Date   : 02/03/2010    Duedate: 02/16/2010


DM-30    TURN-620

This Weeks Top Honors


(30-4793) [14-17-0,109]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

RED DOG GANG (356)             
(30-4793) [14-17-0,109]        

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

SPUD                           MOONDOG
RED DOG GANG (356)             RED DOG GANG (356)
(30-4783) [19-25-0,82]         (30-4790) [14-26-1,72]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. RED DOG GANG (356)          25
2. LENPROS (145)               14      LENPROS (145)
3. HER BEST ASSETS (461)       11      Unchartered Team

                                       AMBER (197)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 1 LENPROS (145)            %1141 695 32 62.1   1/ 2 LENPROS (145)             8  4 0
 2/ 0 HER BEST ASSETS (461)     25  20  2 55.6   2/ 1 RED DOG GANG (356)        8  7 0
 3/ 2 RED DOG GANG (356)       665 843 14 44.1   3/ 0 HER BEST ASSETS (461)     2  1 1

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

        + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Andorian Succession #43 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

In the mountains west of Fratsfa:

     Fandil waited, poised, for the demon to take its next form.  Carefully not
thinking what that next form might be, lest he give it a clue against him.  Nothing
appeared.  Was it through?  Surely not!
     A shimmer in the air and a twist of iris-colored smoke.  One of the sharps in
his epsilon shield shrieked and went flat.  The orthodox response to that called for
blank verse in a blue-and-magenta palette, which was a good argument for taking a
different direction.  And fast, his opponent was too good--and too dangerous--for
"stop and think."  Acting on an instinct he didn't question, Fandil shifted to a
ballad form in earth tones, with a hint of paprika wave at the end.
     The little cloud of smoke flashed red, flashed black, and fell in on itself,
leaving a robed and hooded figure in its place.  Not the demon, there was no sulfur
in its signature.  The mage, his opponent.  Very tall, very thin, stiff and unmoving
once it appeared.  The sigil over its heart (if it was put together in human pattern)
was Folstrom.
     "Begone," the hooded mage intoned.  "You interfere with my necessary work!  The
ways must be opened for the Masters to return--"
     "The Folstrom?  I don't think so," Fandil snapped.
     "The Masters will know how to deal with the prancing elves and the Aruaki
     "I seem to recall that the Folstrom idea of good government and cultural
stability was to have everyone submissive to them, and that more than half the
population of Alastari at that time died in their Chaos Games."
     "They brought order and unity!" the mage shrieked.  "And I have seen the Chaos
Games, and they are a performance of beauty, not like the bloody holocaust of the
arena system.  The Folstrom understand the order that lies in the heart of Chaos--"
     "And that has driven them mad," Fandil said.  "The Folstrom are insane."
     "No!"  Where the mage had stood was now a shaft of intensely violet light.
     Fandil could feel the power of it burning against his shield, but he had
expected this, or something like it.  He was ready.  His will reached down through
his feet to grip the bedrock of the mountain top, up through his raised hands into
the clouds that boiled black overhead.  He seized the lighting and pulled it down
onto his enemy.

       + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Report from the Tourney #2 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

     Larkin here once again, with more interviews from the tourney.  This time I'm
talking to a new manager, so new he doesn't even have a manager name.  "Sir... what
would you like me to call you, by the way?"
     "Why do you have to call me anything?  I don't understand why you want to
interview me.  There are lots of great managers here who could probably tell you
     "I'm looking for a new perspective, the point of view of someone who is just
starting out with the gladiatorial games."
     "Oh.  Well, I guess that would be me."
     "Absolutely right!  Tell me, what do you think of the tourney?  This is your
first, right?"
     "Right, my first," the young man agreed.  "And it's GREAT!  Everyone is just
great here!  I mean, most of these managers, they're, like, legends, you know?
Everybody's heard of them, and they have stables of HUNDREDS of gladiators, and
they've been polishing their tricks for YEARS, and I didn't figure I had much of a
chance, you know?"
     "The popular view is that no matter how much you know, the arena can always
throw a surprise at you--"
     "Yeah, yeah, I've heard that.  I don't know if I believe it, but I've heard it.
But that isn't the best thing about this tourney.  The best thing is that everyone
here has been GREAT.  Or else I didn't meet them--the ones that might not have been.
But I think I met just about everyone, and--"
     "And they were great.  I'm glad.  But perhaps you could tell our readers a
little more, maybe tell them how these experienced managers were great to you?"
     "Well, yeah, okay.  It's that everyone was so friendly and helpful, see?  The
ENTIRE Consortium talked to me about warrior design, for instance.  I learned a lot
there.  And, well, there was Mannequin, and The Greek Guy, and I actually met
Manager, too!  And they were all really helpful.  Advice, you know, and charts, and
all that stuff that was so confusing.  It was just the best experience!  I'm going to
do it again, for sure!"

       * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                          ---===ANDORIAN REGIONAL NEWS===---

 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 318): WAR BOND of SMITHSONIAN (Curator, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 638): SHY MEERCAT of FURRY FURY (Grimm?, mgr.)
 DM  14 TOBIR (turn 637): PITCH of THE DOGHOUSE (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  22 SOLVEN (turn 622): JILIAN NORMAN of MIDDLE WAY 15 (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  24 ZORPUNT (turn 627): WILD FIRE of DISASTER (Papa Bear, mgr.)
 DM  25 LYRATILAN (turn 622): AIKIDO of DARK FORCES (The Walkin' Dude, mgr.)
 DM  26 CALEAM (turn 621): DEATH RATTLE of ULTRA-VIOLENT (Deep Thought, mgr.)
 DM  30 IAYE (turn 619): MAJOR MARTIN of LENPROS (Lenpro, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 584): CORBIE LEK of BEYOND THE PALE (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 580): HELL HOUND of DA DOG POWNDAZ (Marma Duke, mgr.)
 DM  46 ARDIVENT (turn 571): SHADOW BLADE of SERPENT'S HOLD (Khisanth, mgr.)
 DM  52 FRATSFA (turn 266): NOT SO HOT of PYROMANIA (Marma Duke, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 470): VALNAKORINE of WAYFARERS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 219): WITCH of DOGS OF WAR (Omega, mgr.)
ADM 105 ANDORAK (turn 523): VISION of KELLUMBO'S KIDS (Detective Kellumbo, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM   8 ARKERS (turn 318): Z GLADIATORS (Z Man, mgr.)
 DM  11 ARUAK CITY (turn 638): BULLDOGS (Kennelworth, mgr.)
 DM  22 SOLVEN (turn 622): SERPENTS HOLD (Khisanth, mgr.)
 DM  24 ZORPUNT (turn 627): MEDAL OF HONOR Z3 (The Anarchist, mgr.)
 DM  25 LYRATILAN (turn 622): THE MIDDLE WAY 4 (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  26 CALEAM (turn 621): GOLDEN CANYON (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  30 IAYE (turn 619): RED DOG GANG (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  40 ZENSU (turn 584): BEYOND THE PALE (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 580): THE STORM FRONT (The Storm Lord, mgr.)
 DM  46 ARDIVENT (turn 571): FANDILS (Wise Old Fandil, mgr.)
 DM  52 FRATSFA (turn 266): BLOOD AND GUTS! (Le Pentarque, mgr.)
 DM  63 AMEN-TEI (turn 470): WAYFARERS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 219): INSECTOSOIDS (The Storm Lord, mgr.)
ADM 105 ANDORAK (turn 522): KELLUMBO'S KIDS (Detective Kellumbo, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM  14 TOBIR (turn 637): PITCH of THE DOGHOUSE (Jorja, mgr.)
              (turn 636): HELENA of OTAGO HIGHLANDERS (The Mun, mgr.)
 DM  41 KATI-TEI (turn 579): COUNTRY RHODES of WANDERERS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  46 ARDIVENT (turn 571): SIS of FANDILS (Wise Old Fandil, mgr.)
 DM  71 KYR'TERR (turn 219): WITCH of DOGS OF WAR (Omega, mgr.)

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

     I made it!  I feel like a general.  Duelmaster of Iaye was always my dream.  Now
I hope to be here a while, and since I only have one expert, 9 PP's, and a 19-2
record (no tourneys), I just may be around.
     Us Lenpros are quite the motley lot as depicted by our collective birth stats.
ST-   4,9,11,12,13
CN-   7,11,15,17,18
SZ-   4,9,9,9,21
WT-   5,5,9,15,21
WL-   9,9,15,18,19
SP-  7,8,16,17,17
DF-   8,11,13,13,16
     Such is life.  I am here.  I am available.  Let's fight.

               Major Martin, Duelmaster

                                      SPY REPORT

     Greetings warriors!  It is I, Zontani Sharp Eyes, here to bring report of the 
clash and bustle of the weekly IAYE games.  Former top team RED DOG GANG was unseated 
this week as LENPROS moved up from 2nd ranking to take the top spot with a 3-2-0 
record for the round.  PRIVATE BOOKS caught the eye of many in the gladiatorial 
commission as he skillfully bested WHITE THIGHS and was awarded 19 points in 
recognition.  In one of the week's more notable duels, PRIVATE BOOKS put down WHITE 
THIGHS, causing her to lose 11 points of recognition in the process.  The city has 
turned out in honor of DIGGITY DOG, for with his arena victory he may now lay claim 
to the highest position in the city!  Informants "close" to the city champion have 
told me that he never fights without pantyhose on beneath his armor.  Watch out!   
     I have been in deep conclave with my spies who watched all that has recently 
transpired.  Indeed there is much I would report.  I saw one fighter that warriors 
avoided when this week's challenge seeking began.  LENPROS is feared.  This much I 
can say.  Apparently the stalwarts of LENPROS are catching the bulk of jests down at 
the challenging board for their large share of the avoids.  Mighty fighters cannot 
but expect competition from those below.  SPUD take warning!  You have more than a 
few enemies in IAYE.  A match that raised a few eyebrows at the games this week, it 
seems that SISTER MARY JANE posted a challenge against the more highly recognized 
SPUD.  The results, you ask?  Well, the firebrand SISTER MARY JANE beat SPUD.  
Remember warriors, this is the discipline of steel.   
     Vendettas.  Bloodied blades and broken spears.  Indeed the city has seen more 
than its fair share of red in recent times.  Dark alleys may hide both secrets and 
assassins.  In the arena there is only the brightness of steel.  Keep vigil always!   
     If it were not for my skills as a spy I would have been mugged three times 
already in IAYE.  Nice atmosphere you have here!  Sadly warriors, now longer can I 
keep thy company nor savor the ale of thy fine city.  Depart I must and soon!  Till 
next we meet remember:  a fool flies into a rage quickly and often.  The wise are 
angered by the same thing only once.  Zontani Sharp Eyes  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 DIGGITY DOG 4793             14  17  0   109       RED DOG GANG (356)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-HIPS 4800                    11   0  0   118       HER BEST ASSETS (461)
 SENATOR WILEY 4821           10   4  0   100       LENPROS (145)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SISTER MARY JANE 4831         9   1  0    87       LENPROS (145)
 SPUD 4783                    19  25  0    82       RED DOG GANG (356)
 MAJOR MARTIN 4807            19   3  0    78       LENPROS (145)
 MOONDOG 4790                 14  26  1    72       RED DOG GANG (356)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 STRIPE 4835                   5   2  0    45       RED DOG GANG (356)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BEE-STUNG LIPS 4829           4   1  1    31       HER BEST ASSETS (461)
 LITTLE ROSIE 4834             4   5  0    26       RED DOG GANG (356)
 TOUCH 4837                    2   0  0    26       HER BEST ASSETS (461)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PRIVATE BOOKS 4841            1   0  0    19       LENPROS (145)
 DUKE OF WINDSOR 4840          1   1  0    10       LENPROS (145)
-CLEAVAGE 4838                 1   1  0     4       HER BEST ASSETS (461)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 WHITE THIGHS 4833             1   1  0     4       HER BEST ASSETS (461)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD                W  L K TEAM NAME            SLAIN BY              TURN Revenge?
FRATSFAN NOBLE          0  0 0                      BEE-STUNG LIPS 4829   620  NONE

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Her Best Assets -- No longer in Iaye?  Does this mean you were not satisfied with
your tournament results? -- Lenpro

Moondag -- Well, I looked and looked and there was no other dog available.  So I just
had to pet you. -- Sister Mary Jane

Uh, private Books is replacing the "gone" Lady Lillian, and he is definitely not a
Lady Lillian. (sigh) -- Lenpro

Hot Diggity Dog, I did it! -- Senator Wiley

     Go ahead, gloat!  You've earned it.

Shiftyeyed Volunteer -- Sorry I had to sprack you.  Here's some money to go have
those eyes fixed. -- Duke Of Windsor

Spud -- Well, I really couldn't pass that up, could I? -- Major Martin

Where have all the flowers gone?  Iaye forever. -- Lenpro

Senator Wiley -- Just so you know, I will not offer you my best bone as a campaign
contribution!  You have to get your own bones. -- Diggity Dog

Sister Mary Jane -- This is a trend, isn't it? -- Moondog

Major Martin -- Well, you know, good!  I was running out of anything to say. -- Spud
P.S.  Hey, I'm a dog, not an orator.

I got the Ruthless Jaywalker a good one on the ankle!  He'll think twice before he
tries that on ME again. -- Stripe

Stripe -- Yeah, well, you just made him MAD. -- Little Rosie

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

SISTER MARY JANE unbelievably bested SPUD in a 2 minute mismatched Challenge fight.
DUKE OF WINDSOR lost to LITTLE ROSIE in a 2 minute Challenge battle.
MAJOR MARTIN was handily defeated by DIGGITY DOG in a 1 minute one-sided Title match.
SENATOR WILEY viciously subdued KUNG-FU MASTER in a popular 1 minute brutal fight.
MOONDOG devastated AMBITIOUS GUARD in a popular 2 minute bloody uneven brawl.
STRIPE was beaten by THE HONEST MERCHANT in a crowd pleasing 2 minute brawl.
BEE-STUNG LIPS assassinated FRATSFAN NOBLE in a 1 minute uneven melee.
WHITE THIGHS was vanquished by PRIVATE BOOKS in a 1 minute uneven duel.
TOUCH overpowered TRUSTWORTHY SCRIBE in a 1 minute uneven duel.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                   3         TOTAL PARRY       15 -   3 -  0      83  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  2         SLASHING ATTACK    7 -   2 -  0      78  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         STRIKING ATTACK   13 -   4 -  1      76  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      2         PARRY-RIPOSTE      3 -   1 -  0      75  |
|AIMED BLOW                       1         LUNGING ATTACK    14 -   9 -  3      61  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    1         AIMED BLOW        10 -  13 -  0      43  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      1         PARRY-LUNGE        4 -   6 -  0      40  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  1         WALL OF STEEL      4 -   6 -  0      40  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    0         BASHING ATTACK     2 -   5 -  0      29  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   0         PARRY-STRIKE       2 -  10 -  0      17  |

Turn 620 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

AIMED BLOW         1 -  0     PARRY-LUNGE        0 -  1         3  LUNGING ATTACK 
STRIKING ATTACK    2 -  0     PARRY-RIPOSTE      0 -  0         2  TOTAL PARRY    
WALL OF STEEL      1 -  0     SLASHING ATTACK    0 -  1         1  AIMED BLOW     
LUNGING ATTACK     2 -  1     BASHING ATTACK     0 -  0         1  SLASHING ATTACK
PARRY-STRIKE       1 -  1                                       1  STRIKING ATTACK
TOTAL PARRY        1 -  1                                       1  PARRY-LUNGE    
                                                                1  PARRY-STRIKE   
                                                                1  WALL OF STEEL  

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
STRIKING ATTACK  SENATOR WILEY 4821         10   4  0  100 LENPROS (145)
TOTAL PARRY      SISTER MARY JANE 4831       9   1  0   87 LENPROS (145)
LUNGING ATTACK   STRIPE 4835                 5   2  0   45 RED DOG GANG (356)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is SPUD 4783.  The most popular warrior this turn was 
MOONDOG 4790.  The ten other most popular fighters were STRIPE 4835, SPUD 4783, 

The least popular fighter this week was WHITE THIGHS 4833.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were BEE-STUNG LIPS 4829, MAJOR MARTIN 4807, TOUCH 4837, PRIVATE 
ROSIE 4834, SENATOR WILEY 4821, and SPUD 4783.