's your meat," Rook intoned as he pulled the sheet off.
"Please enjoy so I can get on with my duties."
     A few minutes later, accompanied by the sounds of tearing flesh and smacking
lips, Rook bent over another slab carefully tending the beautiful body of Venus Fly
Hammer.  A contented smile was on his face as he murmured softly to himself.
     "Yes, Twitter, everyone pays, even in death, and next Tuesday just wasn't soon

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                                   Hammerz Herald
                      Morya Madness Round Six Edition/Turn 233
                                      by Hammer

       Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than he that is perverse
in his ways, though he be rich.  -- Proverbs 28:6

     MARIGOLD HAMMER KNEW WHAT MUST BE DONE to redeem herself in the eyes of the code 
of honor of the Flower Hammerz stable of women warriors.
     Venus Fly Hammer had sacrificed herself in the Dark Arena with a 2-4-0 record
for the betterment of the stable and Marigold Hammer now stood at 2-5-0 and would
have to do the same; in hopes that their sacrifices would inspire Violet to TV in the
upcoming Tourney of the Dead and be resurrected to reclaim her rightful place on the
Duelmasters Throne during the Morya Madness!
     Marigold Hammer turned her attention to a column that Hammer had forwarded to
his Flower Hammerz stable of women warriors from the Okmulgee Daily Times Sunday
Edition [September 7, 2003 page 7B] titled "Shortcuts" by Jeff Harris regarding the
topic of "A Deep Rooted Look At Flowers".
     From a human standpoint, flowers are merely beautiful objects with pleasing
scents. We have little use for most flowers as a source of food or to supply us with
materials for clothing or shelter.  Yet flowers are important to our lives.
     Flowers perform an essential function in the reproductive process of plants.
Without flowers, most plants, trees, bushes and grasses would not exist. Without
flowers, our world would be a very boring place.
     "Morya Arena would be a very boring place as well if it weren't for us Flower
Hammerz being around," thought Marigold Hammer to herself. "That is why I must
sacrifice myself in the Dark Arena by Dancing the Dance of Death to produce a better
replacement for the betterment of the Flower Hammerz stable W/L record."
     Bees pollinate more types of flowers than any other insect.
     There are about 250,000 different types of flowering plants in the world.
     Many wildflowers are so rare, they are considered to be endangered species.
     Some flowers, such as those found on yucca plants and honeysuckles, are mainly
pollinated by moths and only bloom at night.
     The orchid family of flowers is the largest with more than 20,000 different
     "Perhaps an Orchid Hammer will bloom in my place if I am sacrificed in the Dark
Arena when I Dance the Dance of Death?" reasoned Marigold Hammer as she prepared
herself for the upcoming fulfillment of her Dark Arena Destiny.

     LADY MARTILYO SAT THOUGHTFULLY BEFORE HER MIRROR as she finalized the strategies
for Round Six of the Madness.
     Now it was time to make the adjustments to her warriors before they became too
far outdistanced in their respective Style Masters categories to ever hopefully
compete in the remaining rounds of the Madness.
     She made a final notation and called for a courier to send the updated
strategies to the Gladiatorial Commission.
     Then she turned her attention to the curiosity of her looking glass.
     Lady Martilyo stood before her mirror and BOLDLY leaned forward with both arms
outstretched as she experienced the rather unexpected pleasure of passing through the
looking glass with the greatest of ease.

disturbed Warrior Elf darted from shadow to shadow as he clutched the concealed
Document that was sealed with the Dark Spot.
     His Laen Alloy Longsword gleaming in the moonlight, Shadowgate tensed the
muscles in his swordarm in anticipation of an unexpected attack from anyone or
anything associated with the Black Spot.
     Wimpy wheezed and gasped as the Elven Ale began taking its toll on the famous
Aradi manager as he compelled his aging legs to prevent ElGon from vanishing from
     In seeming answer to a silently wheezed prayer, the Warrior Elf finally paused
long enough in front of an unassuming looking store front for Shadowgate and Wimpy to
arrive with hearts pounding and minds questioning.
     ElGon withdrew a key and motioned for his companions to follow him into the
establishment where the Warrior Elf had paused.
     "Where are we?" gasped Wimpy.
     "Mahalummah's Morya Madness Weapons Factory Outlet," came ElGon's terse reply.
     Shadowgate merely peered into the shadows with his Laen Alloy Longsword at the
     "Follow me!" whispered ElGon as he made his way to a velvet curtain behind the
counter of Daggers that were on display.
     "Dear me!" gasped Wimpy as they followed ElGon into a lounge area that was
decorated in a "Teasure Trove" motif.
     Shadowgate pointed the tip of his Laen Alloy Longsword towards a massive
treasure chest that bore the mark of the Black Spot upon its top.
     Without a further word, ElGon lifted the top of the treasure chest and stepped
inside, slowly and methodically disappearing from sight as he lowered himself into
the hidden recesses of the treasure chest.
     Moments passed in silence.
     Wimpy gazed in disbelief as he witnessed the descent from view of Shadowgate
determinedly following the Warrior Elf to "God Knows Where?"
     Time passed all too slowly.
     Heart pounding against his upper teeth, Wimpy also decided to stick his feet
into the treasure chest with the Black Spot, finding with some assurance that a
rather sturdy ladder provided the means of descending into the torch lit depths

     LORD CHAOS PONDERED THE ABSENCE OF THE DARK RIDERS as he had been expecting some
type of attack to be launched against him.
     Preparations had been made and his defenses had been secured regarding any
possibility of attack against himself or any of his Chaositects.
     Or so he thought.
     Then it struck him!
     What if the seemingly "Random Matchup" between Gardenia Hammer and Louis E. Fur
[that had ended in the surprisingly quick death of the Convincian Lunger!] were to be
suddenly exposed as the hidden work of the Dark Riders influencing the selection of
the warriors who strode out on the sands to confront his Chaositects?

the streets of Morya as she chuckled to herself.
     A pair of yellow eyes followed silently behind her as the Lady in Black with the
Dragon Tattoos tracked a faint trail along the muck and mire of Morya's refuse.
     The image of the cringing Dr. Mabuse stirred Sensei Jan with a twisted sense of
laughter that welled up from within her tortured soul.
     Kat kept silent.
     It was all he could do to keep from rolling in the sewer with uncontrolled
laughter himself at the remembrance of Dr. Mabuse crying out in shock and despair as
the Black Leather Clad Lady with the Dragon Tattoos impaled the villain's Teddy Bear
with her Twin Obsidian Daggers in response to the unexpected revelation of what
further dangers may lurk somewhere secluded within the unknown shadows of the Morya
sewer system!

familiar sound...not unlike Lady Martilyo knocking on his Morya Manor Door...when she
was overly excited...and could not wait to share a secret with him...a secret that
Hammer suspected his Covenant Call Partner had now fallen into...

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Charter Cities #91 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

Between Morya and Rocanis:

     Rokori Klee was standing in his stirrups, and since he was a very tall man on a
very tall horse, he could see a long ways.  But the drifting clouds of smoke and
steam from the eruption masked large parts of the landscape, and now Iron Talon and
the Lugard-image were both out of sight.  "They might have gone into that little
valley yonder," he muttered anxiously.
     "This is an unstable area," Bill said.  "They might have fallen through an
accidental Gate, too."  He urged his reluctant horse toward the 'little valley
     "I'm really glad you told me that," the Shew growled.  "I really WANTED to know
there might be freak Gates around here."
     "Want to or not, you need to know," the young magician answered.  "WE might
stumble through one as easily as Iron Talon."
     As Rokori Klee had more than half expected, there was no sign of Iron Talon and
the Lugard-image in the little valley.  He glanced at Bill.  "You sure that wasn't
Lugard, that it was really some kind of magical construct?"
     "Of course I'm not SURE," Bill snapped, digging through his satchel.  "I didn't
get close enough to be sure without my tools, and I didn't have the right tools out
and ready."  He pulled out something that looked vaguely like a compass and held it
in front of him, held his breath, even, the Shew thought.  Finally he shook his head.
"The whole area is in flux.  There might have been some kind of Gate or, well, a sort
of 'soft spot' in the wall between dimensions here recently.  Or not.  I think...
maybe, but I just can't tell."
     "But there isn't one now."
     "Right.  Nothing now."
     "If there was a Gate, is it likely to reopen any time soon?" the Shew asked.
     Bill shrugged.  "Who knows?  This isn't a, well, it isn't a LAWFUL area.
Magically speaking.  And even if A Gate opened here, we couldn't tell whether or not
it went to the same place the Iron Talon did."
     "You're saying we just ride off and abandon Iron Talon."
     Bill sighed.  "Yeah, that's what I'm saying.  I don't like it any better than
you do, but we can't DO anything here.  Except maybe get killed ourselves."
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Iron Talon realized that they had stumbled through some kind of Gate, but she
didn't care.  One world was as good as another, and Lugard was not dead after all.
She glanced over at the man striding beside her mount and keeping up easily.  Right
that minute, she didn't care if they found their way back to Ghea eventually or not.
It wasn't like there was anything there that MATTERED, now that she knew Lugard was
     Still, if this was the world they were going to be dealing with now, she needed
to know something more about it than that it wasn't Ghea.  She looked around
     It was dry.  That was the first thing anybody would notice about this place.
Dry and barren.  Sand dunes sparsely tufted with grass that was the same color as the
sand, stony ground under foot like a natural pavement, sky like the lid of a kettle
pressing the heat down onto them.  No bugs anywhere, no mice or rabbits on the
shallow hills, no vultures in the air.  She and Lugard and the horse might be the
only live creatures in this land.  That was a worrying thought.  What would they eat?
     After another look around, Iron Talon wondered what they'd drink.  There was no
water to be seen, or any sign of it, and water was more important than food...
especially the way she and the horse were sweating now.  Lugard wasn't sweating...
but Shews were tough.
     She shoved Bill's doubts away angrily.  Shews were tough.  Really tough.  This
was Lugard, and she knew how tough he was.  Bill was wrong.  But still....
     "Do you think we'll have to stay in this world?" she asked suddenly.
     Lugard glanced at her and away, then shrugged slightly, saying nothing.
     Odd, she hadn't realized his eyes were that dark.  Black as midnight.  But she
had remembered them as....  And why wouldn't he speak?  Bill's doubt returned,
chilling her despite the heat.  "Lugard, we can't just walk at random.  We need a
     He turned again, and she saw that his eyes were totally black, without any white
showing, and his lips were drawn back in a silent snarl that revealed a mouthful of
pointed teeth.  A carnivore's teeth.  Or a demon's.  The monster lunged at her,
clawed hands spread to grip and rip.
     Her hand went to her sword, too late.

Morya/Not Morya:

     Two men stood on the shore of a lake, waiting for the world to change.  One was
old and one was young.  In front of them was the lake, a sheet of water like a mirror
that reflected...things that were not always there.  Behind them rose a city.  It was
of stone and brick, low domes and blunt watchtowers.  The reflection was of a city of
something glass-like, tall slender spires and pointed domes.  Or the other way
around, glass towers behind and brick domes reflected in the lake.  Sometimes there
were two old men and two young men, overlapping each other.
     When the old men spoke, their messages were the same:  Be careful.  Take no
unnecessary chances.  At all costs, lead no enemy through the barrier.
     The young men made similar replies.  Both stressed the need for knowledge of the
other city, the one reflected in their lake.  Promised to be careful and asked that
any volunteers that showed up later should be sent as seemed best.  One vowed to find
and bring a thing of power long lost from his city.  The other spoke of the new and
better home he hoped to find for his people.
     The images in the lake shivered, rippled, and merged briefly.  The two young men
changed places.  The images separated.

Volunteers are invited to contact the Scribe by personal or diplo.

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #68 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<


     "It's moved into the old office building on the waterfront," Spymaster Torric
said.  "The one with the old arena records in it, you know?"
     "They, not it," Jorja corrected absently.  "More than one monster or whatever.
But I wonder why the office building?  It seems so unlikely: the Office Building of
Doom or something."
     Torric laughed but said, "It wasn't always an office building.  Forty or fifty
years ago, it was a merchant prince's palace.  Then the merchant went broke--don't
ask me how, because I do NOT want to know--and Tokken Makrok got the building as part
of the, um, settlement of debts, I guess.  And when the arena opened, he sold the
building to the Gladiatorial Commission, and then the lake rose and drowned the lower
floor...."  He shrugged.  "But it was built on a much older foundation.  Hundreds of
years older."
     "What was it then, hundreds of years ago?" Jorja asked.
     "I've got no clue, I wasn't around then," the Spymaster said.  "Heck, I wasn't
even around when the merchant prince was going broke; I heard about that from my
grandfather."  He topped up his stein from the pitcher on the table.  "What are you
going to do about it?  And where's Garfield--isn't that the guy that with you?"
     "Garfield's got interests all over Alastari, you can't expect him to hang around
Riztab just to investigate a haunted office building.  And besides, why should I, he,
or we do anything at all about it?"
     "It worries people," Torric said.  "There are, well, there are...noises.  At
night.  And sometimes people vanish from the lakefront...."
     "They do that anyway--vanish.  The lakefront isn't the safest place in Riztab
after dark," Jorja pointed out tartly.
     "And if the building belongs to the Commission now, THEY should be responsible
for whatever is going on," she went on relentlessly.
     "But they won't DO anything!"  Torric slammed his tankard down onto the table.
     Jorja shrugged.  "I have my own matters to attend to."
     "At best," the Spymaster went on, "they'll assign some Lord Protectors to
investigate and if possible rid the place of its monsters.  Why wait?  Why not send
some of yours, or call for volunteers, if more are needed and you don't want to go
     "If the Commission sends someone, they'll have to pay expenses," Jorja said.
"If we start on our own, they won't.  And I'm just breaking even as it is."

Between Ibizond and Korga:

     Aghtamar, Zilla, and Cadal sat or knelt, as each preferred, in a shadowy cavern
formed by the drooping branches of a pine.  Cadal had vetoed a fire, but they had
food--thick slabs of bread topped with ham and cheese, and water to drink.  They'd
taken position well before sunset, in case the killer was out early looking for HIS
position of ambush.
     "He doesn't use the same one each time?" Aghtamar asked.
     "No.  There may be some repeating, judging by where the bodies have been found,
but some are too far apart to have been ambushed from the same spot.  There's been a
general progression from east to west, too, as though the killer was coming from the
east coast, maybe from Zuwayza, and heading for the west coast by way of Murska and
Fratsfa.  This seems like about the right distance from the last body--"
     "I just hope the killer doesn't decide this tree would make a good ambush spot
for HIM," Zilla muttered.
     There was a period of silence while the three Lord Protectors alternately ate
and leaned forward to peer through the branches at the road.  Their position was in
the bottom of a small valley where the road crossed a steep, rocky stream on an
arched stone bridge.
     "I wonder where the priests of Kjarran found the monster," Aghtamar asked in a
tone of idle curiosity.  "I wonder if they have any control over it, or if they just
pointed it west at Korga and turned it loose?"
     "You think the priests are responsible for this?" Cadal asked, surprised.
     "Of course," she said.  "Who else?"
     "Some of the invaders might have released something that was caged," Cadal
suggested.  "If it really is a monster of some kind.  If it's just a killer, it could
be anyone.  Besides, if it was set by the Kjarranists, you'd think it would leave
their people alone, and it hasn't.  Well, we can't be sure about beliefs, but all
races have been attacked."
     "The people of Karnhorn race who died might have been followers of Serimna,"
Zilla said.  "The priests of Kjarran hate Serimnists more even than Karragit or Orcs
or Shews.  More even than Elves."
     "It doesn't matter," Cadal said finally.  "Monstrous or mortal, it's a killer
and our job right now is to stop it."
     Aghtamar was taking her turn peering out at the road.  The sun was down, at
least as seen from this location, and the valley was filling with shadows.  She
stiffened and whispered, "Somebody coming!"
     "Fist of Kjarran?" Zilla asked.
     "No, someone coming from the east.  Someone on a horse."
     "Bad time and place for an innocent traveler," Cadal said, moving up to join her
at the edge of their shelter.  "So let's hope it's the killer looking for a place to
set his ambush."
     Zilla crammed the last of her bread and cheese into her mouth, muttered
something indistinct, and began to climb the tree, keeping close to the trunk and
spiraling upward out of sight.
     The road, which was used by traders' wagons as well as foot and horse traffic,
looped back and forth across the steep hillside to get an easier grade, so it most of
it was hidden behind the trees.  All could hear the hoofbeats, though.  One horse,
coming steadily at moderate speed.  The last stretch above the bridge was in the
clear, however, and still lit, more or less, by the ruddy light of the setting sun
reflecting off clouds above the valley.
     A shadow moved at the top of the visible length of road, resolving into a large
hound.  Two large hounds.  Too large to be hounds, but they weren't horses, bears, or
cattle.  The darkness at the edge of the trees stretched out an arm which advanced,
detached, and became a vaguely seen man, or something man-like, on a horse, or nearly
a horse.  A third hound followed on his heels.
     "The killer," Cadal said, his voice little more than a ghost of sound.
"Couldn't be anything else."
     "It could be human and I wouldn't mind," Aghtamar countered as quietly.
"Because THAT surely is no human or any other race I ever met."
     What little they could see of the figure on the horse seemed tall as a Shew but
skeletally thin.  The flame-colored light of the setting sun--or something--made the
eyes of horse, rider, and hounds all reflect redly.  One of the hounds stopped, head
up and turning slowly.  It looked directly at the tree where the gladiators were
hiding and then pointed its nose at the sky and loosed a howl that would freeze the
blood of a salamander.  The rider turned to look toward the tree also, raised a
hunting horn and blew it.  Above them, Zilla gave a startled shriek and slid down in
a shower of bark and needles.
     "We'd better get on the road," Cadal said urgently.  "We're in a trap if we try
to fight from in here."
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     The dog charged Fist of Kjarran without finesse, just came straight at him.  It
seemed to grow unnaturally as it came closer, from as big as a pony to a beast that
towered like an elephant, and it bayed continually.  Fist wondered in passing where
it found the breath to keep howling like that as it ran.  No doubt that it was an
unnatural beast of some kind!  He muttered a quick prayer, wished for a boar spear,
and knelt, bracing his sword to receive the plunging monster.
     At the last moment, its breath already cold on his face, the beast swerved to
pass Fist to his left.  Fist twisted quickly and managed to slash across its ribs,
though the cut was only a shallow one.  The dog twisted, too, whining with frustrated
eagerness to kill.  Fist got back on his feet so that he could turn and keep his face
and blade to the circling hound.  Why it didn't leap in to attack, he could not
imagine.  It backed up out of blade's reach and bayed at him.  The sound was
unpleasant, but that was all--what was the fool creature doing?
     It bayed again, with vibrato and tricky overtones.  Abruptly Fist guessed that
it was trying to frighten him.  What the heck?  Could it ONLY kill through fear, or
at least only physically attack those who had been unmanned by fear?  He lunged
suddenly, and it scrambled back out of the way rather than meet the attack and
attempt to fight.  Kjarran and Jayde!  It was like the old motto: the only thing to
be feared was fear itself.  He leaped to the attack again, pressing the infernal
hound relentlessly.  The hound dodged and twisted agilely, and whenever it had a
moment, it howled.  Not the hunting call, but the howl of a dog voicing its woes.
     It was answered by a hunting horn from farther down the valley, and for the
first time since he'd seen the hound, Fist of Kjarran again noticed the sound of
battle down there.  Apparently the hound was calling for help.
     Kjarran and Jayde!  A beast of prey that was at least twice his size and still
needed help to kill him was not something to frighten a child, much less a Lord
Protector!  But there was no telling, the help it summoned might be more formidable.
Better to take care of the hound now, at once, and not have to fight hound and helper
together.  Besides, his assistance might be needed down at the bridge where the other
Lord Protectors were fighting the hound's master.  He made a determined attack on the
hound, pressing it back with his thrusts and slashes, attempting to corner it against
the low bank at one side of the road.  It yelped, snapped, and lunged back at him
     "Ah...I shoulda remembered," Fist muttered, dodging.  "Cornered rats and
all...."  He tried one last slash as the beast went by and laid open its hip to the
bone.  It screamed and fell.
     There was a wordless shout of fury from farther along, two human screams,
drumming hooves that approached his position faster than a horse should be able to
gallop up that slope.  Fist moved quickly to put his back to the low bluff beside the
road.  It would hamper his movement, but it would be a worse problem for the
horsemen; at least here he wouldn't have to worry about being ridden down.

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #69 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<


     Ghenis watched the ship _Relentless_ ease out into the channel and brushed his
hands together.  It was bound for Niatoli to further certain interests of the dark
cult.  On it was Veleks, and Cousin Og, who would look after the small thief...one
way or another.  Which freed him to attend to other matters.
     First of those other matters was a meeting with Pelishtekan, the Ferencian who
was currently the 'chief priest' of the cult.  Ghenis scowled to hide his grimace of
disgust.  He didn't like the Ferencian.  In fact, he loathed the man.  But it wasn't
necessary to like him, not really.  As long as Pelishtekan did his job, nothing else
     And right now, the man's job was to explain what manner of creature, monster, or
whatever was hunting over the lands just north of Zukal.  And how the damned thing
could be fought and destroyed.  It was in the way of certain plans that he had made
for the benefit of the dark cult...and of himself, of course.  The dark power did not
expect his minions to work for nothing but the joy of it.
     Ghenis left the waterfront behind and wove his way through the twisted and
noisome alleys of one of Zukal's poorest districts.  The cult always had its centers
among the homes of the poor.  They were the ones who had something to gain from it,
and nothing to lose, from shaking up the old order, after all.  Ghenis smiled just a
little.  He liked shaking things up.
     The cult was headquartered in a tall narrow building squeezed between other tall
narrow buildings.  The cellar, which was dark and always damp and divided into tiny
rooms no more than six feet square, was used for...storage.  More or less.  The
ground floor, reached by going down half a dozen steps from street level, was the
shrine itself.  The level above that was where the main work of the cult was done,
the plotting and planning, the gathering of information, the good stuff.  Above that,
two floors of small rooms where members of the cult lived if they couldn't do better
for themselves.  And on the top floor, the pigeons that carried messages from points
as distant as Zuwayza and Murska in the north, Rocanis, Xochithlan, and even Tricorus
in the south.  Most people had no idea how far the cult reached.
     Which was another source of amusement to Ghenis.  The authorities here in Zukal,
the very heart of the cult, had no idea that it was anything more than a handful of
dissatisfied commoners meeting to worship some petty godling.  Ha!  If Bey Sekahos
knew how near he stood to the rim of disaster, how fast he was sliding down the slope
into hell--!  Even the Bandit Princes, who had a clearer understanding of their city,
didn't know that the cult was gaining power daily and would soon be ready to make its
move.  IF the monster north of the city could be dealt with.
     Ghenis pushed open the door and stepped toward Pelishtekan's office.

Near Malcorn:

     The finger of light slid across the surface of the tall stone and touched the
worn carvings, which leaped into sudden clarity.  The little clearing, which had been
empty except for Lord Malcorn and Tiljanz al Burgos, the young Karnhorn diplomat, was
suddenly full of shadows.  Or something.  Tiljanz could feel the weight of a dozen
minds thinking about him--calculating minds, hostile minds, hungry ones.  He held
himself still and quiet with difficulty.  This was Lord Malcorn's meeting; he himself
was just present as a witness.
     Words came out of the darkness, hollow as caves, clear as trumpets.  "Why are
you here, Malcorn?"
     "To demand that you enforce your side of the agreement we made, Dregur," the
lord of Malcorn replied.  If a great tree had spoken, its voice might have sounded
like that.
     "Our side?  What have we, the true and original lords of all the land between
the lakes, to 'enforce' at the command of an ephemeral like you?"
     "Do not play games with me.  A deal was made and sworn under just such a moon,
that the dregur would attack only those who entered this land at the command of the
Easterner Inzolas.  In return for this, you were released from the Silent Place."
     "And if we choose now to disregard that 'deal' you speak of?"  Idle inquiry.
     "The Silent Place is still there."
     "You think you could return us to that captivity?"  Scorn and amusement.  "You?"
     "If you do not keep your side of the agreement," now Malcorn's voice was like
iron, cold black iron, "I will return you to that captivity.  Me."  At that moment,
Tiljanz did not doubt that Blackie would do just that, whatever the cost to himself.
     "We did make an oath."  The voice was the same, but different.  A different
dregur speaking, Tiljanz thought.  "The oath is a binding already.  He could do it."
Warning, cool consideration.
     "Because a few of us have chosen to Hunt freely, as we used to?  Unfair!  This
land was OURS.  If we stretch out our hand to take it back, where is the injustice in
that?"  Passion.
     "The injustice is in the breaking of our oath.  The land itself will reject an
oathbreaker.  It has always been so."  Stern command.  "We must keep our part of the
bargain, or by our failure we release Lord Malcorn from his.  And he could then
return us to the Silent Place, if he is willing to pay the price."  A pause.  "And
you can see that he is so willing."
     Objection.  "Those who Hunt alone will not be called back to the kennel, even by
     Unyielding command.  "Then I myself will lead a Hunt against them."

                                      SPY REPORT

     Well, what are you looking at, MORYA?  Ain't you never seen Snide Clemens 
before?  Ah, shaddup and listen to my news.  Later days, BAD GERMS, since THE 
WARLORDS II took top team from you this turn, you guys are old news.  With any luck, 
I can sneak into Salty's Chowder House and join IDIOTIC ICCERS' celebration over 
their good record this turn.  2nd place, not bad.  If Salty's Chowder House is buying 
drinks for PRIMAL FURY's good turn, I'm afraid the place will be dry before long.  A 
4-1-0 makes for a big thirst.  With any luck, I can sneak into Salty's Chowder House 
and join VALHALLA's celebration over their good record this turn.  12th place, not 
bad.  If Salty's Chowder House is buying drinks for CRYPT KNIGHTS' good turn, I'm 
afraid the place will be dry before long.  A 2-3-0 makes for a big thirst.  With any 
luck, I can sneak into Salty's Chowder House and join WIMPS OF MADNESS' celebration 
over their good record this turn.  17th place, not bad.  Oh, this is too good to be 
true!  CANADIAN BACON has fallen to 26th place after going 2-3-0 this turn.  Who's 
bragging now?  Why not, I'm having a good day, so I feel sorry for 50TH MILK RAS, who 
went 2-3-0 and dropped 17 into 27th.  Here's my pity, for what it's worth.  Look out 
below!  UGLY URBAN ORCS is on the way down, falling to 30th from 8th with a 1-4-0!  
Ha ha ha ha!  Gee, I'm impressed, a 4-1-0 is nice, but don't get cocky, SHADOW GATE, 
the Fates teach humility, and the Fates are proud.  Of course, we're all terribly 
impressed to see TERRIBLE TOTOMAC win a fight and gain 30 points, terribly.  Tsk, 
tsk, INFINITY beat BLACKSTAFF and BLACKSTAFF lost 17 points.  You're breakin' my 
heart.  IDIOTIC INDIGO challenged MORYA's Duelmaster for a shot at the throne.  And 
if variety is the spice of life, MORYA may be getting bland, as LUCKY LUCIEN stays 
top dog in the city.  Salty's Chowder House, humph!  I've tasted better ale at 
mortuaries.  Where do they get this stuff?  From MORYA's trash dumps?   
     Well, let's take a look at some more misdeeds of you miserable sword-boys.  
MOMENT OF SILENCE, I suppose you'll be glad to know you were this turn's most avoided 
team.  Care to know who is the most afraid of you?  And who led the way in this mass 
act of cowardice?  Let's see, well, whatcha know?  It was KILLALODEAN.  Ha ha ha ha!  
ALLURE was challenged more times this turn than the Duelmaster.  Now was the DM 
insulted or feared?  Heh, heh.  LADY CONSOLACION was challenged by one of BAD GERMS' 
warriors this turn, with GIARDIA having a lead of 22 points going into the fight.  
GIARDIA was subdued by LADY CONSOLACION!  Ok, GIARDIA want to fight my grandmother 
next turn?  Huh?  Now look at this.  MESMERIC FIEND challenged down 17 against THE 
WARLORDS II's NAPOLEON.  What a weasel!  And sorry to say, MESMERIC FIEND overcame 
NAPOLEON, leaving a bad feeling with the crowd.  I think exploitive snob is the term 
I'm looking for.  I guess I can give a little credit to SKADI of VALHALLA for 
challenging up by 23 to LUNA KNIGHT.  SKADI won to get 22 points of recognition.   
     Death and Taxes.  The less death I see, the more it taxes my patience.  Let's 
see if anyone's dead or dying.  Nipped in the bud, you might say, was MOON ROCK of 
LUNAE MILITES this turn.  Course, I wouldn't say that, so much as have a belly laugh. 
Heh heh.  Ya gotta go sometime, and MICA's time was this time.  Hmmm, not a bad 
fighter, had he lived... (what?  me pity?).  Bye bye, warrior, bye bye...  MUDDY 
MUDSKIPPER, a glorious 4-6-0 fighter, has passed away.  Gee, too bad KILLALODEAN.  
And now a passing thought on a warrior dying young (FRIGG of VALHALLA):  You had your 
chance and now you're dead.  Oh well...  A big yahoo goes out to DAKINI ROUGE this 
turn, for revenging ARCANA ESOTERIC's bloodfeud against LUNAE MILITES' warrior MOON 
ROCK.  Heh, heh, heh.  Not that I'll be buying the drinks, but I'll be glad to see 
SPIRIT and SHADOW GATE at Salty's Chowder House tonight celebrating their bloodfeud 
victory over WHISPER.  Honor is like a chainmail shirt, it only shines through use.  
Certain nameless cowards will doubtless rebuke me on this one.   
     I was about to buy a new quill pen the other day, but some fighter took it for 
an epee.  Forgive me for writing with a dagger.  Phlllt!  Just had to do that before 
I leave the fine city of MORYA.  I feel much better now.  I see the crowds are 
getting restless, I must leave now-- Snide Clemens  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 LUCKY LUCIEN 3432            21   7  0   116       CANADIAN BACON (383)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 POLARIS 3015                 15   9  0   121       ASTRONOMY DOMINE (345)
 STUPID SMILEY 3527           15   7  0   112       IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)
 TERRIBLE TOTOMAC 3569         8   4  1   108       IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)
 RAPAX 3514                   15   6  0   103       THE PENTARCHY (397)
 FOOLISH FOLGERS 3526         11  11  1    98       IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)
 PETE 3174                    13   4  0    95       KILLALODEAN (361)
 POPPY HAMMER 3318            13   4  0    92       FLOWER HAMMERZ (372)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 IDIOTIC INDIGO 3528          16   6  0    89       IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)
 YIP AGAIN 3512               13   7  2    84       THE PENTARCHY (397)
 LOONY LATEKNIGHT 3529        15   7  1    79       IDIOTIC ICCERS (398)
 FIRE CHIEF 3177              12   5  0    76       KILLALODEAN (361)
 RAY D AYTOR 2965             11  18  0    71       OTTO'S MECHANICS (226)
 GALENA 3505                   9   7  0    69       BOXOROX (396)
 RED DWARF 3238                6   2  0    67       ASTRONOMY DOMINE (345)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 COA PATTY 3830                5   1  0    66       KESSEN (443)
 INFINITY 3655                 5   1  0    66       SHADOW GATE (414)
 PARADOX 3654                  4   1  0    60       SHADOW GATE (414)
 DAISY HAMMER 3317             7   7  0    58       FLOWER HAMMERZ (372)
 DOCTOR OF STYLE 3707          4   1  0    58       MOMENT OF SILENCE (424)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-MAXIMUS DECIMUS 3440         13   4  0    56       NORTHERN BADLANDS (337)
 AXLE FOLEY 3454               5  12  0    56       OTTO'S MECHANICS (226)
 COA SUMPTHING 3828            5   1  0    55       KESSEN (443)
 GRANITE 3507                  6  10  0    54       BOXOROX (396)
 YOUNG JOAN 3534               9   9  0    52       DODGE BULLETS (126)
 GARDENIA HAMMER 3871          4   2  1    52       FLOWER HAMMERZ (372)
 BALDER 3778                   4   1  1    50       VALHALLA (435)
 PECTORAL REN 3176            12   4  0    49       KILLALODEAN (361)
 WYATT BURP 3531              10   9  0    49       DODGE BULLETS (126)
 PEG-LEG BOUCHARD 3400         6   7  2    49       CANADIAN BACON (383)
 CLOST. PERFRINGENS 3750       5   1  0    48       BAD GERMS (430)
 BLACKHEART 3882               5   1  0    48       FRUITS OF DEATH (449)
 COA COA 3829                  3   3  0    48       KESSEN (443)
 DAKINI ROUGE 3687             4   1  1    47       ARCANA ESOTERIC (421)
 HENGIST 3788                  4   2  0    47       THE WARLORDS II (413)
 GRITBUCKS 3711                5   1  0    46       UGLY URBAN ORCS (425)
 STAPH. AUREUS 3752            4   2  0    46       BAD GERMS (430)
 BLACKSTAFF 2089               7   4  0    44       CRYPT KNIGHTS (191)
 TORPEDO 3477                  9  15  1    43       DODGE BULLETS (126)
 STARGRITS 3714                4   1  0    43       UGLY URBAN ORCS (425)
 DRUNKEN DONUT 3712            6   1  0    42       UGLY URBAN ORCS (425)
 ALANIS MORYSET 3218           5   8  1    41       KILLALODEAN (361)
 SELUMIA 3491                  9  13  0    40       DODGE BULLETS (126)
 BOBBY CLOBBER 3557            6   9  2    40       CANADIAN BACON (383)
 CLEOPATRA 3856                5   1  1    38       THE WARLORDS II (413)
 PAT TIKAKES 3865              5   1  0    37       WIMPS OF MADNESS (433)
 MOONSHINE 3936                4   1  0    37       LUNAE MILITES (387)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 ALARIC 3787                   4   2  0    37       THE WARLORDS II (413)
 CONSTRUCT 3668                5   1  0    36       MAGICAL MADNESS (417)
 BLACKHEART 3709               5   1  0    34       MOMENT OF SILENCE (424)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 CHOPIN 3642                   4   2  3    33       ROOK'S RAVENS (412)
 COPPERTONE 3793               4   2  0    33       5 BELOW ZERO (436)
-NIRVANA 3795                  4   1  0    33       WENSINWASIN G.T. (437)
-GRYPHON JR. 3799              4   1  0    33       WENSINWASIN G.T. (437)
 PETTIFOGGER 3766              3   3  0    33       WIMPS OF MADNESS (433)
-MIGHTY MOUSE! 3841            3   2  0    33       GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT (445)
 SPIRIT 4013                   1   1  0    33       SHADOW GATE (414)
 MOON UNIT 3475                6   4  0    32       LUNAE MILITES (387)
 UG 3811                       4   2  0    32       LEE FAMILY (440)
 USURPER 3843                  3   3  1    32       HEAVEN'S GATE (446)
 GREEDY GRAPE 3880             5   1  1    31       FRUITS OF DEATH (449)
 HOME 3812                     4   2  0    31       LEE FAMILY (440)
-MR BOOK 3731                  3   2  0    31       DREW'S BOYS (428)
 MEAT 3895                     4   2  1    30       CHAOSITECTS (422)
 NIALL QUINLAN 3866            4   2  0    30       50TH MILK RAS (448)
 LADY BEATRIZ 3704             3   3  1    30       FILIPINA LADYZ (423)
 LUNA KNIGHT 3445              5  12  0    29       LUNAE MILITES (387)
 CIARAN POWER 3868             3   3  0    29       50TH MILK RAS (448)
-WHAT BOSS RAT WANTS 3837      3   1  0    29       GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT (445)
 LADY CONSOLACION 3703         2   4  0    29       FILIPINA LADYZ (423)
 CALLISTO 3225                 5   5  0    28       ASTRONOMY DOMINE (345)
 SIX 3689                      5   1  0    28       ARCANA ESOTERIC (421)
 MISSY MAYHAM 3692             4   2  0    28       CHAOSITECTS (422)
 MYSTIC ZEALOT 3804            3   3  0    28       PRIMAL FURY (438)
 NERF THE SOFTY 3833           2   4  0    28       LADZ OF LUGBURZ (444)
 FREDDY FENDER 3956            2   3  0    28       OTTO'S MECHANICS (226)
 DOOMSTRIKE 3708               4   2  0    27       MOMENT OF SILENCE (424)
 RHINOVIRUS 3754               4   1  0    27       BAD GERMS (430)
 IMMORTAL COIL 3850            3   3  0    27       HEAVEN'S GATE (446)
 REAGENT 3669                  3   2  0    27       MAGICAL MADNESS (417)
 NE1469 3889                   4   2  2    26       SRETSAMLEUD (431)
 WILLOW 3854                   4   2  0    26       TEAM SLAYER (419)
 TALISMAN 3667                 4   2  0    26       MAGICAL MADNESS (417)
 FUG 3815                      4   2  0    26       LEE FAMILY (440)
 BLACKCHERRY 3844              3   3  0    26       HEAVEN'S GATE (446)
 MEPHISTUS 3896                2   4  1    26       CHAOSITECTS (422)
 TIDY HEIDI 3958               4   1  0    25       THE PENTARCHY (397)
 IRIS 3792                     4   2  0    25       5 BELOW ZERO (436)
 SHAGUK 3966                   4   1  0    25       LADZ OF LUGBURZ (444)
 GROTTRAK THE SNEAK 3831       3   3  1    25       LADZ OF LUGBURZ (444)
 DREAM 3651                    3   2  0    25       SHADOW GATE (414)
-GALO THE GREY 3796            3   2  1    24       WENSINWASIN G.T. (437)
-THE MAN IN YELLOW 3839        3   2  1    24       GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT (445)
 IRONFIST 3846                 3   3  0    24       HEAVEN'S GATE (446)
 CUBIC ZIRCONIUM 3777          2   2  0    24       BOXOROX (396)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 MESMERIC FIEND 3801           4   2  0    23       PRIMAL FURY (438)
 BACH 3643                     1   5  1    23       ROOK'S RAVENS (412)
 POUM POUM 3957                1   4  0    23       THE PENTARCHY (397)
 CAM SHAFT 3989                1   2  0    23       OTTO'S MECHANICS (226)
-GABMAZ 3908                   3   2  0    22       LADZ OF LUGBURZ (444)
 PADDY SWEENEY 3869            3   3  0    22       50TH MILK RAS (448)
 SKADI 3988                    2   1  0    22       VALHALLA (435)
 LAVA RUNNER 3864              5   1  0    21       PRIMAL FURY (438)
 GYPSY 3690                    4   2  0    21       ARCANA ESOTERIC (421)
-THRAKKLASH 3835               3   2  0    21       LADZ OF LUGBURZ (444)
 COAPI 3826                    3   2  0    21       KESSEN (443)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SPASM 3842                    2   4  0    21       HEAVEN'S GATE (446)
-BOTTLE BOY 3727               1   2  1    21       DREW'S BOYS (428)
 GRINCH 3819                   3   1  0    20       GONDORS BASE (441)
-WALL OF SCUM! 3885            3   0  0    20       GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT (445)
 FARKLE 3765                   2   4  0    20       WIMPS OF MADNESS (433)
 PHENIX 3810                   2   4  0    20       CRYPT KNIGHTS (191)
 ALLURE 3671                   2   4  0    20       MAGICAL MADNESS (417)
-FROGGER 3656                  2   3  0    19       CLASSIC ARCADE (415)
-DIAPER BAG 3728               2   3  0    19       DREW'S BOYS (428)
 SIF 3780                      2   3  0    19       VALHALLA (435)
 BAD MOON RISING 4019          2   0  0    19       LUNAE MILITES (387)
 MR. CHOMP CHOMP 3620          4   6  0    18       THE PENTARCHY (397)
-WASTELAND WARLORD 3594        3   4  0    18       NORTHERN BADLANDS (337)
 SULKAGRIM 3757                3   3  0    18       SRETSAMLEUD (431)
 MOT 3907                      2   4  0    18       LEE FAMILY (440)
 PRICKLY PEAR 3883             3   2  1    17       FRUITS OF DEATH (449)
-ASTEROIDS 3658                3   2  0    17       CLASSIC ARCADE (415)
 GIARDIA 3935                  3   2  0    17       BAD GERMS (430)
 DES DESCARDO 3969             3   1  0    17       CRYPT KNIGHTS (191)
 DRATS 3993                    1   0  0    17       GONDORS BASE (441)
 R.D.X. 3589                   3   3  1    16       DEMO-SQUAD (405)
-SMOOCHES 3798                 3   2  0    16       WENSINWASIN G.T. (437)
 CAESAR 3974                   3   0  0    16       THE WARLORDS II (413)
 TYR 3781                      2   3  1    16       VALHALLA (435)
-JOEL 3824                     1   1  0    16       THE ARMAGEDDON (442)
 C-4 3585                      4   2  0    15       DEMO-SQUAD (405)
 VIVALDI 3639                  2   4  0    15       ROOK'S RAVENS (412)
-HIGH SPEED 3952               1   3  0    15       CLASSIC ARCADE (415)
 GENDERCRISIS 4011             1   0  0    15       GONDORS BASE (441)
-RABID BEAVER 3992             1   0  0    15       GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT (445)
 GRENADE 3816                  1   2  0    15       GONDORS BASE (441)
 S.A.D.M. 3872                 4   2  0    14       DEMO-SQUAD (405)
 BLAST RADIUS 3874             3   3  2    14       DEMO-SQUAD (405)
 MAGETA THE LION 4000          2   1  0    14       PRIMAL FURY (438)
-GRIM BLACKSMITH 3961          2   1  0    14       NORTHERN BADLANDS (337)
 METER MAID 3909               2   4  0    14       UGLY URBAN ORCS (425)
 MOZART 3641                   3   3  0    13       ROOK'S RAVENS (412)
 WHISPER 3964                  3   2  1    12       MOMENT OF SILENCE (424)
 LADY DOMINGA 3702             3   3  0    12       FILIPINA LADYZ (423)
 LADY MARIA 3701               3   3  0    12       FILIPINA LADYZ (423)
 BUFFY 3679                    2   4  0    12       TEAM SLAYER (419)
 POISONOUS PEACH 4014          1   1  0    12       FRUITS OF DEATH (449)
 TUESDAY'S CHILD 3688          1   5  0    12       ARCANA ESOTERIC (421)
 ORGAN GRINDER 3802            2   4  1    11       PRIMAL FURY (438)
 BATTLE 4012                   2   0  0    11       SHADOW GATE (414)
 COA ANG 4003                  1   2  0    11       KESSEN (443)
 NIGHTWIND 4007                1   1  0    11       DODGE BULLETS (126)
 RORY WYLEY 3870               2   4  0    10       50TH MILK RAS (448)
 HANDEL 3640                   2   4  0    10       ROOK'S RAVENS (412)
 BROADSIDE 3836                2   4  0    10       CHAOSITECTS (422)
-ANYJA 3678                    2   3  0     9       TEAM SLAYER (419)
-JEREMIAH 3823                 1   1  0     9       THE ARMAGEDDON (442)
 ENTEROCOCCUS 3973             1   2  0     9       BAD GERMS (430)
 PYRITE 3991                   1   0  0     9       BOXOROX (396)
-TEDDY BEAR 3730               0   3  0     9       DREW'S BOYS (428)
 LINUX 3911                    1   5  0     8       5 BELOW ZERO (436)
 PUD 4036                      1   0  0     8       LEE FAMILY (440)
-CENTIPEDE 3980                1   2  0     8       CLASSIC ARCADE (415)
 LADY EMELITA 3700             1   5  0     8       FILIPINA LADYZ (423)
 BALROG-SHIN 3987              2   1  0     7       CRYPT KNIGHTS (191)
-BULWYF REDHAMMER 3962         2   1  0     7       NORTHERN BADLANDS (337)
 KORN 3975                     1   3  0     6       5 BELOW ZERO (436)
 SUBLIMINAL KID 4002           1   2  0     6       CANADIAN BACON (383)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SHADE 3986                    1   2  0     5       CRYPT KNIGHTS (191)
 NEWBIE 4018                   1   1  0     5       SRETSAMLEUD (431)
-NYALL BLOODGRIN 3963          1   2  0     5       NORTHERN BADLANDS (337)
 NAPOLEON 4005                 1   2  0     5       THE WARLORDS II (413)
 FILTH 4006                    0   3  0     3       5 BELOW ZERO (436)
-XUNDAM 3990                   0   2  0     2       WENSINWASIN G.T. (437)
-ISAIAH 3822                   0   2  0     2       THE ARMAGEDDON (442)
-DANIEL 3821                   0   2  0     2       THE ARMAGEDDON (442)
-DEBORAH 3825                  0   2  0     2       THE ARMAGEDDON (442)
 SILLY SORCEROR 4029           0   1  0     1       MAGICAL MADNESS (417)
 DEADLY DATE 4030              0   1  0     1       FRUITS OF DEATH (449)
 CAPTAIN CONUNDRUM 4040        0   1  0     1       CANADIAN BACON (383)
 RED CACTUS HAMMER 4032        0   1  0     1       FLOWER HAMMERZ (372)
 KALIXXTA 4035                 0   1  0     1       ARCANA ESOTERIC (421)
-PONG 4021                     0   1  0     1       CLASSIC ARCADE (415)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
RAZOR BACK 3790        0  2 0 5 BELOW ZERO 436      NE1469 3889           229 NOT REVE
PERL 3912              0  3 0 5 BELOW ZERO 436      NE1469 3889           230         
CRAP 4031              0  1 0 50TH MILK RAS 448     MOUNTAIN TROLL 341    233 NONE    
KIERAN MCMAHON 3867    1  1 0 50TH MILK RAS 448     R.D.X. 3589           229 REVENGED
PHILIPPA 3691          1  4 0 ARCANA ESOTERIC 421   MOON ROCK 3937        232 JUST REV
PULSAR 3391            0  5 0 ASTRONOMY DOMINE 345  MOUNTAIN TROLL 341    233 NONE    
ASTEROID #1 4020       0  2 0 ASTRONOMY DOMINE 345  WURM KIN 350          233 NONE    
MICA 3508             11  5 0 BOXOROX 396           TERRIBLE TOTOMAC 3569 233         
TRASH 4039             0  1 0 CHAOSITECTS 422       DARK CHAMPION 347     233 NONE    
LOUIS E. FUR 3696      2  3 0 CHAOSITECTS 422       GARDENIA HAMMER 3871  232         
POLE POSITION 3659     1  3 0 CLASSIC ARCADE 415    CLEOPATRA 3856        231         
GORGON 3913            0  2 0 CLASSIC ARCADE 415    BLAST RADIUS 3874     229 REVENGED
DET-CORD 3873          1  5 0 DEMO-SQUAD 405        SHEWISH GIANT 344     233 NONE    
DR. DNA 3941           0  1 0 ENIGMA 455            MEPHISTUS 3896        229 NOT REVE
MARIGOLD HAMMER 3726   2  6 0 FLOWER HAMMERZ 372    BANDIT PRINCE 348     233 NONE    
SLASH 3820             1  1 0 GONDORS BASE 441      BOTTLE BOY 3727       230         
COAREN 3827            0  3 0 KESSEN 443            USURPER 3843          230         
MUDDY MUDSKIPPER 3232  4  7 0 KILLALODEAN 361       LADY BEATRIZ 3704     233         
MOON ROCK 3937         3  2 1 LUNAE MILITES 387     DAKINI ROUGE 3687     233         
STAR 3776              1  2 0 SHADOW GATE 414       WHISPER 3964          230 JUST REV
GOAT 4037              0  1 0 SRETSAMLEUD 431       BANDIT PRINCE 348     233 NONE    
HIGH ELF 4038          0  1 0 SRETSAMLEUD 431       BLACK ORC 343         233 NONE    
VAMP 2 4023            0  1 0 TEAM SLAYER 419       HIGH ELF 342          233 NONE    
VAMP 1 4022            0  1 0 TEAM SLAYER 419       HIGH ELF 342          233 NONE    
DAWN 3853              2  3 0 TEAM SLAYER 419       THE MAN IN YELLO 3839 232         
GILES 3855             1  4 0 TEAM SLAYER 419       PRICKLY PEAR 3883     232         
MR. INFINITY 4016      0  2 0 UGLY URBAN ORCS 425   TYR 3781              233         
FRIGG 3782             4  1 0 VALHALLA 435          CHOPIN 3642           233         
ARTHUR 3789            1  1 0 THE WARLORDS II 413   ORGAN GRINDER 3802    229 JUST REV
BASHFUL 4009           0  2 0 WIMPS OF MADNESS 433  SPYMASTER 345         233 NONE    
LIZZY 4034             0  1 0 WIMPS OF MADNESS 433  ARENAMASTER NOR 346   233 NONE    

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Mr. Chomp Chomp -- Did you ever think about changing your name to Mr. Chump Chump or
maybe Mr. Chump2?  I didn't even learn anything by beating you. -- Missy Mayham

Stargrits -- Nice, now I see why you have yet to lose. -- Louis E. Fur

Gypsy -- Your evil eye doesn't work on me. -- Broadside

Frogger -- I had my strategy set for someone else.  Good fight. -- Mephistus

Phenix -- A large shield, what the hell were you thinking? -- Meat

Ciaran Power -- Oh, really? -- Louis E. Fur

Hammer -- I apologize for the errors in my spotlight.  I was in a hurry and my
handwriting is not the greatest. -- Lord Chaos

Mica -- I think I've had enough of you strikers. -- Ray D Aytor

Galena -- You know, I don't need my manager making up silly strategies to get me to
lose, I do that quite well on my own. -- Axle Foley

Loony Latenight -- Thanks for the skills, now a fellow mechanic will see if you can
teach him a few tricks of the trade. -- Freddy Fender

Cubic Zirconium -- Looking like a diamond in the rough to me. -- Cam Shaft

Chain -- Good advice.  Some adjustments have been made. :) -- Lady Martilyo

Hammer -- The experiment seems to be broken, so it is time to fix it, my love. :) --
Lady Martilyo

Madness Managers -- My Ladyz have adjusted their attitude, so beware. :) -- Lady

Pat Tikakes -- Some men prefer the seductive whisper. :) -- Lady Maria

Thrakklash -- Stop complaining.  You could have matched with another style and been
killed. :) -- Lady Emelita

All -- Hal must have eaten my personal.  I declared Newbie for ST SM.  If it isn't to
late, I'd like to try again. -- Phat Phat, mgr. Sretsamleud

Shadowmere -- Not to worry, I have a short attention span which gets really bad on
slow turnaround arenas.  Besides, I have to beat your guys to actually tag losses on
them 'ya know. -- Dr. Mabuse, 50th Milk Ras

Madness Maniacs -- Just so I do not forget to announce the arrival of Red Cactus
Hammer in the Piker category of the Madness and she ends up ranked higher than any
other Piker at the end of the Madness; be forewarned in case the other Pikers get
scragged and Red Cactus Hammer emerges as the only survivor that Red Cactus Hammer is
representing the Flower Hammerz stable as a Piker! -- Hammer

Chain -- I am really trying to challenge fighters who can beat my guys.  It is not
very hard to find them but my challenges don't seem to go through. -- Wimpy

Nirvana -- I really hate it when guys of your style come out fighting.  I still think
I can beat you in a fair fight.  What is a fair fight, you ask?  One where I
challenge and get to pick your weapon and tactics as well as mine.  Sound good? --

Marigold Hammer -- I am starting to think that you are a disgrace to Hammerdom.  You
let me take you out in one minute. -- Pat Tikakes

Gypsy -- I can't think of anything more gratifying than beating you on your
challenge.  Two little hits and down you go.  Whoopee. -- Farkle

Lady Dominga -- It wasn't just the fact that I couldn't hit you that caused me to go
to the Dark Arena.  Wimpy says it has to do with being completely hosed, whatever
that means. -- Bashful

     It means you're all wet, most likely. -- Ed.

All -- Well, 3-2 isn't great but it is going in the right direction and I should
finally get to move about 50% next turn!  The whole deaths and bad replacements is
"killing" me! :) -- Shadowgate

Whisper -- Wow!  Nice way to hold me off!  I will be interested to see what the
newbie Spirit can do to you. -- Dream

Selumia -- Hey, I beat you and you taught me something!  Thanks! -- Infinity

All -- I guess I am now a popular target as I got most challenged last turn.  Keep it
up, it is good for my ego.  However, with my TV challenge it might be a little harder
to catch me. -- Infinity

Callisto -- Now there was an advantageous match-up for me!  I would have liked more
skills, but I will take being able to rise in the rankings that much.  Just under the
two ST's in the contest with TV challenges.  Now to make something of this new
ranking. -- Paradox

Mr. Infinity -- You're not!  Only four minutes before falling over?!?  Take that for
trying to leech onto Infinity's fame! -- Battle

Frigg -- Is right!  I lasted 8 minutes but that isn't enough to take you out,
obviously! -- Spirit

Lunae Milites -- Hmmm...a parry-riposte that lost, lost some more, then died with a
losing record.  Where have I seen that before?  I'm not surprised, but not happy
either.  Enjoy the show. -- Chain, mgr. Arcana Esoteric

Gabmaz -- Nice try! -- Six

Farkle -- The audience was not the only one stunned!   What was that???  I guess my
smart-mouthed manager well and truly jinxed himself. -- Gypsy
P.S.  Blah, blah...bad luck...curses on you...etc.

Willow -- Ah!  The direct approach!  Always happy to school a fellow style sister. --
Dakini Rouge

All -- Kalixxta shall enter as a parry-striker for Arcana Esoteric. -- Chain, mgr.

Red Cactus Hammer -- Tally Ho!  We are late starters, but Chykarin favors the bold
gamble.  After all, one of us could be the next Heartbreaker. (wink) -- Kalixxta

Team Slayer -- Sadly, it was Giles that has been slain.  I'm afraid he choked on a...
-- Prickly Pear

Ciaran Power -- Impressive that you have a TV challenge to use...I'm flattered by the
attention, AND the win! -- Greedy Grape

Alaric -- Thanks...skills and a win, a most generous encounter! -- Blackheart

Enterococcus -- You are a very bad germ, but you didn't weaken me! -- Poisonous Peach

Madness Maniacs -- HAL has confirmed the reception of the updated ElGon's Eligible
Entries for this cycle's DM 28 newsletter.  I have yet to complete Part Two of

Hammerz Herald as Part One was also confirmed a number of days ago by HAL.  It is now
time to turn my attention to writing and submitting my P-ads as I have a couple of
days to finish Part Two for the T-233 newsletter. -- Hammer

Madness Maniacs -- It has been quite some time since I have deliberately created a
Piker to fight as a representative of one of my stables.  I believe it was Dead Duck
7 who graduated from Kaltos DM 5 a few years ago when Da Deadly Ducks were active
there.  Red Cactus Hammer just seemed to be the most interesting choice as a Piker to
represent Flower Hammerz during the Madness. -- Hammer

Kalkin -- Gardenia Hammer will be advancing in the Madness ranks while Thun D'Ar
picks his nose with his blade awaiting the reversal of fortune that reactivates him
for the Madness. -- Hammer
P.S.  As for your 4 replacement rollups: they must withstand the rigors of tournament
play and survive the Madness of Morya to graduate to ADM; especially those fantasy
Primus candidates!

Crip -- Glad to see my Madness contest has motivated you to update your DM filing
system methods!  Large Newsletters are an Official Authentic Trademark of my Hammer
sponsored contests! -- Hammer

Phat Phat -- Welcome to the Vendetta Cartel and the Family Madness here in Morya! --
Hammer/Vendetta Cartel Captain; WordSmith and High Priest of the Crimson Ascension
Family in DM 28

Shadowgate -- Your full roster of Madness contestants should bring some most
interesting twists to the sands of Morya arena!  They have been updated in ElGon's
listings! -- Hammer

Shadowmere -- I await the arrival of your letter, my friend!  Send it before the
sands of time run out for the month of October as I am preparing for the long journey
overseas! -- Hammer
P.S.  Consider the Madness to be Brought!

CFH -- Your Managing Skills have merely Metamorphosed in the Madness that is Morya!
-- Hammer/Vendetta Cartel Captain; WordSmith and High Priest of the Crimson Ascension
Family in DM 28

Foolish Folgers -- Hammer was pleased that I managed to survive your onslaught and
gain the victory!  Thanks for the Dance! -- Poppy Hammer
P.S.  Hammer reminds me that I could become the first of his Flowers to graduate from
DM 28 and what better time to do so than during the Madness!

Drunken Donut -- What an Honor to be the Recipient of a TV Challenge!  What a Greater
Honor to Defeat You! -- Daisy Hammer

Louis E. Fur -- Hammer counseled me to use another weapon instead of those I was
using.  Good for me!  Bad for you!  Sudden Death took on New Meaning for you in the
Madness! -- Gardenia Hammer
P.S.  Bloodfeud is an option, Lord Chaos!

Pat Tikakes -- Your Humiliating Challenge has Driven Me to the Dark Arena! --
Marigold Hammer

Wimpy -- Impressive Onslaught from Pat Tikakes vs. Marigold Hammer!  However, she has
decided to Dance the Dance of Death in the Dark Arena to atone for her losing record!
-- Hammer
P.S.  She had such Great Promise as a Total Parody, but her performance in the arena
fell FAR SHORT of expectations!  Perhaps her replacement will prove to be much better
in the Madness!

Black Orc -- You Did Your Job Well and a Most Interesting Replacement has been
Registered with my Flower Hammerz stable!  Her name is Red Cactus Hammer.  A Piker
who was Most Unexpected! -- Hammer

Hammer -- Thanks for the promotion and sorry for not getting anything in last turn's
newsletter.  Had a small time management problem here. -- Rook

Hammer -- Thanks for the clarification of who belongs to the Crimson Ascension
family.  Missed newsletters and a lack of attention to detail on my part are
responsible for my lapse.  Won't happen in the future. -- Rook

Kat -- Sorry to rub your fur the wrong way. -- Rook

Fizban -- I like to keep my words inoffensive as my warriors tend to be more than
offensive enough! -- Rook

Philippa -- Would have enjoyed a rematch...RIP. -- Mozart

Snide Clemens -- I don't understand you, sir!  My Ravens go 4-1-2 and don't get
mentioned as having a good week?  You talk about teams going 3-2-0 having good weeks
and teams moving up to 18th and 21st but won't mention that my Ravens moved up to
11th?  I find your reporting sadly lacking, sir.  Please try and do better in the
future. -- Rook, mgr. Rook's Ravens

All -- Looking for someone willing to act as a sponsor for the January Face to Face.
Please diplo me if willing to help.  Thank you in advance. -- Rook

Coa-Coa -- Will you please leave me alone now? -- Handel

Spasm -- You've got to watch out for those twitch reactions...they lead to situations
you're not prepared for. -- Mozart

Sensei Jan -- I'm glad that I was able to supply you with a win and I'm also glad
that Filth was able to teach your warrior 6 skills, but your 12 pt. downchallenge was
unacceptable.  Save your downchallenges for your enemies, not your allies.  Being
semi-retired I came here to enjoy Hammer's contest, NOT to get involved in a goofy
side altercation.  Many are the ones who wear the imprint of my size 11 on their
money-maker, need there be one more? -- CFH/Captain of the Strong-Arm Senate Family
of the Vendetta Cartel
P.S.  Be wary of your response; while only a "decent" manager on my best days, there
are few who can match my ability for humiliation and ridicule.  Besides this is a
result of your challenge.  I have never wronged you.  But I can start.

Phat-Phat -- Welcome to the Cartel. -- CFH

Firehawk -- You have been on a real tear lately, bro.  Well done. -- CFH
P.S.  Send me a letter.

Hammer -- Sweet contest so far, my friend. -- CFH

Lord Chaos -- Send your boy a diplo! -- CFH

Abraxis -- Tough luck on the loss of Dawn.  She could've been great.  Make the
revenge so. -- CFH

Piker Punks -- Hammer may not know why he had me register with this style, but I am
determined to function well enough to post a winning record or Dance the Dance of
Death in the Dark Arena! -- Red Cactus Hammer

Infinity -- Darn.  I knew I was in trouble when you said you could keep going "to
infinity."  (sigh)  You're out of my league.  Good work. -- Selumia

Nerf the Softy -- This is no business for a softy.  Get out of it while you can. --
Young Joan

Gritbucks -- For a little thing, you're feisty. -- Torpedo

Talisman -- Damn.  (erp!)  I was hoping (erp!) you had some (erp!) antacids. -- Wyatt

Shade -- Is that the way it works?  You lose one, and then you win one?  And I get to
win my next? -- Nightwind the hopeful

Gardina Hammer -- You may have killed my body but you'll never kill my spirit.  I
will be back. -- Louis E. Fur

Hammer -- Your warrior just killed my best.  Thanks.  The replacement was one of the
worst yet.  Again, thanks.  I refuse to run sub-standard fighters in this arena any
longer.  If I have to DA 10 to get one good so be it. -- Lord Chaos
P.S.  And I went 1-4 and HAL ate my personals again.

Moonshine -- Pull in your claws! -- Broadside

COA Sumpthing -- Gods above I hate your style. -- Mephistus

Construct -- You're not who I was after but you'll do. -- Meat

Terrible Totomac -- My experience carried the day for me, but that will not always be
the case. -- Polaris

Paradox -- You shouldn't have won, yet you did.  Your name carries true.  Well met.
-- Callisto

Pete -- Damn you!  I may be a dwarf, but you're some kind of midget! -- Red Dwarf

Balrog-Shin -- Razorback has sent me to the Dark Arena.  I almost wished you had
killed me. -- Pulsar

9 September 2003
WE'RE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MANAGERS!  If you think you have what it takes to match
wits and blades with some of the best managers in Alastari, then WE WANT YOU!  The
Tournament Of The Golden Scrod #4 will begin in Aradi (DM 60) the turn after the Fall
Mail-In.  It's not too late for you to sign up.  I realize that many of you may be
hesitant after seeing that myself and Hombre have teamed up again, but we'll try to
take it easy on you guys a little bit.  For more information on T#%S IV, please
contact me at ganolus@aol.com.  We're looking for a few good managers...the few, the
proud, the TOGS!

-- Ganolus Oakleaf, T#%S IV Commish

15 September 2003
An Announcement Concerning the Brotherhood of the Blade Alliance:
     I have chosen to withdraw my membership from the Brotherhood of the Blade
alliance.  The years I have spent in the alliance have been the best of my DM career.
I leave the alliance with many great friends and will always remain close to my
former brethren.
     The Brotherhood of the Blade will not skip a beat without my membership.  It
remains in very capable hands and its roster is among the strongest in the game.
With the return on some of its founding members to DM, I know the BOB will continue
to grow in strength and prestige in the years to come. -- The Sandman

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

MARIGOLD HAMMER was butchered by BANDIT PRINCE in a 2 minute bloody Dark Arena fight.
DET-CORD was barely slain by SHEWISH GIANT in a 1 minute Dark Arena battle.
PULSAR was easily killed by MOUNTAIN TROLL in a 2 minute gory Dark Arena match.
BASHFUL was slaughtered by SPYMASTER in a 1 minute Dark Arena brawl.
ASTEROID #1 was butchered by WURM KIN in a 1 minute Dark Arena fight.
REPLACEMENT PART #4 was assassinated by DARK CHAMPION in a 1 minute Dark Arena match.
GOAT was butchered by BANDIT PRINCE in a 1 minute gruesome Dark Arena brawl.
LIZZY was assassinated by ARENAMASTER NOR in a exciting 1 minute Dark Arena struggle.
HIGH ELF was butchered by BLACK ORC in a 1 minute gory Dark Arena competition.
VAMP 2 was easily killed by HIGH ELF in a 1 minute Dark Arena melee.
TRASH was slaughtered by DARK CHAMPION in a 2 minute gruesome Dark Arena duel.
CRAP was assassinated by MOUNTAIN TROLL in a 1 minute Dark Arena duel.
VAMP 1 was slaughtered by HIGH ELF in a 1 minute gory Dark Arena fight.
MEAT was overpowered by GARDENIA HAMMER in a 1 minute one-sided Bloodfeud melee.
DAKINI ROUGE assassinated MOON ROCK in a 1 minute bloody one-sided Bloodfeud match.
ALARIC handily defeated ORGAN GRINDER in a 1 minute one-sided Bloodfeud contest.
CAM SHAFT was savagely defeated by LOONY LATEKNIGHT in a 3 minute Bloodfeud brawl.
RORY WYLEY was defeated by R.D.X. in a 2 minute Bloodfeud duel.
SPIRIT overpowered WHISPER in a 1 minute uneven Bloodfeud struggle.
FILTH was overcome by NE1469 in a 1 minute bloody amateur vs. master Bloodfeud bout.
INFINITY overpowered BLACKSTAFF in a 3 minute one-sided Challenge bout.
STARGRITS was beaten by AXLE FOLEY in a 3 minute Challenge bout.
COA SUMPTHING beat GRITBUCKS in a crowd pleasing 3 minute Challenge fight.
COA PATTY devastated PEG-LEG BOUCHARD in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge contest.
DRUNKEN DONUT overpowered BACH in a tiring 7 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
NERF THE SOFTY was unbelievably bested by CONSTRUCT in a 6 minute Challenge duel.
SHAGUK was overpowered by YOUNG JOAN in a popular 5 minute one-sided Challenge match.
PETE was savagely defeated by STUPID SMILEY in a 1 minute expert's Challenge fight.
POPPY HAMMER was demolished by POLARIS in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge melee.
IDIOTIC INDIGO was outwaited by LUCKY LUCIEN in a 16 minute Challenge Title fray.
RED DWARF was overpowered by FOOLISH FOLGERS in a 1 minute Challenge competition.
TERRIBLE TOTOMAC executed MICA in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
FIRE CHIEF viciously subdued RAY D AYTOR in a popular 2 minute brutal Challenge fray.
ALANIS MORYSET was savagely defeated by GRANITE in a popular 4 minute Challenge fight.
DAISY HAMMER overpowered SIX in a exciting 1 minute bloody uneven Challenge bout.
GREEDY GRAPE was vanquished by DOCTOR OF STYLE in a 1 minute Challenge fight.
BOBBY CLOBBER savagely defeated RHINOVIRUS in a 2 minute Challenge match.
IRIS was handily defeated by HENGIST in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
GIARDIA was demolished by LADY CONSOLACION in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge conflict.
REAGENT was vanquished by PARADOX in a 2 minute one-sided Challenge bout.
BALDER handily defeated MOON UNIT in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge match.
GROTTRAK THE SNEAK unbelievably bested FARKLE in a popular 6 minute Challenge match.
PETTIFOGGER viciously subdued BLACKCHERRY in a crowd pleasing 3 minute Challenge duel.
SULKAGRIM was overcome by TALISMAN in a crowd pleasing 1 minute Challenge duel.
SPASM savagely defeated LADY DOMINGA in a exciting 3 minute bloody Challenge brawl.
PADDY SWEENEY was viciously subdued by MOONSHINE in a 3 minute Challenge conflict.
S.A.D.M. was savagely defeated by HOME in a exciting 8 minute gory Challenge fight.
GYPSY won victory over VIVALDI in a popular 3 minute Challenge bout.
TUESDAY'S CHILD was handily defeated by FREDDY FENDER in a 1 minute Challenge bout.
BLAST RADIUS was outwaited by DES DESCARDO in a exciting 8 minute Challenge match.
COAPI was overcome by PAT TIKAKES in a 3 minute Challenge bout.
MEPHISTUS demolished MR. CHOMP CHOMP in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge battle.
MOZART was narrowly defeated by FUG in a unpopular 11 minute Challenge conflict.
HANDEL was handily defeated by CLEOPATRA in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge match.
LINUX was demolished by DOOMSTRIKE in a popular 1 minute mismatched Challenge battle.
MESMERIC FIEND bested NAPOLEON in a exciting 1 minute Challenge match.
COPPERTONE devastated ALLURE in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge brawl.
MAGETA THE LION savagely defeated LADY EMELITA in a 3 minute Challenge duel.
SUBLIMINAL KID was defeated by CAESAR in a 6 minute Challenge brawl.
MR. INFINITY was easily killed by TYR in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge contest.
SKADI luckily beat LUNA KNIGHT in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
COA ANG was subdued by LAVA RUNNER in a 3 minute gory Challenge conflict.
KORN was devastated by MYSTIC ZEALOT in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
BATTLE outwaited METER MAID in a crowd boring 9 minute Challenge match.
RAPAX won victory over VETERAN MERCENARY in a 1 minute bout.
YIP AGAIN defeated M. CHARDINEE in a popular 2 minute fight.
GALENA vanquished SELUMIA in a 1 minute brutal one-sided duel.
TORPEDO was demolished by COA COA in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
CLOST. PERFRINGENS overpowered IMMORTAL COIL in a 1 minute one-sided contest.
STAPH. AUREUS vanquished FRATSFA SLAVE in a 1 minute one-sided contest.
WYATT BURP overpowered CUBIC ZIRCONIUM in a 1 minute one-sided match.
PECTORAL REN outlasted USURPER in a slow 11 minute fight.
BLACKHEART devastated DREAM in a 1 minute mismatched duel.
BLACKHEART savagely defeated GRINCH in a exciting 2 minute brutal conflict.
C-4 slimly lost to MISSY MAYHAM in a 6 minute brawl.
MUDDY MUDSKIPPER was murdered by LADY BEATRIZ in a 1 minute one-sided fight.
CALLISTO was unbelievably bested by UG in a exciting 4 minute melee.
NIALL QUINLAN viciously subdued MOT in a 2 minute brutal melee.
CIARAN POWER won victory over GRENADE in a popular 1 minute fight.
PHENIX overcame SIF in a 1 minute match.
BUFFY was overcome by IRONFIST in a 2 minute conflict.
WILLOW vanquished BROADSIDE in a 1 minute one-sided match.
CHOPIN delivered the death blow upon FRIGG in a 2 minute match.
LADY MARIA was viciously subdued by BAD MOON RISING in a 2 minute brutal match.
BALROG-SHIN was overpowered by POUM POUM in a 1 minute one-sided fray.
SHADE was demolished by GENDERCRISIS in a 1 minute one-sided fray.
NIGHTWIND devastated KALIXXTA in a 1 minute one-sided bout.
ENTEROCOCCUS was savagely defeated by PRICKLY PEAR in a 1 minute beginner's duel.
TIDY HEIDI vanquished RED CACTUS HAMMER in a 2 minute gruesome one-sided fray.
POISONOUS PEACH overpowered CAPTAIN CONUNDRUM in a 1 minute one-sided competition.
NEWBIE was bested by DRATS in a popular 1 minute novice's battle.
PYRITE outlasted SILLY SORCEROR in a popular 7 minute beginner's competition.
DEADLY DATE was savagely defeated by PUD in a exciting 2 minute novice's bout.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|STRIKING ATTACK                 32         TOTAL PARRY       88 -  65 -  0      58  |
|BASHING ATTACK                  24         WALL OF STEEL     65 -  51 -  1      56  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                  22         AIMED BLOW        23 -  24 -  2      49  |
|TOTAL PARRY                     21         STRIKING ATTACK  124 - 132 - 11      48  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                 16         PARRY-LUNGE       47 -  53 -  4      47  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                   13         SLASHING ATTACK   68 -  77 -  7      47  |
|WALL OF STEEL                   13         BASHING ATTACK    78 - 104 -  7      43  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                     11         LUNGING ATTACK    71 -  99 -  5      42  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                    11         PARRY-RIPOSTE     43 -  69 -  1      38  |
|AIMED BLOW                       7         PARRY-STRIKE      18 -  41 -  0      31  |

Turn 233 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

BASHING ATTACK    14 - 10     PARRY-RIPOSTE      6 -  7         3  STRIKING ATTACK
STRIKING ATTACK   18 - 14     SLASHING ATTACK    6 - 10         3  BASHING ATTACK 
LUNGING ATTACK    12 - 10     PARRY-LUNGE        4 -  7         3  WALL OF STEEL  
TOTAL PARRY       11 - 10     WALL OF STEEL      4 -  9         2  TOTAL PARRY    
                              AIMED BLOW         2 -  5     
                              PARRY-STRIKE       3 -  8     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
TOTAL PARRY      LUCKY LUCIEN 3432          21   7  0  116 CANADIAN BACON (383)
STRIKING ATTACK  POLARIS 3015               15   9  0  121 ASTRONOMY DOMINE (345)

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
BASHING ATTACK   RAPAX 3514                 15   6  0  103 THE PENTARCHY (397)
WALL OF STEEL    PETE 3174                  13   4  0   95 KILLALODEAN (361)
LUNGING ATTACK   GALENA 3505                 9   7  0   69 BOXOROX (396)
PARRY-RIPOSTE    INFINITY 3655               5   1  0   66 SHADOW GATE (414)
AIMED BLOW       DOCTOR OF STYLE 3707        4   1  0   58 MOMENT OF SILENCE (424)
PARRY-STRIKE     CLOST. PERFRINGENS 3750     5   1  0   48 BAD GERMS (430)
PARRY-LUNGE      BLACKHEART 3882             5   1  0   48 FRUITS OF DEATH (449)
SLASHING ATTACK  CLEOPATRA 3856              5   1  1   38 THE WARLORDS II (413)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is POLARIS 3015.  The most popular warrior this turn 
was FARKLE 3765.  The ten other most popular fighters were HOME 3812, SILLY SORCEROR 

The least popular fighter this week was IDIOTIC INDIGO 3528.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were LUCKY LUCIEN 3432, METER MAID 3909, BATTLE 4012, MOZART 3641, 
PECTORAL REN 3176, FUG 3815, DRUNKEN DONUT 3712, PYRITE 3991, C-4 3585, and CAESAR 

The following warriors will travel to ADVANCED DUELMASTERS after next turn:

RAPAX (28-3514) THE PENTARCHY (397)

                 FACE-TO-FACE TOURNEY XXXI

GATEWAY TOURNEY                        W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
SABRE TOOTH 1193 (157-88-2)            7  3  0         THE RED REAVERS      

PRIMUS TOURNEY                         W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
GRIM REAVER 1356 (160-90-3)            7  2  0         THE RED REAVERS      

CHAMPIONS TOURNEY                      W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
POPPY HAMMER 3318 (11-3-0)             1  3  0         FLOWER HAMMERZ       
MICA 3508 (10-3-0)                     0  3  0         BOXOROX              

ADEPTS TOURNEY                         W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
AXLE FOLEY 3454 (4-10-0)               5  3  0         OTTO'S MECHANICS     
GALENA 3505 (6-7-0)                    4  3  0         BOXOROX              
DAISY HAMMER 3317 (5-6-0)              2  3  0         FLOWER HAMMERZ       
GRANITE 3507 (5-8-0)                   0  3  0         BOXOROX              

INITIATES TOURNEY                      W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
BUNNY POWER 3905 (1-2-0)               5  2  0  DEAD   HITLIST XXVIII       
COA SUMPTHING 3828 (3-0-0)             6  3  0         KESSEN               
MARIGOLD HAMMER 3726 (2-3-0)           3  3  0         FLOWER HAMMERZ       
HENGIST 3788 (1-2-0)                   2  3  0         THE WARLORDS II      
DRUNKEN DONUT 3712 (5-0-0)             1  3  0         UGLY URBAN ORCS      
PETTIFOGGER 3766 (2-1-0)               1  3  0         WIMPS OF MADNESS     
RHINOVIRUS 3754 (3-0-0)                1  3  0         BAD GERMS            
MR BOOK 3731 (1-2-0)                   0  3  0         DREW'S BOYS          

APPRENTICES TOURNEY                    W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
INFINITY 3655 (2-1-0)                 11  3  0         SHADOW GATE          
ALARIC 3787 (2-1-0)                    9  3  0         THE WARLORDS II      
COA PATTY 3830 (2-1-0)                 9  3  0         KESSEN               
GRITBUCKS 3711 (3-0-0)                 8  3  1         UGLY URBAN ORCS      
NERF THE SOFTY 3833 (2-1-0)            8  3  1         LADZ OF LUGBURZ      
BOTTLE BOY 3727 (1-2-1)                5  3  0         DREW'S BOYS          
CUBIC ZIRCONIUM 3777 (1-0-0)           5  3  0         BOXOROX              
NIRVANA 3795 (2-1-0)                   5  3  0         WENSINWASIN G.T.     
PARADOX 3654 (2-1-0)                   5  3  0         SHADOW GATE          
REAGENT 3669 (2-1-0)                   5  3  0         MAGICAL MADNESS      
USURPER 3843 (2-1-1)                   5  3  0         HEAVEN'S GATE        
BALDER 3778 (2-0-1)                    4  3  0         VALHALLA             
BLACKCHERRY 3844 (2-1-0)               4  3  0         HEAVEN'S GATE        
CONSTRUCT 3668 (3-0-0)                 4  3  0         MAGICAL MADNESS      
STAPH. AUREUS 3752 (2-1-0)             4  3  0         BAD GERMS            
TEDDY BEAR 3730 (0-3-0)                4  3  0         DREW'S BOYS          
CLOST. PERFRINGENS 3750 (2-1-0)        3  3  0         BAD GERMS            
GRYPHON JR. 3799 (2-1-0)               3  3  0         WENSINWASIN G.T.     
IMMORTAL COIL 3850 (1-2-0)             3  3  0         HEAVEN'S GATE        
SIF 3780 (1-1-0)                       3  3  0         VALHALLA             
COA COA 3829 (1-2-0)                   2  3  0         KESSEN               
DREAM 3651 (3-0-0)                     2  3  0         SHADOW GATE          
FARKLE 3765 (0-3-0)                    2  3  0         WIMPS OF MADNESS     
FUG 3815 (2-1-0)                       2  3  0         LEE FAMILY           
HOME 3812 (2-1-0)                      2  3  0         LEE FAMILY           
IRONFIST 3846 (2-1-0)                  2  3  0         HEAVEN'S GATE        
MIGHTY MOUSE! 3841 (2-2-0)             2  3  0         GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT    
SPONGE BOB 3785 (1-2-0)                2  3  0  DEAD   DREW'S BOYS          
ALLURE 3671 (1-2-0)                    1  3  0         MAGICAL MADNESS      
COAPI 3826 (2-0-0)                     1  3  0         KESSEN               
DIAPER BAG 3728 (1-2-0)                1  3  0         DREW'S BOYS          
GALO THE GREY 3796 (2-1-1)             1  3  0         WENSINWASIN G.T.     
GROTTRAK THE SNEAK 3831 (1-2-0)        1  3  0         LADZ OF LUGBURZ      
HORRIBLE 3813 (0-3-0)                  1  3  0         LEE FAMILY           
NONCE 3768 (1-2-0)                     1  3  0         WIMPS OF MADNESS     
TALISMAN 3667 (2-1-0)                  1  3  0         MAGICAL MADNESS      
TWITTER 3769 (0-3-0)                   1  3  0         WIMPS OF MADNESS     
GRENADE 3816 (1-1-0)                   0  3  0         GONDORS BASE         
GRINCH 3819 (2-0-0)                    0  3  0         GONDORS BASE         
VENUS FLY HAMMER 3705 (2-3-0)          0  3  0         FLOWER HAMMERZ       

NOVICES TOURNEY                        W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
CIARAN POWER 3868 (1-2-0)             11  3  0         50TH MILK RAS        
SHAGUK 3966 (2-0-0)                    9  3  0         LADZ OF LUGBURZ      
MOONSHINE 3936 (1-1-0)                 7  3  0         LUNAE MILITES        
NE1469 3889 (2-1-2)                    6  3  0         SRETSAMLEUD          
GARDENIA HAMMER 3871 (2-1-0)           5  3  0         FLOWER HAMMERZ       
MOT 3907 (1-2-0)                       5  3  0         LEE FAMILY           
MANIC MAGE 3862 (2-1-0)                3  3  0         MAGICAL MADNESS      
SULKAGRIM 3757 (2-1-0)                 3  3  0         SRETSAMLEUD          
GREY SNOW 3981 (0-1-0)                 1  1  0  DEAD   UGLY URBAN ORCS      
GABMAZ 3908 (2-1-0)                    2  3  0         LADZ OF LUGBURZ      
GHENGIS KHAN 3876 (2-1-1)              2  3  0  DEAD   THE WARLORDS II      
GIARDIA 3935 (1-1-0)                   2  3  0         BAD GERMS            
NIALL QUINLAN 3866 (2-1-0)             2  3  0         50TH MILK RAS        
WHAT A WASTE? 3967 (1-1-0)             2  3  0         SRETSAMLEUD          
BURNBABYBURN 3970 (0-1-0)              1  3  0         GONDORS BASE         
CLEOPATRA 3856 (2-1-0)                 1  3  0         THE WARLORDS II      
FREDDY FENDER 3956 (1-1-0)             1  3  0         OTTO'S MECHANICS     
PADDY SWEENEY 3869 (2-1-0)             1  3  0         50TH MILK RAS        
PAT TIKAKES 3865 (2-1-0)               1  3  0         WIMPS OF MADNESS     
ST JOHN THE INSANE 3948 (0-1-0)        1  3  0         VISIONS              
UG 3811 (2-1-0)                        1  3  0         LEE FAMILY           
METER MAID 3909 (1-2-0)                0  3  0         UGLY URBAN ORCS      
MOON PIE 3938 (0-2-0)                  0  1  0  DEAD   LUNAE MILITES        

ROOKIES TOURNEY                        W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
RABID BEAVER 3992 (0-0-0)              6  3  0         GUARDIAN'S GAMBIT    
CAESAR 3974 (0-0-0)                    3  3  0         THE WARLORDS II      
RALLY MONKEY 3984 (0-0-0)              3  3  0         HITLIST XXVIII       
CAM SHAFT 3989 (0-0-0)                 2  3  0         OTTO'S MECHANICS     
PYRITE 3991 (0-0-0)                    2  3  0         BOXOROX              
COLM BRACKEN 3979 (0-0-0)              0  3  0         50TH MILK RAS        
ENTEROCOCCUS 3973 (0-0-0)              0  3  0         BAD GERMS