Date   : 01/03/2007    Duedate: 01/16/2007


DM-29    TURN-544

This Weeks Top Honors


(29-4323) [16-15-2,123]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

DOWN POUR                      THE CLEAR
(29-4323) [16-15-2,123]        (29-4632) [7-2-0,99]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

SNOWSHOE                       DOWN POUR
CARDOW HUNTERS (359)           FORCE OF NATURE (312)
(29-4712) [16-13-0,72]         (29-4323) [16-15-2,123]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)      67
2. ESCAPADE (417)              36      STREET WALKERS (97)
3. ARCANE PHARMACY (401)       25      Unchartered Team
4. CROC FILES (374)            24
5. BLACK SAMURAI (166)         24      BLUNT FORCE (393)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 0*BLUNT FORCE (393)         13   7  1 65.0   1/ 1 FORCE OF NATURE (312)    10  5 0
 2/ 1 STREET WALKERS (97)      382 253 31 60.2   2/ 9*ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)    9  6 0
 3- 2*THE VENOM DIVINE (419)     6   4  2 60.0   3/ 2 MEN (356)                 8  7 1
 4/ 3 BLACK SAMURAI (166)      313 291 20 51.8   4/ 3 STREET WALKERS (97)       8  7 0
 5/ 4 CROC FILES (374)         322 310 20 50.9   5/ 7 BLACK SAMURAI (166)       6  2 0
 6- 5 KNIGHTMARE (103)          63  61  1 50.8   6- 8*THE VENOM DIVINE (419)    6  4 2
 7/ 0 ECHL-EAST (313)           20  20  0 50.0   7/ 5 VENUSIANS (321)           6  9 0
 8/ 0 MID EARTH (223)          284 285  8 49.9   8/ 6 CARDOW HUNTERS (359)      6  9 0
 9- 7 EQUESTORS (158)          593 612 46 49.2   9/11*ESCAPADE (417)            6  9 0
10/ 8 VENUSIANS (321)          154 164  9 48.4  10/10 CROC FILES (374)          5  9 0
11/ 9 FORCE OF NATURE (312)    196 211 13 48.2  11/ 4*WILL DUEL 4 MEAD (282)    5 10 1
12/ 0*STARCRAFT HEROES (398)     6   7  1 46.2  12-12 EQUESTORS (158)           3  2 1
13/10 CARDOW HUNTERS (359)     330 412  8 44.5  13/14*ARCANE PHARMACY (401)     2  0 0
14/11 MEN (356)                128 161  9 44.3  14/ 0*STARCRAFT HEROES (398)    2  1 0
15/13*ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)    17  25  0 40.5  15-13 KNIGHTMARE (103)          2  3 0
16/ 6*WILL DUEL 4 MEAD (282)    10  15  1 40.0  16/ 0 ECHL-EAST (313)           1  0 0
17/12*ESCAPADE (417)            10  15  0 40.0  17/ 0 MID EARTH (223)           1  4 0
18/14*ARCANE PHARMACY (401)      7  17  0 29.2  18/ 0*BLUNT FORCE (393)         0  1 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT


<Excerpt from recent letter to Master Beru>

     I regret the fact that I must inform you of disturbing happenings which have
come to my attention.  Three of our "prizes" have gone missing.  Upon investigation,
I have traced all three to a common name--Tanver.  So far I know little about him,
and in fact can link no part of ANY involvement with their disappearances to him.
What I do know is that he was seen talking to each on their free-days in the village
nearby within days of their disappearances.  I recommend that you notify the members
in the field to keep their eyes out for this man.  I have no hard evidence, but I
suspect he is trouble for us and the "prizes".

     A gentle misting rain had soaked through his travel cloak on his trip to the
"Wandering Nomad".  The place had a middling reputation, although the rumor was that
it had been quite the establishment about ten years ago.  Now it was mostly
frequented by those gladiators who had something to forget and preferred a drink to
get there.  That his information said one of the "Army of Darkness" stable had
frequented the location recently was a good sign.
     The tavern was off the main road, requiring a pair of turns to get there from
Tanver's inn.  At the second turn, he found a good nook and settled in to check out
the tavern.  He had scouted it since coming to this horrid town, but wanted to see if
anything new presented itself.
     The tavern's door showed signs of still settling into place on its hinges,
likely from being replaced after the "hasty" departure of one of its "patrons".  As
if still in its prime, a burly man towered over the door in a small shack watching as
the random people entered.  Studying the man showed that he had a significant limp
and kept massaging his knee and his left shoulder while he sat there; combined with
his age, these two facts made this guy a retired gladiator who likely never had a
shot at the Isle and was probably paid with booze more than silver.
     Sneering at the situation, Tanver watched for over an hour and saw six men enter
and one boy.  The "guard" at the door nodded to each, although he never even rose
from his seat.  Two men staggered out of the tavern during that time, but neither was
the man he was looking for.
     The boy came out and broke into a run, making Tanver curious.  Wherever Master
Beru set up shop, the waifs began to have too much purpose for his liking.  He was
not sure how, but he knew there had to be a connection.  He considered catching the
child and asking him some questions, but that would raise alarms to his prey.
Perhaps at the end of this hunt he could get his answers.
     Shortly afterward, Rosemary showed up.  The guard rose to block her, remarkably
without limp or hesitation.  Rosemary was fairly attractive for a Shewish Giant,
which is to say her face was rather plain, although with a supple beauty, but the
expression on it now did not make her attractive.  In fact, her expression left no
room for argument.  Some words were said, but he could not make out what they were.
After a minute of discussion, the guard moved aside and Rosemary entered.
     Tanver was just beginning to wonder if he needed to enter after her, when the
door swung open and Siren and the warrior known as Energizer Bunny spilled out with
Rosemary close behind.  Energizer Bunny and Siren wobbled and used each other for
support as the Shewish Giant directed them down the street, away from Tanver's
position.  Of special interest to Tanver was Energizer Bunny's arm wrapped around
Siren's waist which was bared around her toned stomach.  The look was one of someone
very familiar with another person, and was rather telling to the practiced eyes in
the shadows.
     He was about to step out to follow them, when he saw Rosemary's eyes searching
alley entrances and cross streets.  The inspection was quick, but practiced to allow
a thorough examination rapidly.  He would be spotted as soon as he moved and actually
wondered if she had seen him as it was.  As much as he hated losing his prey, he
decided that he could be patient.  He knew where to watch now.

<Inner Office of Army of Darkness Compound>

     "Paul, listen to me!  You have got to get control of yourself!  NOW!  Do you
think the entire barracks is blind and deaf?  Do you think we don't see you and Siren
running off together at every free moment?  Or that we have not noticed that her bed
seldom needs to be made by Theraisa?  Or maybe I have not been told about the new bed
which replaced the one broken in your room three nights ago?"
     Rosemary's voice held that tone of motherly outrage which drove Paul, A.K.A.
Energizer Bunny, nuts.  Combine that with the healthy dose of alcohol still in his
veins and he suddenly found Rosemary very pretty.  He smiled his most winning smile.
     His cheek and ribs hurt suddenly and when he opened his eyes, the floor was
right in front of them.  Vaguely, a memory of soft flesh filling his hands was
followed by memories of a thorough beating which had left him facedown on the floor.
Even stranger was the sense that whatever he had done was bad, but that he did not
     "Paul, if you ever, EVER!  Touch me again, I will gut you!  Understood??  I know
you miss Leppy.  I understand that you have never been apart like this since taking
up with her, but this is not the way to get past it."
     Rolling over to see her squatting beside him, he saw worry and friendly concern 
on her face.  Her shirt was torn and that disturbed him immensely.  He did not like
his friends being manhandled.
     "Do you even hear what I'm saying here?  Paul, have you even considered what
Beru will say when he learns that you're bedding Siren?  He relaxed his rules while
we were on our mission, but you know he is adamant about teammates not being involved
with each other.  And she is one of the "prizes" on top of it!"
     His head felt heavier with each word.  Slowly lowering his wool-filled head, he
wondered what nonsense Rose was talking now.  Why would he have anyone in his bed
except for Leppy....

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

     Sorry about that, Solar man!  I am Machigai and I'm back on top once again as I
was in turns 533 through 536.  Though you are welcome to come back at me if you so
desire.  You luckily beat me once before when I challenged you.
     I've never met the other two listed contenders on the sand yet, Down Pour or
Ladybug.  Am looking forward to the possibility of challenges or match-ups with them.
Either should prove to be a fascinating fight.  We'll see.
     Am somewhat reluctant to knock back a few glasses at the Warty Toad with the
likes of some of you in light of the behaviors being displayed and the trash talk
bandied about.  But we'll just see how it all progresses from here.  Am hoping to
hold onto the DM chair as long as I can, though the Dark Arena can't be too far away
now as well.
     Keep up the good fights, continue clawing for higher ground, and may you always
make your saving throw.

                                      SPY REPORT

     If you were disturbed from your beauty rest only to have to watch a bunch of 
LAPUR brutes like you, you'd be grouchy, too.  Now keep the taverns open late 
tonight, for there are sorrows to drown for WILL DUEL 4 MEAD, whose 0-5-0 this turn 
dropped them by 7 into 11th.  Ha!  ARMY OF DARKNESS turned their 5-0-0 turn into a 
2nd place rank in the listings this turn.  Any better than this, and you get put on 
hit lists.  Looks like LAPUR has some guts at least, MACHIGAI the Duelmaster was this 
turn's most-challenged warrior.  And it's out with the old, in with the new, as DOWN 
POUR takes the Title and last week's bar tab from the old Duelmaster.  Heh, heh.  The 
Burning Tree, humph!  I've tasted better ale at mortuaries.  Where do they get this 
stuff?  From LAPUR's trash dumps?   
     Well, let's take a look at some more misdeeds of you miserable sword-boys.  
LAPUR, I am losing what little hope I had in you.  WILL DUEL 4 MEAD the most avoided 
team?  What insult will suffice, I cannot say.  And it looks like BLACK SAMURAI 
avoided them the most this turn.  What a pack of would be losers, if you ask me.  
Hmph.  I guess I can give a little credit to THE CLEAR of ARCANE PHARMACY for 
challenging up by 21 to LADYBUG.  THE CLEAR won to get 99 points of recognition.   
     Death and Taxes.  The less death I see, the more it taxes my patience.  Let's 
see if anyone's dead or dying.  We're all going to die in the end, so why worry if 
the fate catches up with you sooner that later?   
     What does the LAPUR arena have in common with the inns?  It's just as 
comfortable to sleep in either place.  Ha ha ha ha!  Phlllt!  Just had to do that 
before I leave the fine city of LAPUR.  I feel much better now.  Glad to see the back 
of this place-- Snide Clemens  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 DOWN POUR 4323               16  15  2   123       FORCE OF NATURE (312)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 CONNIE 4716                  14  11  1    99       CROC FILES (374)
 ORATHAI 4598                  9   2  0    99       ECHL-EAST (313)
 THE CLEAR 4632                7   2  0    99       ARCANE PHARMACY (401)
 MACHIGAI 4506                23   8  0    95       BLACK SAMURAI (166)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-KOJIRO 4456                  18  12  1    83       BLACK SAMURAI (166)
 SOLAR FLARE 4427             15  13  0    78       VENUSIANS (321)
 LADYBUG 4709                 17  12  1    75       CARDOW HUNTERS (359)
 WHIRLWIND 4325               14  18  0    75       FORCE OF NATURE (312)
-FURY 3872                     8   3  0    75       ECHL-EAST (313)
 SNOWSHOE 4712                16  13  0    72       CARDOW HUNTERS (359)
-MARIUS 4602                  19  10  0    71       EQUESTORS (158)
 HYDROPONICUS 4605             5   1  0    67       BLUNT FORCE (393)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 JUNIBAN 4599                 18   4  0    66       BLACK SAMURAI (166)
-FLINT 795                    18   9  0    65       KNIGHTMARE (103)
 MENSA 4442                   11  15  1    64       VENUSIANS (321)
-GALLIENUS 4607               15  13  1    63       EQUESTORS (158)
 AMIE 4718                     7  14  1    59       CROC FILES (374)
 DON 4767                      6   2  0    57       MEN (356)
 MURRY 4755                    4   5  0    57       CROC FILES (374)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-HOGUN 963                    10   3  0    53       KNIGHTMARE (103)
 ZERO VISABILITY 4495          9  12  0    51       FORCE OF NATURE (312)
 BELEG 3439                    6   6  1    51       MID EARTH (223)
 SIRIONDIL 3494                5   1  0    51       MID EARTH (223)
-AUREOLUS 4631                10  13  0    49       EQUESTORS (158)
 DAIHACHI 4750                 5   2  0    49       BLACK SAMURAI (166)
 MISS CONDUCT II 4156          6   2  0    46       STREET WALKERS (97)
 BRICKHOUSE 4131               8   2  0    45       STREET WALKERS (97)
 ROSEMARY 2984                 3   6  0    42       ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)
-THE IRON LUNG 4667            3   0  0    39       BLUNT FORCE (393)
 CEZZARO 4719                  8  13  0    37       CARDOW HUNTERS (359)
 YOUR MAMA 4115                6   7  1    35       STREET WALKERS (97)
 STICKET 4751                 10   4  0    34       FORCE OF NATURE (312)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 ELDACAR 3483                  5   2  1    33       MID EARTH (223)
 S'TOU 4801                    4   1  0    33       ESCAPADE (417)
 ENERGIZER BUNNY 3196          3   4  0    31       ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SARAH KERRIGAN 4618           3   0  0    31       STARCRAFT HEROES (398)
 JASON 2985                    5   4  0    27       ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)
 JON 4764                      5   3  2    26       MEN (356)
 SIREN 4820                    3   0  0    26       ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)
 CARINA 4749                   5   9  1    25       VENUSIANS (321)
 LANCE 4765                    3   5  0    24       MEN (356)
 DIRTY SANCHEZ 4802            3   2  0    24       STREET WALKERS (97)
 HUNGER PANG 4832              1   1  0    24       ARMY OF DARKNESS (283)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-POSTUMUS 4684                 5   5  3    23       EQUESTORS (158)
 REWRITE 2926                  3   2  0    23       WILL DUEL 4 MEAD (282)
-KHORMASHRA 4814               2   0  1    21       THE VENOM DIVINE (419)
 GOLDIE 4805                   3   1  1    18       STREET WALKERS (97)
-HEARTWOOD 4815                2   0  1    18       THE VENOM DIVINE (419)
-DR. STRANGELEAF 4659          2   1  0    18       BLUNT FORCE (393)
 LITTLE MILLY 4823             2   1  0    18       ESCAPADE (417)
 TARONDAR 3549                 1   1  0    18       MID EARTH (223)
 WEIPA 4793                    2   3  0    17       CROC FILES (374)
-TYORL 1240                    2   4  0    17       KNIGHTMARE (103)
 THE OVERMIND 4646             1   1  0    17       STARCRAFT HEROES (398)
 RED TIGER 4796                5   1  0    16       CARDOW HUNTERS (359)
-AKUMU 4674                    4   4  0    16       BLACK SAMURAI (166)
 BILL 4766                     3   5  0    14       MEN (356)
 BIG MOLLY 4822                2   1  0    14       ESCAPADE (417)
 ANKAA 4806                    2   2  0    14       VENUSIANS (321)
 KYOKO 2929                    2   3  0    13       WILL DUEL 4 MEAD (282)
 JIM RAYNOR 4616               1   2  1    13       STARCRAFT HEROES (398)
 OSTOHER V 3495                3   3  0    12       MID EARTH (223)
 HOFFA 4763                    2   6  0    12       MEN (356)
-TEALVIN 4813                  1   1  0    12       THE VENOM DIVINE (419)
 TOMO-CHAN 2928                3   2  0    11       WILL DUEL 4 MEAD (282)
-CYBORG 420 4547               1   0  0     9       BLUNT FORCE (393)
-TASSADAR 4615                 1   1  0     9       STARCRAFT HEROES (398)
-ADMIRAL BOWEN 4289            0   3  0     7       ECHL-EAST (313)
 SYRMA 4818                    1   2  0     6       VENUSIANS (321)
-CICERO 4708                   1   2  0     6       EQUESTORS (158)
 FLUFFY 2930                   0   5  0     5       WILL DUEL 4 MEAD (282)
 TYE FOON 4835                 1   1  0     4       FORCE OF NATURE (312)
 RED LILY 4836                 1   1  0     4       CARDOW HUNTERS (359)
-VICOTHNIC 4817                1   1  0     4       THE VENOM DIVINE (419)
-KEETHOS 4824                  0   1  0     3       KNIGHTMARE (103)
-MOJO 4614                     0   2  0     2       STARCRAFT HEROES (398)
 BUSTER 4833                   0   2  0     2       ESCAPADE (417)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
MS LEPRECHAUN 2988     2  4 0 ARMY OF DARKNESS 283  CARINA 4749           541 JUST REV
DROUGHT 4819           0  1 0 ARMY OF DARKNESS 283  KHORMASHRA 4814       542         
RED TARMAHK 4795       2  2 0 CARDOW HUNTERS 359    JON 4764              542         
LUCY 4754              5  4 0 CROC FILES 374        DOWN POUR 4323        541         
LUCY 4821              1  1 0 CROC FILES 374        POSTUMUS 4684         543         
CLOSE CALL 4834        0  2 0 ESCAPADE 417          DUSKBLOOD TROLL 383   544 NONE    
ANARCHY 4825           0  1 0 KNIGHTMARE 103        HEARTWOOD 4815        542         
ASTRIAL 4328          12 14 1 VENUSIANS 321         LADYBUG 4709          540 REVENGED
ALYA 4807              0  1 0 VENUSIANS 321         GOLDIE 4805           541         
GOO 2927               2  3 1 WILL DUEL 4 MEAD 282  DUSKBLOOD TROLL 383   544 NONE    

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Equestors -- A distinct pleasure to finally have your guys back on the sands!  This

present lot of teams are an arrogant and condescending bunch that require some
focused discipline to put them in their place.  We welcome your valued assistance and
energy. -- Black Samurai

Force of Nature -- Way to go, dudes!  With that 12-3-1 record last 3 turns, we're
right there on your side.  Keep it up and take it to 'em, friend. -- Black Samurai

Miss Conduct II -- What is this "...challenge down 30 points and has a 30 FE
advantage"??  The samurai dressed entirely in black attire don't play like that,
little missy.  But thanks for revealing your hidden agenda to us.  That no doubt
accounts for how your team attained some of its present record. -- The Samurai

Street Walking skummies -- There have been no offenses made that I am aware.  The
Samurai merely desire to knock down your misbegotten record a few notches.  Why
should that bother you in the least?  Furthermore, it's none of your stinking
business how many warriors they run each turn.  Those boys in black make the best of
every opportunity that presents itself.  Especially against the likes of your street
slugs. -- That informant for the Black Samurai

Tealvin -- That was a good job, and I'd...buuuuut.... -- Big Molly

Miss Conduct II -- Like, there's more than one of you about?  (did feel as though I
got teamed up on)  Like, I didn't foresee such an easy filleting of my filigree, ya
know?  Liiiiike, I can't claim "conduct unbecoming" either as that fight was on the
up and up, much to my chagrin.  Like, next time dude...uh, ma'am. -- S'tou

Lance -- It worked...did you see that?  Good vibes, good moves, just as practiced.
Crossover doubleback with the twist and thrust.  It'ssssss magic. -- Little Milly

Tye Foon -- Say who?  Goon?  (fits)  Sorry, can't hear you for these gale force
winds.  <grin> -- Buster

Cicero -- Hmmm....  I didn't know that I had insomnia....  Those three parries appear
to have been well-timed.  We'll have to do a rematch in a few turns and see what
happens. -- Hunger Pang

Bill -- Well, that was...quick. -- Jason

Tomo -- We shall see about the "bleeding", but I can not guarantee who will bleed for
whom. -- Jason

Hoffa -- Fun fight!  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  Please answer my call
again soon. -- Siren

Carina -- Vengeance is served to the team, although I believe Jason wants to talk to
you yet.  Thanks for the learns. -- Rosemary

Rewrite -- Money maker?  Deary, you're in for some desperate times if you don't grow
some...I'll say "initiative" but that is not what I might share in private.  Oh well,
I still think we should "talk" again. -- Rosemary

Khormashra -- So, what were you eating this morning?  You seemed in a huge hurry to
leave the arena.  Just wondering, you understand.... -- Energizer Bunny

Carina -- No, it was not very satisfying at all.  I am begging the boss for another
shot at you though.  He said not this turn, but I am hopin'. -- Energizer Bunny

Well at the risk of being premature, we appear to have found our fifth.  He passed
out in his first fight, but since I have done that after my fight drink I will
refrain from comment.  Now we see if we can make up some ground on that record of
ours. -- Master Beru

Equestors -- Welcome back!  Looking forward to crossing blades with you for a long
time to come. -- Master Beru, Army of Darkness

Mizz Canucks Too -- I nevers said thats youz were therz.  Alls I said is thats Fluffy
waz in yer rooms with hez donkey.  Hes gotta nacs for womens undergardments,
whatnots, and likes sleepies in strange beds.  I mays be a sick, perverteds, s.o.b..
Buts that Fluffy hes gotts some problem'os.
P.S.  Thoughz minus the donkey, everthing elsez was alreadies in therz including the
midgets jester.  Which leavez mez wonderings what kindz of a 'activitiez' You doz
participates in?
P.P.S  Most womens take the donkey overs mez anywhos.  Whats do womens sees in em
I'ves have no ideas.

Your Mama -- Hey I just thought I use your bed every night since you're always in
someone else's.  It's better than the haystack in the barn. -- Fluffy
P.S.  First Goliath does not like being called a donkey.  He likes to be called the
messenger of the gogaroth or something like that.  But he does has poor standards.
After rummaging through your draws he took those granny panties and left.  His
tastes are unusual.  He is an ass after all.

Rosemary -- Thats whats youz weres doing?!?  I thoughts youz werez into thats S&M
stuff ands thats was yourz verisons of foreplayz. -- Rewrite

Master Beru -- Actually our other concerns I was referring to was trying to get
Fluffy into AA so he would actually win a damned match.  The two challenges were just
our way of saying hello. ;) -- Sporkis, Manager of Will Duel 4 Mead

Jason -- Awww sweety I don't like getting cut.  I just love the sight of blood all so
much.  Better yours than mine after all. -- Tomo

Goldie -- Mys lass aren't we a littles spitfires eh.  Wouldz you likes to dance
outsides of the arenas?  Thenz I mights letz you touchs mez this times arounds
insteads of just poking ya and runz. -- Rewrite

Daihachi -- You're lucky that I mistakenly put on the paper mache armor this time
around, otherwise those lucky shots wouldn't have hurt so much and you wouldn't be
still standing. -- Kyoko

Syrma -- You just couldn't let me win could you?  I hit you over and over again, but
I still can't seem to win.  Was I actually hitting you or am I seeing double again?
Boss says one more lost and then Goliath and I are off to the Dark Arena.  Thanks
a lot. -- Fluffy

Cezzaro -- Well that was as much as I expected to happen.  At least Tomo got a good
learn from it which was what I was hoping for in the first place. -- Sporkis, Manager
of Will Duel 4 Mead

Tomo-Chan -- No, dear, I couldn't allow you to do that.  Too much liquor is just
WRONG for a woman.  No one likes to see a drunken woman, you know.  And besides, it
encourages sagging.  Very bad.  Ages you before your time. -- Cezzaro
P.S.  Of course, they do say that honey has a preservative effect, so you could just
end up sagging but persistent.  Hmm.  I'm not sure that would be any better, really.
P.P.S.  The moral of all this is, drink water.  Ah, clean water, that is.  Boil it if
you have the least doubts.  Actually, tea would do, or even coffee, but it stains
your teeth.

Weipa -- You may think that as a carnivorous amphibian, you are a hot tamale, but we
mammals can bite, too.  And claw, as well.  So take that, boots-on-the-hoof. -- Red
P.S.  YOU have a secret admirer?  Oh, I SEE, the bootmaker....

Marius -- Equestors...that means "those who ride horses" or something of the sort,
right?  Armored knights on heavy chargers sort of thing?  Very good in the right
battlefield, of course, but where the terrain favors light cavalry--we Cardow Hunters
are Rirorni and thus light cavalry--well, you might expect a little difficulty, yes?
As, for instance, just now.  Not that I expect this situation to persist.  You
fellows are damnably determined.  (sigh)  You'll probably adjust your strategy and
come GET me, won't you?  (heavier sigh)  Too bad you aren't taller.  I'm looking for
a man who makes me feel small and delicate and protected. -- Ladybug

The Clear -- Whoa!  I thought that was the name of a warrior in, hmm, Iaye?  Of
course, you could be indicating that clearness is spreading.  This would be good.
Sunshine.  I don't care if the snow melts, sunshine and warmth (within reason),
that's the stuff to give the troops. -- Snowshoe

Close Call -- Just so you know what it feels like! -- Red Lily
P.S.  Come to that, I felt that I had a close call, too.  You look like someone who
will be dangerous any day now.

Rosemary -- For you, I will reincarnate, fair one. -- Ghost of Red Tarmahk

Master Beru -- Actually, we avoid theaters generally.  Too much talking there; we
can't hear ourselves think. -- the Cardow Hunters

Kyoko -- I have a spleen?  This is news to me. -- Red Tiger

Sue Nami -- Thank you. -- Ladybug
P.S.  Being left ALIVE is boon enough, some days.

6 December 2006

As an American I honor my cultural heritage by stealing any good idea.  This idea was
originally proposed by Lord Xiang in November 2005.  RSI will be opening the arena
(81) for teams willing to sign the following pledge:

*  I pledge that I will not send warriors from this arena to a Tournament, nor will I
   use a Tournament prize on a warrior from this arena.
*  I pledge to run a full team when I run turns in this arena.  If circumstances
   preclude my running less than a full team I will notify the Player Committee.
*  I agree to abide by the decisions of the Player Committee.
*  I understand that any warrior that participates in a Tournament shall be sent to
   the Dark Arena until they are dead.
*  I understand that any warrior that receives a Tournament prize shall be send to
   the Dark Arena until they are dead.

The following are the rules for joining this No-Tournament arena
1.  No tournament play for warriors in this arena (Dead tournament or otherwise).
2.  One team per manager.
3.  Teams start with new rollup (or a zero fight equivalent team is transferred into
    this arena.)
4.  No tourney prizes allowed to modify warriors in the arena.
5.  Twenty teams required, per RSI.
6.  Waivers are required to allow self-regulation on tourney ban, granting RSI
    authority to Dark Arena any warrior that participates in a Tournament (until the
    warrior is dead).
7.  Rotating council to enforce tourney ban and maintain arena integrity.

The main purpose of the Player Committee is to maintain fair play in the arena:
*  Warriors that participate in Tournaments will be sent to the Dark Arena until they
   are dead.  This means that the Player Committee has the power to send another

   player's warrior to the Dark Arena
*  Managers that abuse the rules of the Arena may be banned/transferred from the

The player with the most votes for Chairman will fill slot 1 [Chairperson] and that
term expires end of March 2007.
The player with the most votes overall will fill slot 5 and that term expires end of
November 2007.
The player with the second most votes overall will fill slot 4 and that term expires
end of September 2007.
The player with the third most votes overall will fill slot 3 and that term expires
end of November 2007.
The player with the fourth most votes overall will fill slot 2 and that term expires
end of May 2007.

During the month that the chairperson's term expires the Player Committee will select
one of the remaining 4 players to be the next chairperson.  During the month that any
member's term expires the arena will vote for a different player to join the Players'

If you want to be a candidate for the player committee:
1.  Post a message in the Duel2 Forum at
2.  E-Mail Deke at DekeYoung@Comcast.NET
3.  Send a Diplomatic Note to Doc LeGrand's Lab [ARENA 81]

There are 4 steps to joining this arena
1) Send in a new team rollup to RSI with the following pledge taped/stapled to the
rollup sheet, or transfer a ZERO FIGHT EQUIVALENT TEAM to Arena 81 and send RSI the
following form.

No-Tournament Arena (81)
*  I pledge that I will not send warriors from this team to a Tournament, nor will I
   use a Tournament prize on a warrior from this team.
*  I pledge to run a full team when I run turns in this arena.  If circumstances
   preclude my running less than a full team I will notify the Player Committee.
*  I agree to abide by the decisions of the Player Committee.
*  I understand that any warrior that participates in a Tournament shall be sent to
   the Dark Arena until they are dead.
*  I understand that any warrior that receives a Tournament prize shall be send to
   the Dark Arena until they are dead.

[Sign your name here ..............................................................]

2) [Optional] post a message on the Duel 2 Forums in the Creating a No-Tournament
   Arena thread
3) [Optional] send an e-mail to DekeYoung@Comcast.NET with your team name
4) [Optional] Send a Diplomatic Note to Doc LeGrand's Lab in Arena 81 with your team
   name and intent to join Arena 81 and abide by the Arena rules.

     RSI will be processing overviews for this arena as soon as you send them into
     The first turn will run in January 2007.  This will be a normal speed arena.
     While I am encouraging everyone to use TEAM MAINTENANCE it is not mandatory.
The intent is that players that run turns will run a full team.  One warrior teams
are discouraged and will a topic for the Player Committee to resolve.
     I also encourage players to join the Duel2 Yahoo Group for faster updates and
feedback.  http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/duel/

There are already 29 managers already committed to the project
x    Apex = CAROLINA BLUE -- Cf PC -- Cf PCC
x    Bill (I think this is the same person) = CLUB CUTTHROAT
x    Blackstorm = DARK ENCLAVE -- Cf PC
     Master Darque = DARQUE AGES
x    DeGotti = CULT OF BACCHUS
x    Drake = DRAKE'S HARDWARE -- Cf PC
     Grimm = FURRY FURY
     Ikillu = BATTLE GRUNTS
x    Indimar = AS SEEN ON TV II
x    Kat = KATHOUSE
x    Kellumbo = KELLUMBO'S KIDS
x    Le Pentarque = LA PENTARCHIE
x    Master Beru = CHILDHOOD HEROES -- Cf PC
x    Pauly = ALE HOUSE MERCS
     Ragnarokwolf = RAGNAROK'S WOLVES
x    Rillon = THE DRAUGS
x    Roadkill = STREET WALKERS
     Seraphim = LEGION OF SOLITUDE
x    Terminator = WARMASTERS
x    The Consortium = LIFE IMPACTS -- Cf PC -- Cf PCC

X  = 17 Team Rollups received by RSI as of 29 November 2006
Cf = Candidate for
PC = Player Committee
PCC = Player Committee Chairperson

     Deke Young will not be part of the inaugural Player Committee, maybe later once
the Arena direction has been developed.
     Any questions can be directed to DekeYoung@Comcast.NET
     I will track Awards in Arena 81, which will be posted on a web site and included
in the following turn's newsletter.

The Honor of Sunset Award:
     The first team to reach 10 Team Kills.  In the case that there is more than one
team that achieves 10 Team Kills on the same turn, I will pay the Award to the team
with the most kills.  If two or more teams are tied for Team Kills, I will prolong
the contest until one team has the most Kills in the Arena (it does not have to be
one of the teams that first reached 10 Team Kills.)

The Race to Victory Award:
     The first team to reach 75 Team Wins.  In the case that there is more than one
team that reaches 75 Team wins on the same turn, I will pay the Award to the team
with the most wins.  If two or more teams are tied for Team Wins, I will prolong the
contest until one team has the most wins in the Arena (it does not have to be one of
the teams that first reached 75 Team Wins.)

The Commitment to Change Award:
     The first team to reach 125 Team Fights.  In the case that there is more than
one team that reaches 125 Team Fights on the same turn, I will pay the Award to the
team with the most fights.  If two or more teams are tied for Team Fights, I will
prolong the contest until one team has the most fights in the Arena (it does not have
to be one of the teams that first reached 125 Team Fights.)  I hope I never give out
this award {figure it out on your own.}

The Team Advancement Award:
     The first team to graduate 5 warriors to ADM.  In the case that there is more
than 1 team that graduates 5 warriors on the same turn, I will pay the Award to the
first team to graduate 6 warriors.  In the case that there is more than 1 team that
graduates 6 warriors on the same turn, I will pay the Award to the first team to
graduate 7 warriors, and so on.

The Iron Throne Award:
     The first team to hold the Duelmaster for 10 turns STARTING ON TURN 11.

The Stylemaster Award.
     The first team to hold the Stylemaster Award in 7 different styles, STARTING ON
TURN 11.  If two teams obtain Stylemaster Awards in 7 styles on the same turn, the
goal will be increased to 8 Styles.

Team Recognition Points:  The total recognition points for all warriors in the arena
The Iron Throne Ledger:  We will track who has been the Duelmaster every turn in
     Arena history.
Iron Throne Counter:  The total number of times a team has been the Duelmaster.
Composite Team Stylemaster awards:  The number of times a team has had any of the 10
     Stylemasters.  Having 2 Stylemasters = 2 points that turn.
Challenge win percentage:  How often your warriors win when they challenge.
Challenge Defender rate:  How often your warriors win when they WERE challenged.
Team Invitations:  Number of warriors graduated to ADM.
Team Graduation Rate:  Total team fights/Graduated Warriors.
Team Kill Percentage:  Total of team Kills/Team Fights
Team Death Percentage:  Total of Team Deaths/Team Fights
Team Revenge Rate: Number of Deaths/BloodFeuds Revenged (Note that the Dark Arena
     will be counted as not-revenged.)  You only get credit for one successful
     BloodFeud per death (though I encourage you to BloodFeud all 4 turns.)
Current Win Streaks:  Warriors that have gone the most turns without losing or
     missing a turn.
Team Yahtzee counter:  Number of times a team has gone 5-0 in a turn.
Team Bagel counter:  Number of times a team has fought without a win.
Team Dark Arena counter:  Number of times each team has used the Dark Arena.
The Most Feared (avoided) Team counter:  Number of turns that team was the most
     avoided team.

     We will create a web page just for Arena 81 category leaders.
     Hope to see you there. -- Deke

18 December 2006
Let it be known that Buddy Lee is no longer a member of The Company of Brothers,
T.C.B.  I have resigned as of 10-23-06.  Thank you.

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

GOO was butchered by DUSKBLOOD TROLL in a 2 minute bloody Dark Arena fight.
CLOSE CALL was dispatched by DUSKBLOOD TROLL in a 2 minute gruesome Dark Arena battle.
HUNGER PANG demolished CARINA in a 1 minute bloody uneven Bloodfeud fight.
CONNIE devastated SOLAR FLARE in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
THE CLEAR demolished LADYBUG in a 1 minute gruesome mismatched Challenge competition.
AMIE was defeated by WHIRLWIND in a 2 minute veteran's Challenge struggle.
BRICKHOUSE outwaited STICKET in a slow 23 minute Challenge competition.
YOUR MAMA was handily defeated by DON in a 1 minute uneven Challenge melee.
JUNIBAN vanquished ZERO VISABILITY in a 2 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
ROSEMARY viciously subdued CEZZARO in a popular 1 minute gory Challenge duel.
WEIPA beat HOFFA in a popular 1 minute Challenge melee.
BUSTER was overpowered by ANKAA in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
SIREN devastated BILL in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge conflict.
S'TOU demolished RED TIGER in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge match.
BIG MOLLY beat TYE FOON in a popular 1 minute gruesome amateur's Challenge conflict.
FLUFFY was luckily beaten by LITTLE MILLY in a 2 minute beginner's Challenge struggle.
KYOKO was viciously subdued by JASON in a 2 minute bloody Challenge bout.
MACHIGAI was viciously subdued by DOWN POUR in a 3 minute veteran's Title brawl.
ORATHAI overpowered HYDROPONICUS in a popular 1 minute bloody one-sided bout.
MURRY slimly lost to MENSA in a popular 3 minute gory contest.
SNOWSHOE vanquished BELEG in a 1 minute one-sided match.
MISS CONDUCT II viciously subdued ELDACAR in a action packed 1 minute bloody duel.
JON was overpowered by DAIHACHI in a 1 minute one-sided match.
SIRIONDIL overpowered REWRITE in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
TOMO-CHAN was overpowered by ENERGIZER BUNNY in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
OSTOHER V was overpowered by SARAH KERRIGAN in a 1 minute uneven match.
TARONDAR was overpowered by LANCE in a 1 minute uneven duel.
THE OVERMIND overpowered RED LILY in a 1 minute one-sided fray.
DIRTY SANCHEZ overcame JIM RAYNOR in a 1 minute novice's duel.
GOLDIE defeated SYRMA in a 2 minute gruesome beginner's fight.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                  10         SLASHING ATTACK   29 -  22 -  2      57  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  9         WALL OF STEEL     34 -  27 -  3      56  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   9         AIMED BLOW        22 -  19 -  0      54  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      7         TOTAL PARRY       27 -  26 -  1      51  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  6         PARRY-RIPOSTE      4 -   4 -  0      50  |
|AIMED BLOW                       6         LUNGING ATTACK    34 -  36 -  1      49  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    6         STRIKING ATTACK   19 -  23 -  1      45  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     3         PARRY-STRIKE      14 -  17 -  1      45  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      1         PARRY-LUNGE        4 -   5 -  0      44  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    1         BASHING ATTACK    24 -  31 -  5      44  |

Turn 544 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

PARRY-LUNGE        1 -  0     TOTAL PARRY        3 -  4         2  STRIKING ATTACK
PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -  0     AIMED BLOW         2 -  4         2  LUNGING ATTACK 
LUNGING ATTACK     7 -  3     PARRY-STRIKE       1 -  2         2  SLASHING ATTACK
SLASHING ATTACK    5 -  4     BASHING ATTACK     3 -  6         2  WALL OF STEEL  
STRIKING ATTACK    3 -  3     WALL OF STEEL      2 -  4         1  BASHING ATTACK 
                                                                1  TOTAL PARRY    
                                                                1  PARRY-LUNGE    

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
BASHING ATTACK   DOWN POUR 4323             16  15  2  123 FORCE OF NATURE (312)
STRIKING ATTACK  CONNIE 4716                14  11  1   99 CROC FILES (374)
LUNGING ATTACK   ORATHAI 4598                9   2  0   99 ECHL-EAST (313)
SLASHING ATTACK  THE CLEAR 4632              7   2  0   99 ARCANE PHARMACY (401)
TOTAL PARRY      MACHIGAI 4506              23   8  0   95 BLACK SAMURAI (166)
WALL OF STEEL    LADYBUG 4709               17  12  1   75 CARDOW HUNTERS (359)
AIMED BLOW       HYDROPONICUS 4605           5   1  0   67 BLUNT FORCE (393)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is SNOWSHOE 4712.  The most popular warrior this turn 
was DOWN POUR 4323.  The ten other most popular fighters were MURRY 4755, WHIRLWIND 
4325, ROSEMARY 2984, JASON 2985, ORATHAI 4598, SYRMA 4818, CLOSE CALL 4834, AMIE 
4718, WEIPA 4793, and HUNGER PANG 4832.

The least popular fighter this week was STICKET 4751.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were BRICKHOUSE 4131, RED LILY 4836, TARONDAR 3549, OSTOHER V 3495, REWRITE 
2926, JON 4764, BELEG 3439, BILL 4766, BUSTER 4833, and HOFFA 4763.