Date   : 02/14/2004    Duedate: 03/12/2004


DM-31    TURN-236

This Weeks Top Honors


(31-4720) [14-7-1,105]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)         WORDS TO THE WISE (545)
(31-4948) [10-3-1,122]         (31-5140) [6-0-0,44]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

OBAN                           VILI
SINGLE MALTS (501)             LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
(31-4530) [12-13-1,86]         (31-4597) [14-12-1,85]


WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! (378)

Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)      52
2. WHY DID I DO IT (540)       48      UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
3. SOL INVICTUS (469)          47      Unchartered Team
4. NUMBERS GAME (403)          44
5. SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)       38      WORDS TO THE WISE (545)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 2*WORDS TO THE WISE (545)   25   5  1 83.3   1/ 7 WHAMMO & THUDDA 4  (378) 11  1 1
 2/ 0*SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)      4   1  0 80.0   2/ 1*WORDS TO THE WISE (545)  10  3 0
 3- 3*RESPECT THE DEAD (546)     7   3  0 70.0   3/ 2 STORMWATCH (440)         10  5 0
 4/ 4 UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)   143  68 12 67.8   4/ 8 THE STORMGUARDS (78)      9  6 0
 5/ 1*WHY DID I DO IT (540)      4   2  1 66.7   5/ 3 SINGLE MALTS (501)        9  6 0
 6/ 5 SOL INVICTUS (469)        77  59  9 56.6   6/ 6 UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)    8  4 2
 7/ 7 WHAMMO & THUDDA 4  (378) 271 219 10 55.3   7/13 THE STORMBRINGERS (359)   8  7 1
 8/ 9 NUMBERS GAME (403)       202 165 13 55.0   8-10*RESPECT THE DEAD (546)    7  3 0
 9/ 8 THE STORMGUARDS (78)     568 466 22 54.9   9/11 SOL INVICTUS (469)        7  7 1
10/ 6 LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)  153 127 10 54.6  10/ 4 LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)   7  8 0
11/10 DARQUE FORCES (422)      121 103  7 54.0  11/ 9 THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)       6  8 0
12/12*5 BELOW ZERO (518)        23  21  0 52.3  12/12 DARQUE FORCES (422)       6  9 1
13/11 THE STORMBRINGERS (359)  306 289 24 51.4  13- 5 MILITARY MAYHEM (89)      5  2 1
14-15 MILITARY MAYHEM (89)     211 208 14 50.4  14/14 WOODPILE (521)            5  4 0
15/14 ASSASSIN NATION (515)    345 343 49 50.1  15/16 OVERLORDS (509)           5  9 0
16/13 WOODPILE (521)            24  24  2 50.0  16/22*5 BELOW ZERO (518)        5 10 0
17/17 OVERLORDS (509)          320 331 19 49.2  17/ 0*SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)     4  1 0
18/19 STORMWATCH (440)         132 147  9 47.3  18/23*WHY DID I DO IT (540)     4  2 1

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
19/20 WILLBENDERS (479)         69  80  4 46.3  19/24 NUMBERS GAME (403)        4  5 0
20/ 0*DJ'S HIT SQUAD (523)      15  18  0 45.5  20/15*COUP D'TAT (543)          4  6 0
21/18*COUP D'TAT (543)          15  19  3 44.1  21/17 MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)        3 12 0
22/21 SINGLE MALTS (501)        56  72  1 43.8  22/20 WILLBENDERS (479)         2  7 0
23-22 SOLIPSISM II (458)        65  86  6 43.0  23-18 KOSMOS'S MATRIX (474)     2  8 0
24/23 THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)      242 322 33 42.9  24/21 ASSASSIN NATION (515)     2 13 1
25-25 KOSMOS'S MATRIX (474)     31  53  0 36.9  25-25 SOLIPSISM II (458)        0  3 0
26/24 MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)        39  69  1 36.1  26/ 0*DJ'S HIT SQUAD (523)      0  1 0
27-26*WAR MONGERS (547)          0   1  0  0.0  27-26*WAR MONGERS (547)         0  1 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

                            2004 CHIMLEVTAL HALL OF FAME

     Greetings glorious Chimlevtal.  The Council of Lords is pleased to announce the
following have been inducted into the Chimlevtal Hall of Fame for 2004.

BEST MANAGER: JC, Death Man and Micky
BEST TEAM:  Energeia, South of Heaven and Whammo & Thudda 4 U! (formally Ouch!)
BEST WARRIOR:  Sampsa, 5-Star Rating and Maciobelly

It is indeed an honor to take a place in the HOF of the toughest arena in all of
Ghea.  Congratulations and well earned.  Many thanks to those who voted this year.
May 2004 be glorious and grand for mighty Chimlevtal.  Remember:  Be strong and do as
you will.  The swords of others will set you your limits.

The Icelord
First Mage
The Council of Lords

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                               THE REVENANT (part 17)

     The final confrontation between the undead being known as the Revenant and the
Overlords:  High Lord Bosk, The Icelord and the Druidess Polar Bear has long been
coming.  The seeds for this latest struggle were sown two decades ago at the House of
Berrymore.  The evil Lord Berrymore and his son had rebelled against King Septor of
R'Shann.  They attacked and enslaved nomadic tribesmen that were friendly to the
King.  They dabbled in black magic and worshipped evil beings.  Their final folly was
to attack an Elvish envoy that was traveling through King Septor's lands.  The Elves
launched an immediate retaliation raid, killing Lord Berrymore.  Lord Bosk and The
Icelord, knighted by King Septor for earlier heroic service also traveled to the
House of Berrymore.  The younger Berrymore, still alive, defied and attempted to kill
the duo.  They slew him and ended the line of this foul family.  The young Berrymore
however has returned.  I have no doubt he is the Revenant.  He walks this land and
has walked Ghea.  He has returned to attempt to destroy all that cast him and his
father down.
     His attack on Lady Polar Bear on Ghea was a gamble.  That she was a Polarian Elf
and allied with Lord Bosk and The Icelord was enough cause for his villainous attack.
Her powers though were formidable.  Immortal Lord Protectors from Ghea, sworn to The
Council of Lords, which is the trio's banner on that planet, also fought this being.
Enraged at the audacity of this creature to attack Polar Bear and kidnap her
apprentice, Bosk led Council forces to crush the undead army of The Revenant and
nearly destroyed the cowardly being.  In the end though, The Revenant escaped and
returned to Polaris and to his haunted stronghold, The House of Berrymore.
     High Lord Bosk, The Icelord and Polar Bear returned to their home world and
quickly ascertained the location of their foe.  Polar Bear departed to meet with The
Council of Druids and vowed to rejoin the warriors for the final battle.  Flying
southwest on their Dragonhorses, the Battlelords headed straight for The Revenant's
keep.  Only the unwise would provoke the greatest Swordsman and greatest Wizard on
this and any realm.  But the Revenant has.  And so it has come to this.
     I will tell you what I saw and what I know occurred at the House of Berrymore.
I am Master Jacob, Bard and Historian of Polaris.  You may have heard of my Uncle,
Master Janos.  He is the greatest Bard of all.  I hope my account does him honor.  I
hope my account does honor to the heroes that fought and died that day.  This is what
I know....

     <)]H[(> + -----:----- + <)] The Free Cities #75 [(> + -----:----- + <)]H[(>


     Ghenis threw down the handful of papers in disgust.  Invoices for the purchase
of black candles and sacrificial knives, chickens, rabbits...potatoes?  An angry note
from the man in charge of the cult's storeroom, demanding an investigation to
determine what had happened to three yards of black cloth and a pound of onions that
should have been there and weren't.  A requisition for a cushion "to kneel on while
praying"--gods!  Members of dark cults were supposed to be TOUGH.  All these
pettifogging little details were an insult to the whole IDEA of a dark cult.  He had
a dark suspicion that Pelishtekan had deliberately dumped this work on him, this
FILING, to get back at him for something.  The Ferencian was always "getting back at
people," and often for the slightest of slights.  It just showed you what kind of
people Easterners were!
     Ghenis looked at the papers that were now scattered on the floor of his cubicle
and came to a decision.  He had had enough.  He walked out into the hall, taking care
to tread on as many of the papers as he could in the process.  These "administrative
details" were the Ferencian's doing, but there might, still, be a proper dark god at
the head of the cult.  He would find out, and if there was such a deity, he would
give it proper worship, with blood--and not chicken or rabbit blood--and dark deeds.
And if not...Pelishtekan would find out that Hell had NOTHING like the fury of a dark
cultist scorned.
     Ghenis began to consider ways in which he might discover the truth at the heart
of the cult.

Elsewhere in Zukal:

     Jorja rubbed her forehead tiredly, which didn't do a thing to relieve the
headache.  She wasn't sure just how SHE had been appointed to organize the overthrow
of Sekahos, one of Inzolas' men and the current ruler of Zukal.  What business was it
of hers?  She was Adantri, dammit.  She sighed.  Doreg's doing, probably.  Doreg
was--or had been--one of the Bandit Princes of Zukal.  Their association had been
brief; she hadn't even liked the man much.  But apparently that was enough.  By
Mantor's blazing sword, it was MORE than enough.
     If getting rid of Sekahos was what it took to shut up the yammering Bandit
Princes, then she would do it.
     The first thing she needed was information.  Spies.  She began to go over the
list of gladiators she might call on for assistance.

Somewhere between Veastian and North Fork:

     Emir Kyreses of Veastian shrugged and sighed.  "I know.  You meet the Mad
Khaliv's minions on land, and I have no doubt they're a major problem.  But--"
     "AND we shelter YOU from them," Gorich of North Fork cut in.  "WE bear the
burden of his demon soldiers, not--"
     "We meet them at sea," Kyreses countered.  "Most of our ships are destroyed or
dare not return from southern ports, no sailors can be found who will ship out of--or
into--Veastian.  To say nothing of the damage this has done to our economy, we--"
     "Something must be done."  Gorich glared at Kyreses, daring him to counter THAT
     The Karnhorn did not.  "I agree.  But I don't know what will answer our needs
best.  To kill the Mad Khaliv is obvious, and it MAY be enough...or it may simply
free all the demons he's bound to his service."
     "Aye."  The swampman was silent for a moment.  Then he shrugged.  "But at least
it's a place to start.  But to assassinate the Mad Khaliv will take men very nearly
as mad as he is."
     "Gladiators," Kyreses said.  "That is who we must send."

This is a general call for warriors who want to be in adventures.  Any warriors from
any arenas, Basic or Advanced, any region, are welcome.  A personal or a diplo to
Scribe will do the trick.

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #76 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<

Various places in Zukal:

     "There are warriors coming.  Several of them from Free Blades, in fact," Kitala
the Bold, Lady Protector of Crysalis, reported.  She picked with most comfortable
chair in the Blue Moon guildhouse's common room with an unerring instinct and settled
into it.  "Maybe one or two from Crysalis, as well.  Me, anyway.  I'm getting bored
on the Isle."
     "When?" Jorja asked.  She didn't much like Kitala--they'd trained on the same
team in Lin Tirian years ago--but she could work with the woman.  Kitala had a
deserved reputation for getting things done.  Things no one else wanted to do, and by
Mantor's Shining Sword, dealing with Sekahos was not something Jorja wanted to do.
She hated politics.  "The sooner we get started, the sooner we'll be done with it."
     "Couple of weeks, probably," Kitala said after a moment's thought.  "These
things don't happen all at once.  People have to cancel their dental appointments,
sublet their apartments, find someone to walk their dogs, stuff like that.  Some of
'em even consult their managers!"  The Lubanese woman shook her head as at an
inexplicable marvel.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Ghenis crouched on a roof and looked down at soldiers marching through an alley.
They were some of Sekahos's men, heading for a brothel, not that it mattered.  Any
soldiers would do for this test.  When they were all in the alley and in his sight,
Ghenis clutched his talisman and muttered, "Stop these men, make them helpless to
prevent anything I would inflict on them in Your Name."  Then he held his breath,
waiting to see if the Dark God of the cult would answer his request.  If the Demongod
answered, then he would know that the cult was real, whatever fripperies Pelishtekan
dressed it in.  And if there was no answer....  The gladiator bared his teeth in a
silent snarl.  There was, somewhere, just such a Demongod.  He knew it.  And he would
find that Demongod and unleash it on the Ferencian and the others who would propose a
false cult, just for the money and power it gave them.  Let all false prophets
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     In the principal hall of Zukal's grandest palace, the man who was now calling
himself Prince Sekahos scowled at his advisors.  "It's outrageous!  Intolerable!
     "It has happened, even so, Prince," Amar Yayoi said.  He was the Prince's
battlemage and chief adviser.  "Some fool among the benighted heathen of this land
has let loose a tribe of Old Ones, dregur as they are called here, against us.  We
must re-bind--"
     "Why can't we get them on our side?" the Prince demanded.  "If these local
yokels bound them before, then the dregur must hate them even more than they hate us.
Why not form an alliance?"
     "A novel idea," the mage said slowly, "but I would recommend against it.  The
Old Ones are not noted for their willingness to accommodate to we who are the Younger
Peoples."  He watched closely as Sekahos considered this and felt a sinking in the
pit of his stomach.  His Prince was going to demand that the attempt be made.  It
could lead to the deepest disaster, and even if an alliance successfully forged, it
could not be depended upon.  The Old Ones were masters of that special treachery
which was produced by following agreements to the exact letter.
     Whatever Sekahos might have said next was swept aside by the entry of Vilardet,
the Prince's master of spies and assassins.  The dark-faced intriguer (he was half
Ferencian and half Kannar) sketched the formal sequences of bows and salutes and
plunged quickly into his report.  "The assassin sent against Kinnishan of Chimlevtal
failed, Prince.  Bad enough in itself, of course, but worse that it has alerted the
cursed Chimlevtans against further attempts."  What Vilardet did not say, but Yayoi
knew quite well, was that the spymaster had argued against that precipitate action.
But he was wise enough not to say "I told you so," not to THIS prince.
     "Kinnishan must die!" Sekahos shouted.  "He's a reactionary!  A cursed populist!
He is blocking my path of expansion, refusing to pay tribute, providing a base for my
     "All this is true," Yayoi said calmly, "but there are other ways to slay a tiger
than by charging it with a spear."
     "Let us set a trap for your enemy, Prince," Vilardet agreed.  "Let us lead him
to destroy himself, and not only himself but those who would ally with him against
     "This would be a great coup," the mage urged, taking up the argument in his
turn.  "Not only would your immediate enemies be removed, but their purpose in
opposing you would be so discredited that others will hesitate to rise against in the
     "And in the doing of it," Vilardet went on, "another danger might also be
reduced...if Kinnishan is brought to attack the Light of Barikala, for instance?"
     Even Sekahos hesitated over that suggestion.  Inzolas had dispatched men to take
Barikala early in the invasion.  They had succeeded, but soon afterward had ceased to
communicate.  Spies sent to that great island in the years since had never returned.
Ships passing too close to it had vanished without a trace.  No one knew what,
precisely, was happening there.  The only thing to be seen which might have a bearing
on the disappearances was a pillar of light, vast, brilliant, and unaccountable, that
rose from the center of the island.  What that pillar meant, was, or did was unknown.
"Would he be such a fool?" the Prince asked finally.
     The spymaster shrugged.  "It doesn't matter.  A situation can be contrived where
he has no CHOICE but to approach the Light.  That, or lose his throne and his allies,
which would serve our purposes well enough."
     There were several minutes of silence while all considered the possibilities.
"Do it," Sekahos said finally.

In and around Kurukar:

     He who was now known as the Black Kaliv stood behind the altar, waiting.  No
moon shone on Kurukar, nor had it since the Kaliv had come into his full power.  But
there was something in the sky which gave a blood-colored light.  The Kaliv said,
     A woman walked toward him through the icy night.  She had been a gladiator once,
before the closing of Kurukar's arena.  She was not afraid of pain and death.  But
she was afraid now.  Terrified, not for her life but for her soul.  She would have
run screaming into the dark forest had the spell not bound her limbs to the Kaliv's
will.  She would not have survived such a flight, for the men--the CREATURES--who
served the Black Kaliv were behind her.  But it would have been a cleaner death.
     She reached the altar and stopped, staring across it and awaiting the next
     Fingers half numb with cold fumbled at the fibula holding the white cloth around
her.  Like a winding sheet, it was.  She willed her fingers to seize the clasp, to
drive the long fang of metal into her own flesh and end it all now.  Her fingers
dropped the fibula onto the cloth at her feet.
     She could sense the creatures close behind her.  They were foul things, even the
one who was human.  But she wished one of them--any one of them--would reach out and
take her life.  Now.  Before it was too late.
     "Lie on the altar," the Kaliv said.
     She did so.
     The four creatures came forward, and each of them seized one of her limbs,
holding her in place though she wasn't struggling.  The Kaliv raised a dagger over
her; it burned red in the light of the not-moon in the sky.  With a single word, he
released the spell that bound her limbs to his will.
     She screamed and fought.
     Until the dagger came down.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Kholzern, Commander of the East for the Black Kaliv, stepped aboard his
flagship.  He wore a form that was nearly human, but his sailors were not deceived.
They had seen Kholzern in the heat of battle, when he wasted no energy on such
disguises.  But he always won those battles, so they accepted his alien origin, even
when it made their blood run cold.  Not that they had a choice.  Those who had
protested serving under Commander Kholzern had...vanished.
     "North," Kholzern said, "then east through the canal to Aljafir Bay.  Aljafir
and Stormcrowe must be subdued so that we may secure out outlet into the Storm Sea."
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Tashart, Commander of the West, was not at all human and made no effort to
disguise that fact.  He gestured with a tentacle to the helmsman of his flagship.
"South," his piping voice ordered.  "All shipping which does not bear the standard of
Jhuizkhal is to be destroyed.  Three ships to blockade the mouth of North Fork's
river, the rest to invest Veastian.  Not a ship shall move along this coast without
my leave."

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                        ---===FREE BLADES REGIONAL NEWS===---

 DM   9 ZUKAL (turn 484): ALEX GRIFFIN of DREAM PARK (Zalgor Prigg, mgr.)
 DM  12 RIZTAB (turn 482): TILLOUISA of SWEET MAGIC (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  15 MALCORN (turn 478): BURGATORY of SACRILEGIOUS MEAT (Klep, mgr.)
 DM  16 WILLAF (turn 478): MUKAARTH of BLACKHEART'S AXE (?, mgr.)
 DM  17 ALJAFIR (turn 477): GHENGIS KHAN of HEROESANDFOUNDONES (The Judge, mgr.)
 DM  19 ZUWAYZA (turn 475): TRAGIC TUESDAY of QUASI-LEGAL OPS (Necron 99, mgr.)
 DM  28 MORYA (turn 237): IDIOTIC INDIGO of IDIOTIC ICCERS (THawk, mgr.)
 DM  29 LAPUR (turn 467): BINDI of CROC FILES (THawk, mgr.)
 DM  31 CHIMLEVTAL (turn 235): SIR PELLEAS of WILLBENDERS (Abraxis, mgr.)
 DM  32 ARVAT (turn 464): JOHNNY B GOODE of CALL THE PRIEST (Destitute Noble, mgr.)
 DM  35 MURSKA (turn 455): IRON-HIDE of FERROUS MEN (?, mgr.)
 DM  43 VEASTIAN (turn 418): SWORDBREAKER of WIDOWMAKERS (Soultender, mgr.)
 DM  45 STORMCROWE (turn 212): MING of DYNASTIC (Jack Wolfspider, mgr.)
 DM  47 NORTH FORK (turn 207): BLACK JACK SHELACK of ROYAL FLUSH (Crip, mgr.)
 DM  50 SNOWBOUND (turn 194): NASSE of DARK SIDHE (Daehir, mgr.)
 DM  56 ROCANIS (turn 343): TENACULUM of GENERAL SURGERY (Darkfist, mgr.)
 DM  61 JURINE (turn 323): THE BUM of FAVORITE GUYS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  73 ERINIKA (turn 142): PRIZMATYK WAHL of MAGIC MAYHEM (Fizban, mgr.)
                                (Shadowgate, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM   9 ZUKAL (turn 484): CLAN O' WHOOPAS (?, mgr.)
 DM  12 RIZTAB (turn 482): DREAMERS (Sleepy, mgr.)
 DM  15 MALCORN (turn 478): SACRILEGIOUS MEAT (Klep, mgr.)
 DM  16 WILLAF (turn 478): DARK WARRIORS (Arcane's Den, mgr.)
 DM  17 ALJAFIR (turn 477): HEROESANDFOUNDONES (The Judge, mgr.)
 DM  19 ZUWAYZA (turn 475): QUASI-LEGAL OPS (Necron 99, mgr.)
 DM  28 MORYA (turn 237): THE WARLORDS II (Fizban, mgr.)
 DM  29 LAPUR (turn 467): CRIMSON KINGS (The Yellow Jester, mgr.)
 DM  31 CHIMLEVTAL (turn 235): WORDS TO THE WISE (Wordsmith, mgr.)
 DM  32 ARVAT (turn 464): SARATOGA GLORY (The Trainer, mgr.)
 DM  33 NIATOLI ISLAND (turn 462): WHEN DOGMA FAILS (Prophet, mgr.)
 DM  35 MURSKA (turn 455): STRONGHOLD (Silver Stroke, mgr.)
 DM  43 VEASTIAN (turn 418): WIDOWMAKERS (Soultender, mgr.)
 DM  45 STORMCROWE (turn 212): MIKES MORGUE (Mike, mgr.)
 DM  47 NORTH FORK (turn 207): MY DAY (Abarsis, the Slaughter Priest, mgr.)
 DM  50 SNOWBOUND (turn 194): TEAM VIRTUE (Boy Scout, mgr.)
 DM  56 ROCANIS (turn 343): GENERAL SURGERY (Darkfist, mgr.)
 DM  61 JURINE (turn 323): FAVORITE GUYS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  73 ERINIKA (turn 142): MAGIC MAYHEM (Fizban, mgr.)
ADM 103 FREE BLADES (turn 368): WENSINWASIN (Youngblood, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM   9 ZUKAL (turn 483): BLUE GOOSE of BLUE MOON (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  12 RIZTAB (turn 481): OCTAPUSSY of ARENA FELINES II (Garfield, mgr.)
 DM  15 MALCORN (turn 478): BURGATORY of SACRILEGIOUS MEAT (Klep, mgr.)
                            NEIGH! of TRIPLE CROWN (Sultan, mgr.)
 DM  16 WILLAF (turn 477): ROWARDENN of SAILS OF CHARON (The Sentinel, mgr.)
 DM  29 LAPUR (turn 466): MONTY of CROC FILES (THawk, mgr.)
 DM  31 CHIMLEVTAL (turn 234): MACIOBELLY of UNFIT TO BE ORCS (Slugbait, mgr.)
                               GAELIN BLACKTALON of THE NIGHTHAWKS (Firehawk, mgr.)
 DM  32 ARVAT (turn 464): JOHNNY B GOODE of CALL THE PRIEST (Destitute Noble, mgr.)
                                   Frothingslosh, mgr.)
                       (turn 461): OLD MAJOR of PIG BATTALION (Kellog, mgr.)
 DM  43 VEASTIAN (turn 418): SWORDBREAKER of WIDOWMAKERS (Soultender, mgr.)
 DM  45 STORMCROWE (turn 211): SNOWFALL of NORTHERN LIGHTS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  47 NORTH FORK (turn 207): STRAW FIRE of LAND OF OZ (Oz the Successful, mgr.)
 DM  61 JURINE (turn 323): THE BUM of FAVORITE GUYS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  73 ERINIKA (turn 141): PIXIE BLIGHT of DARQUE FORCES VIII (Master Darque, mgr.)

                                      SPY REPORT

     I was going on vacation, see?  Surf, sun...  But what do those bums say?  "Hit 
the road, Debby Tonte.  CHIMLEVTAL needs a spyreport."  Oh, well.  Too bad, WORDS TO 
THE WISE, but WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! was just too good to be stopped.  Uncool, MILITARY 
MAYHEM.  I mean 0-0-0 is bad.  Will they will be allowed to fight?  I say use 'em for 
training practice!  The guys at WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! like really pulled together to 
get a 4-0-0 this turn, moving up by 6.  What was the name of that team who got 4-1-0 
this turn for a total 202-165-13 you ask?  (Sure)  NUMBERS GAME's their name, and 
fighting's their game!  I just can't say enough good things about SATAN'S KINGDOM.  
They went 4-1-0 their first time, don't slouch, and they've got good oral hygiene!  
MVP award for MANI?  SOL INVICTUS' proud of him after beating ONE HIT WONDER and 
getting 21 points.  Talk about yer major upsets!  GLENLIVET's match with INMAR cost 
him a loss of 11 points!  Oh, wow, like the Duelmaster must be the most popular guy 
in all CHIMLEVTAL.  He got the most challenges.  (But what about proposals?) HUNGRY 
BONES thinks hers 14-7-1 and studly character is good enough to face up to the 
Duelmaster.  Any bets?  And I was just getting used to the ex-Duelmaster's habit 
of...(!)  Oh well, welcome HUNGRY BONES.  Aren't UNFIT TO BE ORCS proud.  (Oh, my.) 
Is the Duelmaster really being a real snob to his teammates?  Don't ask me!   
     So just why would someone becomes a warrior anyway?  It can't be for these 
really neat Spyreports can it?  The warriors of WORDS TO THE WISE must be getting 
lonely.  They were the most avoided team.  Do you guys know something that I don't?  
I don't know what WOODPILE's been doing.  They certainly haven't been accepting many 
fights from WORDS TO THE WISE, that's fer sher.  SODOM is being unfair.  She's 
challenged down 18 against PALLADICE.  I don't know why they let this stuff go on.  
(I'd better shut up) Is this how DARQUE FORCES advances, by having their members 
(SODOM) fight people that are really below them (PALLADICE)?  ZARENDARGAR must not be 
a good enough fighter to get in fair fights.  He challenged BRILLIANT ORANGE.  10 is 
a big difference.  (Well, that's what they tell me.) I thought ZARENDARGAR showed 
great skill and promise when he was subdued by BRILLIANT ORANGE.  All right, so I 
slept through it!  Big deal!   
     What does a fighter fight for?  I mean, the crowds don't give a hoot if someone 
gets killed.  Not after four more fights.  Hey!  Quit laughing!  Just because 
GOMORRAH had 12-16-2 was no reason for DARQUE FORCES to send her to the Dark Arena!  
Stop it!  What a bummer!  VALKYRIE got wasted by MALICE!  But with a 10-8-1, I guess 
LORDS OF VALHALLA aren't too bummed.  D'ya think FLORID PSYCHO is feeling guilty for 
killing COUP D'TAT's ROBES-PIERRE, a mere boy?  Naah, I doubt it.  HUNGRY BONES 
really fought hard against SIR PELLEAS.  That'll teach WILLBENDERS not to go and kill 
any of UNFIT TO BE ORCS' guys again, huh!  ONE HIT WONDER's pretty happy--he wasted 
SKITTLES and didn't even get a Bloodfeud from CANDIES!  Hey you guys, don't you think 
your families would like to hear from you?  Write!  (Or have someone write for you.)  
     I really didn't, you know, study when I was a kid.  Who would've guessed I'd be 
a famous Spyreporter?  I'm getting tired of writing this stuff, so I'm calling it 
quits.  Remember you guys, ease up sometimes!  Chill out!  Later, Debby Tonte  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 HUNGRY BONES 4720            14   7  1   105       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 STIGMA OF STUPID 4948        10   3  1   122       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
 SODOM 4368                   18  10  0   120       DARQUE FORCES (422)
 TIGBASA 4868                 17   4  0   115       STORMWATCH (440)
 VOMITO 4840                  16   7  0   108       WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! (378)
 UNCAS 4189                   23  18  0   107       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 NAPULAK 4467                 20   6  0   102       STORMWATCH (440)
 LUCKY 7 4895                 12   7  0    97       NUMBERS GAME (403)
 SIR PELLEAS 4352             15  15  1    95       WILLBENDERS (479)
 LAPHROAIG 4529               13  13  0    95       SINGLE MALTS (501)
 PALLADICE 3968               18  35  3    94       STORMWATCH (440)
-POPCORN KERNEL 3313          19  28  0    93       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
 TOBIAS HAWKWIND 4941         10   8  1    92       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TRASHIUS 4980                12   6  0    90       WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! (378)
 DROKK 4014                   11   6  2    90       WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! (378)
 OBAN 4530                    12  13  1    86       SINGLE MALTS (501)
 VILI 4597                    14  12  1    85       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
 INMAR 4388                   12  13  0    85       SOL INVICTUS (469)
 HELM HAMMERHAND 5025         10   4  0    83       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
 SUBOTAI 4380                 17  15  0    80       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 MALICE 4986                   9   8  2    80       ASSASSIN NATION (515)
 DASKON 4464                  13  14  1    74       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 TALISKER 4923                11   9  0    74       SINGLE MALTS (501)
 MAGOG 5031                    9   3  1    74       DARQUE FORCES (422)
 ABYSSINIAN 4918              12   8  0    71       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 CHERRY 2000 4994             10   5  0    71       NUMBERS GAME (403)
 REZOS THE THRACIAN 4993      11   5  0    68       OVERLORDS (509)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 GLENLIVET 4528                9  17  0    66       SINGLE MALTS (501)
 ALT 4839                     13  10  1    63       WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! (378)
 DEE-DEE 4354                 11  19  1    63       WILLBENDERS (479)
 GREYSCALES 4917              13   7  0    62       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 BRILLIANT ORANGE 4961         8   7  0    61       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 ZARENDARGAR 4888              9  12  1    54       OVERLORDS (509)
 KIRKEN TUORNIN 4849          11  11  1    53       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)
-PLOTINUS 4341                 8   6  0    51       KOSMOS'S MATRIX (474)
-PSYCH MAJOR 5018              5   3  1    51       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
 RYU-KISHIN 5033               8   5  0    48       OVERLORDS (509)
 LAGAVULIN 5019                8   6  0    46       SINGLE MALTS (501)
-GENERAL PURPOSE 5124          3   1  1    45       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
 ARCHETYPE 5140                6   0  0    44       WORDS TO THE WISE (545)
 SIR SAGRAMOR 5146             5   1  0    44       WILLBENDERS (479)
-PARADOXE 4287                 8   9  0    43       KOSMOS'S MATRIX (474)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-NEON SHADOW 4290              7  10  0    42       KOSMOS'S MATRIX (474)
 RAUNI 5035                    7   5  0    42       SOL INVICTUS (469)
-COMMANDER SPUD 5149           3   2  0    42       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
 SPATHA 4996                  10   5  1    41       SOL INVICTUS (469)
 JO LUDAN 5046                 9  13  1    41       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 KAMBARD MURH 5045             9  13  0    40       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 MA BARKER 5073                6   1  0    40       WOODPILE (521)
 LEXICON 5142                  5   2  0    38       WORDS TO THE WISE (545)
 LES NAYLE 5044                6  16  0    34       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 BLISTER 4853                  5   3  0    34       5 BELOW ZERO (518)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 MENDAL OMSHIL 5043            8   9  0    33       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 FAOLAN AP GRYFFYDD 5152       6   0  0    33       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 CALLEIGHT 5128                5   3  0    33       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)
 COOL HAND LUKE 4920           4   5  1    32       WOODPILE (521)
 MANI 5102                     2   6  0    32       SOL INVICTUS (469)
 NORGEN PELH 5042              7  10  0    31       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 ONE HIT WONDER 5000           6   9  4    31       ASSASSIN NATION (515)
 IGOMINY 5144                  6   0  1    31       WORDS TO THE WISE (545)
 PRODIGIOUS 5141               5   2  0    30       WORDS TO THE WISE (545)
-LUIGI 4893                    4   3  0    30       DJ'S HIT SQUAD (523)
 RUMPLESTILTSKIN 4855          7   2  0    29       5 BELOW ZERO (518)
 ARYAN BARBARIAN 4877          6   3  1    28       WOODPILE (521)
-SHALLOW THREAT 4329           5   9  0    28       KOSMOS'S MATRIX (474)
-I'MIC 4583                    4   9  0    28       SOLIPSISM II (458)
-GUIDO 4890                    2   5  0    28       DJ'S HIT SQUAD (523)
 FLORID PSYCHO 5192            1   1  1    28       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
-OPHEELIA 5167                 2   0  0    27       RESPECT THE DEAD (546)
 BLUE 4852                     5   4  0    26       5 BELOW ZERO (518)
 ? 4857                        4   5  0    26       5 BELOW ZERO (518)
-GENERAL ELECTRIC 4889         3   8  1    26       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
 BARTOFELES 5173               3   1  1    25       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 JAN PREMYSL OTOKAR 5085       5   5  0    24       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 COL. KA DA FEE 5132           4   3  2    24       COUP D'TAT (543)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BLOND MOMENT 5095             2   0  1    23       WHY DID I DO IT (540)
 RYUU DRAGONMASTER 5198        2   0  0    21       STORMWATCH (440)
 URACCA EVENSTAR 5148          3   4  0    19       STORMWATCH (440)
-UBER ALLES 4505               2   5  0    19       KOSMOS'S MATRIX (474)
-AJIHAD 5168                   2   0  0    19       RESPECT THE DEAD (546)
 WROUGHT-HIDE GOUL 5088        5   1  0    18       WOODPILE (521)
-LOCO 4991                     4   4  0    17       SOLIPSISM II (458)
 DAMHAIN THE SATYR 5197        2   0  0    15       OVERLORDS (509)
 GOT HAMMERED 5091             0   1  0    15       WHY DID I DO IT (540)
 POLL POTT 5131                2   4  0    14       COUP D'TAT (543)
 HARALD FAIRHAIR 5188          2   1  0    14       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
 IDI A MEAN 5133               3   4  0    13       COUP D'TAT (543)
-URESIA 5166                   1   1  0    13       RESPECT THE DEAD (546)
 TONY 4957                     3   3  0    12       DJ'S HIT SQUAD (523)
 LOVE POTION #9 5151           1   4  0    12       NUMBERS GAME (403)
 PREYING MANTIS 5202           1   0  0    11       SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)
 SCORPION TORNADO 5205         1   0  0    11       SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)
 IT FELT GOOD 5093             1   0  0    11       WHY DID I DO IT (540)
 SHADOW SQUIRREL 5206          1   0  0    10       SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)
-SIR BREUNIS 5145              2   3  0     9       WILLBENDERS (479)
 NOOKIE 5196                   1   1  0     9       5 BELOW ZERO (518)
 TERRIBLE TWO 5195             1   0  0     9       NUMBERS GAME (403)
 DUKE GORLOIS 5153             1   5  0     8       OVERLORDS (509)
 WAS DRUNK 5094                1   0  0     7       WHY DID I DO IT (540)
 THE THING 5189                1   2  1     6       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 ANDERS DIEMED 5174            1   3  0     6       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TARL OF KO-RO-BA 5170         1   3  0     6       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
-DINGUS 5055                   1   3  0     6       SOLIPSISM II (458)
 SVEIN FORKBEARD 5187          1   2  0     5       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
 BATTLIN' RATTLER 5204         1   0  0     5       SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)
 FORESHADOW 5186               1   2  0     5       ASSASSIN NATION (515)
 NO IDEA 5092                  0   1  0     5       WHY DID I DO IT (540)
-TRIG 5190                     1   1  0     4       RESPECT THE DEAD (546)
-DOVE FALCONHAND 5201          1   0  0     3       RESPECT THE DEAD (546)
 GOG 5199                      0   2  0     2       DARQUE FORCES (422)
 TOMBSTONE 5210                0   1  0     1       ASSASSIN NATION (515)
 PAPER CUT KING 5211           0   1  0     1       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
 ZIPPY THE SLUG 5203           0   1  0     1       SATAN'S KINGDOM (548)
 DISOBEDIENCE 5209             0   1  0     1       ASSASSIN NATION (515)
-CHUCKLES 5099                 0   1  0     1       SOLIPSISM II (458)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
CONSUME 5171           0  1 0 ASSASSIN NATION 515   BARTOFELES 5173       233 REVENGED
EN PASSANT 5172        0  1 0 ASSASSIN NATION 515   JOLLY RANCHER 5183    233         
ROBES-PIERRE 5134      4  3 0 COUP D'TAT 543        FLORID PSYCHO 5192    236         
EUA 5154               1  4 0 COUP D'TAT 543        BLOND MOMENT 5095     236         
GOMORRAH 4337         12 17 2 DARQUE FORCES 422     STONE GOLEM 361       236 NONE    
DEAD 5207              0  1 0 DARQUE FORCES 422     BANDIT PRINCE 360     236 NONE    
VALKYRIE 4958         10  8 1 LORDS OF VALHALLA 508 MALICE 4986           236         
FANTASTIC FOUR 5161    0  1 0 NUMBERS GAME 403      LIGHTBRINGER 357      236 NONE    
LAJINN THE GENIE 5126  2  4 2 OVERLORDS 509         GENERAL ELECTRIC 4889 234         
YAZUAC 5164            0  1 0 RESPECT THE DEAD 546  THE THING 5189        234 REVENGED
LOVELY BONES 4850     10  5 3 UNFIT TO BE ORCS 450  SIR PELLEAS 4352      233 JUST REV
SIR KNEEL 5208         0  1 0 WILLBENDERS 479       THE RAGE MAN 359      236 NONE    
TEFLON DON 5175        0  2 0 WOODPILE 521          ARENAMASTER LEVTA 358 236 NONE    
BIG TUNA 4881          2  5 0 WOODPILE 521          MILKY WAY 5059        232 NOT REVE
CAPRICIOUS 5143        3  1 0 WORDS TO THE WISE 545 ALT 4839              234         

                                     PERSONAL ADS

All -- VooDoo is here with his team respect the dead.  Trig, Dove Falconhand, Uresia
Opheelia, and Ajihad.  We are here to take on any challengers, especially from C.O.L.
-- VooDoo

Abraxis -- Hey look who's here, my friend, now let's kick some C.O.L. butts. --

Stormwatch -- You lie, I am 11-15 against your alliance! -- Abraxis
P.S.  The throne is mine!

Ice -- This war will not end until you admit that you are pompous AND that you
started it in the first place.  How is that for terms?  Bring it on, time is on my
side anyway.  Plus your obvious inability at this game and pride in that fact just
makes this all too enjoyable.  Just feel privileged we let you stay in our arena. --
Master Darque

Frey -- Unless my familiarity with the rules escapes me, you can't bloodfeud the
Duelmaster. -- Sodom

Goat -- Asking which COL member is the greatest fool is like asking which Pope was
Catholic. -- Master Darque

Bi-Polar -- Yap all you want about "re-run" ads.  You putzs haven't had an original
idea since I've been here.  Word is that Death Man was the brains of the operation
when this war started.  Without him you are nothing more than pimples on the arse of

Chimlevtal. -- Master Darque
P.S.  Master Dork, wow!  I've never heard that one before.  Did you think it up all
by yourself, or did you cheat and look at Icehole's paper?

High Lord Bosk and Polar Bear -- The Revenant's time is about to expire.  Evil may
run, it may hide, but we will find it and crush it.  Strong steel. -- The Icelord

Lord Protector Frey -- No Crying Cartel member is worthy of the throne in Chimlevtal,
but they do luck into it once in a while.  Well done. -- The Icelord

Ghab -- Congratulations. -- The Icelord

Breunis -- No member of your honorless team deserves the title "Sir."  Like your
manager, you are all boot-licking lackeys. -- Faolan Ap Gryffydd

Goat -- How foolish your words.  You are just a follower in the flock.  A mere sheep.
Master Dork plays the pipes and you bleat what you're told. -- Damhain the Satyr

Greyscales -- Good job. -- The Stormguards

2003:  The COL was 73-49-3 against the Crying Cartel.  The Stormguards went 16-10,
Overlords 11-10-3, Stormwatch 18-7, Lords of Valhalla 13-9 and The Stormbringers 15-
13.  Yet the Criers claim they totally dominate us.  (Scoreboard, baby!) -- The COL

Manager Darque -- Happy New Year!  In the spirit of the new year The COL will make
you a generous offer.  To end this war the VC must do the following:  Admit the VC
started the war when "dad" flamed High Lord Bosk when he first came into the game.
Apologize for all the garbage your alliance has spewed in the personals for the past
9 years.  Personally surrender your sword to our most junior gladiator or one of our
stableboys.  All VC teams will depart and transfer out of Chimlevtal.  And last,
since your newly recruited peons want to run their mouths:  The VC will pay a tribute
of 15,000 tons of gold per month to The COL for 15 years.  This is more than you
deserve, but it is a new year and we are being generous.  If you and your underlings
start lipping off in the personals, it will just get worse for you.  Accept it and be
silent. -- The Icelord

Polar Bear -- Thanks for the congrats.  We don't often get a 5-0 turn. -- High Lord
Bosk and the Lords of Valhalla

The Icelord -- Thanks for the congrats on 300 victories.  It is nothing as compared
to your nearly 600 victories. -- High Lord Bosk, First Sword, Council of Lords

The Icelord -- 15,000 gold/month?  Surely you forgot remittance to Polar Bear and
myself?!  I suggest an additional 15,000 gold/month for both of us!  PERHAPS this
will be sufficient.  Additionally, I'd suggest that our loweliest warrior is far too
elevated for the Dork Son.  I suggest one of the stablehands' whores for this whelp
to bow down to and offer his remittance. -- High Lord Bosk, First Sword, Council of

Icelord -- On behalf of Pekko, thanks for looking into the Dark Arena records.  Alas,
Pekko was no match for Arenamaster Levtani, but before falling to the Arenamaster,
Pekko won four Dark Arena challenges in a row, defeating Shewish Giant, Bandit
Prince, The Rage Man and Lightbringer.  Pekko decided that the path of the Lord
Protector was not for him after all, preferring instead to go out in a blaze of
glory, which I think he did admirably well enough. -- Bobby Bigfoot

Igominy -- I'll wager that you would also feast upon the rotting flesh of long dead
beasts of the field, as befits a knave so base and lowly as yourself. -- Mani

Tigbasa -- Fortune and victory were both yours, good on you. -- Inmar

Mani -- Wordsmith has chastised me for doing that.  He made me sit in the corner
wearing a dunce cap.  You know, with a pointy top?  Uncool!  I may have got a win,
but I also learned a lesson. -- Igominy

Mr. Woodpile Goul -- Thank you for the challenge.  I needed a breather before the
real action begins. -- Archetype

Blue -- I think your name is so neat!  You can say it so quick and thoroughly.  Have
you ever stopped to think of the burden I carry with mine?  I know, I know.  You
didn't see me carrying much of a burden when we fought!  Perhaps I was hot and you
were just plain cold?  (My funny!) -- Prodigious

Opheelia -- You really set Lexicon on her rear in that fight!  She was already so
depressed from her telling 0-3 performance at The Face, when you came along as an
alleged upstart, and showed her just what she was truly made of.  I must salute you,
however sadly. -- Wordsmith, Manager of Words To The Wise

I apologize to all early for not fighting our fifth warrior, but Ferociously, our
rookie, had some nice bonuses, so she is waiting to debut in April at The Mailer.  We
trust that you understand. -- Wordsmith

Uracca -- You are right.  It wasn't nice.  I apologize.  I got to wear the same
uncool dunce hat as Mani above! -- Archetype

All -- Sorrowfully, Words To The Wise performed at a despicable 3-9 FTF rate in
Tempe.  Clearly we are mere 90 Pound Weaklings.  Chimlevtal, we apologize for the<cut
off by HAL>

COL -- Nice year in review. -- Slugbait

Sir Pellas -- Close fight and you got to be DM. -- Hungry Bones

Glenlivet -- Bad challenge on my part. -- Less the Brilliant

Dove Falconhand -- If popularity were wins I'd be happy. -- Sad Psycho

Commander Spud -- Aaaah!  Put down by Mister Potato Head! -- Les Nayle
P.S.  I like effect of the mustache and glasses.  Very something-or-other.

General Purpose -- Oh.  I thought you were going to be a porpoise, not a purpose.  I
guess I don't need the net after all....  Silly me!  Cunning of you to trap me by
stepping on the trailing end of the net and then (ouch!) stabbing me like that.
Oooh, NOT what I most like to happen. -- Norgen Pelh

Abyssinian -- I thought you were a cat.  Or at least darker.  Or maybe, hmm, saffron
robes?  No, really, I'm all confused here. -- Mendal Omshil
P.S.  That's because I'm Shewish.  We aren't dumb, but some things don't get high
enough to reach our brains.  Or something.

Magog -- So!  Why aren't YOU tall? -- Jo Ludan

Blister -- Splendid!  I love it when I've got the only win, although it would be
equally good to have the last of five wins, or very nearly.  Still, good going.  I
especially liked that turn-around in the last ten seconds. -- Kambard Murh

Idd a Mean -- Me, silent and deadly?  Horrors!  It cannot be. -- Les Nayle
P.S.  All my remarks are desultory.  It's what I do.

16 January 2004
                                    CHAOTIC WINDS
     Once, long ago, the four Winds of Time descended upon Alastari like a TEMPEST of
epic proportions, they slew everything within their all-encompassing reach.  They
left nothing.  In their wake lay smoldering ruins.
     In their haste they sped towards the center of this great land like a colossal
giant would step across an ocean.  The four storms picked up momentum on their way
towards each other.  A collision was eminent.
     The first storm wind, the oldest and wisest of the four was named APEXALUS.  The
second, FLAGGSTAFF, was the quickest and loudest entity ever created.  The third Wind
of Time was MATRIATIN, neither old or young, quick or slow, but fierce and feisty all
the same.  The forth wind, ASSAMITHIUS, the youngest yet most creative in its means
of destruction.
     When finally they merged at the center of ALASTARI, an incredible destructive
explosion occurred.  And when the smoke and debris cleared they were one.  CHAOS was
     And Chaos spread across the diminished lands reeking havoc and doom with its
passing, and destroying allover again that which already lay in ruin.

F E A R    C H A O S    I N C.

28 January 2004
All -- I send out this invitation to all teams and managers.  A new Alliance has been
formed.  The Living Essences Alliance is being formed to join forces in an effort to
eliminate common foes and to help the joined warriors grow and learn to the best of
their abilities by offering suggestions and advice.  It doesn't matter what arena
you're in, or if you're in another alliance already, as of today.  This Alliance is
open to one and all!  If you are interested in joining, please DIPLO me, or send a
personal ad to DM 93's newsletter.  If you wish to join beyond March 2004, send a PA
to DM 82.  Come join the fun! -- Dagan LifeGiver, mgr. Shadow Warriors (DM 93)

28 January 2004
This notice is to formally introduce our young alliance, CHAOS INC.  We consist of
APEX, FLAGG, MATRIX, ASSAMITE, and now RUDE BUDDHA.  If we aren't already there, we
WILL be coming to an arena near you soon!  Hope to see you all at the ZALCON II.

4 February 2004
Greeting from Jhans, DM 36 -- In 2 turns the kLk will host our first annual "St.
Valentines Day Massacre" in Jhans, arena 36.  (Kill Contest)  The contest will begin
on turn 450.  It will run for 10 turns.  On turn 461 the winners will be announced.
There will be 3 separate categories, the team with the most kills, the alliance with
the most kills, and the warrior with the most kills.  For the manager of the team
with the most kills a PRIZE of 10 ROLL-UPS will be rewarded (or $50 deposited into
his account).  No need to declare yourself in the personals.  If you are in DM 36,
you will be part of the contest whether you like it or not.  We encourage as much
trash talk as you'd like.  All teams, managers, and alliances invited.  Please
contact Polarius (mgr. of Blitzkrieg) in DM 36 with questions.  Or you can email me
at jamieptmo@hotmail.com.  Good luck and see you in the sands. -- Polarius

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

GOMORRAH was dealt death by STONE GOLEM in a crowd pleasing 4 minute Dark Arena fight.
TEFLON DON was murdered by ARENAMASTER LEVTANI in a 1 minute brutal Dark Arena melee.
FANTASTIC FOUR was assassinated by LIGHTBRINGER in a 1 minute Dark Arena duel.
DEAD was butchered by BANDIT PRINCE in a 1 minute Dark Arena contest.
SIR KNEEL was slain by THE RAGE MAN in a 1 minute Dark Arena fight.
HUNGRY BONES savagely defeated SIR PELLEAS in a 3 minute Bloodfeud Title competition.
NAPULAK defeated LAPHROAIG in a crowd pleasing 3 minute veteran's Challenge struggle.
STIGMA OF STUPID handily defeated TOBIAS HAWKWIND in a 1 minute Challenge fight.
SODOM vanquished PALLADICE in a 1 minute uneven Challenge duel.
LUCKY 7 vanquished SUBOTAI in a 1 minute uneven Challenge fight.
DASKON was vanquished by TRASHIUS in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
HELM HAMMERHAND was overpowered by VOMITO in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge melee.
INMAR overpowered GLENLIVET in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
VALKYRIE was viciously butchered by MALICE in a 2 minute brutal Challenge contest.
ZARENDARGAR was subdued by BRILLIANT ORANGE in a 1 minute veteran's Challenge brawl.
MAGOG overpowered RYU-KISHIN in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
GREYSCALES outwaited KIRKEN TUORNIN in a tiresome 19 minute expert's Challenge duel.
ARCHETYPE viciously subdued RUMPLESTILTSKIN in a 3 minute Challenge brawl.
MA BARKER luckily beat MENDAL OMSHIL in a exciting 8 minute brutal Challenge match.
COOL HAND LUKE was beaten by LAGAVULIN in a crowd pleasing 1 minute Challenge fight.
BLISTER devastated URACCA EVENSTAR in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge contest.
ARYAN BARBARIAN was defeated by SIR SAGRAMOR in a exciting 1 minute Challenge duel.
BLUE beat HARALD FAIRHAIR in a 2 minute Challenge fray.
FLORID PSYCHO slaughtered ROBES-PIERRE in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge fray.
LOVE POTION #9 defeated TARL OF KO-RO-BA in a popular 1 minute Challenge match.
JAN PREMYSL OTOKAR outlasted IDI A MEAN in a tiresome 18 minute Challenge duel.
BLOND MOMENT assassinated EUA in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
FORESHADOW was outlasted by DAMHAIN THE SATYR in a 16 minute Challenge match.
RYUU DRAGONMASTER vanquished ANDERS DIEMED in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fray.
SVEIN FORKBEARD was overcome by NOOKIE in a 3 minute amateur's Challenge bout.
UNCAS won victory over VILI in a popular 6 minute gruesome veteran's bout.
TIGBASA handily defeated OBAN in a exciting 1 minute one-sided fight.
DEE-DEE was luckily beaten by ABYSSINIAN in a 4 minute brutal veteran's fight.
DROKK beat TALISKER in a 2 minute veteran's fray.
CHERRY 2000 devastated KAMBARD MURH in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided duel.
REZOS THE THRACIAN savagely defeated SPATHA in a crowd pleasing 5 minute brutal match.
RAUNI viciously subdued LES NAYLE in a 8 minute brutal fight.
JO LUDAN was demolished by ALT in a 1 minute one-sided conflict.
IGOMINY won victory over POLL POTT in a popular 6 minute bout.
? lost to FAOLAN AP GRYFFYDD in a crowd pleasing 1 minute bout.
NORGEN PELH was demolished by CALLEIGHT in a 1 minute uneven competition.
LEXICON savagely defeated CAPTURED ORC in a 3 minute veteran vs. beginner fight.
PRODIGIOUS was viciously subdued by DANGEROUS CRIMINAL in a 1 minute match.
ONE HIT WONDER was handily defeated by MANI in a exciting 1 minute mismatched fight.
COL. KA DA FEE handily defeated DUKE GORLOIS in a 3 minute mismatched melee.
WROUGHT-HIDE GOUL savagely defeated THE THING in a 3 minute gory match.
TONY was demolished by BARTOFELES in a 2 minute gory uneven fight.
GOG was overpowered by IT FELT GOOD in a 1 minute one-sided fray.
TERRIBLE TWO viciously subdued ZIPPY THE SLUG in a exciting 1 minute novice's duel.
GOT HAMMERED was narrowly defeated by BATTLIN' RATTLER in a 1 minute battle.
NO IDEA was demolished by SHADOW SQUIRREL in a 3 minute one-sided fight.
WAS DRUNK overcame TOMBSTONE in a 2 minute amateur's contest.
SCORPION TORNADO overpowered DISOBEDIENCE in a 1 minute one-sided struggle.
PREYING MANTIS demolished PAPER CUT KING in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided brawl.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                  19         TOTAL PARRY       89 -  64 -  1      58  |
|TOTAL PARRY                     18         STRIKING ATTACK  104 -  87 -  8      54  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                 14         BASHING ATTACK    38 -  32 -  3      54  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                 12         PARRY-STRIKE      45 -  42 -  4      52  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                    10         AIMED BLOW        30 -  28 -  4      52  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    8         SLASHING ATTACK   54 -  52 -  6      51  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   7         PARRY-LUNGE        9 -  11 -  0      45  |
|AIMED BLOW                       6         LUNGING ATTACK   100 - 123 -  4      45  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    4         WALL OF STEEL     38 -  60 -  6      39  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      3         PARRY-RIPOSTE     14 -  36 -  0      28  |

Turn 236 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

AIMED BLOW         4 -  2     SLASHING ATTACK    5 -  7         4  LUNGING ATTACK 
PARRY-LUNGE        2 -  1     WALL OF STEEL      3 -  5         3  STRIKING ATTACK
LUNGING ATTACK    10 -  9     BASHING ATTACK     2 -  5         2  TOTAL PARRY    
PARRY-STRIKE       5 -  5     PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -  3         1  AIMED BLOW     
STRIKING ATTACK    7 -  7                                       1  WALL OF STEEL  
TOTAL PARRY        9 -  9     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
AIMED BLOW       HUNGRY BONES 4720          14   7  1  105 UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
LUNGING ATTACK   SODOM 4368                 18  10  0  120 DARQUE FORCES (422)
TOTAL PARRY      UNCAS 4189                 23  18  0  107 THE STORMGUARDS (78)
PARRY-STRIKE     SUBOTAI 4380               17  15  0   80 THE STORMGUARDS (78)
BASHING ATTACK   ALT 4839                   13  10  1   63 WHAMMO & THUDDA 4 U! (378)
PARRY-RIPOSTE    RAUNI 5035                  7   5  0   42 SOL INVICTUS (469)
WALL OF STEEL    SPATHA 4996                10   5  1   41 SOL INVICTUS (469)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is OBAN 4530.  The most popular warrior this turn was 
VILI 4597.  The ten other most popular fighters were LAPHROAIG 4529, GOMORRAH 4337, 
4014, HUNGRY BONES 4720, MALICE 4986, and DEE-DEE 4354.

The least popular fighter this week was FORESHADOW 5186.  The other ten least popular 
DISOBEDIENCE 5209, and GOG 5199.

The following warriors will travel to ADVANCED DUELMASTERS after next turn:

SODOM (31-4368) DARQUE FORCES (422)