Date   : 07/15/2003    Duedate: 08/11/2003


DM-47    TURN-200

This Weeks Top Honors


(47-4714) [16-1-1,129]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

JUMBO MUMBO                    ARISTON
SPOONERTIKS (523)              FORLORN HOPE (78)
(47-4714) [16-1-1,129]         (47-508) [2-2-0,17]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

THE BEAR'S PAW (150)           MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)
(47-2955) [20-14-2,111]        (47-5037) [9-8-0,38]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)      46
2. ROYAL FLUSH (48)            34      SPOONERTIKS (523)
3. THE BEAR'S PAW (150)        24      Unchartered Team
4. COFFEE RULES! (505)         20
5. THE FEDERATION (539)        16      FORLORN HOPE (78)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 1 SPOONERTIKS (523)         55  25  2 68.8   1/ 1 SPOONERTIKS (523)        11  2 1
 2- 2*REALLY BIG WORDS (439)     4   2  1 66.7   2/ 4 MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)   10  5 0
 3- 3 KANSANS (527)            680 385 15 63.8   3/ 8 WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (541)  9  6 1
 4/ 4 MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)   196 111 16 63.8   4/ 2 ROYAL FLUSH (48)          9  6 0
 5- 5 LAND OF OZ (217)         358 250 11 58.9   5/ 5 COFFEE RULES! (505)       9  6 0
 6/ 6 DRAKE'S COMICS (463)     113  84  3 57.4   6/ 3 DRAKE'S COMICS (463)      8  6 0
 7/ 7 ROYAL FLUSH (48)         529 414 29 56.1   7/10 CARNIVAL (411)            7  8 0
 8- 8 ARGOSSEANS (468)          97  77  5 55.7   8/ 7 THE FEDERATION (539)      6  4 0
 9/ 9 COFFEE RULES! (505)       66  54  2 55.0   9/ 6 SCREEN DREAMS (488)       6  7 0
10/10 THE BEAR'S PAW (150)     249 231 25 51.9  10/ 9 THE BEAR'S PAW (150)      6  9 0
11/13 CARNIVAL (411)           124 126  7 49.6  11/13 MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)      5  4 0
12/12 THE FEDERATION (539)      31  32  1 49.2  12-12*FALLEN SHADOWS (495)      2  2 0
13/14 WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (541)  22  24  1 47.8  13-14*SLITHER (554)             2  3 0
14/15 MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)      60  67  2 47.2  14-15*DREWS CREW (546)          2  3 0
15-16*FALLEN SHADOWS (495)       4   5  0 44.4  15/21*DARK MATTER (550)         2  7 1
16-17 WARHAMMERS (75)          214 275 12 43.8  16/11 THE MIDDLE WAY 3 (506)    2 11 0
17/18 THE MIDDLE WAY 3 (506)    72 103  2 41.1  17-19 KANSANS (527)             1  0 0
18/19 SCREEN DREAMS (488)       49  72  3 40.5  18/ 0*FORLORN HOPE (78)         1  0 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
19-20*SLITHER (554)              2   3  0 40.0  19-18*REALLY BIG WORDS (439)    1  0 0
20-21*DREWS CREW (546)           2   3  0 40.0  20-17 LAND OF OZ (217)          1  0 0
21/ 0*FORLORN HOPE (78)          8  13  1 38.1  21-22 WARHAMMERS (75)           1  4 0
22/22*DARK MATTER (550)          2   7  1 22.2  22-16 ARGOSSEANS (468)          0  5 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                                SWAMPVIVOR, CARNIVAL

     GREETINGS!  STEP CLOSER!  It is I, we, TUTO TWOHEADS who will be bringing to you
the one you have all been eagerly awaiting.  BUT FIRST!  We have SWAMPVIVOR NEWS.
Write this down.  Porgy and stripers.  You heard right.  Depending on the wind and
the bay and the reefs are the place to be for porgies over four pounds.  Stripers are
a sure thing.  Reports, well rumors really, of a 40 pound bass being taken using
Carnival bunker chunk and a Carnival bucktail.  At first light, at the top of the
tide, you'll see acres of blues at Spear Point jetty.  I'm proud to say that
Carnival's own Deewee herself took a 50 pound Weakfish in the bay using a Carny
tsunami swing plug.  A word to the wise, get your tsunami before they are sold out...
NOW!  The one Bear's Paw owes everything to...the one CRIP will not get out of bed
without first consulting...THE ONE...THE ONLY...ALL THE WAY AND DIRECT FROM a private
consultation with a bevy of royalty...GIVE A HAND...to the lovely and starkissed one
herself...STARRY GAZE!!!
     Thank you, thank you TUTO...you are both looking very handsome in that polka dot
outfit...GREETINGS EVERYONE!  I am here to interpret the circumambulated results of
the tumbling unseen dice...Swampvivor, betwixt the eclipse of the moon and the red
shiftings is Swampvivor's Aries:  picture this.  Thousands of drooling fans shrieking
in adoration.  If you like the sound of this put 10 gold pieces in a sack and send it
directly to me.  You will gaze upon your wit as your ability improves...TAURUS:  Your
omens reveal you are cracking the whip and putting on the breaks of your chariot at
the same time.  Hope for the best as you flip into the abyss...GEMINI:  Don't expect
stylish and shining armor on your personal angels.  They tend to be related to their
gargoyle kin in looks...LEO:  The voices in your head have laryngitis but listen with
an open mind to their crackpot advice but sort over their inclination to become
riotous...LIBRA:  The stars indicate your pet pythons have a lung infection.  Take
heed...CAPRICORN:  A meteor will strike your shield and inspire you to a new use for
the response tactic...AQUARIUS:  Rub salt in your wounds and be welcomed back to new
heights in the SWAMPVIVOR standings...I THANK YOU ALL...
     GIVE HER A HAND...Starry Gaze...Now I have been asked to announce by the powers
that be that...that FIZBAN THE FANATIC is in violation of Crip's rule 174, section B,
verse 7 and now has a penalty of minus 5000 points...so sad...write that down...I, we

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                    North Fork's Swampvivor Competition:  Turn 12

     Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaw!  Welcome to da Swamp.
     Turn 12, and yet again, we have a team that falls by the wayside for failing
show up for the monthly duels.   Although truth be told, The Federation did in fact
submit personal ads and a spotlight, so while not showing up to fight didn't mean an
automatic elimination for them, the penalties were so severe, that their run has come
to an end.  Leaves us with 8 contenders remaining for the Swampvivor title.

Team updates:
CARNIVAL - 5 points for spotlight.  5 Points for personal ads, Total score for turn
12 - ( -42 points)
Bear Keeper - 11 points for #10 popular
Ring D'Bell - 385 penalty points for getting killed, 24 points for most challenged,
96 points for #2 popular.
Threekard - 52 points for win, 107 points for turns most popular, 18 points for
Franc N'Steen - 25 points for win
Perfect Parri - 0 points

COFFEE RULES - 26 points for TOM#3, 5 points for personal ads.  Total score for turn
12 - (283 points)
Bombay - 50 points for win, 18 point penalty for least popular.
101 Proof! - 50 points for win
Sugar Cube - 52 points for win, 54 points for #6 most popular
Latte - 4 point penalty for #9 least popular.
100% Columbian - 25 points for win, 43 points for #7 most popular.

DRAKE'S COMICS - 5 points for personal ads, 33 points for TOM #2 - Total score for
turn 12, (329 points)
Quicksilver - 25 points for win
Incredible Sulk -50 points for win, 7 points for strikemaster
The Mighty Sore - 66 points for win, 81 points for challenge.
Vallet - 19 points for challenge, 26 points for win
Captain Marble - 17 points for challenge.

MYSTIC ORC FEAST - 48 points for most avoided  Total score for turn 12 - (292 points)
Fat Back Frag - 16 point penalty for #2 unpopular.
Deep Fried Lard - 25 points for win, 13 point penalty for #4 Unpop.
Ur Brain on Egg - 52 points for win, 16 points for challenge
One Hit Wonder - 17 points for challenge, 32 points for #8 popular
Cup Of Cat - 67 points for up & coming champion, 64 points for #5 popular.

ROYAL FLUSH - 25 points for long spot.  5 points for Pads, 25 points for TOM #4,
Total Score for turn 12 -  (246 points)
King Crab - 52 points for win, 35 points for up & coming adept.
Ten O'Chtitlan - 25 points for win
Black Jack Shelack - 5 points for #11 popular
Ace Bailey - 26 points for win
Queen of Denial - 26 points for win, 22 points for challenge.

SCREEN DREAMS - 5 points for Personal Ads, 5 points for short spot.  Total score for
turn 12 - ( 283 points)
Mary Ann - 15 points for challenge, 28 points for popularity leader
Seka - 0 points
Norma Jean - 52 points for win, 19 points for challenge
Lara Croft - 26 points for win, 23 points for challenge, 29 points for up & coming
Init, 29 points for plungemaster
CJ - 52 points for win.

SPOONERTIKS - 68 points for top chartered team, 432 points for current top team, 5
points for personal ads, 26 point penalty for biggest avoider - Total score for turn
12 (1321 points)
Toonerspik - 3 points for slashmaster
Jumbo Mumbo - 52 points for win, 39 points for challenge, 385 points for kill, 127
points for DM, 64 points for chartered recognition leader, 8 points for wastemaster
Zeel Bebub - 52 points for win, 36 points for challenge, 8 points for bashmaster
Tent in Quarantino - 50 points for win, 6 points for aimmaster.
Kain Pillar - 12 points for challenge

THE BEAR'S PAW - 230 points for revenged BF, 5 points for personal ads.  Total score
for turn 12 - (422 points)
Grinnon Bearit - 0 points
Can't Bearit - 0 points
Honey Bear - 50 points for win, 9 points for scummaster
Bear Acuda - 30 points for challenge, 75 points for #4 popular.
Bearfoot - 23 points for challenge

THE FEDERATION - 5 points for spotlight, 5 points for personal ads, 1000 point
penalty for not fighting.  Total score for turn 12 - ( -990 points)
Eliminated from Swampvivor

SWAMPVIVOR TURN 12 RESULTS (200 point bonuses included in scores)
TEAM Score Bonus
1. SPOONERTIKS (523)      1321
2. THE BEAR'S PAW (150)    422
3. DRAKE'S COMICS (463)    329
4. MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)  292
5. COFFEE RULES! (505)     283
6. SCREEN DREAMS (488)     283
7. ROYAL FLUSH (48)        246
8. CARNIVAL (411)          -42
9. THE FEDERATION (539)   -790 "200" ELIMINATED

SWAMP JEOPARDY STANDINGS AFTER TURN 12 (bonus points not included)
TEAM      Score Bonus  Last Turn
 New Total  Previous Rankings
1. THE BEAR'S PAW (150)      11403900 "200" 1
2. MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)        9402 "200" 2
3. SPOONERTIKS (523)             7140       4
4. ROYAL FLUSH (48)              6124       3
5. COFFEE RULES! (505)           5793 "400" 5
6. SCREEN DREAMS (488)           3514 "600" 6
7. DRAKE'S COMICS (463)          3007 "200" 9
8. CARNIVAL (411)                2966 "1000"8
9. ARGOSSEANS (468)              2048       7
10. THE FEDERATION (539)          694 "200" 10
11. ROUBAIX PELETON (496)         557       11
12. THE MIDDLE WAY 3 (506)       -528 "600" 12

     The Middle Way picked up the "200" bonus points for the best personal ad with
Greasy Brains.

MC of the Swampvivor and Swamp Jeopardy Competitions
Mngr of Royal Flush

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #63 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<


     With all the snow of the winter just past, the lake was higher than usual.  At
least two feet higher, Spymaster Torric guessed, looking at the water that now stood
waist high in the doorway of the old arena records building.  He hadn't liked going
in there to hunt for old records when the water was barely up to his knees.  Now...
no.  No way he was going in there; anything could be hidden by that dark water.
     "What idiot made the decision to leave the records down there, anyway?" Jorja,
manager of Sweet Magic, asked.  "It's so stupid!"
     Torric shrugged.  "Gladiators and managers don't have the copyright on stupid,"
he said mildly.  "I'm not sure if it was Arenamaster Rillion or First Citizen Makrok
who made the decision, but the other one concurred in it."
     "Sounds like maybe the both had something to hide," Garfield, manager of Arena
Felines, murmured.  "I wonder what?"
     "Don't we all," Torric responded.  That Rillion tA and Makrok should have a
secret they had succeeded in hiding offended him.  He was supposed to be able to find
things out, and so far he hadn't scratched the surface on that.
     "Are the records even THERE?" Garfield asked.  "Maybe Rillion tA just said
they're stored down here to keep you from finding out that they're gone."
     "They were here a little while ago."  Torric frowned.  "Four years?  Five?
Something like that, I think--but I know the records still existed back then,
whenever, because I consulted them to find out about the earliest teams here.  For
Sleepy, that was.  Then something came up--the invasion, I think?  Anyway, I didn't
go back.  But--"  He jumped as a crazy howl floated over the water.  "I hate coming
here so late in the day," he muttered, glancing anxiously to the west.  The sun was
slipping behind a bank of clouds.
     "If somebody's messing around in the records storage, late in the day is the
time to watch for him.  Be glad we can't see in the dark and watch after sunset!"
Jorja advised.
     "Huh.  I wish now I hadn't mentioned that Jaguar saw someone down this way."
Garfield eyed the dark water with disfavor.  "Better I should have stayed at the
guildhouse and whacked him a couple of times for wandering around where he shouldn't
     The howl came again, from far out over the lake.  A chorus, several voices
saluting the coming night.
     "Loons," Torric said uneasily.  "We always have some loons on this lake.
Horrible birds."
     "It sounds more like wolves to me," Jorja countered, "or even hounds."
     "Not on the lake!"
     "I know, but--"
     Another chorus of howls, this time accompanied by a deep-throated hunting horn.
     "It IS hounds!"  Garfield backed up a couple of steps.  "I don't like dogs."
     "And I don't like anything that can hunt on the surface of the lake," Jorja
agreed.  She backed up with him.  Spymaster Torric was already behind them and edging
farther back.  "But I'd like to know what it is."
     "It's us cats that are supposed to be curious," Garfield reminded her.
     "Yeah, but it kills you cats.  Don't want that--who'd I have to talk to?"  She
stiffened, staring out over the water intently.  With the sun sinking into the clouds
and the forest shadowing the lake anyway, it was hard to be sure, but she thought
something--bigger than any water bird--was moving out there.
     The horn blew once more, a long note with more chilling menace in it than
anything either manager had heard.  The horn call was backed by the baying of the
unnatural pack.  The twilight took the shape of a pack of tall hounds and three lean
horsemen sweeping forward across the glassy surface of the water.
     "They're headed for the old records building," Garfield noted in a steady voice.
"I don't think I want to hang around to welcome them."
     "Right."  Jorja joined his retreat.  She shivered a little in the night air.
"This calls for strong drink in a warm, crowded tavern."

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #64 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<

Ibizond, Korga, and in between:

     The sun was low in the sky, less than an hour from setting, Fist of Kjarran
calculated.  He glanced at his companions, a hastily assembled group of gladiators
from Murska and hunters from Ibizond.  They had all heard of the killer that stalked
this stretch of road at night--Cadal had insisted on telling them, just to make sure
they all knew, which Fist thought was a mistake--and they were nervous.  Well, it was
time for them to turn back, and their numbers should protect them from attack.
Cadal, with Aghatamar and Zilla, were somewhere ahead, waiting in ambush to attack
the killer if the killer attacked him, Fist of Kjarran.  Not a bad plan, he conceded
privately, even if it had come from a Murskan semi-barbarian.  The man was almost as
good as a true Karnhorn in his thinking....  But Cadal hadn't taken into account the
possibility that the killer might take one look at him and sheer off.  Fist caressed
the hilt of the sword at his side.  Even if the killer had never heard of him, the
Lord Protector knew that he was an impressive, even daunting, sight.  A stir among
his companions drew his attention outward again.
     "About time we turned back," one of the men said.  He seemed to be the leader,
what was his name...Finn, that was it.  "Most of these people aren't Lord Protectors,
and if the killer gets them, they're just plain dead."
     Fist nodded.  "Yes, you should have time to get back to Ibizond before dark," he
agreed.  "And we certainly don't need more deaths along here."
     They all came to a stop.  "Thing is, I don't like leaving you on your own," Finn
went on.  He looked uncomfortable about the whole situation, but of course he had no
belief in Kjarran to sustain him.  "I could stay...."
     "A generous offer," Fist responded, clapping him on the back.  It was good to be
reminded that even non-believers had courage and honor.  "But I'm supposed to be
alone, to be tempting bait for the killer.  That is the way it's planned, you know.
We can't change the plan at this late hour!"
     "I know," Finn agreed gloomily, "but I don't like it.  Well...I guess we turn
back now.  Good luck!"  He gestured to his group, and they turned back readily, even
eagerly, toward Ibizond, sturdy walls, lights, and companionship.  With a last
salute, Finn followed them, leaving Fist of Kjarran alone on the road.
     Fist of Kjarran watched them go and smiled to himself as he turned to go toward
Korga.  That was the best thing about adventures; you made new friends, met good
people you would never have encountered in your regular life.  Doing this service for
the people of the area, ridding the road of its killer, was a good thing, a worthy
effort, but making new friends was a warmer pleasure.  Whistling, he strode eastward
toward the prepared ambush.

Near Malcorn:

     Blackie, Lord Malcorn of Malcorn, stood next to the ancient stone and waited for
the moon to rise.  It would be full tonight, and he knew, because he knew most of the
natural world around Malcorn, that when it reached a certain height above the
horizon, it would shine through the hole in a more distant rock and strike squarely
onto the face of the rock beside him, revealing carvings that had been old when the
first Lord Malcorn came to this land.  The records of his ancestors said that the
Dregur were accustomed to gathering here when the moon was just so.
     "I must be insane," Tiljanz muttered behind him.
     "Courage and a sense of responsibility often looks like madness," Blackie
agreed, "even to the people exhibiting it.  You didn't have to come here tonight, but
you felt it was the right thing to do.  I can respect that in a man.  A lot."
     "Will it do any good?" the young Karnhorn asked curiously.  "We've turned the
Dregur loose, and I'd think it hard if not impossible to rein them back in."
     "We turned them loose under terms," Blackie said.  His voice hardened, becoming
the voice of the Lord of Malcorn.  "They have not kept those terms.  They were to
attack only those who came here following Inzolas.  That a few innocents might get
caught in that net by accident was...almost inevitable.  But some of the Dregur have
been actively hunting those not indicated by the terms of their release."  He was
silent for a long moment, then shrugged.  "I'm not certain that we can put an end to
these...excesses.  But I am very certain that if we don't protest, the situation will
become worse.  A failure to protest will be seen as an admission of weakness."

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #65 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<

Near Zukal:

     Ghenis grimaced at the wave of fear but set himself to defend his shelter,
himself, his horse, and Veleks.  The fear, he realized after a moment, was something
outside himself, something the monstrous hunter was attempting to impose on him.
That knowledge did not lessen the icy waves coming at him, but it let him set it away
from himself, make a space between fear and thought.  It would not find him an easy
     There was what seemed like a very long silence, with Ghenis in the ruined house
beside his fire, and the icy-eyed shadows outside.  The shadows seemed to be waiting
for something--for him to flee, screaming, probably.  And to be disconcerted by his
failure to do so.
     Ghenis reached up to touch his amulet again, then paused before his fingers
reached the cool stone.  It looked like he could handle this on his own, so better
not to invoke the dark powers.  But should he speak, demand what this shadow wanted
of him, or wait and let it be first to break the silence?  Better to wait; in a
contest of nerves, the first to break silence lost points.  He didn't have any
points, whatever they might be in this context, to spare.
     Sooner than he expected, a voice came out of the night.  It was cold, and
hollow, and deep as a cave, sounding distant, somehow, or not quite real.  Oh, it was
real, Ghenis knew that--out of the corner of his eye, he saw his horse flinch at the
sound.  But it was hard to imagine that any creature of flesh and blood might produce
such a voice.
     "Why do you not flee?"
     "Flee?  You think I should run away?"  The gladiator put as much surprise in his
voice as he could.  "Why?  I've got a fine location here, shelter from the wind and
rain, a fire for light and warmth.  Why should I leave before morning?"
     "Do you not fear me?  You should."  The voice dropped to a deeper, darker tone.
"I could rip life and soul from your puny mortal flesh--"
     "Sounds unpleasant," Ghenis agreed.  "But I'm a Lord Protector, and the Greywand
has a deal with Ahringol--he doesn't get to keep us Lord Protectors.  We get
resurrected on a regular--"
     "Ahringol!"  The name crackled like thunder in the darkness.  Scornful thunder.
"That foolish child?  These young gods have no sense of dignity, trafficking with
wizards as though they were mortal merchants!  Ahringol and Greywand are nothing to
me, what I take, I keep."
     "If you say so," the gladiator responded.  The statement that Ahringol, who had
a deal concerning gladiators, was not involved was disconcerting, but this was not
the time to show it.  "But if you could come here and get me, you'd already have done
it.  What's stopping you?" he added curiously.  "The fire, the steel, the fact that
I'm not afraid?"
     "Why should I tell you anything?"  The voice sounded annoyed now.  Almost sulky.
"You think too much."  It dropped to a note of menace.  "But one night you will be
without shelter, and then we will see what your brave words really mean."
     There was a stir in the shadows, a rushing wind of movement, and then Ghenis had
the night to himself.

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

Greetings, North Fork!

Wow, have to say I can't really believe my 'meteoric' ascent to this throne.
Suffice it to say I have surpassed all expectations to date!!

Commiserations to Carnival on the loss of a fine warrior and Duelmaster last turn.
Not too sure how that all happened.  Lil 'ol me with a WF and a 4KD...it just
shouldn't happen!!  Still, I know Carny's a man who believes in fate; it seems
D'Bell's numbers were up last cycle, and there's simply no avoiding that!

Expecting Threekard to come at me intent on teaching me a lesson.  Can't say I relish
the prospect, but I'm not ducking your challenge.  'Tis a matter of Honor!!

Well, whatever the result, let's hope for a less fatal result, eh!!  'Til next time,

Jumbo Mumbo

                                      SPY REPORT

     I can't believe the violence in NORTH FORK!  I still haven't told Mom I'm 
writing Spyreports.  She'd have a cow!  Well, here we go...  Uncool, ARGOSSEANS.  I 
mean 0-0-0 is bad.  Will they will be allowed to fight?  I say use 'em for training 
practice!  The guys at DARK MATTER like really pulled together to get a 1-3-1 this 
turn, moving up by 6.  What was the name of that team who got 4-1-0 this turn for a 
total 196-111-16 you ask?  (Sure)  MYSTIC ORC FEAST's their name, and fighting's 
their game!  MVP award for PROBUS?  WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE's proud of him after beating 
DANGEROUS CRIMINAL and getting 17 points.  Talk about yer major upsets!  BULFUR's 
match with SEKA cost him a loss of 10 points!  This Duelmaster is like something 
else!  JUMBO MUMBO stopped JEM KATOREH dead in his tracks!  Who was the wiseguy that 
said NORTH FORK's Duelmaster was paying for drinks at The Swinging Aardvark?  Don't 
look at me!   
     AAARRGH!!!  I HATE SPYREPORTING!!!  Sorry.  I just had to say it.  The warriors 
of ROYAL FLUSH must be getting lonely.  They were the most avoided team.  Do you guys 
know something that I don't?  Is there some deep dark secret why THE FEDERATION's 
been avoiding ROYAL FLUSH so much?  Or is it just that they're too scared?  Like, is 
AUGUSTUS popular, or what?  He was challenged the most in all of NORTH FORK!  He's 
got a 3-5-0, is that good?  I'm not so sure QUICKSILVER knew all the facts when he 
challenged DEEP FRIED LARD of MYSTIC ORC FEAST.  I saw QUICKSILVER stumbling and 
dribbling at The Swinging Aardvark last week...  QUICKSILVER lost to DEEP FRIED LARD, 
but he got 7 points.  DEEP FRIED LARD won, and got 10 points.  I don't get it.  
Speaking of challenging 26 points above did you hear about BOMBAY of COFFEE RULES! 
vs. ROYAL FLUSH's ACE BAILEY?  (And how was that intro!) Like, was that some fighting 
on BOMBAY's part, or what?  And she got 17 points out of it!  (besides getting in my 
report)  Poor ACE BAILEY.   
     Man, all these warriors dying and killing each other!  Don't you guys ever give 
it a break?  Fight, fight, fight.  Is that all you guys can do?   
     I really didn't, you know, study when I was a kid.  Who would've guessed I'd be 
a famous Spyreporter?  I know how much you like reading this stuff, but I really 
should stop.  I had a fun time, see you later-- Debby Tonte  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 JUMBO MUMBO 4714             16   1  1   129       SPOONERTIKS (523)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-WICHITA FALLS 4763           16  14  0   122       KANSANS (527)
 ZEEL BEBUB 4713              12   5  1   120       SPOONERTIKS (523)
 GRINNON BEARIT 2955          20  14  2   111       THE BEAR'S PAW (150)
 UR BRAIN ON EGG 4703         10   6  0   108       MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)
 INCREDIBLE SULK 4511         16   7  0   104       DRAKE'S COMICS (463)
 THE MIGHTY SORE 4490         13  10  0   103       DRAKE'S COMICS (463)
 THREEKARD 4600               13   7  1   100       CARNIVAL (411)
-STRAW FIRE 4350              10   5  0    97       LAND OF OZ (217)
 TENT IN QUARANTINO 4816      14   2  0    94       SPOONERTIKS (523)
 BEAR KEEPER 3782             21  26  2    93       CARNIVAL (411)
 SEKA 4612                    11  10  0    92       SCREEN DREAMS (488)
 MARY ANN 4378                12  17  0    91       SCREEN DREAMS (488)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-BIBASH 4338                  11   5  1    88       THE BIB BOYS (481)
 ONE HIT WONDER 4680          13   5  0    84       MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)
 SUGAR CUBE 4617              12   9  0    81       COFFEE RULES! (505)
 JEM KATOREH 4499             17  19  1    80       THE MIDDLE WAY 3 (506)
 CUP OF CAT 4926               8   4  0    79       MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)
 HONEY BEAR 3032              16  13  0    74       THE BEAR'S PAW (150)
 101 PROOF!! 4495             14  11  0    74       COFFEE RULES! (505)
 BLACK JACK SHELACK 4850       9   6  0    73       ROYAL FLUSH (48)
 BULFUR 5041                  18  12  0    70       MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 FOLMOR GRIGG 4501            15  21  0    66       THE MIDDLE WAY 3 (506)
-BIBER 4310                   11   5  0    66       THE BIB BOYS (481)
 100% COLUMBIAN 4874           8   5  1    63       COFFEE RULES! (505)
-LENEXA 4759                   7   0  0    57       KANSANS (527)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 KIRA NERYS 4941               6   3  1    56       THE FEDERATION (539)
 QUEEN OF DENIAL 4896          6   7  0    56       ROYAL FLUSH (48)
 FRANC N' STEEN 4649          13   5  0    55       CARNIVAL (411)
 PROBUS 4910                   5   4  0    55       WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (541)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BEARFOOT 4875                 8   6  0    54       THE BEAR'S PAW (150)
 LATTE 4667                   12   7  0    53       COFFEE RULES! (505)
-BROOMSTICK 4474               6   7  0    52       LAND OF OZ (217)
 CAPTAIN MARBLE 4634          10   9  0    51       DRAKE'S COMICS (463)
-DODGE 4760                   12   3  0    48       KANSANS (527)
-BIBLISH 4309                  6  10  0    48       THE BIB BOYS (481)
 BELANNA TORRES 4898           6   7  0    47       THE FEDERATION (539)
 VESPASIAN 4932                5   6  0    47       WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (541)
 KING CRAB 4983                4   2  0    46       ROYAL FLUSH (48)
-SUCULANT 3589                11  10  0    43       WARHAMMERS (75)
 DEEP FRIED LARD 4975          7   0  0    43       MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)
 GALLIENUS 4956                4   4  1    43       WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (541)
 LICINIUS 4912                 4   4  0    42       WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (541)
 AUGUSTUS 4909                 3   5  0    41       WHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE (541)
-TEMPUS 4635                   7  12  1    40       WARHAMMERS (75)
 VALLET 4963                   6   3  0    39       DRAKE'S COMICS (463)
-DALE DROMMON 4262             5   1  0    39       CON'S CREW (474)
 SORN THE BALD 5037            9   8  0    38       MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)
 NEDDIE OGIL 4663              9  11  0    38       THE MIDDLE WAY 3 (506)
-SNAKETONGUE SAM 4263          4   1  1    36       CON'S CREW (474)
-COURAGE 4552                  4   4  1    34       LAND OF OZ (217)
 ACE BAILEY 4948               4   6  0    34       ROYAL FLUSH (48)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SEVEN OF NINE 4940            5   3  0    33       THE FEDERATION (539)
-RAINBOW 4553                  5   4  0    33       LAND OF OZ (217)
-PHAETON 4965                  4   3  0    31       ARGOSSEANS (468)
-VESPASIAN 4939                5   3  1    29       ARGOSSEANS (468)
 TEN O'CHTITLAN 4982           4   2  0    29       ROYAL FLUSH (48)
-FINAL PRAYER 790              3   0  1    29       FORLORN HOPE (78)
-SHAWNEE MISSION 4758          3   2  1    28       KANSANS (527)
 JADZIA-DAX 4900               6   7  0    27       THE FEDERATION (539)
-GRACCHI 4966                  3   4  0    27       ARGOSSEANS (468)
 BEAR ACUDA 4995               2   2  0    24       THE BEAR'S PAW (150)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-HUMUNGOUS 3973                2   0  1    23       REALLY BIG WORDS (439)
 CAN'T BEARIT 4994             1   3  1    23       THE BEAR'S PAW (150)
-AXE 4551                      5   3  0    22       LAND OF OZ (217)
 BORN LOSER 5032               3   1  0    22       MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)
 LARA CROFT 4980               3   3  0    20       SCREEN DREAMS (488)
 BOMBAY 5043                   2   0  0    20       COFFEE RULES! (505)
 PERFECT PARRI 4967            3   6  0    19       CARNIVAL (411)
-BIBLUNG 4420                  1   1  1    19       THE BIB BOYS (481)
 ARISTON 508                   2   2  0    17       FORLORN HOPE (78)
-SIR ROMANOWSKI 4265           2   4  0    14       CON'S CREW (474)
-JIAN 4428                     2   1  0    14       FALLEN SHADOWS (495)
-COTTONMOUTH 3 5050            1   0  0    13       SLITHER (554)
-AMPLE 3975                    1   0  0    13       REALLY BIG WORDS (439)
-CICERO 4981                   1   3  0    12       ARGOSSEANS (468)
 QUICKSILVER 5029              1   1  0    12       DRAKE'S COMICS (463)
-THE PRESIDENT 4266            1   4  0    11       CON'S CREW (474)
 GALENIUM 5015                 2   0  1    10       DARK MATTER (550)
 RONDOL QUIGLO 4978            1   6  0     9       THE MIDDLE WAY 3 (506)
 TOE FOO 5054                  1   0  0     7       MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)
-MASSIVE 3974                  1   0  0     7       REALLY BIG WORDS (439)
-LAST GOOD GUY 792             1   2  0     7       FORLORN HOPE (78)
-SULLA 4977                    1   4  0     7       ARGOSSEANS (468)
-DEATHSTORM 791                1   2  0     6       FORLORN HOPE (78)
-ZILIN SHI 4430                1   0  0     6       FALLEN SHADOWS (495)
-ADDER 5051                    1   0  0     6       SLITHER (554)
-DREW 4993                     1   0  0     5       DREWS CREW (546)
-SHAN 4431                     1   2  0     5       FALLEN SHADOWS (495)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-LEWIS 4989                    1   0  0     5       DREWS CREW (546)
 DABO GIRL 5023                1   1  0     4       THE FEDERATION (539)
 LADY FIST 5031                0   3  0     3       MEL'S DRAGOONS (553)
 ANGEL HEART 5014              0   2  0     2       DARK MATTER (550)
 JAMESINFREE 5011              0   2  0     2       DARK MATTER (550)
 SCOLLMORE 5012                0   2  0     2       DARK MATTER (550)
 FAT BACK FRAG 5052            0   2  0     2       MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)
-OSWALD 4991                   0   1  0     1       DREWS CREW (546)
-KATE 4992                     0   1  0     1       DREWS CREW (546)
-MIMI 4990                     0   1  0     1       DREWS CREW (546)
-LUCIFERETTE 5053              0   1  0     1       WARHAMMERS (75)
-COBRA 3 5047                  0   1  0     1       SLITHER (554)
-HARPY 5013                    0   1  0     1       DARK MATTER (550)
-ANACONDA 5048                 0   1  0     1       SLITHER (554)
-PROFUSE 3977                  0   1  0     1       REALLY BIG WORDS (439)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
FOGGY 5070             0  1 0 CARNIVAL 411          GALENIUM 5015         200         
RING D'BELL 4300      16 11 0 CARNIVAL 411          JUMBO MUMBO 4714      199         
OLGON PUY 4968         0  7 0 THE MIDDLE WAY 3 506  GALLIENUS 4956        198         

                                     PERSONAL ADS

CJ -- And a Canadian silicone injected bimbo, no less.  Perhaps it's that additional
adjective that is the source of your problems. -- Black Jack Shelack

Mr. Coffee -- Or this last turn, Royal Flush went 4-1, but stood seventh of nine in
Swampvivor.  The going is getting tough, to say the least. -- Crip

Drake -- Yeah, three misses in a row can be fatal.  But I think you typo'd your new
guy, shouldn't that have been either Quick Sliver or Livers? -- Crip

Tempus -- I was beginning to think I didn't have the talent to win again. -- Queen of

Bear Acuda -- Everyone knows that stat raises are more important than skills.  Just
look at the difference between our first and second fight. -- King Crab

Jian -- Which one of us is the high attack rating style? -- Ace Bailey

Tent In Quarantiono -- Not the type I wanted to fight blind.  Perhaps you should look
out for a treatment for my friend, fabled Ukrainian Actor Ivan Poisy, who seems to
have come down with a bit of a skin rash.  Should he be kept in isolation, or exposed
to the public. -- Black Jack Shelack

Lady Fist -- Better to open mouth, insert fist, than insert foot. -- Ten O'Chtitlan

Fizban -- Dominance??  Not so sure, just a healthy slice of luck perhaps.  Whatever though, you're right...YOU are not worthy!  *grin* -- Spawn the dominatrix

Vespasian -- I was told you Romans were true gentlemen.  How come you didn't let me
go first then???  *sigh*  Thanks for the skills though. -- Kain Piller

Incredible Sulk -- I'm the one sulking after that incredibly bad match up!! --

Grinnon Bearit -- Shoulda zigged...or zagged...or something....  Still, I shan't
complain, thanks! -- Zeel Bebub

Black Jack Shelack -- Good 'Ol fashioned slug fest.  Lovely, good effort! -- T I Q.

Ring D'Bell, RIP -- Sadly it was for you that the bell tolled.  Commiseration on your
untimely departure. -- Jumbo Mumbo

Crip -- Congratulations for a well deserved showing at the tournament.  Three TV's
aren't anything to sneeze at.  Of course the last thing any of us needed was a few of
your guys being even a little tougher to beat. -- The Klawed Kitty of Kompliment, Kat
P.S.  Bear Acuda congratulates you on ending your 0-fer against the style.

Fizban the Fanatic -- Fiz, Fiz, Fiz.  My condolences.  That was a tough loss.  CJ
will be missed. -- The Morose Maincoon, Kat

Fare-thee-well, Toonerspik. -- Kat

All -- Well we didn't hold up our end at the tournament.  Bear Acuda disappointed
with a 1-3-0, whilst Grinnon Bearit averaged out with a 3-3-0 in his last hurrah.
Here's looking towards the mail-in. -- The Postal Persian, Kat

Slither -- I thought I smelled new fear in the arena, belly-crawler.  Welcome back.
-- The Siamese Snake Eater, Kat

Jumbo Mumbo -- A double challenged was issued.  Not confident of the success as
Grinnon 2X challenged the throne for the last three turns with no success.  I think
that's how little Zeel Bebubba got in his sucker-punch.  I remember your one loss and
am hopefully looking forward to the challenge. -- Kat, mgr. "Bear's Paw"

Doc Mabuse -- The Peleton finally fell off.  Hopefully you'll be back in the race
soon.  Thanks again for the proxy -- Kat

Seka -- Aw, admit it--you like the tumble with Grinnon.  Not too often is it that you
can't handle the spear-thrusts...must be losing your touch. -- The Ocelot of
Observation, Kat

Drake -- Aren't you tired yet?  He's a little DUMBER than your average bear. -- Kat

Carny's Fortune Teller -- I foresee a brick sailing in the night.  A crash of broken
glass, and blue smoke surrounding a one-armed man...what can it mean...what can it
mean...? -- The Manx of Magical 8-ball, Kat

All -- Sorry folks, but not much I have time to write this time around.  My Compu-
golem keeps overheating.  I need to see about getting a few new frost-sprites to help
cool it down before it melts down on me completely.  Later all. -- Drake

Mary Ann -- Mary Ann oh Mary Ann down by the sea.  Mary Ann oh Mary Ann why would you
challenge me? -- Threekard

Jumbo Mumbo -- Why?  Why?  Ring D' Belle was the joy of North Fork. -- Carny

Norma Jean -- Exercise?  Exercise?  Are you crazy? -- Perfect Parri

101 Proof -- Won on points. -- Bear Keeper

Neddie Ogil -- May I suggest a strong dose of "Noxious Ingredients" for your health?
-- Franc N'Steen

All -- Welcome with a generous gift.  Foggy the amazing "AB." -- Carny

Slither -- Welcome!  Do well! -- Carny

Mel's Dragon -- Welcome back! -- Carny

Marbles for Brains -- You tricked me with that armor choice for a win so you thought
you could challenge a 35 fight experience warrior?  Now you've gone and given Jorja's
stable a popularity notice.  This in itself calls for some sort of penalty, but I am
having a hard time deciding what it should be.  We could have a poll to come up with
something appropriate as there is no telling where this could lead. -- 31 of The Fed

Not So Perfect Parry -- I agree, a smell gift is in order.  Here it is:  Advice;
avoid Dax at all costs, a really bad matchup for your style.  Oh yeah, you need to
exercise a little. -- 31

All -- Damn!  I timed my highlight for a probably bad turn and then went inactive for
funds.  Good luck to the remaining eight. -- V. of The Fed

26 June 2003
All -- Would you be willing to proxy my lunger Ganglare at the Face-to-Face?  He's
fighting in the champions tourney.  Thanks.  Write:  Michael Rogers #25335-013, PO
Box 6000, Florence, Co 81226 -- Skullagrim

     STOP THINKING TOGS!!!!!  It's here.  Well, almost here anyway.  We're looking at
a start date of the first turn in Aradi (DM 60) following the Fall Mail-In.  This
should give everyone sufficient time to study the new ultra-improved T#%S IV rules 
and prep accordingly.  So without further ado, here is your handy-dandy guide to
winning your very own Golden Scrod (and some other very cool prizes to be announced
officially before the start of the tourney that must not be named):
1.  Each T#%S team consists of two managers.  After the tourney starts, there will be
    no switching partners whatsoever, so choose your partners wisely.  T#%S IV will
    last for 13 turns, so pick a partner you can stand for 6 months or so.  The only
    team I know of so far is last TOGS winners:  Ganolus Oakleaf/Hombre of Blood
    Related/Thieves Guild.  Hey, this is fun!
2.  The T#%S entry fee is 2 team setups per manager.  This means 4 setups per T#%S
    team.  This entry fee is required before the start of the tourney with no
    exceptions being made.  This is to ensure that nobody gets screwed if a team or
    manager decides to back out early.  To pay the entry fee either:
    a) send $10 cash/check/money order/ or whatever to me personally at:
       Andy Salveson
       6812 Romanzo Way
       Elk Grove, CA 95758
    b) get RSI to send me 2 team setup gift certificates.  Sorry, no credit cards and
       no old teams you have lying around will be accepted.
3.  T#%S point system:
    10 points for winning on your up-challenge against another T#%S warrior.
    7 points for winning on your even challenge of another T#%S warrior.
    7 points for winning on another T#%S warriors challenge.
    7 points for winning a random matchup against another T#%S warrior.
    4 points for winning on your down-challenge of another T#%S warrior.
    4 points for winning a random matchup against a non-T#%S warrior.  Do not fight
      your team mate, you will not get any points.  Also, you will not get any points
      if you challenge or get challenged by a non-T#%S team, so use your avoids
      wisely if you think someone is out to get you.
   10 points for being the Duelmaster.  This is in addition to all points listed
      above and will begin turn 1, so prep accordingly.
    5 points for every spotlight written by any team member, 1 per manager per turn.
      The minimum length of a spotlight to receive points is 1/2 column in the
      newsletter (that's 31 lines-each line 85 characters across) and I will be
      completely firm on this.  In addition to the length criteria, spotlights will
      not be given points if they are in any way plagiarized or if they are not
      Duelmasters or fantasy related.  I will be the sole judge of this.  If you're
      unsure if I will judge something to be Duelmasters or fantasy related, then
      e-mail me before you write the spotlight and ask me.  I reserve the right to
      take points away from a spotlight after they are given if I judge at a later
      time that the spotlight has been plagiarized.
   -5 points per manager per turn every time a manager does not at least write one
      personal ad.
   -5 points for being the team that avoided the most.
     If you participated in TOGS III, you'll notice some slight changes in the points
structure.  The main things are points for random match ups against non T#%S
warriors, bonus points for being the Duelmaster, new spotlight criteria, and no
points given for being the most avoided team.
4.  I already mentioned this, but T#%S IV will start the first turn in arena 60 after
    the Fall Mail-In runs and it will last for 13 turns.  There will not be a
    Survivor format this time around, meaning no eliminations.  I will still be doing
    the multipliers at the end, however.  This means that all points accumulated by a
    team on turns 10 and 11 will be multiplied by 1.5 and all points accumulated by
    each team on turns 12 and 13 will be multiplied by 2.
5.  Prizes are yet to be determined, but I'll tell you what I know.  There will be
    prizes given out each turn to whichever team scores the most combined points on a
    given turn.  Tie breakers will go to the team with the most wins on that turn and
    then to the team with most overall points.  I have asked RSI for the same prizes
    as last TOGS which were transferring any warrior to arena 60 and renaming Aradi
    for approximately 6 months, but we'll see what they come back with.  I haven't
    decided how to split the prizes up, partly because I don't know how many teams
    will be entering yet, but I do know the prizes will be split among the top 3
    teams at the end.  I will announce the exact breakdown of everything when I know
6.  And just like TOGS III, Death Stud and I will be the sole arbiters of any dispute
    that may arise.  Whine all you like, but as Nuln told you last time, that's how
    it is.
7.  M & RR Clause (go ahead, read between the capitals):  I reserve the right to
    disallow entry to this tourney if you have a previous history of being a big fat
    mouth about everything.
     I think that pretty much covers it.  I will be accepting team entries as of now
and then posting them in the newsletters as I receive entry fees.  Please feel free
to e-mail me regarding any questions or comments at Ganolus@aol.com.  So everyone don
your best pair of leg warmers, hop on your favorite farm animal, and ride to Aradi
for the 4th kinda-annual Tournament that must not be named for no apparent reason
whatsoever, or T#%S IV, for short.  See ya'll there!

-- Ganolus Oakleaf, T#%S IV Commish

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

THE MIGHTY SORE devastated CAN'T BEARIT in a 1 minute mismatched Bloodfeud fight.
THREEKARD lost to ZEEL BEBUB in a exciting 3 minute gory expert's Challenge battle.
MARY ANN was vanquished by GRINNON BEARIT in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge brawl.
CUP OF CAT overpowered FOLMOR GRIGG in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge match.
SEKA overpowered BULFUR in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge struggle.
SUGAR CUBE was devastated by UR BRAIN ON EGG in a 1 minute Challenge competition.
BLACK JACK SHELACK was vanquished by INCREDIBLE SULK in a 1 minute Challenge duel.
ONE HIT WONDER outlasted 101 PROOF!! in a 7 minute expert's Challenge duel.
KIRA NERYS defeated VESPASIAN in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
CAPTAIN MARBLE was savagely defeated by 100% COLUMBIAN in a 3 minute Challenge melee.
KING CRAB demolished NEDDIE OGIL in a 2 minute mismatched Challenge competition.
LATTE bested LICINIUS in a crowd pleasing 1 minute veteran's Challenge battle.
BELANNA TORRES was beaten by FRANC N' STEEN in a 6 minute Challenge conflict.
VALLET was viciously subdued by BEARFOOT in a crowd pleasing 3 minute Challenge bout.
LARA CROFT was handily defeated by AUGUSTUS in a 2 minute mismatched Challenge bout.
QUICKSILVER was unbelievably bested by DEEP FRIED LARD in a 9 minute Challenge fight.
BOMBAY beat ACE BAILEY in a 5 minute novice vs. master upset Challenge match.
DABO GIRL was devastated by TEN O'CHTITLAN in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge contest.
FAT BACK FRAG was overpowered by PERFECT PARRI in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
JUMBO MUMBO narrowly defeated JEM KATOREH in a 3 minute expert's Title fray.
TENT IN QUARANTINO defeated M. CHARDINEE in a 2 minute match.
HONEY BEAR was savagely defeated by BEAR KEEPER in a 2 minute brutal expert's fight.
QUEEN OF DENIAL defeated GALLIENUS in a popular 1 minute duel.
PROBUS overpowered DANGEROUS CRIMINAL in a 1 minute uneven match.
SEVEN OF NINE overpowered RONDOL QUIGLO in a 1 minute uneven duel.
JADZIA-DAX was savagely defeated by SORN THE BALD in a exciting 5 minute bloody fray.
BEAR ACUDA vanquished LADY FIST in a 1 minute one-sided bout.
JAMESINFREE was defeated by ARISTON in a 3 minute beginner's duel.
SCOLLMORE was overpowered by BORN LOSER in a popular 1 minute one-sided match.
ANGEL HEART was defeated by TOE FOO in a 2 minute novice's bout.
GALENIUM narrowly killed FOGGY in a 1 minute novice's fray.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                  15         TOTAL PARRY       61 -  45 -  0      58  |
|WALL OF STEEL                   10         WALL OF STEEL     72 -  57 -  2      56  |
|BASHING ATTACK                  10         LUNGING ATTACK    89 -  77 -  5      54  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  9         AIMED BLOW        31 -  32 -  0      49  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      7         STRIKING ATTACK   56 -  59 -  3      49  |
|AIMED BLOW                       3         BASHING ATTACK    47 -  52 -  3      47  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      2         PARRY-LUNGE       13 -  16 -  4      45  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         SLASHING ATTACK   17 -  26 -  1      40  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    1         PARRY-RIPOSTE      6 -  12 -  0      33  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  1         PARRY-STRIKE       4 -  18 -  0      18  |

Turn 200 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

STRIKING ATTACK    7 -  2     BASHING ATTACK     4 -  6         3  BASHING ATTACK 
AIMED BLOW         2 -  1     PARRY-STRIKE       0 -  2         3  LUNGING ATTACK 
TOTAL PARRY        4 -  3     PARRY-RIPOSTE      0 -  1         2  WALL OF STEEL  
LUNGING ATTACK     8 -  7     SLASHING ATTACK    0 -  1         2  STRIKING ATTACK
PARRY-LUNGE        1 -  1                                       1  AIMED BLOW     
WALL OF STEEL      5 -  5     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
WALL OF STEEL    JUMBO MUMBO 4714           16   1  1  129 SPOONERTIKS (523)
BASHING ATTACK   ZEEL BEBUB 4713            12   5  1  120 SPOONERTIKS (523)
LUNGING ATTACK   GRINNON BEARIT 2955        20  14  2  111 THE BEAR'S PAW (150)
STRIKING ATTACK  UR BRAIN ON EGG 4703       10   6  0  108 MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)
AIMED BLOW       TENT IN QUARANTINO 4816    14   2  0   94 SPOONERTIKS (523)
TOTAL PARRY      ONE HIT WONDER 4680        13   5  0   84 MYSTIC ORC FEAST (416)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is GRINNON BEARIT 2955.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was SORN THE BALD 5037.  The ten other most popular fighters were THREEKARD 
4600, 100% COLUMBIAN 4874, BELANNA TORRES 4898, BEARFOOT 4875, JEM KATOREH 4499, 
KEEPER 3782.

The least popular fighter this week was DEEP FRIED LARD 4975.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were BOMBAY 5043, SCOLLMORE 5012, ARISTON 508, LADY FIST 5031, 
CROFT 4980, and KING CRAB 4983.

The following warriors will travel to ADVANCED DUELMASTERS after next turn:

MARY ANN (47-4378) SCREEN DREAMS (488)