Date   : 06/23/2004    Duedate: 07/06/2004


DM-65    TURN-319

This Weeks Top Honors


(65-6515) [16-11-1,110]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

SAND DANCERS (233)             
(65-6515) [16-11-1,110]        

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

KOREEN                         METHADONE
REFUGEES (377)                 PARANOIA (702)
(65-6490) [21-16-1,92]         (65-6394) [14-6-0,92]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. SAND DANCERS (233)          46
2. REFUGEES (377)              17      SUPERIOR FORCES 4I (635)
3. TOO GOOD FOR ME (600)        5      Unchartered Team
4. BUENO FER NADA (707)         0
5. HILIST 9 (648)               0      SHADOW GROVE (209)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 3 SUPERIOR FORCES 4I (635)   9   3  0 75.0   1/ 1 SAND DANCERS (233)        9  6 0
 2- 5 BUENO FER NADA (707)      27  10  0 73.0   2/ 3 REFUGEES (377)            6  6 1
 3- 6*HILIST 9 (648)             5   2  0 71.4   3/ 2 PARANOIA (702)            5  4 0
 4/ 8 TOO GOOD FOR ME (600)    121  89  4 57.6   4/ 7 TOO GOOD FOR ME (600)     2  1 0
 5/ 9 SUPERIOR FORCES 3J (651)   6   6  0 50.0   5- 5*HILIST 9 (648)            2  1 0
 6/10 PARANOIA (702)            49  51  8 49.0   6/ 4 SUPERIOR FORCES 3J (651)  2  1 0
 7/11 REFUGEES (377)           314 380  9 45.2   7- 6 BUENO FER NADA (707)      2  2 0
 8/12 SAND DANCERS (233)       612 778 13 44.0   8/ 9 SUPERIOR FORCES 4I (635)  1  1 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                        *--=== LIRITH KAI REGIONAL NEWS ===--*

 DM  65 DAL SHANG (turn 318): WHATCHAMACALLIT of BUENO FER NADA (Darkfist, mgr.)
 DM  74 DAIYLA KIV (turn 291): LOUD DRUNK of PARTY GEEKS (Berylstar, mgr.)
 DM  75 JADE MOUNTAIN (turn 286): RED MOSQUITO of PARANOID ASYLUM (Jekyll, mgr.)
 DM  78 LIN TIRIAN (turn 273): ONE-EYE TEO of SAND DANCERS (Jorja, mgr.)
                              (Talon Warsmith, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM  65 DAL SHANG (turn 318): SAND DANCERS (Lani, mgr.)
 DM  74 CHAVEZ RAVINE (turn 291): 1988 DODGERS (Zalgor Prigg, mgr.)
 DM  75 JADE MOUNTAIN (turn 286): DARK TOADS (TigToad, mgr.)
 DM  78 LIN TIRIAN (turn 273): TREE PEOPLE (Elderberry, mgr.)
ADM 107 LIRIN KIV (turn 250): MYSTERIOUS (Mad Max, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM  74 DAIYLA KIV (turn 291): LOUD DRUNK of PARTY GEEKS (Berylstar, mgr.)
                               GREGORY GOYLE of SLYTHERIN HOUSE (Salazar Slytherin)
 DM  75 JADE MOUNTAIN (turn 285): CYRUS of DARK TOADS (TigToad, mgr.)

                                      SPY REPORT

     Hail and well met warriors of DAL SHANG!  Know me for who I am, Zontani Sharp 
Eyes, Spymaster extraordinaire of all Alastari.  Warriors--remember that glory waits 
always around the corner!  Witness how this week TOO GOOD FOR ME went 1-0-0 to move 
up 3 in the rankings.  Did only my eyes note the 3-1-1 record which REFUGEES managed 
to post this round?  I don't doubt that such a record will draw challengers!  MING 
THE TERRIBLE caught the eye of many in the gladiatorial commission as he skillfully 
bested METHADONE and was awarded 19 points in recognition.  In one of the week's more 
notable duels, MING THE TERRIBLE put down METHADONE, causing him to lose 28 points of 
recognition in the process.  Due to his absence and inability to defend the throne, 
WHATCHAMACALLIT has lost the title of Duelmaster.  The city has turned out in honor 
of DILYS TYL KOGAN, for with hers arena victory she may now lay claim to the highest 
position in the city!  Heed this!  A seer has warned that if exactly 6 die in duels 
this week, the whole city shall perish!  Just remember...5 or 7!   
     Many and various are the arts of battle.  In DAL SHANG "art" is a word that has 
long since passed from the language!   
     What warrior does not hone his years, impatiently waiting for the moment of his 
foe's mortality?  My condolences to SUPERIOR FORCES 4I for their loss of a very 
promising warrior, CHIPP.  CHIPP went to doom before the arms of MURGON, a warrior of 
REFUGEES.  Dark alleys may hide both secrets and assassins.  In the arena there is 
only the brightness of steel.  Keep vigil always!   
     The girls are as pretty in DAL SHANG as ever I remembered them....and the 
fighters as ugly!  Don't let your reputation slip!  Sadly warriors, now longer can I 
keep thy company nor savor the ale of thy fine city.  Depart I must and soon!  Till 
next we meet remember - the pen is mightier than the sword, but a maul is a different 
story!-- Zontani Sharp Eyes  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 DILYS TYL KOGAN 6515         16  11  1   110       SAND DANCERS (233)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-WHATCHAMACALLIT 6507         16   1  0   211       BUENO FER NADA (707)
 MING THE TERRIBLE 6482       23  16  0   104       SAND DANCERS (233)
 JESSE TAVAN 6514             18  11  0   100       SAND DANCERS (233)
 KOREEN 6490                  21  16  1    92       REFUGEES (377)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 METHADONE 6394               14   6  0    92       PARANOIA (702)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 MURGON 6477                  19  23  2    90       REFUGEES (377)
 DURVAN 6491                  18  19  1    82       SAND DANCERS (233)
 TITANIA 5835                  6   6  0    76       SUPERIOR FORCES 3J (651)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-GRAVE DIGGER 5815             5   1  0    52       HILIST 9 (648)
-DOOHICKEY 6504                7   9  0    50       BUENO FER NADA (707)
 BACKLASH 6518                 5   2  0    50       TOO GOOD FOR ME (600)
-GIZMO 6502                    4   0  0    47       BUENO FER NADA (707)
 SUBTLE DECEIPT 6577           3   0  0    35       PARANOIA (702)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 CHURRO THE SPIKE 6554         6   9  0    27       REFUGEES (377)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PORGARAL 6580                 3   0  0    21       REFUGEES (377)
 KASSELA TYL DRU 6576          4   3  0    15       SAND DANCERS (233)
-LIQUID COURAGE 6574           0   1  0     7       PARANOIA (702)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
ROCK-STAR 6581         0  1 0 PARANOIA 702          BLACK STORM 24        319 NONE    
CHIPP 6516             5  1 0 SUPERIOR FORCES 4 635 MURGON 6477           319         

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Methadone -- Aw, I wasn't REALLY out to get you.  It only looked that way. -- Ming
the Terrible

And then three-one against standbys.  We really need some new standbys here; these
are looking shopworn.  And they don't have anything left to teach, because we've seen
ALL their "special moves." -- Lani for the Sand Dancers

Subtle Deceit -- TRICKED!  I hate that. -- Churro the Spike

Whatchamacallit -- (simpering a little and batting her eyelashes)  I'm YOURS?  Gosh,
I am totally honored!  Let's have lots of fun together! -- Koreen

Titania -- Yeah, well, when they say you're a "superior force," they aren't kidding,
are they? -- Murgon

And a standby for me!  I love that. -- Porgaral

25 May 2004
                                 TEN TURNS OF HELL:
                        The KLK Capture The Flag Competition

In the spirit of the ongoing effort to make arena play what it used to be (FUN!!), I
am proud to announce the KLK Capture The Flag Competition.  The competition will be
held in Jhans (DM-36, which has, by the way, grown in size equal to Talcama already).
:)  We are announcing this contest early to allow managers time to prep.

     -- On turn 462 (due 8/4/04) the lowest ranked warrior on your team is given your
team's 'flag' (he is your initial flag defender).
     -- Starting on turn 463 (due 8/18/04) flags will be defended every turn and turn
463 is the turn scoring will begin.
     -- Fights involving flags are winners-take-all and a warrior can carry as many
flags as he can win.
     -- If a warrior holding a flag either A) goes inactive, B) loses to a stand-by
warrior or C) gets DA'd, he forfeits all flags he has and they are returned the their
original team's lowest ranked warrior.
     -- If you hold your own flag on an inactive warrior you receive NO POINTS that
     -- If a warrior graduates to AD holding flags starting on the next turn those
flags will be defended by the lowest ranked warrior on the team of the graduating
     -- Scoring as follows for each turn:
          2 pts -- possession of your own team flag
          1 pt -- possession any other flag
          1 pt -- for each win
          1 pt -- for each kill
          1 pt -- for each award you receive in the newsletter
     -- You may enter as many teams as you like (per RSI rules) but each team is its
own entry.
     -- Tie-Breaker goes to the team that had the most points from flags.
     -- If still tied the tie-breaker will be the team that had the most points from
kills.  (It's the Delarq way.)
     -- The contest lasts 10 turns and there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
(based on highest point totals)

Prizes: (what you've been waiting on)
1st -- 3 know favorites potions*
       DA warrior named after winning manager
2nd -- 2 know favorites potions*
3rd -- 1 know favorites potion*

* These are full favorite potions (weapon, rhythms and tactics) and can only be used
on warriors with at least 4 FE.

     How's that for paying out? (grin)  Even if you think that it's all about the TC,
these prizes should be enough to draw you in.  (You know who you are.)
     I hope to see friend and foe alike come to Jhans.  Legion, Froths, and all the
others...this is your personal invite.  Can you win?  Can you survive 10 turns of
Hell in Jhans?
     Note:  Special thanks to RSI for helping make this contest possible.  Thanks

KLK Alliance
Director Jhans' Board of Tourism
Warden of the Froth Circle (grin)
D.R.C. 4 Life

16 June 2004
                             Death Fest Begins July 29/DM 59 T-172

     "You drive a hard bargain Hammer," responded Lord Lian Ki Na-Sul, "but the 
Gladiatorial Commission has agreed to re-open DM 58 Delarq Tor as a Slow Arena 
exclusively for a period of six months to those Death Fest contestants who fight 
their stables at least 67 times out of a possible 75 during the 15 rounds of Death 
Fest; on the condition that at least 20 stables qualify for the Illis Iron Stable 
Award at the conclusion of the Death Fest and those qualifying managers send a New 
Stable to DM 58 Delarq Tor without Cannibalizing their participation in the other 
arenas where they have active stables!"
     Hammer felt a certain sense of satisfaction as he studied the ghoulish grin 
spreading across the face of Lord Lian Ki Na-Sul; proud Arena Master of the once 
dying Illis Arena, as the DM 59 Arena Authority signed the Gladiatorial Commission 
papers authenticating the arrangement agreed upon by the two parties presiding.
     "You and the Gladiatorial Commission also drive a hard bargain," Hammer replied 
as he reflected upon the prospects of Delarq Tor DM 58 being re-opened as a Slow 
Arena with at least 20 New Stables by the Managers who fight their stables at least 
67 times out of a possible 75 during the 15 rounds of Death Fest. "I also notice the 
clause that for Delarq Tor to be open Exclusively for 6 months to the New Stables 
managed by the Illis Iron Stable Award Winners that there must be at least 15 stables 
Active each cycle. That is a fair bargain for the opportunity to battle for the 
Duelmaster Throne each of those six months before Other New Stables are allowed to 
enter Delarq Tor."
     This was a Golden Opportunity for both Veteran and Newbie Managers to pave a new 
frontier of Delarq history by qualifying their Death Fest stables in DM 59 with 67 
fights out of a possible 75; then for the price of running a stable in a Regular 
Arena, continuing to be Active in DM 59 and sending a New Team Roll Up to be a part 
of "History in the Making" when Delarq Tor would re-open for its First Turn as a Slow 
Arena on November 3rd, 2005.
     Death Fest would conclude on T-186 August 25th, 2005 allowing the Illis Iron 
Stable Award Winners enough time to be registered with the Gladiatorial Commission; 
whereupon they would be able to submit a New Team Roll Up to the GC to start a New 
Stable in Delarq Tor; be able to fight those New Gladiators in the Rookies 2005 Fall 
Mailer Tourney; then begin competing for the DM 58 Duelmasters Throne in Delarq Tor 
right out of the gate with the November 3rd 2005 T-1 Debut Opening Round.
     Hammer of the First Part had also negotiated with Lord Na-Zul of the Second Part 
an agreement that All 10 Dark Arena Monsters and 17 NPCs Characters be re-named by 
the Top Ten Death Fest Finishers. [See DM 59 T-171 Newsletter Team Spotlight by 
Hammer for the complete listing of Dark Arena Monsters/NPCs and the Official Death 
Fest Designation for which Top Ten Finishers re-name which characters!]
     Lord Na-Sul could not hide his delight at the prospects of Death being re-
delivered to his once dying arena during the Delarq Death Fest; the DM 59 Arena 
Master agreed that these Death Fest Prizes were but a Small Exchange in Comparison to 
the Profits to be made by the local Illis business merchants and surrounding 
community from the Anticipated Influx into Illis by the Veteran and Newbie 
Managers/Gladiators/Stables seeking to make History in the Delarq Death Fest.
     Nor could Hammer conceal his jubilation regarding the Call Across Alistari being 
Answered to Cross Blades and Match Wits with the Devious, the Diabolical, the 
Dangerous and the Down Challenging who were being drawn to the Delarq Death Fest to 
Fulfill their Delarq Dueling Destiny!
     REMEMBER: Death Fest begins July 29th T-172 with 25 points being awarded to 
those who write a minimum 15 paragraph Team Spotlight [including Stable Name & 
Managerial Alias in the Storyline!] for the DM 59 T-172 Newsletter [So Make Sure HAL 
Does Not Eat any Lengthy Sentences that are Emailed without Proper Formatting; and 
the RSI Typist has Plenty of Time to Type Any Hand Written Spotlights; Lest Ye 
Discover 0 Points Awarded for a Missing or Incomplete T-172 Team Spotlight!]
     "May Your Blades Be Sharp and Your Wits Sharper!"  -- Hammer/Death Fest 
Host/Vendetta Cartel Captain; WordSmith and High Priest of the Crimson Ascension 
Family in DM 28

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

ROCK-STAR was viciously butchered by BLACK STORM in a 2 minute Dark Arena fight.
DILYS TYL KOGAN vanquished TITANIA in a exciting 1 minute uneven Title battle.
JESSE TAVAN overpowered SWEET ANELLA in a crowd pleasing 1 minute mismatched duel.
METHADONE was luckily beaten by MING THE TERRIBLE in a 3 minute veteran's fight.
MURGON delivered the death blow upon CHIPP in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
DURVAN devastated HELVAN QUICKHAND in a 1 minute bloody mismatched match.
KOREEN defeated MASTER OF THE EDGE in a action packed 1 minute gruesome uneven melee.
BACKLASH vanquished CHURRO THE SPIKE in a 1 minute uneven fight.
SUBTLE DECEIPT won victory over KASSELA TYL DRU in a 2 minute fight.
PORGARAL defeated NORMAR THE BLOND in a 2 minute beginner's match.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|AIMED BLOW                       4         PARRY-RIPOSTE      9 -   4 -  0      69  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   2         WALL OF STEEL      9 -   4 -  0      69  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  2         PARRY-STRIKE      13 -   7 -  0      65  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  2         TOTAL PARRY        7 -   4 -  0      64  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    1         LUNGING ATTACK     7 -   4 -  0      64  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   1         AIMED BLOW        21 -  15 -  0      58  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      1         SLASHING ATTACK    3 -   3 -  0      50  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    1         BASHING ATTACK    10 -  10 -  1      50  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     1         STRIKING ATTACK   10 -  13 -  1      43  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      0         PARRY-LUNGE        2 -   9 -  0      18  |

Turn 319 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -  0     PARRY-LUNGE        0 -  0         2  BASHING ATTACK 
LUNGING ATTACK     1 -  0     PARRY-STRIKE       0 -  1         2  WALL OF STEEL  
BASHING ATTACK     2 -  0     SLASHING ATTACK    0 -  2         2  AIMED BLOW     
TOTAL PARRY        1 -  0                                       1  PARRY-STRIKE   
WALL OF STEEL      1 -  0                                       1  TOTAL PARRY    
AIMED BLOW         2 -  2                                       1  SLASHING ATTACK
STRIKING ATTACK    1 -  1                                       1  STRIKING ATTACK
                                                                1  PARRY-LUNGE    

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
BASHING ATTACK   DILYS TYL KOGAN 6515       16  11  1  110 SAND DANCERS (233)
TOTAL PARRY      MING THE TERRIBLE 6482     23  16  0  104 SAND DANCERS (233)
WALL OF STEEL    JESSE TAVAN 6514           18  11  0  100 SAND DANCERS (233)
AIMED BLOW       KOREEN 6490                21  16  1   92 REFUGEES (377)
SLASHING ATTACK  METHADONE 6394             14   6  0   92 PARANOIA (702)
LUNGING ATTACK   SUBTLE DECEIPT 6577         3   0  0   35 PARANOIA (702)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is KOREEN 6490.  The most popular warrior this turn was 
METHADONE 6394.  The ten other most popular fighters were SUBTLE DECEIPT 6577, 
6491, KOREEN 6490, CHIPP 6516, BACKLASH 6518, and KASSELA TYL DRU 6576.

The least popular fighter this week was CHURRO THE SPIKE 6554.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were ROCK-STAR 6581, MURGON 6477, TITANIA 5835, KASSELA TYL DRU 
6576, BACKLASH 6518, CHIPP 6516, KOREEN 6490, DURVAN 6491, MING THE TERRIBLE 6482, 
and JESSE TAVAN 6514.