Date   : 12/13/2003    Duedate: 12/26/2003


DM-93    TURN-157

This Weeks Top Honors


MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
(93-7790) [6-3-0,66]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

THE BLACK GUARD (1299)         MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
(93-7508) [4-4-1,17]           (93-7790) [6-3-0,66]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)            MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
(93-7790) [6-3-0,66]           (93-7790) [6-3-0,66]


MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)

Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)         38
2. THE KAIBUTSU (1353)         14      THE BLACK GUARD (1299)
3. THE BLACK GUARD (1299)       1      Unchartered Team
4. SHADOW WARRIORS (1346)       0
5. MARVEL-OUS #1 (1354)         0      THE KAIBUTSU (1353)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1- 1*MARVEL-OUS #1 (1354)       1   0  0  100   1/ 2*MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)       9  6 0
 2- 2*WONDERLANDERS (1351)       7   1  0 87.5   2/ 3*THE KAIBUTSU (1353)       6  4 1
 3/ 3*THE KAIBUTSU (1353)        9   6  1 60.0   3- 1*WONDERLANDERS (1351)      3  0 0
 4- 4*SHADOW WARRIORS (1346)    10   7  2 58.8   4- 4*SHADOW WARRIORS (1346)    2  1 0
 5/ 5*MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)       26  19  0 57.8   5- 5*MARVEL-OUS #1 (1354)      1  0 0
 6/ 6 THE BLACK GUARD (1299)     6  18  1 25.0   6/ 6 THE BLACK GUARD (1299)    0  2 0
 7- 7*THE DARKSIDERS (1345)      0   7  0  0.0   7- 7*THE DARKSIDERS (1345)     0  2 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

                            A posting on the arena gates

Greetings, young managers!  The name is Tycron, and I extend to you an offer.  I too,
fought in this arena once, securing the position of Duelmaster for quite an extended
time, I might add.  Since then, my team has transferred to the Willaf arena, DM 16.
I am seeking allies to form a group of managers with common goals and desires.  I am
one that believes in not downchallenging (except for bloodfeuds), avoiding teams with
honor, the use of all fighting styles, and writing personals.  And of course, an
alliance is beneficial to all its member's winning records.  So when you receive that
graduation notice, I would hope you write the number 16, for if you do, you will have
a friend in a very lonely Ghea.

                               TYCRON'S MERCS DM 16
                               TYCRON'S GUARD DM 8
                               TYCRON'S ARMY  DM 21

              + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Lighthouse ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +
                   Where do you go when you leave Noblish Island?

     After ten turns, just when you're getting used to the everlasting rain here on
Noblish Island, you're going to have to leave forever.  Everyone (except me) leaves
after ten turns.
     You have to go, but you get to choose your destination.  Out of sixty or so
possible arenas, how do you choose?
     Some of you will be following friends who have already gone, and for you this
question is moot.  Otherwise....

     Fast or slow?  Noblish Island is a "fast" arena in that the fights are run every
two weeks.  For some of you, this may not allow enough turn-around time.  "Slow"
arenas run every four weeks.  The slow arenas are 8, 28, 31, 39, 45, 47, 50, 52, 54,
59, and the three slow transfer arenas, 71, 72, and 73.  You may have an unlimited
number of teams in a transfer arena, and many managers do; I would not recommend
choosing a transfer arena for your first non-Noblish home.

     Regions--the world of Duelmasters is divided into four regions, which have
slightly different preferred style of management.
     The Andorian region as a general rule tends toward a role-playing, non-killing
style of play.  By "non-killing," I mean that Andorian managers prefer not to seek
kills and disapprove of down-challenging.  In most (but not, alas, all) cases,
Andorian arenas will have lively personals.  The Andorian arenas currently open are:
8 (slow), 11, 14, 22, 24, 25, 26, 30, 40, 41, 46, 52 (slow), 60, 63, and 71.
     The Delarquan region, except in the case of some of the slow arenas, is not much
prone to role-playing and conversation.  For Delarquans, the win is all.  Down-
challenging is an accepted tactic used when desired by any manager.  Deaths may be
more frequent than elsewhere.  The Delarquan arenas currently open are: 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 10, 18, 21, 36, 38, 39 (slow), 42, 51, 54 (slow), 59 (slow), 62, and 72.
     The Free Blades region tends to be very active in the slow arenas and less
dogmatic in either direction about style of play.  Free Blades arenas currently open
are: 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, 28 (slow, currently hosting a contest), 29, 31 (slow),
32, 33, 35, 43, 45 (slow), 47 (slow), 50 (slow), 56, 61, and 73.
     The Lirith Kai region is the youngest and is currently very small, having only
arenas 65, 74, 75, and 78 open at the present time.  There is a tendency to prefer
the Andorian-style, "no down-challenges and no deliberate killing," but the managers
seem to be less dogmatic about it.
     Note that currently contests of various kinds are being held in arenas 11, 18,
21, 28, 45, 47, and 60 and.  I may have missed some, but these I know about.  Some
are just starting, some are just about done, others are in the middle.  Contest
arenas will tend to be bigger than others while the contest is going on, and full of
often-confusing personals.

     Large arenas or small ones?
     There are advantages for a new manager in either choice.  In a large arena,
there are lots of managers who will be willing to help a novice.  There will be a lot
of variety in the kind of competition your warriors come up against--varieties in
style, management, levels of skill.  You can learn a lot in large arenas.  But there
are drawbacks, too.  You can get lost in the crowd, maybe find no one or only a few
of the available responding to your personals.  You can get caught between feuding
     In small arenas, you soon get to know every manager's playing style and what to
expect from their warriors.  If you write personals, they will be noticed and
probably responded to.  But just as you get to know all the managers and warriors
sharing the arena with you, so will they get to know you.  You may see a lot of
standbys fighting, and while they are relatively easier to beat, they don't teach as
well.  After a while, you won't meet with many surprises.

     If you have access to the internet, I strongly recommend that you check out
RSI's website and sample the newsletters of various arenas to get the flavor of them.
If not, ask for advice.  Diplo managers mentioned in the Regional Arena News from
arenas you're interested in, as they are likely to be leaders in those arenas.  Ask
questions here, in the personals or by diplo.  I'd like to see you all have the best
possible Duelmasters experience that's consistent with other people doing the same,
and I ALWAYS have opinions!

The Middle Way

           +>]H[<+-----+>]H[<+ Question of the Week #1 +>]H[<+-----+>]H[<+

     Hanibal, manager of Cannibalz in Aruak City (DM 11) and formerly of Noblish
Island, has asked a series of questions of the experienced managers of that arena.  I
believe you might find these questions and answers instructive, or at least
interesting.  Feel free to comment or question in response.  That goes for other
experienced managers, too; I'm sure your input would be valuable. -- Jorja, The
Middle Way

Question, turn 396:
     All -- If 2 identical warriors (theoretically) ran 10-10-2 and 10-10-8, who
would swing first?  Would they both have an equal chance? -- Hanibal's question of
the week

Replies, turn 397:
     Hanibal -- Of the three numbers, I think KD is least influential in determining
who swings first.  I'm not discounting its involvement entirely, but there are many
factors that weigh more heavily.  I ran aimers 10-10-1 for a long time, when it was
the 'in' thing to do, and they fought quite aggressively.  KD might be more important
in determining who swings LAST. -- Generalissimo Puerco

     Hannibal -- I firmly believe that 10-10-2 will sometimes outjump 10-10-8.  And
vice versa. -- Kennelworth The Seasoned

     See also Captain K's article on "Getting the Jump."  It was printed in this
newsletter a few turns ago, but if you want a copy and don't have it, email me at
jputney@zianet.com and I'll send it to you.  Okay, okay, if you don't have email,
request it in the personals or even send me a diplo. -- Jorja
P.S.  I believe this may now be included in the regularly cycling articles.

Question, turn 397:
     All -- If two warriors have a good damage rating, one has 11 str. and one has 13
str., would it make a difference in the amount of damage they do? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.
     P.S.  Warriors are same size.

Replies, turn 398:
     Hanibal -- Regarding your QoW, it is a very good question.  I think that there
is a difference in damage done between warriors with different strengths but similar
damage comments.  Of course the attack rating a warrior has can make a world of
difference too.  I've got a piker (the Consortium may know Lustra from DM 52) that
has a 5 str. and does normal damage with a blow.  Yet, she performs like a warrior
that does little damage.  (And I have a lot of experience with those.)  Not only
that, she has normal endurance, too, but she seems to get tired awfully quick for a
piker with normal endurance.  So that's one example.  Another is my overall look at
warriors that do 'little' damage.
     If you take one with 9 str. and another with 13 str. I think a clear Difference
can be discerned.  On the high end, my experience doesn't go much past 'good' damage.
But what I can say is that my warriors that do 'good' damage seem to do more damage
than my few warriors that have done 'tremendous' damage.  That is probably because
those big strong warriors have relatively lousy attack ratings.  So in a nutshell I
would say yes, there is a minor but still noticeable effect.  What you might be
finding is that there seems to be differences within those broad categories given on
the warrior overview.  It's just like if you raise con you improve your warrior's
ability to sustain damage a little bit, even if the comment on the overview stays the
same.  Your questions are getting at some of the interesting subtleties of the game.
Keep asking them! -- Generalissimo Puerco

     Q.O.W. (Hanibal) -- I don't think so. -- Adie

Pagan's replies:

Question, turn 396:
     All -- If 2 identical warriors (theoretically) ran 10-10-2 and 10-10-8, who
would swing first?  Would they both have an equal chance?

This is a loaded question.  There are a number of factors which will determine which
warrior swings first.  In speaking of this I can only tell you what I have a 'feel'
for.  In no way does anyone know all the factors or how this works exactly unless
someone gets to look at the source code for the program.  I will ignore the KD
dispute simply because I don't know.
The Factors:
1.  At warrior creation, the program initiates a random string class to be used for
your warrior.  Each string has a series of numbers that are pre-generated and always
the same.  It however appears random except for the facts that some strings are good
for some warriors and bad for others.  You'll notice this only over time.  This
string class is permanent and not all of them are created equal.  This is above and
beyond any total number of skills.
2.  At fight time, the program calls a random string to be used for BOTH warriors.
This string affects the string of the warrior.  This is why you will never see two
fights that are line-by-line exactly the same.  But if the fights were constantly run
with exactly the same string, and no strategy changes are made then you will
consistently have the same fight line-by-line.
3.  Fight-String modified Warrior-String# are taken for each warrior and #Decise-
skills + OE + string# + tactic + weapon-weight + style-adjustment equates to a
4.  These bonuses could be negative in adjustments also: IE. Running responsiveness
would be the addition of a negative number equal to warrior's Decise.  Running decise
would increase a lot, running lunge, slash, or bash use initiative instead of Decise
if higher than current #decise skills.
4.  Biggest controllable factors are OE, tactic, & weapon-weight
5.  If the number for JUMP does not have a disparity of a specific number then a
continued clash will occur until that disparity is shown.  Then the fight actually
begins.  You can have a series of 8+ clash statements until the program finds who
starts and initiates the fight sequences.  Example: fighterA ends up with a jump# of
60 and fighterB ends up with a jump# of 65; if the disparity had to be 10 points then
what would happen is a clash statement would be printed and the steps repeated.  The
next number from the Fight-String is called along with the next number in each of the
Warrior-strings ; the computation is done again until the disparity (for the computer
anyway) becomes true.  Then the fight sequence is activated. -- Pagan

Question, turn 397:
     All -- If two warriors have a good damage rating, one has 11 str. And one has 13
str., would it make a difference in the amount of damage they do? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.
P.S.  Warriors are same size.

Most definitely.  Weapon damage is equated to Strength + damage class.  So damage is
done like this:
1.  Armor weight + 12 + any bonus it has vs weapon type is a negative to the damage
done.  (How the hell did he get 12!?)
2.  Damage done is strength + damage class variable + weapon variable.
3.  Slashing & Bashing increase the damage done.
4.  When the damage done equals 1 or less then there is a weapon bounce statement.
The minimum damage a blow can do is 1 point of damage.  The program knows there's a
hit before it knows damage so you can't reverse a hit, you merely take a minimum of 1
point of damage to your hit-points.
5.  The lower your strength then more bounces you will see.  The lower your damage
class the more bounces you will see.  The lighter weight a weapon is vs the armor its
hitting the more bounces you will see.
6.  In reverse to #5, all of those secondary-damage statements (often referred to as
extra-damage statements) such as "it was a devastating blow"... "what a massive blow"
-- these merely show that you hit your opponent with enough damage to exceed the
computer secondary-damage statement threshold.  Your warrior caused enough damage to
exceed a programmed set number (whatever that number may be) and the fight is only
showing that you exceeded that number. The programmed number for the secondary-damage
threshold is a Hard number: it is constant within the program and is used for all
fights and all warriors.  It is not random.  It has nothing to do with how much
damage you did in relation to your opponent's hit-points either.  If you exceed that
number in damage, you get a printed statement showing that to be the case.  There is
no such thing as Extra-Damage. -- Pagan

Question, turn 398:

All -- If you lower your kill desire in desperation, do you have less of a chance of
being killed? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.

Replies, turn 399:

Q.O.W. -- I think that if your KD is lower in desperation, you're more likely to
surrender than draw out the fight.  Drawing out the fight by having a higher KD gives
the attacker more chance to kill you.  But you could defend and make a come-back.
But that higher KD also lowers your defensive ability somewhat. -- Adie

Hanibal's Q.o.W -- Yes, lowering your own KD helps keep you alive and allows you to
surrender...hopefully in time. -- Armalias

Hanibal -- The choice of kill desire in desperation seems to be a very tactically
important one.  I do believe that lowering kill desire will tend to preserve a
warrior's life by making him give up (and end the fight) sooner.  This also means
the warrior may end up losing fights he could have won if he had hung around.  I
think scum strategy is a good example of this.  While it may be counterintuitive, a
good scum strategy involves using a moderate to high kill desire.  This is done to
prevent them from giving up prematurely.  Also, most managers don't care too much if
their scum gets killed, so there's no point to running with a low KD.  There's a very
good article on the total parry written by Scrag, in which this scheme is discussed.
Maybe you saw it in Noblish.   Personally, I either lower or raise KD in desperation,
based on my expectations for a particular warrior.  I think it was Miles that first
wrote on this way of looking at kill desire, and I believe it to be the most correct.
Other published theories, such as Jessie Jest's, are variably more questionable.
(But then, everything Jessie Jest wrote should be taken with a grain of salt.) --
Generalissimo Puerco

Question, turn 399:

All -- If you have 18 HP and cannot take a lot of punishment and raise con once to
normal--20 HP, does the rating affect the rate at which you take damage or do you
just have 2 more Hit Points? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.

Replies, turn 400:

Hanibal's QOW -- I think you just get a bump in hit points.  But that little bump
makes a big difference.  I think armor and warrior experience are the only factors
that affect the rate of damage per blow. -- Adie
P.S.  There's a new chart for hit points that is more accurate and does not involve a
luck factor.

Hanibal -- I think the amount of damage a warrior can take is not variable but
constant.  The variables in the equation are:  the weapon being struck with and the
armor it is striking, and the attack and damage-dealing ability of the warrior doing
the swinging.  Not to mention kill desire, as discussed last turn. -- Generalissimo

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #74 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<


     The Prince of Malcorn listened carefully as Fist of Kjarran and his companions
described the monster on the road to Murska, what it had done up till now and how
they had dealt with it.  When Fist repeated Cadal's statement that the matter was not
settled and could not be settled in simple combat, the prince sighed and nodded.
"That's true," he admitted.  "The dregur can be driven off with steel, but they can't
be finally settled that way.  It takes magic to bind and unbind them, because an
essential part of their nature is magical."
     Stiffly, Aghtamar said, "We heard that it was you who set them loose
     "For what I considered good and sufficient reason, yes, I did," Malcorn agreed.
"How many invaders did you encounter on the road here from Korga?"
     "Invaders?"  The Korgan woman shook her head, puzzled.  "None.  I hear they're
pulling out all along the coast, going back to their homelands, I suppose, and about
     "About time," Malcorn agreed.  "It was the dregur who finally convinced them of
that.  Not all dregur are criminals like the one you fought, probably no more than
might be found in a similar group of humans.  I made an agreement, which the
responsible leaders of the dregur entered into fully and fairly.  They will help us
deal with the few among them who are criminal."
     "They'll...help?" Zilla asked faintly.  "Wonderful.  Just wonderful."
     "They said they'd clean up their own snakes."  The gladiators turned to peer
into the dark corner.  The man sitting there, who had been so silent he hadn't been
noticed, was plainly a Karnhorn.  A Karnhorn of a familiar type--by his clothing,
which was fashionable but not highly so, and very plainly made, a man of the lower
ranks of the nobility, and impoverished, Aghtamar decided.  Probably a minor
bureaucrat.  Which made his presence here, on terms of familiarity with the Prince of
Malcorn, a puzzle.  Not her puzzle to solve, she hoped.
     "I know they did, Tiljanz, and I believe they intend to do so," Malcorn replied. 
"But I don't see any harm in providing them with...witnesses to their fulfillment of
the agreement."
     "To make sure they have no second thoughts?" Tiljanz asked.  He sounded a little
amused, but only a little.  "No harm in that," he agreed.  "I shall certainly go
along to see that the terms of the agreement are met."
     "No offense intended," Fist said quickly, "but this will be a job for warriors.
You don't look like--"
     "I am not a warrior," the young Karnhorn answered calmly.  "And I take no
offense at your warning, intended as it is to preserve my life.  But life is not
enough, there must be self-respect, as well."
     "Tiljanz al Burgos is as steady a man as you'll find," Malcorn cut in.  "He
won't run, and he won't get in your way.  We'll take him with us."
     "With...us?" Aghtamar asked faintly.
     "Yes, I'm coming, too," the Prince of Malcorn answered.

     Fist of Kjarran had expected to leave immediately, or at least first thing the
next morning.  But two full days passed before Lord Malcorn and the Karnhorn
bureaucrat were ready to go.  Two days during which he considered going without them.
But there were always several Shews, large, Lord Protector Shews, standing between
him and the door when those thoughts came to him.
     And then when they did finally set out, Fist of Kjarran, Aghtamar, Zilla, Cadal,
Malcorn, and Tiljanz al Burgos, Fist found himself wishing that some of those big,
tough-looking Shews were coming, too.

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

     I hate days like this.  I've got an unreasonably inflated recognition, so the
handicapper sends high-rec standbys against me, and I can't handle 'em.  Keeping the
throne while LOSING a fight is so embarrassing.

                                        Torans Ulrik

                                      SPY REPORT

     Hail NOBLISH ISLAND!  Warriors of the arena, prepare to be praised and blamed 
for your deeds.  It seems the training can make the difference, as WONDERLANDERS is 
pushed out of top team by MIDDLE WAY 9, who came from 2nd with a 4-1-0 this turn.  
And let's see, PITRE QUIN fought SUKAUTO ICHI and gained 19 points and contributed to 
MIDDLE WAY 9's 4-1-0.  SUKAUTO ICHI has lost to PITRE QUIN, falling 16 points, while 
helping make THE KAIBUTSU a 3-2-0 turn.  Our Duelmaster has lost, folks, lost to 
KHALHUMS DWARF, BUT TORANS ULRIK is still the Duelmaster because he has the most 
recognition points!  Tell me, is nothing sacred?  I have heard from unimpeachable 
sources that The Warty Toad uses trolls in their stew.  Talk about gristle!   
     Oriental wise man once say, 'Hiding behind shields prevents proper sun tanning.' 
Inscrutable, but true.   
     We only live a short time in this world, so why not take a sharp blade, and 
shave it close?  We'd like to remind certain teams not to rob the graves of their 
enemies.  You know who you are; and it's considered rude.   
     I like this place, NOBLISH ISLAND, the taverns have old wine, and young serving 
girls.  Who could ask for more?  Well, I'm burning daylight here in NOBLISH ISLAND 
and I've a long road ahead of me.  Happy Trails.  Until the sun next rises and my pen 
sets to paper-- Alarond the Scribe  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TORANS ULRIK 7790             6   3  0    66       MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 LOUIE MURH 7786               6   3  0    51       MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-SHADOW MISTRESS 7798          3   1  0    33       SHADOW WARRIORS (1346)
 PITRE QUIN 7788               2   7  0    29       MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
 ROMOR SAITH 7789              5   4  0    28       MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
 SUKAUTO NI 7833               2   1  1    27       THE KAIBUTSU (1353)
 NAEFAN ORDH 7787              7   2  0    24       MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
-MAD HATTER 7826               2   0  0    24       WONDERLANDERS (1351)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-SHADOW KING 7800              3   1  1    21       SHADOW WARRIORS (1346)
-WHITE RABBIT 7822             2   0  0    21       WONDERLANDERS (1351)
-CHESIRE CAT 7825              2   0  0    18       WONDERLANDERS (1351)
 ZULOK THE SHADOW 7508         4   4  1    17       THE BLACK GUARD (1299)
 ZOTTO SUTU 7832               1   2  0    16       THE KAIBUTSU (1353)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-SHADOW WALKER 7797            2   2  1    15       SHADOW WARRIORS (1346)
 SUKAUTO SAN 7836              2   1  0    10       THE KAIBUTSU (1353)
 IBATU 7834                    2   1  0    10       THE KAIBUTSU (1353)
 SUKAUTO ICHI 7835             2   1  0     7       THE KAIBUTSU (1353)
-THE THING 7837                1   0  0     7       MARVEL-OUS #1 (1354)
-AMASTASIA 7506                1   3  0     6       THE BLACK GUARD (1299)
-ALICE OF EARTH 7823           1   0  0     5       WONDERLANDERS (1351)
-MADDOX 7792                   0   2  0     2       THE DARKSIDERS (1345)
-DIAMOND 7793                  0   2  0     2       THE DARKSIDERS (1345)
-KONG 7791                     0   1  0     1       THE DARKSIDERS (1345)
-LEVON 7795                    0   1  0     1       THE DARKSIDERS (1345)
-CHARLEZ 7794                  0   1  0     1       THE DARKSIDERS (1345)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?

                                     PERSONAL ADS

All -- Greetings to all Noblish Island managers!  My name is Sensei Jan, and as a
former Noblish Island manager I'd like to extend an invitation to come fight on the
sands of one of the arenas I manage in.  I graduated from Noblish a little over two
years ago, and have tried many arenas, both slow and regular.  I'm currently fighting
in 6 (Battle Beasts), 21 (Yakuza), 28 (slow arena) (Primal Fury), and 62 (Samurai
Kids II).  The placement of your Noblish team (or any new team) upon graduation is an
important decision as it is a very long process to transfer to another arena once
placed.  Arena 6, Transel, is a smaller arena that is currently undergoing a
renaissance of new teams and older teams coming back into the arena.  There is a
significant amount of all styles there (not lunger heavy).  There is always something
in the personal ads.  There are also managers there of different talent levels.  From
newbie to one of the toughest managers in the game, Doc Steele.
     Arena 21(Sunset) is a fairly large arena.  Very competitive, with a heavy
alliance presence.  There is usually some kind of competition going on there.
Nicknamed the "Arena of Death," it is not for the faint of heart.  Very active
     Arena 28(Morya) is a BIG slow arena currently having a massive competition
called Morya Madness.  Most of the best known and least known managers have teams
     Arena 62(Valamantis) is a medium size arena with a wide range of styles and
manager experience.  Currently under a slow spell, the arena definitely needs some
new blood to stir up the pot there.  Feel free to diplo one of my teams for any info
or just to discuss the game!  Fare thee well, Noblish managers! -- Sensei Jan

Dagan Lifegiver -- Diplo received.  Sorry about Shadow Lord, but it's just how life
is in the arena, you know?  If the rest of your boys still want a piece of me, feel
free to send them up to Riztab.  I'll be here. -- Bellota of Powerpuff Girls (DM 12)

Mad Hatter -- You are indeed totally INSANE.  I have never before seen anyone come
out onto the sands wearing a hat like THAT.  Gods. -- Romor Saith

Shadow Walker -- Sometimes you need sunlight.  Or at least a lantern.  You know, I
bet we could sing a duet during a fight like that.  Wanna practice at my place? --
Naefan Ordh

I like standbys, whatever Torans says. -- Louie Murh

White Rabbit -- Would you believe me if I said I didn't want to get bloodstains on
your fur? -- Pitre Quin
P.S.  You might try a shortspear.

Dagan Lifegiver -- I'll answer any questions asked, if I know the answer and it is

ethical to give it.  Just ask. -- Jorja
P.S.  Was that you I was answering in Aruak City yesterday?  My manager name in most
Andorian arenas is Leeta.

Shadow Mistress -- Regarding learning skills:  1)  Are you training skills?  Don't
laugh!  I know of one case where a new manager wondered why his warrior wasn't
learning skills, and it was because he trained stats every turn.  I realize this is
unusual, but I have to check, just like making sure the lamp that won't light IS
plugged in.  2)  Did you fight a warrior with more experience?  You are more likely
to learn when your opponent is significantly more experienced.  3)  Do you have an
inquiring mind?  (Also known as "high WT.)  The more WT you have, the better your
chance of learning.  4)  Were you carrying your lucky rabbit's foot?  Luck plays a
part in ALL aspects of the game, including learning skills. -- Jorja

Shadow King -- Certainly, if you want it. -- Naefan Ordh

Dagan -- Was Shadow Lord entered in the tourney?  A tourney death would account for
an otherwise inexplicable disappearance. -- Jorja
P.S.  By now, you probably know one way or the other.
P.P.S.  If the tourney wasn't to blame, it was probably flying saucers.
P.P.P.S.  As regards your challenge not going through, darned if I know why.  I
wasn't avoiding.

Comments on the articles--

A Sacred Lord's Slasher by Bookie.  To the best of my knowledge, this manager is
currently inactive.  The alliance of which he speaks, the Black Regime, is also
inactive.  While his slashers obviously work, I wouldn't do it that way and would be
inclined to argue various points.  Such as ST--he says that any ST above 11 is a
waste and suggests weapons for strengths all the way down to 3.  I say any ST below 9
is going to get you into serious trouble.  And I have no problem with a WT of 13, or
even 11.  And so on.

     I believe he's back for the time being and might be found in DM 36. -- Ed.

Kill Desire: "Patience" by Jessie Jest.  Jessie is inactive.  More or less, I agree
with him.  BUT.  But Kill Desire is a very emotional issue, and it isn't going to
make you popular in, for instance, an Andorian arena, if you run high KDs and then
say, "It's just that my warriors lack patience."

Some Info on the Ripper by Necrom.  This manager is currently inactive.  A few
quibbles:  ST of less than 9 so very often ends up with "does little damage," which
can be the kiss of death for your ripper.  And while 21s look very pretty on the
overview, the balancing low stats can get your warrior killed, especially if it is
low CN and/or low SZ.  I honestly don't believe that ANY style needs a 21 stat to do
well, with the possible exception of DF for an aimer that is intended for high-end
play.  You lose so much elsewhere to get those 21s.

Crimson Strikers by Crimson Strategist.  I believe this manager may be active
somewhere, but I'm not sure.  With the stat ranges he suggests, you could make a
decent warrior of ANY style.  And with regards to the strategy suggested, well, what
if you have a striker who is more defensively inclined?  That wouldn't work well for
him.  Also, take note that you should NOT use an offensive tactic AND a defensive
tactic in the SAME minute.

     He is not currently active, as far as I know. -- Ed.

2 December 2003
ZalCon2, ZalCon Reloaded
Where:  Jhelum, DM 4
When:  February 9th or 23rd, 2003 (TBA when Mail In date set)
How Long:  20 Turns

Restrictions:  Zero FE at start of contest.  Must announce warrior styles by second
arena fight to receive points.  No prize modified warriors.  No entry to July Face,
No TV Challenges.  All prizes to be used exclusively on warriors from the contest
team only.

     First Initiate Duelmaster (FID):  First warrior announced in the contest to
          reach the throne.
     Prize:  Limited Damage Potion, increasing damage for 1 warrior by one rating to
          max for ST/SZ.
     Warrior MVP:  Top warrior based on MVP points accrued in the contest.
     Prize:  Limited Damage Potion, Favorites Knowledge for any warrior on team, +1
          to bonus in any skill area up to max for style for 1 warrior on team, 2
          nights stay at Winter FTF Hotel.
     Team MVP:  Top Team based on MVP points accrued in contest by all the teams
     Prize:  Limited Damage Potion, Favorites Knowledge, +1 to Bonus, 6 Months Free
          Play, 20 Rollups.
     Warrior MVP Top 11:  Next 10 warriors on MVP list at the end of the contest.
     Prize:  +1 to Bonus
     Style Master:  Top warrior in each style based on Style Master points accrued in
          the contest.
     Prize:  Favorites Knowledge of any warrior on team.
     Iron Manager Award:  Minimum 95 fights in contest by any team.
     Prize:  Choice of free entry for team to 2005 Winter Face or +1 to Bonus for one

MVP Point System:  +1 for Win, Fight, Kill, Recognition Leader (after Round 3), -1
Death, +2 Duelmaster, +2 each 3 Consecutive turns as DM, +1 Quality Win (any win over
opponent with 5 or more Rec), +1 for each 10 Rec points over 5 in win (+1 for 5-14
above, +2 for 15-24 above, +3 for 25-34 above).
Style Master Point System:  +2 Style Master, +1 Win vs. Same Style Opponent, +1 Win
vs. Same Style Master, +1 for 3 Consecutive Turns as Style Master (rolling).

     Please direct any question about rules or clarifications to me, Robert
Occhipinti, via Diplo to DM74, 1988 Dodgers or email to zalgor@hotmail.com.  All
rules decisions made by me are final and binding within the confines of this contest.

8 December 2003
Greetings!  I would like to invite everyone to Jhans (DM 36) for the first annual kLk
St. Valentine's Day Massacre (kill contest).  We will start the contest off with the
ceremonial burning of the Andorian flag on turn 450.  (Six turns away.  Roughly mid-
February.)  The contest will run for 10 turns.  On turn 461, 3 separate victors will
be announced.  Team with the most kills, warrior with the most kills, and alliance
with the most kills.  Prizes will be awarded to the manager of the team with the most
kills and to the manager of the warrior with the most kills.  The prizes will
probably be team roll-ups.  The number of roll-ups has yet to be determined.  The
contest is sponsored by Jhans' newest, (but by the time the contest starts) largest
alliance, the kLk (pronounced "klick"). -- Polarius, mgr. of Blitzkrieg DM 36

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

IBATU was outwaited by NAEFAN ORDH in a unpopular 9 minute Challenge fight.
TORANS ULRIK was unbelievably bested by KHALHUMS DWARF in a 3 minute Title battle.
LOUIE MURH subdued THE USEROUS MERCHANT in a 2 minute fight.
PITRE QUIN vanquished SUKAUTO ICHI in a 2 minute gory mismatched brawl.
ROMOR SAITH overpowered ZULOK THE SHADOW in a 1 minute mismatched match.
ZOTTO SUTU devastated PERSISTANT BEGGAR in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
SUKAUTO NI devastated EMBEZZLING SCRIBE in a 1 minute mismatched match.
SUKAUTO SAN overcame MORDANT DESERTER in a 1 minute beginner's fight.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|BASHING ATTACK                   3         TOTAL PARRY       12 -   5 -  0      71  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    3         BASHING ATTACK    13 -   8 -  1      62  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      2         LUNGING ATTACK    16 -  10 -  0      62  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  1         WALL OF STEEL     21 -  18 -  0      54  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  1         PARRY-RIPOSTE      4 -   5 -  1      44  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   1         PARRY-STRIKE       5 -   7 -  0      42  |
|AIMED BLOW                       0         STRIKING ATTACK   10 -  14 -  1      42  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      0         PARRY-LUNGE        1 -   2 -  0      33  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     0         AIMED BLOW         2 -   5 -  0      29  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    0         SLASHING ATTACK    4 -  10 -  1      29  |

Turn 157 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

SLASHING ATTACK    1 -  0     AIMED BLOW         0 -  0         3  WALL OF STEEL  
STRIKING ATTACK    1 -  0     PARRY-LUNGE        0 -  0         3  STRIKING ATTACK
BASHING ATTACK     2 -  1     PARRY-STRIKE       0 -  0         1  LUNGING ATTACK 
WALL OF STEEL      2 -  1     PARRY-RIPOSTE      0 -  0         1  BASHING ATTACK 
TOTAL PARRY        1 -  1     LUNGING ATTACK     0 -  1         1  SLASHING ATTACK
                                                                1  TOTAL PARRY    
                                                                1  PARRY-STRIKE   

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
LUNGING ATTACK   TORANS ULRIK 7790           6   3  0   66 MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
WALL OF STEEL    LOUIE MURH 7786             6   3  0   51 MIDDLE WAY 9 (1344)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is TORANS ULRIK 7790.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was TORANS ULRIK 7790.  The ten other most popular fighters were PITRE QUIN 
NI 7833, SUKAUTO SAN 7836, ZULOK THE SHADOW 7508, IBATU 7834, and NAEFAN ORDH 7787.

The least popular fighter this week was NAEFAN ORDH 7787.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were IBATU 7834, ZULOK THE SHADOW 7508, SUKAUTO SAN 7836, SUKAUTO NI 
QUIN 7788, and TORANS ULRIK 7790.

                  MAIL-IN TOURNEY XXXII

NOVICES TOURNEY                        W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
SHADOW LORD 7799 (2-0-0)               0  1  0  DEAD   SHADOW WARRIORS      

ROOKIES TOURNEY                        W  L  K         TEAM NAME            
MAD HATTER 7826 (0-0-0)                4  3  1         WONDERLANDERS        


For those of you who have e-mail access, you may find it more convenient to e-mail us!  
At this time, we cannot accept e-mailed strategy sheets, but we can accept your 
personal ads.  If you would like to e-mail your personal ads, team spotlights, and DM 
columns, e-mail them to this address:


Our Customer Service Department has a separate e-mail address.  If you have questions 
or any other requests, feel free to send us e-mail to this address:  


Thank you.  We wish you the best of luck in your games! -- RSI

                                  A NOTE ON MAILMEN

     In response to the articles on new fighting styles, those were good, but how can 
you forget our most favorite warrior who has a style all his own?  The Mailman!  To 
Duelmasters he is our most sacred person.  I mean, how many of you managers out their 
have sat down and calculated what day your Duelmasters will arrive and have sat 
waiting for it to arrive, while unknown to you, your mailman is fighting away to get 
your Duelmasters delivered.  Let's review him...
     ST - should be around 19.  He needs to heft two medium bags, cloth mail armor and 
a ton of rubber bands.
     CN - 13, give or take a few.  He does get bitten by dogs often.
     SZ - Any.
     WT - At least 10.  He often likes to read the mail.
     WL - Try about 20.  He must endure all kinds of weather.
     SP - 16 is good.  He needs to run across streets in traffic.
     DF - 10 is good.  Sometimes he has to carry packages.
     This setup should get you a good mailman but they are hard to come by.  If you 
can come up with any better, diplo me.  I am:

                                   Staple Gun
                                   mgr. of Technet (3)
                                   The New Deal (23)

     I am currently working on the U.P.S. and Federal Express warriors.

                                   "Strikers R Us"

     Greetings, everyone.  It is I, Talon, again.  I am very glad to see everyone 
participating in the arena and sharing their thoughts on styles and strategies.  This 
turn I will take on the striking attack style, which is certainly one of my favorites.
     I believe the striker is one of the easiest styles to run, and one in which no 
team should be without.  A high-powered striker can diversify and empower your team.  
A well run striker can beat any other style, period, at any level in regular 
Duelmasters.  In arenas where scum TPs are rampant, strikers are just the answer as 
they can attack for up to 12 minutes or more.  Strikers are versatile.  They can do 
exceptionally well with a dagger as a weapon or with a halberd.  They can do well with 
no armor or with plate armor.


               Biff     Primal         Solid         Perfect
ST             5-21      9-17           13             15
CN              3+        3+             6              3
SZ             9-21      3-17            9              5
WT             3-17      17 +           17             21
WL             9-17      13 +           17             15
SP              5+       5-13            9              8
DF              9+       9-17           13             17

     With the way I design strikers, there are essentially two strikers that evolve.  
The BIFF and the PRIMAL.  The Biff striker is typically one that is not looking long-
term, but one which I want to run and have fun with.  With this striker, I try to have 
one stat (wit, will, or deftness) which is extraordinary, one which is average, and 
the other ends up being at some non-normal level.  Some examples of the Biff are: 10-
10-11-4-17-17-15, 7-11-17-17-11-6-15, 9-5-14-17-11-13-15, 4-8-17-15-13-10-17, and 21-
3-15-21-5-8-11.  With these warriors, the emphasis is on having fun and learning more 
about the style.
     The Primal is essentially a Primus-quality warrior.  In this category, the 
striker will be designed with stats that most other managers will gasp, "OH MY, WHY 
DID YOU MAKE HIM A STRIKER?"  It is also the warrior that will be Duelmaster for 8 
straight turns and will go to ADM with a 16-4-2 record, with 4 Masters and an Ad Ex.  
The key here is to create a warrior with AT LEAST a 17 wit and 15 deftness, along with 
a 13+ will and who will do normal damage or better.  The goal with the Primal is a 21 
wit and 17 deftness, because this will ensure a great warrior.
     Weapons and Armor:  As for weapons, the best striking weapons that I have found 
and used are the dagger, epee, scimitar, broadsword, quarterstaff, greatsword, 
longsword, war hammer, and sometimes the short spear.  I don't run my strikers with 
shields or off-hand weapons, as it takes away from their attack.  The heaviest armor I 
will use is padded leather.  Always wear a steel cap or a helm.

Strategy (general):

Min.           1    2    3    4    5    6+   Desp
OE             10   8    6    6    6    5    5
AL             10   5    4    2    2    1    8
KD             6    8    6    6    6    5    5
attack         arms/legs/head -- take your pick
protect        arms/legs/head -- take your pick
off tactic     decise, slash, bash,  depending on weapon
def tactic     response is best; try dodge though.

     With this strategy, a striker with a normal endurance should fight for eight 
minutes as a scum TP and come out on top, outrageously victorious.  Just match your 
weapon with your tactic and only use the tactics in minute one or desperation.
     If you have any further questions on this or any other style, feel free to diplo 

                                                  Talon, mgr. Eagle's Claw


                              a new look for Aimed Blows

     Greetings and salutations, all.  Here's a new twist on aimed blows I haven't seen 
before....one that works, at least for me!  Here's what I did with Rex Walters, my 
first Duelmaster in the Free Blades transfer arena, DM 70.
     ST: 17     (for good damage, attack and parry skills)
     CN: 13     (gonna need every hit point he can get)
     SZ: 4      (smaller the better!)
     WT: 4      (overrated for aimed blows!)
     WL: 21     (if ya try this method, 17 is a MINIMUM)
     SP: 4      (ya want NO speed, none, nothing, zero!)
     DF: 21     (better max this one out too, at least a 19)

     You laugh at me?  I started expert in both attack and parry! (OK, so I got lucky, 
I didn't expect either one of em.)  But both are in reach with a little luck.  Hey, if 
ya can get that strength to 21 you're almost guaranteed those experts... though a bit 
more CON would be nice.
     But how do I RUN this monstrosity, you may ask?  Why, I'm glad you inquired!  
LOTS of armor.  The hit points combined with, say, platemail should win this character 
a lot of fights.  But, while I've picked up a few easy wins scumming, that's not 
really what this character does best.
     I use the only weapon Rex is well suited to: the bare hand.  With an offhand 
small shield or shortsword, so I can take advantage of that expert parry rating.  So: 
     And I run him at a 4 offensive effort, with a matching 4 activity level.  He can 
last through the initial onslaught of nearly any offensive, then smash them.... like a 
good waste.  And with that monster endurance and good damage, no one scums this 
     I attack and protect the head, usually, and keep the kill desire high... 5-7 
generally.  Now, how to become Duelmaster?
     Well, step one is fight your first fight... and train your CON.  Step two, now 
that you're in the arena, is get a fight with an up-and-coming young warrior from the 
Duelmaster's team... and kill them.  (I randomly matched up with, and killed, a member 
of the incoming Duelmaster's team...luck helps, ya know.) Offensives that wear 
themselves out but haven't quite dropped are the easiest to kill.
     Then, when the Duelmaster comes at you (bragging about how he "only" needs to 
beat you twice to assure his ascension to the Isle) you stomp him.  Badly.  Once 
you're on that lofty throne he won't even be able to bloodfeud you, since you can bet 
he's not gonna be anywhere near the challenger champions after losing to a 2-fight 
warrior (just ask Ciron of ENDS WITH IRON, now in AD).
     There are drawbacks, of course.  Once you get to that level, odds are you're 
gonna get stomped like a stuck pig (I was most challenged 2 turns in a row after this 
trick... Oo!  I love mixed metaphors...)  But... even a 4 wit warrior can learn skills 
against gladiators with 50 fights!
     Rex is now 7-3-1.  All three losses have come against warriors now in AD. In 
those ten matches, he's trained his strength and constitution once each, and learned 
twenty skills, including his adex in both parry and attack.  And boy, is it fun 
humiliating some of those "gods" bound for AD!
     What else can one do with this warrior?  Well, Rex is, get this, well suited to 
an off-hand epee!  He wouldn't dare use one as a primary weapon, but its a great off-
hand toy...
     Does he have what it takes to be a long-term winner?  Who knows?  He's probably 
the DUMBEST aimed blow to ever make Duelmaster... He's in the Challenger Champions and 
climbing....and he'll meet ya in AD! 
     Amazingly enough, this is not an isolated fluke.  We entered a similar warrior 
into Bloodgames (with the 4's as 3's, and a bit more CON).  That warrior, Jalon, is 
now in AD after going 9-1-5 and finishing on TOP of his Bloodgames arena.
     Ah, just thought I'd mention I have had a second bare-handed Duelmaster, now... 
Seeker Still Water in DM 74 is an open-hand lunger, Duelmaster at 8-1... but that's 
another story...

                                             mgr., Pitt Gladiators (2,29,56,103)
                                             Jayhawks        (70)
                                             Silent Storm    (65,74,75)
                                             and numerous others....

                          THE WALL OF STEEL AS A BERSERKER

     This article is for newer players; more experienced managers will, I'm sure, have 
much more sophisticated ideas about warrior design and strategy.  This will enable a 
newbie to design a competent warrior who should be able to achieve a better than 50/50 
     The wall of steel, or "waste," is often considered the second scummiest style in 
Duelmasters.  I love the style, but I don't run mine that way; I prefer to think of 
the waste as a fierce dervish ripping into his opponent like an airplane propeller.  
In accordance with this view, most walls of steel that I design couldn't scum if they 
wanted to (well all right, sometimes it happens by accident if the opposing warrior is 
going all-out and can't last very long).  It's fun to run them fast; they get the jump 
on people who don't expect it of them, and their fights are exciting.  Mind you, they 
don't win as much as if they ran more defensively, but the ones with good stats still 
do okay (I'll make practically anything a waste and run it, but this article isn't 
about the ones that a sane manager would DA).
     So, here is a design for a competent wall of steel:

ST   13+  Needed for endurance, damage doing, and weapon selection.
CN    9+  You need a passably good con for endurance.
SZ    7+  Teeny weenie wastes don't hit hard enough or take enough damage.  Real big 
          (15+) is bad because it hurts endurance.
WT   13+  Preferably 17.  Like any other style, the smarter they are, the better.
WL   17+  Needed for endurance, damage-taking, and sheer grit.  21 is recommended.
SP    3+  Whatever.
DF    7+  Higher deftness is better, but you can get by without it.

     As you can see, these are fairly easy requirements.  Of course, the more wit, 
will, and deftness, the better your waste will be (same as any other style).  If you 
don't end up with at least good endurance on the overview, the warrior probably isn't 
going to do very well.  With that high will, though, you can bump con a couple of 
times and you might get good endurance, so there's still a chance.
     Choose your weapons based on deftness, and your opponent's armor weight.  I 
normally use something like 0-8 SC, 9-12 BS, 13+ GA, backup SC or BS.  No shield.  
Some other good weapons for the waste are QS (only takes 11 ST, and can hit heavy 
armor), MS, and BA.  The war flail isn't a very good weapon, but you can play with it 
against leather armor.  For armor, I usually choose something middling like ARM & H, 
but will go with APL & H if he has a lot of con.
     For strategy--I heard a rumor (NOT confirmed) that a wall of steel gets a bonus 
if his OE equals his KD.  Since I don't like to use a kill desire above 6, I don't go 
by that in the first couple of minutes.  Keep the activity level moderate to low; the 
waste doesn't need to jump around a lot and the way he keeps his weapon moving, he's 
burning a lot of endurance without that added drain.  Attack and defend the arms, like 
a slasher; a waste is a sort of parry-slasher.  A typical strategy for my wastes might 
look like this:

Minute    1    2    3    4    5    6    Desp
Offensive 9    8    7    6    5    5    2
Activity  6    5    4    3    2    1    6
Kill des. 6    6    6    6    5    5    2
Att. loc. RA   LA   RA   LA   RA   LA   RA
Pro. loc. AM   AM   AM   AM   AM   AM   HE
Off tac.  none --   --   --   --   --   --
Def tac.  --   --   --   --   --   --   P

     I play with the numbers a lot, depending on what the warrior seems to like.  For 
example, if he doesn't parry too well, I'll give him a more offensive desperation 
strategy, like 8-4-8-slash.  (If I really like a warrior I sometimes use a 7+ KD to 
try and save his life.)  If he never manages to get the jump on anybody, I'll try 
running him more defensively, like with a first minute of 3-6-3.  It's not as much fun 
as going all out, but it's more fun than losing all the time.
     You can challenge pretty much any style (lungers aren't recommended).  When 
fighting a warrior you know to be very defensive (a TP, or a scummy variety of PS, PR, 
PL, or WS), slow down or you will be scummed.  For the most part, though, an offensive 
waste is very versatile and can beat any style.  The better his important qualities 
are (WT, WL, DF, endurance), the better the quality of warriors he can defeat.  In 
other words, if you have a so-so rollup that barely made the minimum requirements, 
challenge so-so opponents.  If you have a good rollup, go for the gold.  Challenge 
warriors with a few more fights than you, so you'll learn plenty of skills--but don't 
challenge way way up in experience, because it's no fun to lose a good warrior.
     For the most part, train skills--especially on your challenge strategy, when 
you're going after someone with more fights!  And for sure on the first fight, because 
you'll likely be matched against someone who can teach you a lot.  It's okay to train 
con once in a while if you need more endurance and damage-taking; and if you have bad 
luck on the rollup and get "does little damage" or something, you might have to train 
strength once or twice (no more!).  But it's best not to train any other stats until 
way, way down the road.
     Ask your DM sponsor or any experienced manager in your arena for more advice (if 
they tell you I'm full of hot air, they're probably right).  A little bit of good 
advice from a more advanced player can make a big difference in your enjoyment of the 
     If you have any questions or suggestions, you can diplo:  the She-Puppy, mgr. 
Mordant Prison DM-1, and others.