Date   : 09/23/2006    Duedate: 10/20/2006


DM-31    TURN-270

This Weeks Top Honors


(31-5465) [16-5-0,121]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

EDOM                           UNHOLY TEMPTRESS
DARQUE FORCES (422)            CHAMPIONS OF RUNE (572)
(31-5465) [16-5-0,121]         (31-5563) [6-3-1,58]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

SHE MADE ME                    EDOM
WHY DID I DO IT (540)          DARQUE FORCES (422)
(31-5421) [13-10-0,86]         (31-5465) [16-5-0,121]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. ALL NIGHT LONG (570)        54
2. PLATOON (513)               47      UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
3. LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)     37      Unchartered Team
4. DESSERT TRIBUNAL (591)      33
5. DENZO MASTERS (592)         30      DESOLATE ONES (595)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1- 1*EXHALE INC... (437)        1   0  0  100   1/ 5*CLUB DV8 (575)           10  5 1
 2/ 3 UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)   184  95 16 65.9   2/ 1 DARQUE FORCES (422)      10  5 1
 3/ 4 DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)      52  33  1 61.2   3/ 2 THE STORMGUARDS (78)      9  5 0
 4/ 5*DESOLATE ONES (595)        6   4  1 60.0   4/ 8 ALL NIGHT LONG (570)      9  6 0
 5/ 0*DESSERT TRIBUNAL (591)     3   2  1 60.0   5/18 PLATOON (513)             8  4 1
 6/ 0*THE HUNTSMEN (600)         3   2  1 60.0   6/12*CHAMPIONS OF RUNE (572)   8  7 0
 7/ 7 SOL INVICTUS (469)       160 123 17 56.5   7/ 3 BUSHMASTERS (164)         8  7 0
 8/ 9 THE STORMGUARDS (78)     668 533 28 55.6   8/19 LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)   8  7 0
 9/ 8 NUMBERS GAME (403)       276 222 17 55.4   9/ 4 THE ANIMALS (574)         8  7 0
10/ 6 4-LETTER FRUIT BAT (487)  21  17  2 55.3  10/21*CON KNIGHTS (589)         7  3 0
11/12 BUSHMASTERS (164)        189 161 11 54.0  11/10 SHERMANS STABLE (578)     7  8 0
12/10 SHERMANS STABLE (578)     49  42  1 53.8  12/16*THE 'X' FACTOR (590)      7  8 0
13/14 DARQUE FORCES (422)      209 181 11 53.6  13/24*DESOLATE ONES (595)       6  4 1
14/18 PLATOON (513)             76  67  7 53.1  14/ 7 SOL INVICTUS (469)        6  5 0
15/17 LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)  237 213 12 52.7  15/15 OVERLORDS (509)           6  9 0
16/15 WHY DID I DO IT (540)     66  60  5 52.4  16/ 6*BLACKGUARD (584)          5  4 1
17/16*BLACKGUARD (584)          11  10  1 52.4  17/11 NUMBERS GAME (403)        5  5 0
18/13*CHAMPIONS OF RUNE (572)   23  21  1 52.3  18/22*BLUE FROG COMPANY (587)   5  5 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
19-19 MILITARY MAYHEM (89)     241 232 17 51.0  19/13 AVENGERS (146)            5  7 0
20/20 THE STORMBRINGERS (359)  381 381 29 50.0  20/14 THE STORMBRINGERS (359)   5  8 0
21/27*CLUB DV8 (575)            20  20  2 50.0  21-23 NECRONOMICON (577)        4  5 0
22/ 0*EXTREME CREEPS (573)       5   5  0 50.0  22/17 STORMWATCH (440)          4  6 0
23/ 2*BLUE FROG COMPANY (587)    5   5  0 50.0  23/ 9*WHAT GAUL! (586)          4 11 0
24/ 0*THIEVES' GUILD (502)       3   3  0 50.0  24/20 MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)        4 11 0
25-22*BACK TO SCHOOL (583)       2   2  0 50.0  25/36 UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)    3  1 0
26/23 OVERLORDS (509)          409 411 26 49.9  26/ 0*THE HUNTSMEN (600)        3  2 1
27/24 AVENGERS (146)           162 169 15 48.9  27/ 0*DESSERT TRIBUNAL (591)    3  2 1
28/ 0 CISUM S. EKARD (451)      63  66  4 48.8  28/ 0 CISUM S. EKARD (451)      3  2 0
29/ 0 CAESAR'S POOL HALL (350)  55  59  3 48.2  29/33*CIRCUS MAXIMUS (524)      3  5 0
30/25 STORMWATCH (440)         209 234 10 47.2  30-30*BACK TO SCHOOL (583)      2  2 0
31/21*THE 'X' FACTOR (590)       7   8  0 46.7  31-26 THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)       2  3 1
32/26 THE ANIMALS (574)         30  35  1 46.2  32/ 0*EXTREME CREEPS (573)      2  3 0
33-28*THE ADAM-S FAMILY (484)   10  12  1 45.5  33/ 0*DENZO MASTERS (592)       2  3 0
34-29 THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)      285 370 36 43.5  34/34 DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)      2  5 0
35/ 0*CRIMSON BLADE (423)       16  21  5 43.2  35-31 MILITARY MAYHEM (89)      1  0 0
36/32*CON KNIGHTS (589)         14  20  0 41.2  36-32*EXHALE INC... (437)       1  0 0
37/34*CIRCUS MAXIMUS (524)       6   9  0 40.0  37-28*THE ADAM-S FAMILY (484)   1  0 0
38/ 0*DENZO MASTERS (592)        2   3  0 40.0  38/ 0*THIEVES' GUILD (502)      1  0 0
39/33 ALL NIGHT LONG (570)      27  41  4 39.7  39/ 0 CAESAR'S POOL HALL (350)  1  1 0
40/35 MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)        81 147  2 35.5  40/29 4-LETTER FRUIT BAT (487)  1  2 0
41/ 0*DRAGON KNIGHTS (594)       1   2  0 33.3  41/ 0*DRAGON KNIGHTS (594)      1  2 0
42/31*WHAT GAUL! (586)           8  17  1 32.0  42/ 0*CRIMSON BLADE (423)       1  3 1
43-36 NECRONOMICON (577)        16  36  2 30.8  43- 0*HOPLITES (596)            1  4 0
44- 0*HOPLITES (596)             1   4  0 20.0  44/25 WHY DID I DO IT (540)     1  5 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

                                     It Begins

     It had taken many weeks to find the hermit's cave.  The sun, heat, wind, rocks, 
insects, coldness of the nights and dangerous creatures did not stop him.  Nothing 
could stop him.  The vision had forced him to seek out the hermit.  At last, in the 
trackless desert he stood before the legendary man.
     The old hermit, whose skin looked like well worn leather, smiled upon his 
entrance.  The hermit wore a simple white robe and sandals.  His hair was wild and 
long as was his beard.  He sat cross-legged in the cave.  His eyes burned with 
untamed energy.
     Now that he was here, words would not come!  He stood there, tongue-tied and 
unsure.  The hermit eyed him for several moments and then cackeled.  With the aid of 
a solid staff that was topped by an obsidian scorpion, he rose.
     "All this way just to stare, is it?" he chuckled to himself.  He located a 
water-skin and tossed it to the traveler, who found enough wits to drink.
     "My thanks." spoke the man. "I..."
     "I know why you are here.  You've had a vision.  Some self-professed noble and a 
blind follower of a cartel insulted you and those you respect.  They attempted to 
slight your honor."  When the hermit saw the surprised look, he chuckled again.  "I 
was once of your clan.  I see and hear much, here in the wilderness."  With that four 
small birds flew into the cave, chattering and chirping.  He smiled and took a few 
moments to put out seed for his small friends, all the while listening to their 
     "What should I do?" asked the traveler.
     The hermit smiled.  "Take the name Scorpion.  Gather forces.  Sting those evil 
men.  Make them pay.  But first, gather the clan's assassins.  They will serve."
     "I will do as you say." responded Scorpion.

         + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ A Tale of Two Cities #15 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

     Muirona blinked.  "Someone who would dare to use both Arrengilas and Nishtar as 
pawns?  I cannot imagine who would--"  She paused.  By her expression, she had 
thought of someone who might do just that.  "Uthren Dhu!" she said, in a tone of 
loathing, "and the Brothers of Old Night."
     "Ah."  The Icelord smiled, an expression colder than the heart of winter.  As 
she had said the names of his enemies, he had glimpsed them with his mind's eyes.  
Misshapen bodies, souls dark beyond mortal darkness, curtained in swirling chaos.  A 
mental compass swung and steadied.  "I see them," he said.  "I can find them."  He 
swept the horizon with the eyes of his body and pointed.  "That way."
     "We can't!" Muirona said.  She leaned away from the direction he indicated, 
fingernails scrabbling on the nacre of the shell-boat for something to grip.
     "We must," The Icelord countered.  "That is where we will find one who has 
proven himself our enemy, and who is willing to use the darkest magic to destroy us."
     "Yes, and has the power to destroy us utterly, if he will exert it!"  The elf's 
face was white as bone, her eyes dilated with fear.  "There is no power in this world 
greater than the Brothers of Old Night.  If we go to them--"  She shuddered.  "We 
must not!"
     The Icelord wished he had Bosk at his side instead of Muirona; his sword brother 
feared nothing.  But it was this woman that he must work with, so he took the time to 
explain what was to him obvious.  "If the power of the organization of these Brothers 
is great, still it is made up of individuals.  And while each individual Brother may 
have great power, he will not have all the power of the organization.  If necessary, 
we will defeat the Brothers one at a time, and thus bring down their whole 
     Muirona blinked.  "But... any one we threaten will call on his fellows for 
     "If he has time, and a clear channel for contact, perhaps.  But some, especially 
at first, will not be willing to admit that they need help."  The Icelord bared his 
teeth in a predator's smile.  "And most won't have time to realize they need help.  
Let us go, now, before our immediate enemy understands his peril."
     Muirona blinked again and swallowed a couple of times.  "My instructions from 
King Arrengilas are to bring you to Mara Balor without delay," she said.  "My king 
rightly demands obiedence from his couriers."
     "Your king may command you," The Icelord said, "but he cannot command me.  If I 
choose to go after my enemy with or without your help, how will you stop me?"  He 
glanced around at the vast plain of the sea.  "It is true that your boat is 
convenient; it means that I will not have to first spend my powers to get myself and 
my men to... where we are going.  But I can do that without your help if I must.  And 
I will, if I must.  So your choice is merely:  will you return to your king now, 
without me, or will you return later, with me, after helping me destroy an enemy 
which Arrengilas and I share?"
     "You are determined on this?"
     "Then I must help you," she said.  "When you agreed to become Lord Kinnishan's 
envoy in Mara Balor, you became my king's guest.  I must not allow a guest of King 
Arrengilas to be..." she swallowed again, "to go into danger without whatever aid I 
can give."
     "Then let us go before the enemy has time to prepare."
     "Yes... I suppose we should," Muirona agreed.  She was still pale, but now 
resolute in her decision, and she turned toward the leafy sapling that served her 
shell of a boat for a sail.
     Something flew up and landed on it.  At first glance, it might have been a bird, 
but there were humanoid features as well.  It clutched a branch of the tree with 
taloned feet and spoke in a piping voice.  "The one with the golden sword greets the 
ice mage.  All is well with him, and battle impends. He is in grave danger and is 
well pleased with his life."
     The Icelord smiled as a tension he had not admitted even to himself was eased.  
It was one thing to be told that his friend and sword brother was well, another 
entirely to hear it from Bosk's own words.  For there could be no doubt that this 
creature had spoken with Bosk and brought the message from him.  Any deception would 
have been immediately detectable.  To him, at least.  He had actually 'seen' Bosk 
with his mind's eye as the creature spoke the message.  "Excellent!"
     Muirona frowned.  "You have come from the goblins?" she asked.
     "Yes, of course!  I left the golden sword person in conference with the queen."
     "Then how is he in danger?"
     "As I left, a darkness fell on the whole city," the creature said.  "I barely 
escaped it myself, even with my wings."
     "Darkness?  It sounds like the same enemy we're facing," Tempus muttered.
     Muirona jumped a little, having mostly forgotten the presence of the two 
gladiators.  "Yes, perhaps.  Other agents of the Brotherhood, anyway."  She turned 
and stared toward the low dark line of the shore, chewing on her lip.  "Do you want 
to go to your friend's aid?"
     "No.  One enemy at a time," The Icelord said.  "And if they are both aspects of 
one enemy, then to attack from two directions will serve us well, also.  Let us go 
now to... whatever lies out there."  He gestured toward the source of darkness he had 
sensed, out away from the land.
     "Very well."  Muirona was still pale, but she had the look of one who has 
accepted a dangerous mission and will now go through with though the sky falls.
     "You big people are all mad," the small flier said.  It lifted off its perch and 
slanted away toward the land.

     The mountain grumbled and shuddered around the queen's darkened chamber.  Bosk 
cocked his head to listen, bounced a little on his toes to get a better feel of the 
rock, and said, "Whatever we do, let's do it now.  We've got a serious earthquake 
building here.  Even the best dwarven construction will come down if you shake it 
enough, and your city--"
     "Is as good as the best dwarven construction," Brunild said.  "But you are 
correct, you should go now.  As I should in another direction."
     Molly gripped his hand.  "Where do you want to go first?" she asked.
     "To the fighting."  Bosk thought about sheathing his sword and decided not to.  
No telling how soon he might need it.  He followed when she tugged in one direction.  
Inward, away from the outer wall of the queen's chamber and the surface of the 
mountain, if he was not mistaken.  "Are these fire trolls appearing all over, or 
coming from one direction?"
     "One direction," she said.  "They are monsters, not ghosts or spirits to pass 
through stone like a dream.  According to the bells, they entered from the Rat's 
Door.  It's a place where our tunnels connect with natural caves, and it might be 
that some of the diggers were... overly enthusiastic and left the walls too thin 
there.  But... fire trolls can burn through stone, if they want to.  It wouldn't have 
had to be very thin."
     "Doesn't matter who's to blame, if anyone is," Bosk said.  "The important thing 
is that they're in, and coming from one point.  Can we close that door?  Or hole in 
the wall or whatever?"
     "Not against fire trolls, not without magic.  And I don't think we could reach 
it."  She was leading him along narrow passages and down stairs at a rapid pace.  The 
darkness didn't seem to bother her at all.  "The signal bells indicate a major 
incursion, more than one--probably at least four or five!--trolls.  And they won't be 
alone.  There will be gn-- er, regular people with them, to take advantage of the 
breaches they make."  She paused, and Bosk could hear her sliding bolts open.  "And 
whatever human magician made it possible for the trolls to come at all--that person 
will be the worst danger."
     "Then that's the one we need to find."
     "But... he'll be a magician!"  Molly's voice was alarmed.  She was moving, he 
could hear her feet scuffing on the stone as backed into him.
     Bosk saw that she was pulling open a door.  Saw it by the flame-lit gap at the 
edge, growing wider as she moved back.  There was a clamor of battle, too.  Damn, 
things were happening so fast he hadn't had time to ask her about the 'special 
project' she'd mentioned to the queen.  Well, it would have to wait.
     As soon as there was room, he stepped into the doorway.  It opened on a balcony 
that ran all around a chamber as big as a city's market square and three or four 
stories high; the balcony was half way up from the floor to the domed roof.  There 
was some sort of monument in the center that rose higher than the balcony, all the 
way to the ceiling and through it, or maybe, looking at it more closely, some kind of 
machinery.  A mill, maybe?  Not that it mattered.  The balcony itself was clear, and 
he crossed toward the railing to get a better look below.
     On one side of the chamber were three of the flaming trolls such as he had 
fought.  Three would be... a serious challenge even for him.  And they were followed 
by a horde of lesser (in size) beings, orcs, goblins, kobolds, who knew what they 
were called here?  Vermin.  But dangerous vermin.
     Confronting them were the warriors of the city, gnomes to a man, whatever they 
called themselves.  They seemed to be trying to stop the fire trolls from reaching 
the central installation above all things.  They were spending their lives recklessly 
for that end.
     Bosk turned to look at Molly, raising his eyebrows in question because she could 
not have heard him over the shouting and the blacksmith clang of weapons and the 
roaring flames that shimmered around the fire trolls and swept up almost to the roof 
of the chamber.
     She pulled him back toward the wall, leaned close, and shouted her answer.  
"They are protecting the cooling tower, to give the rest of the people time to 
evacuate.  Once the trolls reach the tower, every furnace in the city will begin to 
overheat.  An explosion--several explosions--will follow closely."
     "Keeping them away for more than a few minutes doesn't look possible," Bosk 
said.  He had too much experience in battle to judge wrongly there.
     "They only have to hold until the center of the city is cleared of our people," 
Molly said.  "Then, when the explosions begin, they will damage the enemy more than 
     Bosk started to answer but stopped as he heard a change in the yells of the 
enemy horde.  Before, they had been vengeful and bloodthirsty; now they were afraid, 
as well, and he did not think that the defenders had come up with a stunning new 
tactic.  He dashed back to the railing.
     Something was coming up the passage by which the trolls must have entered.  
Something dark.  He couldn't see what it was, or anything but the darkness of it, 
that swallowed the flames when it touched them.
     Bosk pointed at it and raised his eyebrows at Molly again.
     She shrugged and spread her hands to indicate that she didn't know what it was.  
But she was pale as milk with the fear of it, and turned to run along the balcony.
     He lost a moment in surprise before he followed.  He didn't believe she would 
run away, although even he could feel that the dark thing was terrible.  It was 
cloaked in terror; its darkness radiated terror as the flames of the trolls radiated 
heat.  Perhaps the fear struck harder at those who belonged to this world.
     Molly darted through another doorway, Bosk on her heels.  There were stairs 
going down, thin spirals of smoke coming up, and screams.

                                      SPY REPORT

     Like the magnificent Sun, rising upon the Dawn and exiling the Night for a Day, 
I, Novgorodny Vir, return once again!  Like a chunk of francium heaved into a wet 
pond, PLATOON blew up the rankings to 13!  Managers were muttering after LORDS OF 
VALHALLA showed CHIMLEVTAL what they could do:  4-1-0 to move up by 11.  Perhaps it 
is CON KNIGHTS members' intannibility that enabled them to move from 21st to 10th 
last week...  (Less time in the sun...) Like a chunk of francium heaved into a wet 
pond, DESOLATE ONES blew up the rankings to 11!  The boys at WHAT GAUL! aren't the 
happy-go-lucky bunch we all know and love, after suffering a 14 drop last week.  
Managers were muttering after UNFIT TO BE ORCS showed CHIMLEVTAL what they could do:  
3-1-0 to move up by 11.  Say what you will about blind luck and dirty fighting, but 
ALL NIGHT LONG will tell you 27-41-4 is nothing to laugh at...  Practice pays for SIR 
LEILWYN, who pummelled EMBEZZLING SCRIBE, to pocket 20 points.  A certain someone 
should cut down on the drinking and practice more, after losing 16 points to SNIPER.  
(Discrete enough, SHE MADE ME?) A certain someone saw FALCATA at The Mourngrym Inn 
and Tavern with the shakes, and now he fails to show up to defend his throne.  What a 
pathetic slob!  Now I can't insult EDOM, as she has gloriously dueled to the top.  Oh 
great new Duelmaster!!!  (Stop me if I lay it on too thick) So who was the warrior 
seen charging into immovable walls and challenging dead trees?  Someone's got a basic 
     So much to report, so little time!  Like a horde of jackals fleeing from the 
lion, so did the "warriors" in CHIMLEVTAL avoid STORMWATCH.  Like a pup with its tail 
between its legs, CLUB DV8 scurried away from STORMWATCH.  Oh, the shame!  Is it 
charming personality?  Conversational abilities?  Good oral hygiene?  Whatever it is, 
STEEL DRAGON is the most challenged warrior.  Place your bets!  INFERNO SERPENT is 
the long shot of the week:  they challenged AIRBORNE, up by 36.  Soopreyes, 
soopreyes!  INFERNO SERPENT emerges from the fray 9 points the richer.  Good show, 
INFERNO SERPENT!  Them's the breaks, SNORTY MCSNORT.  Expecting fair challenges from 
STORMWATCH is evidently too much to ask.  Yes, Virginia, sometimes the little guy 
wins, as SNORTY MCSNORT proved, beating 18 point higher ULTHAR ES.  As a confidence 
booster, ULTHAR THYDRIM challenged VIP SECTION, down 21 points.  Do you also slay 
vicious rodents in your spare time, ULTHAR THYDRIM?  Bookies and ULTHAR THYDRIM were 
more than a little surprised, as VIP SECTION snatched an easy victory from ULTHAR 
THYDRIM, gaining 22 points.  Do my ears deceive me?  ZARCO (outclassed by 29 points) 
challenged BEAR, in what promises to be a fight.(!) Like a fly challenging a 
flyswatter, ZARCO challenged BEAR, and got squashed.  We sadists got a kick out it!  
(as did ZARCO)  
     Is there life after death?  Pragmatics (and warriors) know there is death after 
life!  Those who owe SALEM of DARQUE FORCES money and had written him off, take note: 
he'S BACK FROM THE DARK ARENA!!!  AND he'S MAD!!!  Citizens of CHIMLEVTAL, be sure to 
settle your debts with TEN-TON TESSIE of NUMBERS GAME.  She's relocating to the Dark 
Arena and has other things on hers mind!  Ask not for whom the sword slashes; it 
slashes for thee.   
     Do not think spyreporting in CHIMLEVTAL is the highlight of my life.  As the 
seasons change, and the creatures of the wild change also, so do I feel a yearning to 
leave this place.  Do not despair!  I shall return!-- Novgorodny Vir  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 EDOM 5465                    16   5  0   121       DARQUE FORCES (422)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-PRIVATE ROOM 3620            17  11  0   114       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
-11TH COMMANDMENT 5453         8   7  1   113       NUMBERS GAME (403)
 UNZOE THE SHAMAN 4940        11   2  0   112       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
-FALCATA 5405                 12   5  1   111       SOL INVICTUS (469)
 AIRBORNE 4729                22  11  2   106       PLATOON (513)
 SNIPER 4724                  19  14  0   106       PLATOON (513)
 DAMHAIN THE SATYR 5197       25  11  0   105       OVERLORDS (509)
-COMMANDER SPUD 5149          11   8  1   105       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
 RETAEH T. MAERD 4105         18   8  0    97       CISUM S. EKARD (451)
 HORAGALLES 5212              13  13  2    96       SOL INVICTUS (469)
 DUST MITE 5390               10   1  1    95       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
 CINNIMON ROLLE 5553           8   3  1    94       ALL NIGHT LONG (570)
 SVEIN FORKBEARD 5187         20  17  2    93       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SHE MADE ME 5421             13  10  0    86       WHY DID I DO IT (540)
 MENDAL OMSHIL 5043           15  26  0    85       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
-HELL STORM 5665              11   3  0    85       DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)
 NORGEN PELH 5042             14  27  0    83       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 WAS DRUNK 5094               15  20  0    82       WHY DID I DO IT (540)
 POSEIDONIS 5540               9   3  1    81       AVENGERS (146)
 LES NAYLE 5044               13  33  0    77       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 STEPHEN 5460                 13   9  0    77       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 INFERNO SERPENT 5662          9   6  0    77       DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)
 ULTHAR THUUNE 5411           14  11  2    72       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
-CERIDWEN 5636                 6   2  0    70       SOL INVICTUS (469)
 FRED 4434                     8   3  1    68       4-LETTER FRUIT BATS (487)
 DIRDEN II 5655                6   2  0    68       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 VALKYRIE 5351                15  16  0    67       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-ANDERS DIEMED 5174           10  13  0    66       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)
-JOHN 4433                     8   2  1    66       4-LETTER FRUIT BATS (487)
 OMAR 5626                    12   8  0    65       SHERMANS STABLE (578)
 ULF STORMHELM 5612           10   1  0    65       STORMWATCH (440)
 VIP SECTION 5531              8   6  2    64       ALL NIGHT LONG (570)
 ULTHAR JARVA 5417            10  14  0    62       OVERLORDS (509)
 ULTHAR URUV 5409             16   9  4    61       OVERLORDS (509)
 GERI 5473                    11   9  0    61       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
 WARDO BARD 5276               9   2  0    61       BUSHMASTERS (164)
 SNORTY MCSNORT 5555           5   5  0    61       ALL NIGHT LONG (570)
 BEAR 5577                    10   3  1    60       THE ANIMALS (574)
 MIKADO 5627                  11   9  0    59       SHERMANS STABLE (578)
 UNHOLY TEMPTRESS 5563         6   3  1    58       CHAMPIONS OF RUNE (572)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-CALLEIGHT 5128               14  13  1    56       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)
 KATANA 5420                  10   8  1    55       AVENGERS (146)
 ULTHAR UTHERYDES 5682         5   1  0    53       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 SLATE G35 5637                7   2  0    52       NUMBERS GAME (403)
 HAJJ'IL THAN'NI 5664         10   7  0    50       DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)
 ULTHAR ES 5418               10  13  0    49       STORMWATCH (440)
-LITTLE NICKY 4413             4   2  0    46       THE ADAM-S FAMILY (484)
 PAPER CUT KING 5211           6   7  0    45       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
 MAYTODD 5628                 10   9  0    44       SHERMANS STABLE (578)
 ULTHAR THYDRIM 5557           8   7  1    43       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 ULL STORMHELM 5559            6   6  2    43       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 COLOSSUS'S FIRE 5661          6   5  0    43       DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)
 CRUSADER 5744                 4   4  0    42       CON KNIGHTS (589)
 TELLAS ARIGO 3727             7   2  3    41       CRIMSON BLADE (423)
 KOLUM MAROD 5344              8  14  1    40       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 LOWLY WORM 5383               8  15  0    39       AVENGERS (146)
 BADGER 5576                   8   5  0    38       THE ANIMALS (574)
 STEEL DRAGON 5564             6   3  0    38       CHAMPIONS OF RUNE (572)
 SARONIKO 5583                 4   4  0    36       CLUB DV8 (575)
 TERROR TWIN 5620              4   6  1    35       ALL NIGHT LONG (570)
 OBERON STORMBLADE 5632        5   5  1    34       OVERLORDS (509)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 ULTHAR STORMHELM 5556         5  10  1    33       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
-FLASHMAN 5561                 4   1  1    33       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)
-MAJOR PAIN 5463               4   3  0    33       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
-MASKIM XUL 5595               3   7  0    33       NECRONOMICON (577)
 TEMPLAR 5747                  3   5  0    33       CON KNIGHTS (589)
 BRUTIKUS 4938                 2   1  0    33       CIRCUS MAXIMUS (524)
 TRINITY 5743                  3   3  0    31       CON KNIGHTS (589)
 DUALIN 5799                   2   0  1    30       DESOLATE ONES (595)
 STILETTO 5581                 4   4  0    29       CLUB DV8 (575)
 OBSESSION 5692                3   3  1    29       BLACKGUARD (584)
 HEAVEN 5742                   3   3  0    29       CON KNIGHTS (589)
 NOSSER PEEL 4395              6   5  0    28       CISUM S. EKARD (451)
 FIRESOUL 5657                 3   1  0    28       CHAMPIONS OF RUNE (572)
 VESPIA MAXIMUS 4937           3   0  0    26       CIRCUS MAXIMUS (524)
 EAGLE 5578                    6   7  0    25       THE ANIMALS (574)
 ENSLAVED ANGEL 5660           5   3  0    25       DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)
 ULEK 5471                     4   3  0    25       BUSHMASTERS (164)
 GENGHIS KHAN 5569             2   0  0    25       EXTREME CREEPS (573)
-MAXIMIUS 3276                 5   6  0    24       CAESAR'S POOL HALL (350)
 TNEG UNDET 4373               4   6  0    24       CISUM S. EKARD (451)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 OBELIX 5705                   2   3  1    24       WHAT GAUL! (586)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-GIGAM XUL 5592                6   5  0    23       NECRONOMICON (577)
 CHICA LOCA 5585               3   5  0    23       CLUB DV8 (575)
 DANTRAG 5803                  2   0  0    23       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 ZARCO 5767                    2   1  0    23       THE 'X' FACTOR (590)
 LODEN NORVIS 5693             3   4  0    22       MIDDLE WAY 7 (536)
 SEPTIMIUS 3484                2   1  0    22       CAESAR'S POOL HALL (350)
 DIRDEN I 5654                 4   4  0    21       LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
 TATTLE TAIL 5754              2   1  1    21       CLUB DV8 (575)
 ELP RUPPEED 4449              3   5  0    20       CISUM S. EKARD (451)
 SIR LEILWYN 5794              1   0  0    20       DRAGON KNIGHTS (594)
 MAZOO 5766                    1   2  0    19       THE 'X' FACTOR (590)
-PRIVATE LAPDANCE 5656         1   0  0    19       MILITARY MAYHEM (89)
 KANDI LAND 5582               5   3  0    18       CLUB DV8 (575)
 BERAGO 5702                   5   1  0    18       BUSHMASTERS (164)
-DINGIR XUL 5630               4   4  1    17       NECRONOMICON (577)
 METALLURGIX 5704              2   3  0    17       WHAT GAUL! (586)
-HAPPY GILMORE 4414            2   2  0    17       THE ADAM-S FAMILY (484)
-SIR BRUTUS 5723               2   0  0    17       BLACKGUARD (584)
 CORNELIUS 3485                1   2  0    17       CAESAR'S POOL HALL (350)
 GRUNT 5749                    1   1  0    17       PLATOON (513)
-SLAUGHTER LAMB 3900           1   0  0    17       EXHALE INC... (437)
 ADAPA ASHUR 4114              4   2  0    16       CRIMSON BLADE (423)
-THE WATERBOY 4411             3   1  0    16       THE ADAM-S FAMILY (484)
 TWIN TERROR 5621              2   8  0    16       ALL NIGHT LONG (570)
 MAZZY FENTON 4533             2   0  0    16       THIEVES' GUILD (502)
 O.B.L. 5696                   1   0  0    16       EXTREME CREEPS (573)
 VEGA 5722                     2   0  0    15       BLUE FROG COMPANY (587)
 CHLOE D'MORTE 5724            2   2  0    15       BLACKGUARD (584)
 SR-71 5790                    1   0  1    15       PLATOON (513)
 ARTURUS DECIMUS 4903          1   2  0    15       CIRCUS MAXIMUS (524)
 SURT 5796                     1   1  0    15       DESOLATE ONES (595)
 DAZZLING DULL DAY 5752        1   0  0    15       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
 GOMORRAH 5771                 1   1  0    15       DARQUE FORCES (422)
 MARSHMALLOW MAN 5694          1   0  0    15       UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
 SYNYSTR 5596                  3   5  0    14       CHAMPIONS OF RUNE (572)
 ZLOTY 5768                    1   2  0    14       THE 'X' FACTOR (590)
-STREAKER 5687                 1   0  0    14       BACK TO SCHOOL (583)
 ULTHAR REDBEARD 5843          1   0  0    14       STORMWATCH (440)
 HERUGRIM 5653                 3   4  0    13       STORMWATCH (440)
 COURTNEY JOANNE 5779          1   0  0    13       DENZO MASTERS (592)
 ATLANTA 5713                  3   2  0    12       SHERMANS STABLE (578)
 ORIN GREYLOCKS 5830           1   0  1    12       THE HUNTSMEN (600)
 COFFEE CAKE 5772              1   0  1    11       DESSERT TRIBUNAL (591)
 GETAFIX 5708                  2   3  0    10       WHAT GAUL! (586)
-THE HOLLOW 4537               1   0  0    10       THIEVES' GUILD (502)
 SWEET TART 5775               1   0  0    10       DESSERT TRIBUNAL (591)
 DAWN MARIE 5780               1   0  0    10       DENZO MASTERS (592)
-ASH GOLEM 5689                3   0  0     9       BLACKGUARD (584)
 GORILLA 5710                  2   3  0     9       THE ANIMALS (574)
 FENRIS 5798                   1   1  0     9       DESOLATE ONES (595)
 SU MIRP 4999                  1   0  0     9       CISUM S. EKARD (451)
 FLAVIUS MAXIMUS 4900          0   2  0     8       CIRCUS MAXIMUS (524)
 SLOTH 5765                    2   1  0     7       THE 'X' FACTOR (590)
 ULTHAR THE PIOUS 5753         2   1  0     7       THE STORMGUARDS (78)
 VICIOSO 5026                  1   3  1     7       CRIMSON BLADE (423)
-WEDDING SINGER 4415           1   3  1     7       THE ADAM-S FAMILY (484)
 UNHYGIENIX 5706               1   4  0     7       WHAT GAUL! (586)
 GLAZED DONUT 5776             1   0  0     6       DESSERT TRIBUNAL (591)
 WOODCHUCK 5717                1   3  0     6       THE ANIMALS (574)
 HEAD HUNTER 5832              1   0  0     6       THE HUNTSMEN (600)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-BRIAR SHIELD 5813             1   0  0     6       HOPLITES (596)
 TOMMY FRANKS 5750             1   1  0     6       PLATOON (513)
 ZOTHIQUE 5597                 1   2  0     5       AVENGERS (146)
 SAVANNAH 5759                 1   2  0     5       SHERMANS STABLE (578)
 AUNNA 5764                    1   2  0     5       THE 'X' FACTOR (590)
-SHUB NIGGURATH 5730           1   2  0     5       NECRONOMICON (577)
-LEGS 5686                     1   0  0     5       BACK TO SCHOOL (583)
 LONG STRIDER 5831             1   0  0     5       THE HUNTSMEN (600)
 IVAN THE TERRIBLE 5568        1   1  0     4       EXTREME CREEPS (573)
 ALTAR 5770                    1   1  0     4       CON KNIGHTS (589)
 EIGHT SECONDS 5801            1   1  0     4       NUMBERS GAME (403)
 FORINPOLITIX 5808             1   1  0     4       WHAT GAUL! (586)
 VON HERRIGAST 5721            1   1  0     4       BLUE FROG COMPANY (587)
 CHAREOS 5718                  1   1  0     4       BLUE FROG COMPANY (587)
 ULTHAR REDBLADE 5802          1   1  0     4       THE STORMBRINGERS (359)
 LOKISAN 5797                  1   1  0     4       DESOLATE ONES (595)
 MIMIR 5800                    1   1  0     4       DESOLATE ONES (595)
 CHALDEA 5836                  1   0  0     3       DARQUE FORCES (422)
 MITRIAN 5719                  0   2  0     2       BLUE FROG COMPANY (587)
 HENRY THE BLACK 5572          0   2  0     2       EXTREME CREEPS (573)
-SPIKE WEAVER 5809             0   1  0     1       HOPLITES (596)
 SIR BLAERIC 5792              0   1  0     1       DRAGON KNIGHTS (594)
-CHUCKY 5685                   0   1  0     1       BACK TO SCHOOL (583)
-THORN ELEMENTAL 5810          0   1  0     1       HOPLITES (596)
 H. LEE 5781                   0   1  0     1       DENZO MASTERS (592)
-THISTLE 4534                  0   1  0     1       THIEVES' GUILD (502)
 ULTHAR CYAXARES 5837          0   1  0     1       OVERLORDS (509)
 SHARP EYES 5834               0   1  0     1       THE HUNTSMEN (600)
-AUN'VAR 5807                  0   1  0     1       THE NIGHTHAWKS (43)
-EDWARD DEATH 5758             0   1  0     1       BLACKGUARD (584)
 SIROK AKHISAR 5049            0   1  0     1       CRIMSON BLADE (423)
-PYGMY TROLL 5811              0   1  0     1       HOPLITES (596)
-LONE WOLF 5812                0   1  0     1       HOPLITES (596)
 SIR GORDERAN 5791             0   1  0     1       DRAGON KNIGHTS (594)
 COPPERHEAD 5846               0   1  0     1       BUSHMASTERS (164)
 PEACH STRUDEL 5774            0   1  0     1       DESSERT TRIBUNAL (591)
 FOOTPRINTS 5833               0   1  0     1       THE HUNTSMEN (600)
 BABY COREE 5778               0   1  0     1       DENZO MASTERS (592)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
KIRK 5727              0  1 0 4-LETTER FRUIT BA 487 PREACHER 353          270 NONE    
HERK 5726              0  1 0 4-LETTER FRUIT BA 487 WURM KIN 362          270 NONE    
SPARROW 5641           1  4 0 THE ANIMALS 574       DINGIR XUL 5630       266 REVENGED
MYER GOLDSTIEN 5720    1  1 0 BLUE FROG COMPANY 587 OBSESSION 5692        270         
BLUE KRAIT 5789        0  2 0 BUSHMASTERS 164       ORIN GREYLOCKS 5830   270         
METALSTORM 5643        3  3 0 CHAMPIONS OF RUNE 572 TELLAS ARIGO 3727     270         
BANDIT PRINCE 360      0  1 0 DARK ARENA 0          SALEM 5222            270 NONE    
DEAD 5835              0  1 0 DARQUE FORCES 422     BANDIT PRINCE 360     270 NONE    
TONI DANIELLE 5777     0  1 0 DENZO MASTERS 592     BANDIT PRINCE 360     270 NONE    
BANANA SPLIT 5773      0  1 0 DESSERT TRIBUNAL 591  THE RAGE MAN 359      270 NONE    
REINE MARGOT 5571      1  1 0 EXTREME CREEPS 573    SR-71 5790            270         
TEN-TON TESSIE 5455   11  9 1 NUMBERS GAME 403      ARENAMASTER LEVTA 358 270 NONE    
PASS THE BUCK 5804     0  1 0 SOL INVICTUS 469      LIGHTBRINGER 357      270 NONE    
EORED ROHIRRIM 5732    1  2 0 STORMWATCH 440        COFFEE CAKE 5772      270         
ULTHAR XANDO 5407     13  9 0 STORMWATCH 440        HORAGALLES 5212       266 NOT REVE
UNGVAR STORMHELM 5634  5  3 0 STORMWATCH 440        FLASHMAN 5561         269         

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Gamemaster -- There are so many teams here.  Can you let us know what teams are run 
by which managers?  Thank you! -- The Zoo Keeper, manager of The Animals (574)

     Does anyone have a list? -- GC

     The Saint does, but she isn't proofing this morning.  Remind her next time. --
     Temp Ed.

There surely is a lot of smack talk here, and it appears some kind of war is
going on. Is it? And who is winning?
     Con Knights

Hello Everyone! -- My name is Kon and I manage this group of nobles known as Empire 
Rising and of course I represent that awe-inspring alliance know to you all as the 
Desolate Empire and I plan to solidify the foundation of our Empire in this fine 
arena.  I am normally quiet and reserved, preferring my warriors' actions to speak 
for me -- with that being said let me allow them to introduce themselves:
-- Hopefully all of you will like me, for I am the...Peoples Prince
-- I'm really not a...Tyrant
-- All VC shall bow to the...Overlord
-- I'm still not sure why they call me...Drudge
-- In this arena there's a new...Sheriff
So there you have it folks!  If you're friendly, come on over and raise a pint or two 
with us. If you're not, then keep 'em sharp and at the ready! -- Dark Knight Kon

Dark Knights -- I have arrived!  Let me know who's who in this arna and we'll proceed 
to build our Empire upon their fallen bodies!!! -- Dark Knight Kon

To the glorious Knights of the DE -- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...and to quote Forrest Gump, 
"That's all I gots to say about that."  Quit talking and start producing. -- Apex

Osiris, Osmosis, Oslo, Oreo, whatever your name is -- Blue Frog Company??  Sounds 
like somewhere you could get good chew toys for your pets.  Hook a brother up with 
some free samples, and I'll see if my wife's Pomeranian likes them. -- Apex 

DK Oreo -- If the VC motto is what you said, then what does that make yours?  Hmmm... 
let me think a second.  WAIT!!!  I've got it!!!  How about, "Hey!!!  We're so cool!!  
It doesn't matter that the passed out drunk lying beside the pub has more original 
insults and cutdowns than we do as a collective group, we're still cool!!"

Osiris, Wasby, Oompaloompa, whatever your name is -- I appreciate the listing of your 
teams here.  Now that I know it's Toker's team I'll be beating up on over in Talacma, 
it makes it that much sweeter for me.  Also, for whomever runs Cherub in Dwes Eg, 
John Henderson sends his warmest regards.

To whichever, whomever, whatever of the DE desides to once again "call us out" -- For 
the love of the blessed gods of all the religions and sects across the land, BRING 
IT.  EVERYONE is tired of hearing about it.  Just shut up and do it.  We don't care 
that you feel the need to announce it EVERY turn.  Just please, for those that go to 
great pains to hand write these newsletters, quit wasting their time and ink.  We're 
here.  We're not going anywhere.  We know you're calling us out.  So do something 
about it. -- Apex

To all -- I'm not sure who these other groups are that are joining us in laughing at 
the comedy club that is called the D.E., but you can't be too bad.  I mean really. 
Anyone with a sense of humor should enjoy the Three Stooges+Shep campaign these guys 
are giving us.  It's slapstick at its finest. -- Apex

Blackstorm -- You guys couldn't dismantle a set of lego blocks with a sledge hammer 
and a bulldozer.  You'd all be too busy talking about how you're GOING to do it, 
instead of ACTUALLY doing it. -- Apex

Ralavar of Everlast -- My friend, you will HEAR a lot about and from the Dark 
Knights.  However, that's about all you'll get out of them.  Only Blackstorm has the 
brains to back up whatever he says.  Usually.  The rest are all talk, no game. Well, 
lots of game actually.  Because they can only play games when it actually gets down 
to business. -- Apex

Goat, Sheep, Lamb, Veal Scalopini -- You never really did much fighting against the 
C.O.L. here.  As a matter of fact, I don't think you ever really did much of anything 
in this arena.  But since you are an esteemed member of the D.E. now, and make-
believe is your specialty, who am I to take that away from you? -- Apex

D.K. Osiris -- Congratulations on the honors. -- The 'X' Factor

D.K. Toker -- Ya, maybe I do want to be a Duelmaster.  Maybe I do. -- X-Man 
(laughs as he thinks of the chickens)

D.K. Toker -- Thanks for showing me Chimlevtal. I plan on staying here for 
some time, to have fun. -- The 'X' Factor

Ralavar, mgr. Team Everlast -- Can I offer some advice?  I've only been in this game 
three years and I can't say much but you are going to get your face kicked in as a 
rookie.  Take it with a grain of salt and learn fast!  You'll begin to learn what 
works and what don't through trial and error.  Believe me I was that guy.  Anyway if 
you want to send any question my way I'll be glad to help you any way I can.  "Mind 
you I'm not that good, but I don't suck either." -- Buddy Lee, Devil's Mayhem 580

Poseidonis -- That's what I get for blind challenges.  Good thing you didn't kill me. 
-- Inferno Serpent

Templar -- Excellent win!  I sure parry a lot better than I attack. -- Enslaved Angel

D.K. Blackstorm -- Received yours and another is on the way.  Jackals?  You give them 
too much credit!  (grin)  More like a finch attacking an Eagle!  (LOL)  Although we 
are lions, they are at most a shepard!  Let's enjoy this.  Have brought a more 
SERIOUS team.  You said let's get serious, right?  (grin)  -- Dark KnightToker, mgr. 
The Huntsmen

Icelord -- The show last night at the Rusted Cutlass was great!  However, I have one 
question -- how did you get Maxi to fit in that dress?  I know he/she was selling 
wares, but it was truly comical! -- D.K. Toker

X-Man -- Just keep at it!  Hope you're enjoying your stay, dummy! (grin)  Trying to 
pass those off and to get caught!  Oh well, looking forward to the 28th! -- D.K. 

Dark Knights -- Dark Knight Ancient Creep has informed me that he will be back this 
cycle with his "Extreme Creeps" stable.  So now we grow stronger as our enemies 
weaken with their false bravado! -- D.K. Toker, mgr. The Huntsmen

D.K. Ancient Creep -- Glad to have you back at this most enjoyable time -- VC 
smashing!  It's been a long time coming anyway.  So just remember Hammer is no longer 
VC! (grin)  I got a diplo from Dok Sik and he will be in 47 along with Blackstorm and 
I for the time being!  No mercy! -- D.K. Toker

D.K. Osiris -- If they don't stand up after last cycles p-ads, they never will.  I 
alraedy know they're not in DM 1 with us like they stated in their all arena ad... 
damn cowards! -- Dark Knight Toker

All -- I have decided that since my Vincere Aut Mori (564) seems to be cursed with 
the now undead, I will be bringing in a new squad just for this war that seems to be 
spreading like wildfire!  So please welcome (or if you're VC stop your knees from 
knocking) "The Huntsmen!"  We are the hunters of cowards!  If questionable tacitcs 
are used by our enemies, we will employ thet same, if that's what it takes.  So to my 
DE brothers and our COL allies, SMASH all opposition, bogus Avengers or Lame VC!  I 
wish this Gemini Gold Phallix would show himself! -- Dark Knigh Toker, mgr. The 
P.S.  List of styles and more on the way!

Liam -- Are you not TCB?  Just wondering.  I thought I remembered some all arena 
welcoming you and Buddy Lee into the TCB!  Maybe I'm wrong!?!  Either way good 
challenge last turn! -- D.K. Toker

Kat -- Since my brothers smashed VC last turn it's only expected for one of us to do 
bad.  It just had to be me and that damn cursed team.  Kinda like your 59 squad, you 
know!  Good fights.  Hope my Huntsmen find yours soon.  They will be tracking them 
down. (evil grin) -- D.K. Toker

Ralavar -- Where is this "Gemini" guy!  He supports the VC observations, huh!  Okay, 
I won't tell you my observations, but since you all are new or pretending to be new, 
I will welcome you and wish you luck.  You all will need it! -- Dark Knight Toker, 
mgr. The Huntsmen

The Icelord -- Funny to see Goat back and against his former buttbuddies, the VC.  He 
refers to the upstarts at the Cartel as "battle tested and old."  He is half right.  
They are old and stale.  Tal, Warrior! -- High Lord Bosk

Citizens of Chimlevtal -- It is in your honor that the arena swells toward 40 stables 
battling.  All Hail Chimlevtal! -- The Council of Lords

Goat -- As far as I'm concerned, you are a has-been and not worthy of our attention.  
Go ahead and focus on your current itch. -- High Lord Bosk

RTR -- I am very ready for a great night of swilling and wenching at the Rusty 
Cutlass!  When I return, My Friend. -- High Lord Bosk

Norgen Pelh -- The Knifebeards are a clan of lesser furocity than us Forkbeards! -- 
Svein Forkbeard

Blackstorm -- You are correct, your enemies' enemy is not your enemy.  We will toast 
your efforts in Chimlevtal.  Join us at the Rusty Cutlass after The Icelord and I get 
back from our current adventure.  As for a hunting permit... are you kidding?  These 
VC small fish are on the catch and release program -- CERTAINLY not trophy material, 
soooo have at 'em! --High Lord Bosk

COL -- That was 2 for u and 1 for me that turn by my count.  Looks like your ranks 
are growing -- never let it be said that you lack charisma.  Also, it appears I may 
have an unlikely ally in an old foe...should make for an interesting end to the year. 
-- D. Noble

Can we get to 40 teams this turn?? -- D. Noble

Ralavar -- No. -- Citizens of Chimlevtal

VIP Section -- I thought your manager, Destitute Noble, said downchallenges are 
cowardly?!  Did he mean "always cowardly" or "they are cowardly when my enemies do 
them?"  Such hypocrisy.  You're lucky I didn't kill you for that downchallenge, boy. 
-- Ulthar Thydrim

Salem -- Nice try. -- Damhain the Satyr

Dark Knight Goat -- I greet you.  It is ironic, indeed.  As I recall, The COL and 
Vendetta@United were discussing an end to hostilities.  We certainly understand and 
support the Desolate Empire's battle with the Crying Cartel.  A new chapter in the 
history of glorious Chimlevtal is now being written. -- Master Janos  Bard/Historian 
-- The Council of Lords

Dark Knight Osiris -- Greetings and welcome to Chimlevtal!  It looks like you will 
certainly liven up this already lively arena!  The Crying Cartel look like: Darque 
Forces, Why Did I Do It, Platoon, Club DV8, The Nighthawks, What Gaul! and Hoplites. 
Buddy Lee manages Devil's Mayhem and is fully supporting them.  Destitute Noble 
supports them and runs Numbers Game, Just Desserts and All Night Long.  There might 
be more, but they usually hide in the bushes and then brag when they get a few 
surprise wins.  Be strong and do as you will.  The swords of others will set you your 
limit. -- Maste Janos  Bard/Historian -- The Council of Lords

Senseless Jan -- So you dumped those losers Samurai Kids II?  Is Hoplites yours?  If 
so, why didn't you announce on turn #269 that you manage them?  Typical Crying 
Cartel.  You sure did talk A LOT months ago and you have not backed up squat.  Are 
you going to dump Hoplites after they start 3-12?  Use your avoids because the pain 
is coming. -- The Stormguards

The Council of Lords are proud to present Chimlevtal History Facts:  On turn #80 
(2/29/92) three were 43 teams listed in Chimlevtal.  They were: Zombie Stomp, The 
Inner Sphere, The Stormguards, Night Breed, Silver Blades, Sea Rats, Briteron By, 
Energeia, Enforcers, Dagarath Guards, Dead and Buried, Black Company, Team 
Supreme!!!, Bushmasters, Loony Toons, Jabbas Children, Power Pact, Vicious Hatred, 
Les Gaulois, Muslim Fanatics, Visions, Beat These, The 422 Crew, Meat Cleavers, South 
of Heaven, The Bloodguard, The RW Killers, Foreign Legion, The Barbarians, 
Labyrinths, Gold Tigers, Mostly Music, The Trojans, Clair De Lune, The Maelstrom, The 
Nighthawks, Junkyard Dogs, The Spice Pack, Warriors, Knightly Ice, A Touch of Evil, 
The Blackadders and Damage Inc. The Duelmaster was Here2Kill of Dead and Buried, a 
WOS who was 17-2.

Blackstorm -- In other places, I've room to play -- here, you need to stand in line. 
-- Kat

RTR -- My most sincere apology if the minutia of my grammar exceeds your acumen.  My 
bad, righteous dude.  {flex, flex, flex} -- Kat

Dark Knight Osiris/Wasby the Great -- ...and what, pray tell, entitles you to my 
attention?  As a helpful point, Ed. normally keeps the definitive list of managers.  
You need but to ask. -- Kat

Ed. -- May we have a list of current teams/managers?   Much appreciated. -- Kat (Mgr. 
-- ClubDV8)

     I'm sure you may, but Ed. is sleeping in today, and you've got me and no list.
     Next time.  Remind her. -- Temp Ed.

Toker -- Our condolences on Tiberius.  Death, though always a possibility, is 
unfortunate -- Kat

You know, I WROTE personals, and then I glanced the other way, and poof, the 
lightning pigeon ate them.  I tried "put it back," to no avail.  I'll have to dig the 
fights out of the trash and do them over from scratch.  This is the absolute pits. -- 

Sniper -- If you have to sneak up and shoot me from ambush (and if I had to shoot 
someone, ambush would be my choice, too), try to teach me some more skills next time, 
okay?  I need 'em. -- Norgen Pelh

Unholy Temptress -- Is there any other kind?  Let's get together and tempt each other 
more after the fights.  It could be fun. -- Kolum Marod
P.S.  It makes sense that a temptress should be an elf.  One hears stories about 

Shub Niggurath -- Wow!  That talisman that I bought from a withered crone right 
before the fight is obviously the goods!  I'm a vanquisher of Chaotic Beings!  I 
never even suspected that this would be my career path.  Cool. -- Loden Norvis

Svein Forkbeard -- Very strong-minded of you to persuade the Commission NOT to list 
you as a dwarf.  Anyone with a beard, automatically goes down as a dwarf, ESPECIALLY 
if he's more than six feet tall.  How did you do it? -- Les Nayle

Omar -- I had a really snide comment in my original personal, but now that Jorja's 
paying attention, she won't let me repeat it.  Or any other rude or snide comment I 
can think of.  Damn. -- Mendal Omshil

Ralavar -- I'm not finding you on the team listing here, where are you?  Will you see 
an answer posted here?
      There are other people who can give better advice, but here's my two cents' 
      A warrior with SZ 20 WT 17 WL 4?  Send him to the Dark Arena.  If I had such a 
warrior, I would probably run him, but I'm a masochist.  But I would not have a 
warrior like this, because I would never let WL remain at 4; I'd probably boost it to 
nine or ten, even if it meant leaving some OTHER stat low.  OTHER low stats can be 
fixed, if you have enough WL.  This warrior cannot be fixed, because of the abysmal 
will stat.  He will lose and lose and lose, because the low will encourages him to 
quit at the least little problem during the fight.  If he happens to be a pure 
offensive, a lunger or a basher, say, he might win a few fights at the beginning by 
running flat out (10-10-x), but he has NO long-term potential.
      A tourney team?  Nothing easier.  Buy a new team, send it to one of the 
transfer arenas (71, 72, and 73 are good choices) with no strategies.  It will be 
entered and overviewed, but won't run unless/until you send strategies.  The warriors 
will be in the system, however, and readily available for tourneys.  Just don't 
forget to send them strategies for the tourneys!  Otherwise they'll end up running no 
armor, no weapons, 1-1-1.  Bad idea, which I know since some of mine ran that way 
when I wasn't paying attention!

Ulek -- I don't mind if we try again, now that you know what I'm about, let's try 
again. -- Unhygienix

Goat -- Unlike your ...ahem... alliance, you will find the VC a coordinated fighting 
machine.  Ask Lady Fern, the young ones are always done too soon, experience will 
give you stamina and the know-how to finish the job properly. -- Maximillian

Blackstorm -- Okay, I surrender, now come just a little bit closer.... -- Maximillian

COL -- Love your old turn listings, I recognize many teams and am waiting to see my 
old one. -- Maximillian

Stormwatch -- I do not speak for the Cartel, just myself.  I will use dishonorable 
tactics only in retaliation.  But you guys are special :) -- Getafix

Blackstorm -- None of us are overly worried, if truth be told.  Toker says you 
couldn't beat your way out of bed. -- Maximillian

Petrified Creepy -- See you soon, ready to get smacked around for the 3rd time 
inarow. -- Warriors of What Gaul!

Liam the Goth -- Hammer is an old, good friend, your words gain you my respect. 
Although we have not forgotten your DC in 28 against us. -- Maximillian
P.S.  A diplo will be forthcoming, I almost forgot what they were. :)

Obsession -- I'm sorry, would you like to try again. -- Getafix

Osiris -- Your Maxipad reference is low class, we expected no less. -- Maximillian

Avengers of Light -- I suggest you show yourself. -- Maximillian

Steel Dragon -- Don't let your head get all puffy now. -- Getafix

Aunna -- I bet you were even confident weren't you. -- Metallurgix

Firesoul -- Ever been slapped upside the head with a fish.  I've got some nice 
seasoned ones just for the DE. -- Unhygienix

Thorn Elemental -- Please try to stay away from me, you're all prickly. -- 

Lowly Worm -- 2 fights inarow now against fighters with massive FE advantages.  I'm 
getting rather tired of this by Belenos and Bellisama. -- Obelix

RTR -- Great name.  And well earned from what I've seen from past newlsetters.  I 
must say, I try to be as rude as possible while still upholding my knightly vows. -- 
D.K. Osiris

Dark Knights -- Good turn.  Now let's turn it up.  Women and Wine on me tonight at 
Blue Frog Keep. -- D.K. Osiris
P.S.  Goat, put down that VC lackey.  Just for a minute.

C.O.L. -- Feel free to also stop by Blue Frog Keep for W&W.  Of course, you'll also 
have to put down your shipping toys.  Oh, my bad, those are ACTUAL VC members! -- 
D.K. Osiris

All -- D.E. 5 wins, V.C. 5 wins, a wash.  Moods were not great a the V.C. hideout as 
they couldn't get all their cowardly D.C.s through.  Trust in the Knights to prevail. 
-- D.K. Osiris

Now, on to the flaming!

Liam the Goth -- The northern wolf?  The Northern Wolf?!  THE NORTHERN WOLF!?!  Don't 
you know wolves cower when faced with the fury of a BLACKSTORM? -- D.K. Osiris
P.S.  I can't help it so...ho's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Senseless -- Hey ba-by, nice to see you.  I didn't mean for my frogs to do that, but 
well, yes I did.  Glad you're here.  I love 'em.  A bit fiesty.

Ralavar, mgr. Team Everlast -- This will be a one time bit of advice.  I'll try to 
condense, but trust me on this:  if you really are new (which I doubt), don't get 
involved in any wars or battles.  I only tell you this because when I started I got 
pushed into a war my very first turn and I regret coming into the game that way.  I 
wish I would've got advice like I'm giving you now.  So there's my reason. -- D.K. 

Ralavar -- With that said, if you continue to ride the leg of the VC, I WILL punish 
you accordingly. -- D.K. Osiris

Blue Krait -- I usually do not wear armor that heavy!  On the advice of one of my 
manager's friends, I tried and lo and behold!  Good fight. -- Lori ann

Ulthar Redblade -- One good parry on my part!  I will be sore for the days to come.  
The keg is on me.  Nice! -- Fenris

chareos -- I knew (duh) me should tried school longer?  But DADA went to WAR.  You be 
friend cum see sister and eat pig eat pie.  Huh, like your hair.  Me win next time.  
OK.  Me learn something.  (picking nose)  I think... -- Surt

Vincere Aut Mori -- Real nice.  There is nothing better than bringing your stable out 
of the gutter.  I know to kill snakes you have to sometimes drop to their level.  
Time to get your boots on and mosh to the front! -- Desolate Ones

Blue Frog Co. -- Real nice.  So whom as I dealing with.  I thought Wasby the Great 
escaped!  I don't want you hurting my old pal.  Sir God Osiris.  Please let him go. -
- Desolate Ones

Champions of Rune -- I like your style of stable name.  May the norns guide you and 
Hasuz enlighten you, while Kenaz provides the knowledge needed to reach Rig Hood. -- 
Desolate Ones

C.O.L. -- Dark Knight Osiris could not have put it any clearer.  There will be no 
bloodfeuds on my part if one of my warrior dies. -- D.K. Goat

Gemini Goldpole Climber -- Put your high heels and makeup on before you expose 
yourself.  You should continue keeping quiet while you think about what you are 
doing!  Are you sure you're not an undercover Altar Boy that thinks we give a crap 
who you really are!  So just shut up and let men and true women fight the real war!
-- Dark Knight Goat of the Desolate Empire

Master Darque -- I'm sure you have heard it all.  Good luck in your defeat.  (sword 
raised) -- Dark Knight Goat of the Desolate Empire

VC -- The field of sorrow is back.  As usual your young warriors have been trying to 
train at the "Desolate Axe" with real masters.  Do not worry "I" let them train with 
our "Desolate Flowers," who kept asking them, "Why do you always parry instead of 
fight?"  "What are all them calluses on your knees from?"  After the flowers whipped 
on them, I had to tell them, (Desolate Flowers) that them "V.C. boys had to go 
through a special 'Altar Attendant' Ritual like Maxi did."

All -- The Dragon Knights respectfully announce their arrival here in the Chimlevtal 
Arena.  We hope that the compeition here is respectful, but brutal. -- Turak, mgr. 
Dragon Knights

26 August 2006
The Avengers of Light.  Another VC lackey?  What's the matter VC, are you scared?
Bringing in reinforcements.  It matters not, bring your avengers and they shall be
crushed!  I am Dark Knight Blackstorm and I represent the Desolate Empire and can
easily be found in 8, 28, 31, 47, 54, and 106.  I reply with steel and your women
shall cry when they start the body count!!!!!!!!!  Remember to sign your posts to
whoever from the VC wrote that earlier Ad. -- Dark Knight Blackstorm

4 September 2006
Civil War/The Crusades

The next edition of the Civil War series is to be held in Tobir, arena 14, beginning
November 25th with a round where all participating managers must DA all 5 of their
warriors; in addition all warriors must be prefixed with an A an F or a D in the
following manner:  A-Broke Stroker or (A) Broke Stroker.  Names simply beginning with
the letter of your federation will NOT count as properly prefixed!  Existing teams
are welcome but no warrior who survives the DA who had prior Fight Experience (arena
or tourney) will be allowed to score or challenge into the contest teams.  There will
be an equal number of teams set up for each of the three factions (Andorian, Free
Blades, and Delarquan) to create sides as equal as possible.  This along with the DA
round should set up pretty equal footing for all managers.  After the DA there will
be another round where you can either DA again or fight your new, or surviving,
warriors so they will be set up to challenge an opponent beginning on round 1.  So as
a recap DA round, turn 0, then turn 1 it begins with the following rules:

The Civil War to be held in arena 14.
- The contest runs for 10-28 turns (barring ties).
- No tourney participation allowed.  Teams with warriors participating in any
  tournament are disqualified.
- An even number of teams per faction worked out by the Faction Leaders.  No later
  substitutions are allowed.
- If a manager brings in a second team and challenges into the contest he is DQ'd and
  his side will fight one team short!
- Three factions will be participating:  Andorian, Delarquan, Free Blades
- Everyone prefixes their warrior with A-, F-, or D- (No prefix = disqualification of
  the warrior)
- Turn DA:  (The DA Round) November 25, 2006.  Every warrior must DA.  (Warriors not
  DA'd on Turn 0 are disqualified)
- Turn 0:  December 9th, 2006.  There will be no scoring this turn it is meant to
  allow for challenges on turn 1.
- Turn 1+:  Scoring as detailed below
- Each team gets 1 point for defeating a warrior from an opposing team.
- Fights against warriors on your team do not generate points in any situation.
- The team with the most points each turn gets a Battle Point (if there is a tie for
  the most points then no Battle Points are accrued)
- The first team to 10 Battle Points wins the war
- Managers of teams on the winning side each receive a +1 bonus potion to be used on
  a warrior on their contest team.  This must be applied within a month of the
  conclusion of the contest and the team must have been active on the last turn of
  the contest.

Anyone wishing to participate, and feels they can probably stick around for the
duration (don't want to handicap a side, of course unforeseeable events cannot be
planned for), should either diplo me at THE DEATH SQUAD(63) in Tobir (arena 14) or
place a personal ad in the arena.  You may also contact me via the Duel2.com boards!
Let me know which faction you would like to fight for!  This contest is intended to
be open to ALL managers wishing to pit themselves against each other to try and
determine which faction has the best managers! -- Street Legal

14 September 2006
     I am back in the arena and thinking back to those days in 1984 where I was a
novice and clueless manager.
     Now, 22 years later it looks like I am an ancient and once again clueless
     I am looking to recover some old warriors.  Since none of them are Aimed Blows,
they are no threat to win anything.  I just want to see how they turned out.

The Couatl 2-17
Madam Butterfly 20-701
Gypsy Moth 20-703
King Crab 21-1
Priestess Python 26-1388

Please contact me at DekeYoung@Comcast.net if you know about any of these ancient
warriors, or just want to bs about the old, old, old times.

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

SALEM viciously butchered BANDIT PRINCE in a 3 minute bloody Dark Arena fight.
TEN-TON TESSIE was slaughtered by ARENAMASTER LEVTANI in a 1 minute Dark Arena battle.
BANANA SPLIT was assassinated by THE RAGE MAN in a 1 minute bloody Dark Arena duel.
TONI DANIELLE was butchered by BANDIT PRINCE in a 1 minute gory Dark Arena fight.
PASS THE BUCK was murdered by LIGHTBRINGER in a 1 minute Dark Arena competition.
DEAD was butchered by BANDIT PRINCE in a popular 1 minute bloody Dark Arena duel.
KIRK was executed by PREACHER in a 1 minute Dark Arena brawl.
HERK was easily killed by WURM KIN in a 1 minute Dark Arena fight.
SNIPER handily defeated SHE MADE ME in a 1 minute uneven Challenge melee.
CINNIMON ROLLE won victory over STEPHEN in a action packed 2 minute Challenge fight.
HORAGALLES won victory over POSEIDONIS in a 2 minute gory Challenge fight.
INFERNO SERPENT was luckily beaten by AIRBORNE in a popular 3 minute Challenge melee.
ULTHAR ES was subdued by SNORTY MCSNORT in a crowd pleasing 2 minute Challenge match.
ULTHAR URUV was viciously subdued by FRED in a tiresome 10 minute Challenge battle.
ULTHAR THYDRIM was overpowered by VIP SECTION in a 1 minute Challenge conflict.
CRUSADER was overpowered by DIRDEN II in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
GERI devastated COLOSSUS'S FIRE in a exciting 4 minute uneven Challenge duel.
ULL STORMHELM slimly lost to SLATE G35 in a crowd pleasing 2 minute Challenge brawl.
WARDO BARD overpowered KOLUM MAROD in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
OBERON STORMBLADE beat OBELIX in a 2 minute veteran vs. amateur Challenge match.
ZARCO was devastated by BEAR in a popular 2 minute one-sided Challenge contest.
EAGLE was savagely defeated by SARONIKO in a 2 minute gruesome Challenge bout.
KANDI LAND was vanquished by STEEL DRAGON in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge fray.
TEMPLAR savagely defeated BERAGO in a popular 5 minute gory Challenge match.
TWIN TERROR lost to VESPIA MAXIMUS in a 3 minute Challenge match.
TRINITY overpowered HERUGRIM in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
ENSLAVED ANGEL overpowered ARTURUS DECIMUS in a 1 minute uneven Challenge match.
LOKISAN was beaten by CHICA LOCA in a 2 minute beginner vs. veteran Challenge duel.
CHLOE D'MORTE was savagely defeated by FIRESOUL in a 2 minute Challenge competition.
TATTLE TAIL overpowered VON HERRIGAST in a 1 minute uneven Challenge duel.
SLOTH was overpowered by TERROR TWIN in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
ULTHAR REDBLADE was overpowered by GRUNT in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
ALTAR was overpowered by MAZOO in a 1 minute uneven Challenge bout.
FORINPOLITIX was subdued by LODEN NORVIS in a 1 minute Challenge contest.
GOMORRAH overpowered MIMIR in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge struggle.
MYER GOLDSTIEN was murdered by OBSESSION in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge struggle.
DUALIN handily defeated GETAFIX in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
AUNNA was demolished by DIRDEN I in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge conflict.
UNHYGIENIX was viciously subdued by VEGA in a 1 minute novice's Challenge bout.
DANTRAG handily defeated EIGHT SECONDS in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge match.
GORILLA was overpowered by HEAVEN in a 1 minute gruesome one-sided Challenge fight.
DUST MITE won victory over WAS DRUNK in a exciting 1 minute struggle.
UNZOE THE SHAMAN handily defeated VENOMOUS CONCUBINE in a 1 minute mismatched duel.
EDOM savagely defeated LES NAYLE in a crowd pleasing 2 minute veteran's Title brawl.
RETAEH T. MAERD overcame NORGEN PELH in a popular 2 minute veteran's match.
DAMHAIN THE SATYR subdued MENDAL OMSHIL in a 2 minute expert's fight.
MANI overpowered ULTHAR THUUNE in a 1 minute uneven bout.
SVEIN FORKBEARD overpowered MIKADO in a 1 minute uneven competition.
UNHOLY TEMPTRESS was outlasted by ULF STORMHELM in a unpopular 9 minute match.
OMAR overpowered LOWLY WORM in a 1 minute one-sided battle.
VALKYRIE was narrowly defeated by ULTHAR JARVA in a 8 minute bloody master's bout.
KATANA overcame MAYTODD in a 1 minute match.
PAPER CUT KING was viciously subdued by HAJJ'IL THAN'NI in a exciting 3 minute battle.
ULTHAR UTHERYDES overpowered DANGEROUS CRIMINAL in a 1 minute one-sided brawl.
NOSSER PEEL was narrowly defeated by BADGER in a 2 minute contest.
TNEG UNDET was devastated by BRUTIKUS in a action packed 1 minute one-sided bout.
STILETTO outwaited ADAPA ASHUR in a slow 20 minute fight.
TELLAS ARIGO butchered METALSTORM in a 1 minute mismatched conflict.
ULTHAR STORMHELM overpowered SYNYSTR in a 2 minute gruesome one-sided match.
ULEK savagely defeated METALLURGIX in a 7 minute gory veteran vs. amateur conflict.
MAZZY FENTON bested TOMMY FRANKS in a 1 minute fight.
ELP RUPPEED overpowered MITRIAN in a 1 minute one-sided brawl.
CORNELIUS was vanquished by GENGHIS KHAN in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
SEPTIMIUS overpowered HENRY THE BLACK in a 1 minute one-sided fight.
CHAREOS was vanquished by ULTHAR REDBEARD in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
WOODCHUCK was demolished by ZLOTY in a 1 minute uneven battle.
EORED ROHIRRIM was slain by COFFEE CAKE in a exciting 1 minute amateur's fight.
ATLANTA slimly won victory over FLAVIUS MAXIMUS in a 5 minute novice's bout.
BLUE KRAIT was murdered by ORIN GREYLOCKS in a 1 minute one-sided bout.
ULTHAR THE PIOUS defeated SIROK AKHISAR in a dull 5 minute amateur's fight.
SAVANNAH was devastated by O.B.L. in a 1 minute mismatched match.
ZOTHIQUE was demolished by DAZZLING DULL DAY in a 2 minute uneven match.
REINE MARGOT was butchered by SR-71 in a 1 minute one-sided battle.
IVAN THE TERRIBLE was luckily beaten by COURTNEY JOANNE in a 2 minute beginner's duel.
VICIOSO was handily defeated by SURT in a action packed 1 minute one-sided melee.
FENRIS narrowly defeated SIR GORDERAN in a exciting 4 minute gruesome amateur's bout.
SU MIRP viciously subdued PEACH STRUDEL in a 2 minute brutal novice's duel.
MARSHMALLOW MAN unbelievably bested FOOTPRINTS in a unpopular 13 minute brutal match.
SIR BLAERIC was subdued by LONG STRIDER in a 2 minute beginner's fight.
SIR LEILWYN overpowered EMBEZZLING SCRIBE in a 1 minute uneven match.
H. LEE was subdued by HEAD HUNTER in a 2 minute novice's contest.
DAWN MARIE demolished ULTHAR CYAXARES in a 1 minute uneven bout.
BABY COREE was outwaited by CHALDEA in a dull 20 minute beginner's match.
GLAZED DONUT beat SHARP EYES in a crowd pleasing 1 minute brutal novice's duel.
SWEET TART devastated COPPERHEAD in a 1 minute one-sided battle.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|STRIKING ATTACK                 28         SLASHING ATTACK   45 -  30 -  3      60  |
|TOTAL PARRY                     24         TOTAL PARRY       83 -  71 -  5      54  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                  19         PARRY-STRIKE      53 -  48 -  1      52  |
|WALL OF STEEL                   19         PARRY-RIPOSTE     30 -  29 -  2      51  |
|AIMED BLOW                      15         AIMED BLOW        57 -  56 -  1      50  |
|BASHING ATTACK                  13         STRIKING ATTACK   87 -  97 -  7      47  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                 11         WALL OF STEEL     52 -  64 -  2      45  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                     11         BASHING ATTACK    38 -  50 -  1      43  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                   10         LUNGING ATTACK    57 -  78 -  5      42  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     9         PARRY-LUNGE       22 -  34 -  1      39  |

Turn 270 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

SLASHING ATTACK    8 -  3     BASHING ATTACK     6 -  7         3  STRIKING ATTACK
AIMED BLOW         9 -  6     TOTAL PARRY       10 - 14         2  WALL OF STEEL  
PARRY-STRIKE       5 -  4     PARRY-RIPOSTE      4 -  6         1  SLASHING ATTACK
LUNGING ATTACK    10 -  9     PARRY-LUNGE        2 -  9         1  PARRY-STRIKE   
WALL OF STEEL     10 -  9                                       1  PARRY-RIPOSTE  
STRIKING ATTACK   14 - 14                                       1  PARRY-LUNGE    
                                                                1  TOTAL PARRY    
                                                                1  BASHING ATTACK 

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
STRIKING ATTACK  EDOM 5465                  16   5  0  121 DARQUE FORCES (422)
PARRY-STRIKE     UNZOE THE SHAMAN 4940      11   2  0  112 THE STORMGUARDS (78)
PARRY-RIPOSTE    AIRBORNE 4729              22  11  2  106 PLATOON (513)
PARRY-LUNGE      SNIPER 4724                19  14  0  106 PLATOON (513)
TOTAL PARRY      DAMHAIN THE SATYR 5197     25  11  0  105 OVERLORDS (509)
WALL OF STEEL    RETAEH T. MAERD 4105       18   8  0   97 CISUM S. EKARD (451)
SLASHING ATTACK  DUST MITE 5390             10   1  1   95 UNFIT TO BE ORCS (450)
LUNGING ATTACK   INFERNO SERPENT 5662        9   6  0   77 DEVIL'S MAYHEM (580)
AIMED BLOW       DIRDEN II 5655              6   2  0   68 LORDS OF VALHALLA (508)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is SHE MADE ME 5421.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was EDOM 5465.  The ten other most popular fighters were INFERNO SERPENT 5662, 

The least popular fighter this week was ADAPA ASHUR 4114.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were STILETTO 5581, CHALDEA 5836, BABY COREE 5778, MARSHMALLOW MAN 
VALKYRIE 5351, and ULEK 5471.

The following warriors have traveled to AD after fighting this turn:

MANI (31-5102) SOL INVICTUS (469)
SALEM (31-5222) DARQUE FORCES (422)

                 FACE-TO-FACE TOURNEY XLI

FRESHMEN TOURNEY                       W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
HUNGRY BONES 4720 (17-8-1)             5  3  0         UNFIT TO BE ORCS     

CHALLENGERS TOURNEY                    W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
PRIVATE ROOM 3620 (17-11-0)            5  3  0         MILITARY MAYHEM      

ADEPTS TOURNEY                         W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
11TH COMMANDMENT 5453 (7-7-1)         17  1  0         NUMBERS GAME         
100 GRAND 5454 (10-6-1)                1  2  0  DEAD   NUMBERS GAME         
PAPER CUT KING 5211 (6-6-0)            1  3  0         UNFIT TO BE ORCS     

APPRENTICES TOURNEY                    W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
PRIVATE LAPDANCE 5656 (0-0-0)          5  3  0         MILITARY MAYHEM      
OBSESSION 5692 (1-2-0)                 3  3  0         BLACKGUARD           
MARSHMALLOW MAN 5694 (0-0-0)           1  3  0         UNFIT TO BE ORCS     

ROOKIES TOURNEY                        W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
DAZZLING DULL DAY 5752 (0-0-0)         9  3  0         UNFIT TO BE ORCS     
SUPER RAPID 5751 (0-0-0)               4  3  0         UNFIT TO BE ORCS     
TYRANT 5647 (0-0-0)                    0  3  0         EMPIRE RISING