Date   : 10/14/2006    Duedate: 10/27/2006


DM-93    TURN-219

This Weeks Top Honors


(93-8214) [7-3-1,66]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

MAORAKITH                      XIAN THE BLACK
HELLSWORN (1421)               INDIGO CIPHER (1445)
(93-8214) [7-3-1,66]           (93-8353) [4-0-0,40]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)           GODS OF WAR (1446)
(93-8241) [5-5-0,25]           (93-8382) [2-0-0,21]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. FOLLOWER'S OF XOAN (1441)   49
2. CANOE CLUB (1434)           38      HELLSWORN (1421)
3. DEATH BREATHERS (1447)      29      Unchartered Team
4. INDIGO CIPHER (1445)        28
5. GODS OF WAR (1446)          16      INDIGO CIPHER (1445)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1- 2*ORDO HERETICUS (1420)     12   6  1 66.7   1/ 1 HELLSWORN (1421)         10  5 1
 2/ 1 HELLSWORN (1421)          32  18  2 64.0   2/ 7*GODS OF WAR (1446)        8  7 1
 3/ 3*INDIGO CIPHER (1445)      11   7  0 61.1   3/ 2*INDIGO CIPHER (1445)      7  6 0
 4/ 0*DEATH BREATHERS (1447)     3   2  0 60.0   4/ 6 TEAM CHAOS (1416)         7  8 0
 5- 4*MARIONETTE PETS (1433)    14  10  2 58.3   5/ 4 MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)      7  8 0
 6/11*FOLLOWER'S OF XOA (1441)   7   6  0 53.8   6/10*FOLLOWER'S OF XOA (1441)  6  2 0
 7/ 7*GODS OF WAR (1446)         8   7  1 53.3   7- 3*MARIONETTE PETS (1433)    6  3 0
 8- 6*MISFIT CREW (1417)        16  16  5 50.0   8/ 8*CANOE CLUB (1434)         6  9 0
 9- 8*THE TOMAHAWKS (1432)       3   3  0 50.0   9- 5*ORDO HERETICUS (1420)     3  1 0
10/ 5 MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)      24  25  0 49.0  10/ 0*DEATH BREATHERS (1447)    3  2 0
11/ 9 TEAM CHAOS (1416)         20  30  0 40.0  11- 9*MISFIT CREW (1417)        1  0 0
12/10*CANOE CLUB (1434)         11  17  0 39.3  12/11*MARAUDER'S FIVE (1443)    1 11 0
13-12*THE DAIKEN TADA (152)      2  10  1 16.7  13/ 0*BONECRUSHERS (1444)       0  5 0
14/13*MARAUDER'S FIVE (1443)     1  11  0  8.3  14-12*THE TOMAHAWKS (1432)      0  1 0
15/ 0*BONECRUSHERS (1444)        0   5  0  0.0  15-13*THE DAIKEN TADA (152)     0  1 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                   Personal History for NIGHTSHADE (Karra Steele)

     The night was dark and drizzly as Jonas Steele squinted hard to keep the
carriage aligned with the rutted trail.  Always a prudent man Jonas would have
preferred to have his wife and two children tucked securely in the bed at the inn
several miles further up the road.  But, alas, a pair of fallen trees had blocked the
trainl, requiring several hours of backbreaking work to clear.  Jonas would have
liked to turn back to last night's inn, but his beautiful wife was anxious to return
home in time for the mid-summer festival, only two nights hence.  So, here he was,
exhausted and bleary-eyed, trying desperately to keept he track in sight.
     Jonas never saw the blade that killed his wife.  He noticed the body of a man
materialize on his other side and jerked reflexively, several seconds too late.
Jonas's last breath expelled itself in a thunderous bellow as the highwayman's slim
blade slid into his flank and pierced his heart.  The pain and anguish in her
father's yell slammed 12-year-old Karra into wakefulness.  A brief flicker of
lightning showed Karra how hopeless her situation was.  And yet, Karra snatched up
her sleeping brother and leapt from the swaying carriage.  The uncoordinated young
woman landed poorly, party on top of her brother.  The five-year-old shrieked as they
both rolled into the underbrush at the edge of the trail.
     The combination of deeply rutted track and spooked horses caused the carriage to
rock pracariously and finally to roll over, trapping one of the brigade under itself.
The remaining highwaymen, furious at the loss of the comrade, stamped through the
brush, searching for the escaped children.  But, as much as fotune had forsaken Jonas
and his wife, she smiled brightly on their children.  Karra, dragging her brother
through the underbrush, stumbled upon the burrow of some animal.  She was just able
to stuff the two of them into it, out of sight.  The orphaned siblings clung
desperately to each other and sobbed silently through the dark, stormy night.  As
morning dawned it became apparent that her brother was severely injured, unable to
move his legs and in severe pain.  Fearing to leave him alone in the wild, Karra
struggled to carry Jonathan the several miles to the inn, finally collapsing in the
inn year.  The innkeeper's wife carried the children inside to a bed, their derams
worse than the reality of the night before.
     The crime went unsolved, and thus, unpunished by the authorities.  Jonathan's
back had been broken during the leap from the swaying carriage.  Karras wallowed for
weeks in self-pity, sorrow and guilt.  One afternoon she overheard a conversation
between the inspector and the inkeeper.  The scum that had slaughtered her precious
parents were unfindable, and with no other family left, Karra and Jonathan were on
their own.  Karra realized their plight and stuffing her feelings into the dark pit
that her soul had become, she stood up straight, ready to face the world.  And the
world has thrown all it could at her, yet she prevails.
     Since that night Karra's life has had two themes--caring for her brother,
crippled in the desperate leap from certain death, and avenging the deaths she could
not have prevented.  Selling the only commodity she had left to her, she earned the
money to make Jonathan as comfortable as possible.  Karra's one dream is of having
one of her romantic novellas published.  She has had a few of her short stories and
erotic poems published in some of the tabloids, yet literary success eludes her.  The
siblings are fiercely close, even if Jonathan doesn't know all his sister has been
through and done on his behalf.  As Jonathan grows older he becomes more aware of the
activities his sister engages in, which only adds to Karra's guilt and shame.  So now
she has made her profession as respectable as she knows how by offering her clients
"escort" and protection.  And, she uses the skills learned in avenging her parents'
deaths to vent her frustrations and pain in the arena.  Let us pray that she has
learned her lessons well!

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

     Gilia Harn, a graduate of the first Middle Way team, gods, that had been so many
years ago, hunched into her cloak and wondered what god she had offended.  She really
had not wanted to come back to Noblish Island.  True, she had met some people she
wouldn't mind seeing again, but the climate was never good, and right now it was
totally rotten.  Sleet.  She hated cold weather.  That was one of the reasons she'd
been glad to move to Xochithlan, which was about as far south as you could get and
still be in an Alastarian arena town.
     She stepped carefully onto the gangplank and crossed to the wharf, reminding
herself how many years it had been since she'd needed to understand walking safely on
icy ground.  Xochithlan was never icy.  That was one of the things she liked about
the place.
     And while Noblish Island was full, in a manner of speaking--the population of
the whole island probably didn't exceed five thousand souls--of worthy people,
honest, hard-working, responsible people, well, it wasn't Xochithlan.
     She sloshed up the muddy track that was the town's main and only street.
Darkness came early at this season and latitude, and she did not want to be out after
dark.  She wasn't afraid of being mugged; unless Noblish Island and the Islanders had
changed a LOT in the past years, that was just not going to happen, and besides, she
wasn't defenseless.  Her hand touched the hilt of her sword; not defenseless at all.
But it would get bone-shatteringly cold when the sun set.  And she really, really
didn't want to get that cold ever again, if she could help it.
     The Lighthouse Tavern looked as she remembered, one more building of roughly-
shaped stones and dripping thatch among the fifty or so that formed the town.  But it
was taller than any building other than the Thane's Keep, and better lighted than any
other place on the island.  The front door was open onto the rainy evening, spilling
firelight and convivial noise into the street.  She could see a fair crowd gathered
around the long tables, gladiators and arena hangers-on, mostly, she guessed.  Which
is to say, very few of them were tall, husky blonds wearing sheepskin vests and
rawhide sandals.
     Gilia shook her head, bemused.  It was different in Xochithlan.  She went around
to the back door and slipped into the kitchen.
     The kitchen was just as noisy, but not convivial.  Convivial, as far as Gilia
had ever been able to discover, meant a group of noisy drunks.  Jorja never tolerated
drunkenness in the kitchen.
     And there WAS Jorja, lifting a scullion by a fist wrapped in the front of his
tunic and shaking him, then slamming him against the wall.  And growling.  "I catch
you with liquor on your breath in my kitchen once more, Kork, and you are out of a
job.  Don't think I'm joking!"  She held up a butcher's cleaver smeared with blood.
"You nearly had the hand off Britta with this because you were too drunk to tell it
wasn't a cut of mutton on the table.  I won't have that."  She heaved him toward the
door.  "Go home and sober up, and if you come back, you STAY sober.  Or," she
brandished the cleaver, "I'll make scullion stew."  She tossed him out into the
night, grabbed Gilia's arm, and pulled her in.  "What took you so long getting here?"
     "The weather."  Always a safe answer, nobody could be held accountable for the
weather, and it had been truly abominable anyway.  "The roads were wretched, and I
couldn't find a ship to bring me to Noblish until I got all the way up to North Fork.
I know Alastari isn't as big as Lirith Kai," (Jorja was from Lirith Kai and proud of
it), "but that's still about three hundred miles of bad roads."
     "Huh.  Okay.  Come upstairs where we can talk without shouting."

     Jorja had a room upstairs that she called her "office."  Gilia knew she ran a
lot of teams, but she didn't think Jorja actually did much managing.  Still, she must
do some, just to keep the teams running.  There were stacks of arena paperwork all
around, heaped on every flat surface and sticking out around the edges of file
drawers.  She moved the papers off one chair and sat down.  "What did you want to
talk about?"
     "Xochithlan," Jorja said.  "We've got a lot of new managers here on Noblish at
the moment, and Green Eyes wants us to advise them as to ultimate arena homes.  It's
often good if several go to the same place, gives 'em connections and known
companions from the beginning.  She told me to just pick any arena and push it, that
she'd leave it to my judgment.  I hate that, it means I have to exercise judgment."
She leaned back in her own chair.  "Say some good things about Xochithlan."
     Gilia blinked.  "Well... it doesn't rain as much...."
     "Of course not, it's on the edge of a desert."
     "Uh... it's a lot bigger than this town, bigger population.  Not that it isn't
easy to be bigger.  The arena community's small at the moment, you know how they
     "Yeah, they shrink and expand in some kind of link to the peanut butter
consumption on the outer moon of Saturn, except that nobody can decide which ones are
really moons and which are just captured asteroids, so they can't chart it."
     "Is that it?  I thought it had something to do with the thickness of the fur on
the catepillars.  Whatever.  Um, Xochithlan's more... sophisticated.  On Noblish
Island, all the long-time residents are either sheep farmers or fishermen.  They
have, well, limited perspectives, I guess.  It's different in Xochithlan.  You know."
     "Elves," Jorja muttered darkly.  "That town is a sink of depravity."
     "I don't know if I'd go THAT far," Gilia said.  Then she paused.  "But then
again...."  She shrugged.  "Well, that would appeal to gladiators, wouldn't it?
Almost all the ones I've ever met have liked a little vice now and then.  Wine,
brawling, and wine.  But the arena in Xochithlan is slow-cycle, every four weeks
instead of every two.  Plenty of managers don't like that.  I seem to recall that
last time the Commission pushed an arena, it was fast-cycle."
     "Change of pace," Jorja muttered.  "I don't know.  I'd actually thought of
suggesting Solven as a fast arena.  I know it's Andorian, but these days, that
doesn't matter as much as it used to.  Sure, people do still care, but... it's
looser.  And Team Country already went to Solven from here not so long ago.  Couple
of months.  I'm thinking of sending this Middle Way to Solven, they'll be moving out
next week.  So there'd be a couple of familiar faces right at the beginning."
     "So, you want to suggest Xochithlan (dm 39) for slow-cycle dueling and Solven
(dm 22) for fast?  I don't know anything about Solven, you know."
     "Not a problem, because I do."  Jorja scowled.  "I know where the bodies are
     "In the cemetary, I hope!"
     "Ha ha."
     "So how do we push a town and an arena?" Gilia asked.  "I'm willing but, how do
we DO it?"

              + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Lighthouse ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +
                    Where do you go when you leave Noblish Island?

     After ten turns, just when you're getting used to the everlasting rain here on
Noblish Island, you're going to have to leave forever.  Everyone (except me) leaves
after ten turns.
     You have to go, but you get to choose your destination.  Out of sixty or so
possible arenas, how do you choose?
     Some of you will be following friends who have already gone, and for you this
question is moot.  Otherwise....

     Fast or slow?  Noblish Island is a "fast" arena in that the fights are run every
two weeks.  For some of you, this may not allow enough turn-around time.  "Slow"
arenas run every four weeks.  The slow arenas are 8, 28, 31, 39, 45, 47, 50, 52, 54,
59, and the three slow transfer arenas, 71, 72, and 73.  You may have an unlimited
number of teams in a transfer arena, and many managers do; I would not recommend
choosing a transfer arena for your first non-Noblish home.

     Regions--the world of Duelmasters is divided into four regions, which have
slightly different preferred style of management.
     The Andorian region as a general rule tends toward a role-playing, non-killing
style of play.  By "non-killing," I mean that Andorian managers perfer not to seek
kills and disapprove of down-challenging.  In most (but not, alas, all) cases,
Andorian arenas will have lively personals.  The Andorian arenas currently open are:
8 (slow), 11, 14, 22, 24, 25, 26, 30, 40, 41, 46, 52 (slow), 60, 63, and 71.
     The Delarquan region, except in the case of some of the slow arenas, is not much
prone to role-playing and convesation.  For Delarquans, the win is all.  Down-
challenging is an accepted tactic used when desired by any manager.  Deaths may be
more frequent than elsewhere.  The Delarquan arenas currently open are: 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 10, 18, 21, 36, 38, 39 (slow), 42, 51, 54 (slow), 59 (slow), 62, and 72.
     The Free Blades region tends to be very active in the slow arenas and less
dogmatic in either direction about style of play.  Free Blades arenas currently open
are: 9, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, 28 (slow, currently hosting a contest), 29, 31 (slow),
32, 33, 35, 43, 45 (slow), 47 (slow), 50 (slow), 56, 61, and 73.
     The Lirith Kai region is the youngest and is currently very small, having only
arenas 65, 74, 75, and 78 open at the present time.  There is a tendency to prefer
the Andorian-style, "no down-challenges and no deliberate killing," but the managers
seem to be less dogmatic about it.
     Note that currently contests of various kinds are being held in several arenas.
Some are just starting, some are just about done, others are in the middle.  Contest
arenas will tend to be bigger than others while the contest is going on, and full of
often-confusing personals.

     Large arenas or small ones?
     There are advantages for a new manager in either choice.  In a large arena,
there are lots of managers who will be willing to help a novice.  There will be a lot
of variety in the kind of competition your warriors come up against--varieties in
style, management, levels of skill.  You can learn a lot in large arenas.  But there
are drawbacks, too.  You can get lost in the crowd, maybe find no one or only a few
of the available responding to your personals.  You can get caught between feuding
     In small arenas, you soon get to know every manager's playing style and what to
expect from their warriors.  If you write personals, they will be noticed and
probably responded to.  But just as you get to know all the managers and warriors
sharing the arena with you, so will they get to know you.  You may see a lot of
standbys fighting, and while they are relatively easier to beat, they don't teach as
well.  After a while, you won't meet with many surprises.

     If you have access to the internet, I strongly recommend that you check out
RSI's website and sample the newsletters of various arenas to get the flavor of them.
If not, ask for advice.  Diplo managers mentioned in the Regional Arena News from
arenas you're interested in, as they are likely to be leaders in those arenas.  Ask
questions here, in the personals or by diplo.  I'd like to see you all have the best
possible Duelmasters experience that's consistent with other people doing the same,
and I ALWAYS have opinions!

The Middle Way

           +>]H[<+-----+>]H[<+ Question of the Week #1 +>]H[<+-----+>]H[<+

     Hanibal, manager of Cannibalz in Aruak City (DM 11) and formerly of Noblish
Island, has asked a series of questions of the experienced managers of that arena.  I
believe you might find these questions and answers instructive, or at least
interesting.  Feel free to comment or question in response.  That goes for other
experienced managers, too; I'm sure your input would be valuable. -- Jorja, The
Middle Way

Question, turn 396:
     All -- If 2 identical warriors (theoretically) ran 10-10-2 and 10-10-8, who
would swing first?  Would they both have an equal chance? -- Hanibal's question of
the week

Replies, turn 397:
     Hanibal -- Of the three numbers, I think KD is least influential in determining
who swings first.  I'm not discounting its involvement entirely, but there are many
factors that weigh more heavily.  I ran aimers 10-10-1 for a long time, when it was
the 'in' thing to do, and they fought quite aggressively.  KD might be more important
in determining who swings LAST. -- Generalissimo Puerco

     Hannibal -- I firmly believe that 10-10-2 will sometimes outjump 10-10-8.  And
vice versa. -- Kennelworth The Seasoned

     See also Captain K's article on "Getting the Jump."  It was printed in this
newsletter a few turns ago, but if you want a copy and don't have it, email me at
jputney@zianet.com and I'll send it to you.  Okay, okay, if you don't have email,
request it in the personals or even send me a diplo. -- Jorja
P.S.  I believe this may now be included in the regularly cycling articles.

Question, turn 397:
     All -- If two warriors have a good damage rating, one has 11 str. and one has 13
str., would it make a difference in the amount of damage they do? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.
     P.S.  Warriors are same size.

Replies, turn 398:
     Hanibal -- Regarding your QoW, it is a very good question.  I think that there
is a difference in damage done between warriors with different strengths but similar
damage comments.  Of course the attack rating a warrior has can make a world of
difference too.  I've got a piker (the Consortium may know Lustra from DM 52) that
has a 5 str. and does normal damage with a blow.  Yet, she performs like a warrior
that does little damage.  (And I have a lot of experience with those.)  Not only
that, she has normal endurance, too, but she seems to get tired awfully quick for a
piker with normal endurance.  So that's one example.  Another is my overall look at
warriors that do 'little' damage.
     If you take one with 9 str. and another with 13 str. I think a clear Difference
can be discerned.  On the high end, my experience doesn't go much past 'good' damage.
But what I can say is that my warriors that do 'good' damage seem to do more damage
than my few warriors that have done 'tremendous' damage.  That is probably because
those big strong warriors have relatively lousy attack ratings.  So in a nutshell I
would say yes, there is a minor but still noticeable effect.  What you might be
finding is that there seems to be differences within those broad categories given on
the warrior overview.  It's just like if you raise con you improve your warrior's
ability to sustain damage a little bit, even if the comment on the overview stays the
same.  Your questions are getting at some of the interesting subtleties of the game.
Keep asking them! -- Generalissimo Puerco

     Q.O.W. (Hanibal) -- I don't think so. -- Adie

Pagan's replies:

Question, turn 396:
     All -- If 2 identical warriors (theoretically) ran 10-10-2 and 10-10-8, who
would swing first?  Would they both have an equal chance?

This is a loaded question.  There are a number of factors which will determine which
warrior swings first.  In speaking of this I can only tell you what I have a 'feel'
for.  In no way does anyone know all the factors or how this works exactly unless
someone gets to look at the source code for the program.  I will ignore the KD
dispute simply because I don't know.
The Factors:
1.  At warrior creation, the program initiates a random string class to be used for
your warrior.  Each string has a series of numbers that are pre-generated and always
the same.  It however appears random except for the facts that some strings are good
for some warriors and bad for others.  You'll notice this only over time.  This
string class is permanent and not all of them are created equal.  This is above and
beyond any total number of skills.
2.  At fight time, the program calls a random string to be used for BOTH warriors.
This string affects the string of the warrior.  This is why you will never see two
fights that are line-by-line exactly the same.  But if the fights were constantly run
with exactly the same string, and no strategy changes are made then you will
consistently have the same fight line-by-line.
3.  Fight-String modified Warrior-String# are taken for each warrior and #Decise-
skills + OE + string# + tactic + weapon-weight + style-adjustment equates to a
4.  These bonuses could be negative in adjustments also: IE. Running responsiveness
would be the addition of a negative number equal to warrior's Decise.  Running decise
would increase a lot, running lunge, slash, or bash use initiative instead of Decise
if higher than current #decise skills.
4.  Biggest controllable factors are OE, tactic, & weapon-weight
5.  If the number for JUMP does not have a disparity of a specific number then a
continued clash will occur until that disparity is shown.  Then the fight actually
begins.  You can have a series of 8+ clash statements until the program finds who
starts and initiates the fight sequences.  Example: fighterA ends up with a jump# of
60 and fighterB ends up with a jump# of 65; if the disparity had to be 10 points then
what would happen is a clash statement would be printed and the steps repeated.  The
next number from the Fight-String is called along with the next number in each of the
Warrior-strings ; the computation is done again until the disparity (for the computer
anyway) becomes true.  Then the fight sequence is activated. -- Pagan

Question, turn 397:
     All -- If two warriors have a good damage rating, one has 11 str. And one has 13
str., would it make a difference in the amount of damage they do? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.
P.S.  Warriors are same size.

Most definitely.  Weapon damage is equated to Strength + damage class.  So damage is
done like this:
1.  Armor weight + 12 + any bonus it has vs weapon type is a negative to the damage
done.  (How the hell did he get 12!?)
2.  Damage done is strength + damage class variable + weapon variable.
3.  Slashing & Bashing increase the damage done.
4.  When the damage done equals 1 or less then there is a weapon bounce statement.
The minimum damage a blow can do is 1 point of damage.  The program knows there's a
hit before it knows damage so you can't reverse a hit, you merely take a minimum of 1
point of damage to your hit-points.
5.  The lower your strength then more bounces you will see.  The lower your damage
class the more bounces you will see.  The lighter weight a weapon is vs the armor its
hitting the more bounces you will see.
6.  In reverse to #5, all of those secondary-damage statements (often referred to as
extra-damage statements) such as "it was a devastating blow"... "what a massive blow"
-- these merely show that you hit your opponent with enough damage to exceed the
computer secondary-damage statement threshold.  Your warrior caused enough damage to
exceed a programmed set number (whatever that number may be) and the fight is only
showing that you exceeded that number. The programmed number for the secondary-damage
threshold is a Hard number: it is constant within the program and is used for all
fights and all warriors.  It is not random.  It has nothing to do with how much
damage you did in relation to your opponent's hit-points either.  If you exceed that
number in damage, you get a printed statement showing that to be the case.  There is
no such thing as Extra-Damage. -- Pagan

Question, turn 398:

All -- If you lower your kill desire in desperation, do you have less of a chance of
being killed? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.

Replies, turn 399:

Q.O.W. -- I think that if your KD is lower in desperation, you're more likely to
surrender than draw out the fight.  Drawing out the fight by having a higher KD gives
the attacker more chance to kill you.  But you could defend and make a come-back.
But that higher KD also lowers your defensive ability somewhat. -- Adie

Hanibal's Q.o.W -- Yes, lowering your own KD helps keep you alive and allows you to
surrender...hopefully in time. -- Armalias

Hanibal -- The choice of kill desire in desperation seems to be a very tactically
important one.  I do believe that lowering kill desire will tend to preserve a
warrior's life by making him give up (and end the fight) sooner.  This also means
the warrior may end up losing fights he could have won if he had hung around.  I
think scum strategy is a good example of this.  While it may be counterintuitive, a
good scum strategy involves using a moderate to high kill desire.  This is done to
prevent them from giving up prematurely.  Also, most managers don't care too much if
their scum gets killed, so there's no point to running with a low KD.  There's a very
good article on the total parry written by Scrag, in which this scheme is discussed.
Maybe you saw it in Noblish.   Personally, I either lower or raise KD in desperation,
based on my expectations for a particular warrior.  I think it was Miles that first
wrote on this way of looking at kill desire, and I believe it to be the most correct.
Other published theories, such as Jessie Jest's, are variably more questionable.
(But then, everything Jessie Jest wrote should be taken with a grain of salt.) --
Generalissimo Puerco

Question, turn 399:

All -- If you have 18 HP and cannot take a lot of punishment and raise con once to
normal--20 HP, does the rating affect the rate at which you take damage or do you
just have 2 more Hit Points? -- Hanibal's Q.O.W.

Replies, turn 400:

Hanibal's QOW -- I think you just get a bump in hit points.  But that little bump
makes a big difference.  I think armor and warrior experience are the only factors
that affect the rate of damage per blow. -- Adie
P.S.  There's a new chart for hit points that is more accurate and does not involve a
luck factor.

Hanibal -- I think the amount of damage a warrior can take is not variable but
constant.  The variables in the equation are:  the weapon being struck with and the
armor it is striking, and the attack and damage-dealing ability of the warrior doing
the swinging.  Not to mention kill desire, as discussed last turn. -- Generalissimo

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

     Oh yeah!  Four-peat!!
     From where I sit, it looks like five out of my ten arena 93 turns will be as
Duelmaster.  I guess timing played a big part in my reign, and I bet Jorja has seen
better champs come and go here in 93.  But I have a lot of heart.  Check out my

     13     Ini-105
     10     Att -85
      7     Def -80
     17     * learned 5 skills vs Veteran Mercenary Turn 218

     So you're wondering why I'm champ, huh?  It's cuz the cream rises to the top,

                                          -- Your champ -- 

                                      SPY REPORT

     Oh, hi.  Its just little 'ol Debby Tonte.  Thought I'd check out NOBLISH ISLAND 
to see what's new.  I don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings or anything, but MARIONETTE 
PETS really goofed with their 0-0-0.  GODS OF WAR like really fought hard to move up 
to 2nd from 7th.  Way to go!  Cut this out and put it in your scrapbooks, FOLLOWER'S 
OF XOAN!  'Cause they got 5-0-0 and moved up to 6th!  This new team DEATH BREATHERS 
shows promise, and that's all I'm going to say (for now).  MVP award for JON?  CANOE 
CLUB's proud of him after beating EDGILES KAPP and getting 18 points.  Talk about yer 
major upsets!  BELISSA HOUGH's match with VRANCELLE cost her a loss of 13 points!  
Our Duelmaster has lost, folks, lost to VENEMOUS CONCUBINE, BUT MAORAKITH is still 
the Duelmaster because he has the most recognition points!  I hear the top team 
insists all their warriors get nine hours sleep.  They want photogenic fighters for 
PR photos.   
     AAARRGH!!!  I HATE SPYREPORTING!!!  Sorry.  I just had to say it.  Can INDIGO 
CIPHER's OBERON be more popular than me?  He was challenged the most, but is that 
really the same?   
     Challenges, revenges, Bloodfeuds.  All NOBLISH ISLAND ever talks about is 
fighting!  Me, I'm more laid back.  Hey you guys, don't you think your families would 
like to hear from you?  Write!  (Or have someone write for you.)  
     I really didn't, you know, study when I was a kid.  Who would've guessed I'd be 
a famous Spyreporter?  I know how much you like reading this stuff, but I really 
should stop.  I had a fun time, see you later-- Debby Tonte  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 MAORAKITH 8214                7   3  1    66       HELLSWORN (1421)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 AURORA 8189                   7   3  0    54       TEAM CHAOS (1416)
-ANGUS 8280                    4   1  2    52       MISFIT CREW (1417)
 VRANCELLE 8283                7   1  1    45       HELLSWORN (1421)
 SARJSKI 8282                  6   2  0    41       HELLSWORN (1421)
 BAZTHRAX 8281                 6   2  0    41       HELLSWORN (1421)
-SINSTER MINSTER 8277          4   1  1    40       MARIONETTE PETS (1433)
 XIAN THE BLACK 8353           4   0  0    40       INDIGO CIPHER (1445)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 JON 8286                      4   2  0    29       CANOE CLUB (1434)
 OBERON 8349                   4   0  0    26       INDIGO CIPHER (1445)
 BELISSA HOUGH 8241            5   5  0    25       MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)
 EDGILES KAPP 8244             7   3  0    24       MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-GULLET 8207                   3   1  0    23       ORDO HERETICUS (1420)
-SOLEMN GOLEM 8278             4   1  1    22       MARIONETTE PETS (1433)
 MORRIGAN 8382                 2   0  0    21       GODS OF WAR (1446)
 DORTHA JANETTO 8243           5   5  0    20       MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)
 STRATUS 8185                  4   6  0    18       TEAM CHAOS (1416)
 OBBO 8336                     4   1  0    17       HELLSWORN (1421)
-TOBIUS 8209                   4   0  0    17       ORDO HERETICUS (1420)
 AGASAYA 8355                  3   0  0    17       GODS OF WAR (1446)
 AURELIUS GAIUS 8322           2   4  0    17       TEAM CHAOS (1416)
 CHUCKER ISTTA 8242            3   7  0    16       MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)
-LI LONG 804                   1   2  1    16       THE DAIKEN TADA (152)
 CALUMOR 8366                  1   0  0    16       DEATH BREATHERS (1447)
-MYRA 8191                     3   3  2    15       MISFIT CREW (1417)
 PIER 8326                     3   0  0    15       FOLLOWER'S OF XOAN (1441)
-ARVIN LARN 8289               2   0  1    15       ORDO HERETICUS (1420)
 GRIMJAW 8343                  2   2  0    15       CANOE CLUB (1434)
-CUNNING FOX 8273              1   0  0    15       THE TOMAHAWKS (1432)
-STANDING BEAR 8270            1   0  0    15       THE TOMAHAWKS (1432)
-SHOUTING LION 8271            1   0  0    15       THE TOMAHAWKS (1432)
-LOATHING MAULER 8279          2   3  0    14       MARIONETTE PETS (1433)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-GROTHEN 8194                  3   3  1    13       MISFIT CREW (1417)
 WILDCHILD 8369                1   0  0    13       FOLLOWER'S OF XOAN (1441)
 VECTOR 8370                   1   0  0    13       FOLLOWER'S OF XOAN (1441)
 FLAVIUS VALERIUS 8323         3   3  0    12       TEAM CHAOS (1416)
-MEAN TEA 8190                 3   3  0    12       MISFIT CREW (1417)
 DOLBY JOSSEL 8368             3   0  0    12       MIDDLE WAY 15 (1427)
-CROCKER 8192                  3   3  0    12       MISFIT CREW (1417)
 LIONHEART 8288                2   4  0    12       CANOE CLUB (1434)
-RHAPSODY RHYME 8275           2   3  0    11       MARIONETTE PETS (1433)
 WONGA 8385                    1   0  0    10       FOLLOWER'S OF XOAN (1441)
 ROLNANDO 8359                 2   1  0     9       CANOE CLUB (1434)
-YOUSEFF 8208                  2   2  0     8       ORDO HERETICUS (1420)
 SEPTU 8356                    1   2  0     8       GODS OF WAR (1446)
 DEATH ROSE 8365               1   0  0     8       DEATH BREATHERS (1447)
 RICK 8284                     1   5  0     8       CANOE CLUB (1434)
-STEEL 8341                    1   1  0     8       MARAUDER'S FIVE (1443)
-VENGENCE SWORN 8361           1   0  0     7       MARIONETTE PETS (1433)
 CAMULUS 8358                  1   2  1     6       GODS OF WAR (1446)
 TOPO GIGIO 8360               1   3  0     6       TEAM CHAOS (1416)
-LUTHER 803                    1   1  0     6       THE DAIKEN TADA (152)
 MENTU 8354                    1   2  0     5       GODS OF WAR (1446)
 BLITZ 8384                    1   0  0     5       FOLLOWER'S OF XOAN (1441)
-BEQUIN 8206                   1   2  0     5       ORDO HERETICUS (1420)
 SKUMM 8364                    1   0  0     3       DEATH BREATHERS (1447)
 SNAKE 8340                    0   3  0     3       MARAUDER'S FIVE (1443)
-SENIOR BOB 806                0   3  0     3       THE DAIKEN TADA (152)
 SHANK 8337                    0   3  0     3       MARAUDER'S FIVE (1443)
-HAZARD 807                    0   2  0     2       THE DAIKEN TADA (152)
 BLACK DEATH 8363              0   1  0     1       DEATH BREATHERS (1447)
 DEATH BLOW 8362               0   1  0     1       DEATH BREATHERS (1447)
 FINEOUS FINGERS 8346          0   1  0     1       BONECRUSHERS (1444)
 COLD CHARLIE 8345             0   1  0     1       BONECRUSHERS (1444)
 SPEEDY SAM 8347               0   1  0     1       BONECRUSHERS (1444)
 HARD HAROLD 8344              0   1  0     1       BONECRUSHERS (1444)
 MIGHTY MITHUZAK 8348          0   1  0     1       BONECRUSHERS (1444)
 NIGHTSHADE 8376               0   1  0     1       MARAUDER'S FIVE (1443)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
BOB 8287               0  2 0 CANOE CLUB 1434       MYRA 8191             215 NONE    
COG TWOTHUDS 8351      1  2 0 INDIGO CIPHER 1445    SPYMASTER 22          219 NONE    
MALEEVA 8352           1  3 0 INDIGO CIPHER 1445    SPYMASTER 22          219 NONE    
BONE CRUSHER 8338      0  2 0 MARAUDER'S FIVE 1443  VRANCELLE 8283        218         
STRIKER 8339           0  1 0 MARAUDER'S FIVE 1443  CAMULUS 8358          217         
CULLY IRVEL 8342       0  2 0 MIDDLE WAY 15 1427    ARVIN LARN 8289       216         
ORION 8186             2  4 0 TEAM CHAOS 1416       SOLEMN GOLEM 8278     215 REVENGED

                                     PERSONAL ADS

AVENGERS OF LIGHT -- Greetings, I seem to have the origins of this upcoming alliance
to this arena.  Worry not, I'm not here to declare war...exactly.  There have been
major shifts among the alliance known as the VC and our war may not take on its full
scale.  It would be nice if you really wanted to take part in alliance warfare to
make sure you're absolutely ready, we play hard and the loser will ultimately lose
their teams if their side loses (DA).  It would also be a good idea to contact the 
side you would like to fight for, instead of lurking in the shadows and making me
angry not knowing who you are.  I still don't exactly....  However my advice to you
would be to stay here a while longer and gain a max of experience, you'll understand
why I say this, when/if we meet on the sands, it might not be pretty. -- Dark Knight

Drake's Comments on Last Turn's Articles:

Note that I'm specifically writing about the articles that appear at the end of the
newsletter as they tend to be a bit dated and thus misleading.  Those articles that
appear under the Team Spotlight heading are going to be far more recent and thus
accurate in the info they provide.  So, with that in mind, here we go:

'The Defensive Lunger' by The Wild Boar -- Here we have another article suggesting
you run a warrior contrary to its type.  The Lunger is an offensive style.  They can
be run defensively in certain situations, but I don't recommend it as a default strat
unless your lunger is learning a lot of Defense.  The minimum stats are deficient in
Will.  Lungers burn ENDURANCE like mad (only Wall of Steels match lungers on END
burn) and so need plenty of Will.  My normal minimum is 17, though I'll go as low as
15 if STR + CON are >= 20.  When it comes to strategy, the most common favorite
rhythm for Lungers is 7-8 OFFENSIVE EFFORT and 7-8 ACTIVITY LEVEL; next would be 9-
10/9-10 and third is 5-6/9-10 (there's your defensive rhythm).  Targeting depends on
what you want to accomplish.  Targeting the legs improves your odds of a knockdown,
while targeting the abdomen improves our chances for a kill.  Go for the head if your
warrior has an Advanced Expert in ATTACK.

'Top 10 Things to Do to Have a Better FTF!' by Forge -- Point #8 should be "is not
optionAL"!  Trust me, people will like you more if you shower at least once a day.
Point #6; look a Magic the Gathering reference; dates this article to somewhere
around 94-96 I'd guess.  Some folks do bring along board & card games to while away
the downtime.  Other than that, if you ever get the chance to go to a Face, do so.
It's a blast.

'WARRIOR ENDURANCE' by Sir Jessie Jest -- In general not a bad article, though the
chart has changed a bit.  Here's a more recent version:
     Category     Score     Categories
      V            0-89     V = ( Very Little )
     -P           90-139    P = ( Poor )
     -P+         140-176    N = ( Normal )
      P          177-181    G = ( Good )
     -N          182-238    R = ( Great )
      N          239-296    T = ( Tremendous )
     -G          297-396    A = ( Awesome )
      G          397-441
     -R          442-496
      R          497-600
      T          601-770
      A            771+

'THE NUMEROLOGY OF DUELMASTERS' by The Ghost of Eldrid -- Um, yeah.  Okay, designing
your warrior with as many odd numbered stats as possible is good advice.  Most skill
breakpoints fall on odd numbers (the biggest usually being 11 & 21).  The exceptions
to this are CON (has no skills), SIZ (you have no control over) and SPD (which has
skills at both even & odd numbers).  Other than that, don't pay too much attention to
this article.

'PARRY-STRIKE, ANOTHER FUN STYLE' by The Priest -- The Piker is one of the styles I
used to specialize in (I don't really specialize anymore).  I tend to think of them
as Strikers with CON.  The stat ranges he gives are mostly okay, but if your
warrior's CON is low, he won't be able to take hits.  That means he has to run
offensive and thus would have been better off as an offensive style (like a Striker).
As for WIL, Pikers conserve ENDURANCE so well, they don't need WIL from that
perspective.  Don't go lower than 9, though and 15 is your minimum if you want to be
competitive in ADM.  Also, there's advice in there to raise stats during Basic D2.
Do this VERY sparingly or you'll regret it later.  His strategy ideas aren't that
hot.  Decisiveness doesn't seem to provide much benefit after the first minute of the
fight so it's of limited use there.  Responsiveness is good if your opponent is using
the Decise tactic; otherwise it will get you creamed.  If you're running offensive,

go with light armor a single weapon and a Striker-like rhythm (7-10 OFFENSIVE EFFORT/
7-10 ACTIVITY LEVEL).  However, the style's most common favorites are more of a
defensive rhythm:  3-4/3-4 is the most common with 1-2/4-5 second and 4-5/4-5 third.

''TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE TOURNEY...' by ?? -- Hmm. I wonder why the author didn't put
their name to it?

'THE ARMOR PIERCING PARRY-LUNGE' by Agath -- First off, ANY style given that range of
stats is going to do well, though with a CON that low, he's probably better off as a
Lunger.  The strategy given is okay though a little high on the ENDURANCE burn for my
tastes.  Also, I like to pick my targets like I do with Lungers (legs for the
knockdown, abdomen for kills or head if an Advanced Expert in ATTACK has been
achieved).  Their most common favorite rhythm is 5-6 OFFENSIVE EFFORT/ 5-6 ACTIVITY
LEVEL, followed by 3-4/3-4 and then 3-4/7-8.

Another general note for everyone:  I strongly recommend those with internet access
check out www.terrablood.com for all kinds of useful charts, tips & hints to help
with this game.  Also, visit the Forums on www.duel2.com where you can converse with
many of the more experienced managers in the game.  If you don't have internet
access, contact me with a mailing address and I'll see about putting together a small
'D2 Care Package' with some of the more commonly used charts. -- Drake (who can be
reached by diploing Drake's Bar-B-Q in arena 101, emailing dm_drake@sbcglobal.net or
you can find me on the Duel2 website posting under the name Drake; who'da guessed)

Drake -- Thank you for the package of charts.  It was very helpful.  Thanks again. --
Silky mgr. Misfit Crew DM-93, Ladies of Dread DM-47

Angus -- You overgrown misfit!  You freak of nature or un-nature!  Gods, I hate being
beaten at my own game! -- Edgiles Kapp
P.S.  Good fight.

Ah, the Dangerous Criminal.  That's one standby who definitely lives up to his name.
Deadly dangerous, and it's criminal how poorly he teaches! -- Belissa Hough

Bazthrax -- Ah, I see I got what is called the "scum-sympathy vote," meaning I'm this
weeks favorite because I had to put up with what experienced managers call "being
scummed."  A very unpleasant experience, but I suppose you have to work with what
you've got.  You did it well, I'll say that for you. -- Dortha Janetto

Mentu -- Ah, and you, too, have had the experience of "being scummed."  But it was
better coming from me than from some hell-lover type, wasn't it?  The great
conversation, the wine with our mid-fight snack, these little touches make all the
difference. -- Chucker Istta

Lionheart -- Put the off-hand weapon into your belt (hard on the belt, but hey, they
give us good belts in the arena), and go with just the main weapon.  That might work
for you.  'Course, it also might not, I don't happen to have the chart (I presume
there is one) for stats needed to handle two weapons at once, so I can't say for
sure.  But it's always easier when you've only got one to worry about. -- Dolby
P.S.  What's the deal with the shield buckled to your back?  So far as I've ever
heard, it doesn't protect your back a bit, and it's added weight.

Men of Qyar -- (bowing slightly) -- Belissa Hough

Morpheus -- I would be glad to advise, but I can only comment on fights I read, i.e.,
those in which one of the warriors is mine.  I do not work in the Commission office
and have no access to anyone else's fights.  I note that your team is not listed on
the newsletter as active this most recent turn.  Are you even here at all? -- Jorja
P.S.  In fact, researching the matter, I don't see you listed since mid-August.  Are
you simply inactive and need to send in strategies and get fighting again, or have
you moved your team to some other arena?

Orellon -- Any questions I can answer, I will.  Any fights my warriors have will
result in personals, and if I see a possibly helpful comment I can make, I will.  If
you're in a position to send email, I will respond to those sent to Livia AT reality
DOT com, provided it says D2 or Noblish Island in the subject line, otherwise I will
delete it unopened, as I get a fair amount of junk that way, too.  Diplos... I try to
answer, but there is a time-lag.  Letters I don't do. -- Jorja

By the presence of an arena-selection sheet with the turn, I deduce that Middle Way
15 is getting kicked out after fighting this time.  So be it.  Middle Way 16 will be
moving in on their heels.  I'm not sure where I'll put it, there are so few arenas
left where I don't have a team now... hmm.  Two arenas where I'm letting the old
teams "evaporate"--not replacing dead or graduated warriors.  But neither are quite
gone yet.  I'll have to look at them carefully and see whether I want to drop the
remaining warrior or two.  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions... just one right after
another. -- Jorja
P.S.  Solven (22) or Jurine (61), probably, with the odds (at the moment) on Solven.

Youseff -- Why all the armor and shield ? -- Obbo

Sinster Minster -- That was close. -- Sarjski

Bone Crusher -- Sorry you're dead. -- Vrancelle
P.S.  I humbly await your bloodfeud.

Dortha Janetto -- Again we meet.  You're tough. -- Bazthrax

Veteran Mercenary -- I'll accept the loss happily for five skills!  Congrats! --

Noblish Island -- Thanks for all you've taught us about this great game! -- Ikaun

Hellsworn -- You deserve to be commended on the performance you put on... Your record
speaks for itself, and hopefully we will have the chance to truly clash blades some
time! -- Orellon Silver-cloak, mgr. Indigo Cipher
P.S.  Tell Sarjski that I know Shimtaint was weird, hence it was DA'd.

25 September 2006
It is obvious that the Dark Knights wish to be shown the light.  Allow me to step
forward and blind them with truth.  YOU ARE WORTHLESS!!!  The Dark Knights are so
afraid of the light that they hide behind their black armor and empty threats.  It is
too bad they are unwilling to actually FIGHT us!  I guess our natural light is too
bright for you all to face!  Fear us, for we are here! -- Gemini Goldphoenix,
Overlord of the Avengers of Light!

5 October 2006
*Turf War IV Rules*

     Everyone may participate; known alliances, new alliances, or temporary alliances
created to compete in the Turf War! However, to participate, each alliance must:
     A.  Announce the alliance and the Captain of the alliance in the North Fork (DM
         47) newsletter.
Captains are responsible for:
     a.  verifying those who wish to participate under the banner of their alliance;
     b.  distribution of prizes should their alliance win the Turf War.
Managers must:
     a.  Submit one (1) RSI Roll-Up Gift Certificate to participate to:
          Baphomet, mgr. Knights Templar (568), DM 47 -- North Fork, or
          Rick Stringer
          13 St. Michael's CT
          Elkton, MD 21921
     b.  Announce their intent to compete with manager name, team name and alliance
         they will be fighting under in the North Fork (DM 47) newsletter.
     1.  No scoring will begin until a Gift Cert is received.  No exceptions.
     2.  Before a manager can compete, he/she must declare and be verified by the
         Captain of the alliance he/she has claimed for;
     3.  Only one (1) team per player may compete.  NO multiple aliases please.
         Violations will result in disqualification.
     4.  The contest will begin on the turn following the January F2F and run for 12
     5.  The turn  a declaration and verification will begin the scoring process.
     6.  No declarations or verifications will be accepted after Turn 10 of the Turf
         War 5.
     7.  For the purpose of scoring, I reserve the right to make all final decisions.
                  Win     Loss     Kill     Die
Challenge          +2      -2       +5       -5
Match-Up           +1      -1       +1       -5
Bloodfeud          +2      -5       +5      -10
Champion           x2      x2       x2       x2
Downchallenge     -10      xx      -10       xx
Dark Arena        +10      -5       xx       xx
Special Scoring:
     a.  Each mention in the Spy Report is worth 2 points (team mentions only!)
     b.  Each Style Master is worth 2 points.
     c.  Duelmaster Throne is worth 2 points
     a.  Champions may be declared, but are not mandatory.  If declared, the Champion
         must be in the Adepts or lower brackets on the turn they are declared
         without having gone above the Adepts bracket at any time...including
         transferred teams.  (I'll be watching for this occurrence!)
     a.  Bloodfeuds count for all four (4) turns.  However, the same warrior may not
         be used all four turns.  4 turns means 4 separate warriors.  A penalty of
         -10 will be given to the team who violates this.
Special Conditions:
     a.  I reserve the right for all final decisions.
     b.  If I make a mistake, I'll multiply the points by 2.
     c.  If you claim I did, and *YOU* are wrong, I'll subtract points at the rate of
     d.  Each alliance begins with zero (0) points.
     e.  Dark Arena may be used on the first turn of every warrior with no penalty
         (this means a warrior with 0 FE).
     f.  TVs won after the contest begins gain a 25 point one time score once the
         tourney reports are posted in the NL.
     g.  TCs won after the contest begins gain a 50 point one time score with the
         same conditions as noted for TVs.
     h.  NO switching alliance once verified by an alliance that a team has declared
     i.  Only 7 teams are permitted per alliance for the Turf War 5.
     Turf Wars are a "Winner Takes All" type contest.  All prizes and 100% of the RU
Certs will be given to the Captain of the winning alliance and it is his/her
responsibility to give these to the alliance membership.
     I have requested from RSI the following:
     a.  renaming of the orth Fork (DM 47) arena;
     b.  renaming of Dark Arena Monsters;
     c.  known favourite rhythms for one warrior on each team of the winning
         alliance.  This warrior would be in the Initiates or above brackets on the
         last turn of the Turf War (they must have at least one arena fight to
         receive this award).

               Baphomet, Host of TW5
Special Note:  A downchallenge is considered from a higher bracket to a lower
bracket.  Same bracket, more recognition points?  Not a downchallenge!

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

COG TWOTHUDS was butchered by SPYMASTER in a 1 minute bloody Dark Arena fight.
MALEEVA was slaughtered by SPYMASTER in a 1 minute Dark Arena battle.
BAZTHRAX was viciously subdued by AURORA in a 2 minute gory Challenge match.
OBBO was vanquished by XIAN THE BLACK in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge brawl.
LIONHEART luckily beat MENTU in a 2 minute brutal Challenge fight.
AURELIUS GAIUS was bested by OBERON in a 2 minute Challenge brawl.
STRATUS slimly won victory over CHUCKER ISTTA in a 10 minute Challenge fight.
SEPTU bested SHANK in a 1 minute novice's Challenge competition.
GRIMJAW handily defeated CAMULUS in a 1 minute uneven Challenge melee.
MAORAKITH was vanquished by VENEMOUS CONCUBINE in a 1 minute one-sided Title duel.
BELISSA HOUGH was vanquished by VRANCELLE in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
EDGILES KAPP was defeated by JON in a 1 minute match.
DORTHA JANETTO was handily defeated by SARJSKI in a 1 minute one-sided bout.
RICK was subdued by MORRIGAN in a crowd pleasing 3 minute match.
FLAVIUS VALERIUS viciously subdued SNAKE in a 1 minute brutal contest.
PIER demolished HARD HAROLD in a 6 minute bloody one-sided brawl.
DOLBY JOSSEL viciously subdued DEATH BLOW in a 3 minute gory beginner's fight.
TOPO GIGIO was devastated by CALUMOR in a 1 minute uneven duel.
ROLNANDO outlasted NIGHTSHADE in a unpopular 8 minute gory amateur's brawl.
AGASAYA savagely defeated BLACK DEATH in a exciting 3 minute brutal novice's match.
MIGHTY MITHUZAK was savagely defeated by DEATH ROSE in a 3 minute amateur's conflict.
SPEEDY SAM was defeated by BLITZ in a 2 minute novice's duel.
FINEOUS FINGERS was luckily beaten by SKUMM in a dull 7 minute beginner's fray.
COLD CHARLIE was devastated by WONGA in a 2 minute one-sided bout.
WILDCHILD overpowered MORDANT DESERTER in a 1 minute uneven fight.
VECTOR overpowered MORDANT DESERTER in a 1 minute uneven fight.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                   9         SLASHING ATTACK   27 -  14 -  4      66  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  6         TOTAL PARRY       27 -  21 -  2      56  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   6         BASHING ATTACK    34 -  28 -  3      55  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      6         LUNGING ATTACK    31 -  27 -  2      53  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    6         PARRY-STRIKE      11 -  11 -  0      50  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  4         STRIKING ATTACK   20 -  22 -  1      48  |
|AIMED BLOW                       4         AIMED BLOW        11 -  19 -  0      37  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      3         PARRY-LUNGE        4 -  11 -  0      27  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         PARRY-RIPOSTE      8 -  23 -  0      26  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    1         WALL OF STEEL      3 -  10 -  1      23  |

Turn 219 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

PARRY-STRIKE       2 -  0     PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -  5         3  LUNGING ATTACK 
STRIKING ATTACK    3 -  1     PARRY-LUNGE        0 -  3         2  SLASHING ATTACK
SLASHING ATTACK    4 -  2     WALL OF STEEL      0 -  1         2  BASHING ATTACK 
LUNGING ATTACK     5 -  4                                       2  STRIKING ATTACK
AIMED BLOW         2 -  2                                       1  TOTAL PARRY    
BASHING ATTACK     3 -  3                                       1  PARRY-STRIKE   
TOTAL PARRY        3 -  3     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
LUNGING ATTACK   MAORAKITH 8214              7   3  1   66 HELLSWORN (1421)
SLASHING ATTACK  AURORA 8189                 7   3  0   54 TEAM CHAOS (1416)
STRIKING ATTACK  VRANCELLE 8283              7   1  1   45 HELLSWORN (1421)
TOTAL PARRY      BAZTHRAX 8281               6   2  0   41 HELLSWORN (1421)
PARRY-STRIKE     XIAN THE BLACK 8353         4   0  0   40 INDIGO CIPHER (1445)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is BELISSA HOUGH 8241.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was MORRIGAN 8382.  The ten other most popular fighters were AGASAYA 8355, DEATH 
8363, XIAN THE BLACK 8353, MENTU 8354, and GRIMJAW 8343.

The least popular fighter this week was NIGHTSHADE 8376.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were CHUCKER ISTTA 8242, STRATUS 8185, SKUMM 8364, COLD CHARLIE 8345, 
GIGIO 8360, and DEATH BLOW 8362.


     I was trying to design a warrior that would have no weaknesses, when my mind 
wandered (It does this a lot!) to what would be the average stat for this game called 
     Almost at once I came upon the number nine.  Why, you may ask?
     Okay, I'll tell you, after all that's the point of this article.  There are 
nineteen levels for each stat, half this is 9.5, since RSI randomly assigns attributes 
between 3-21.
     In this manner, even if they assign an attribute below average, the player can 
bring it up to at least average by adding 6 points when he modifies the rollup.  I 
checked this assumption with some rolls I have received, and it appears to run true 
with some interesting results.
     A 9 SZ seems to allow use of any weapon without being too small.
     9 ST seems to allow you to use most weapons without the comment "does not have ST 
to use weapon well."
     9 SP with a 9 DF will give the normal speed/coordination to offensive warriors 
and to PS, PL and PR. (Does anyone think WS, TP, AB are normal?)
     9 WT with a 9 WL will give no negative wit/will statement (no positive one 
     A 9 in all attributes leaves 21 points to modify the key stats for a warrior's 
     I have been trying for a while to design warriors with a minimum of 9 in all 
attributes, or to at least be able to train to a 9 in a couple of raises.  I am still 
trying with mixed results to date.
     I lost track to the point or purpose of this article, but maybe it will provoke 
some thought, yes, no, maybe?  Suggestion and comments will come.

                                             Jeff Hannah, c/o Star Signs, DM 13

                            EARTHWORM FLAMBE A LA THAIGYN

     Arena gourmets, try this tasty tidbit, before, during and after your next 
training session:

Ingredients -  3 qts. processed camel spit
               1 pint fingernail larva
               6K cups giant earthworm droppings (imported)
               3 cups sweet'n'sour orc sweat
               1 slice head cheese
               1 bavarian mint (imported)
               1 tsp. toe jam (I would suggest your own)

Directions -   1. Pre-heat oven to 6200C.
               2. Grease 1 22x22 Turtle shell.
               3. Pour camel spit & orc sweat into shell, mix with high octane 
               gasoline (unleaded for those on diet), place in oven, and heat for 3 - 
               4 hours.
               4. Place all other ingredients into osterizer at *whip* setting until 
               5. Bake for 7 days or until you get that distinctive scorched aroma.
               6. Take out of oven, get a match, and light that sucker up.
               7. Now scarf it down.  Yum, yum.

               *It's perfect for those Dark Arena picnics.*

     For a first hand experience come over to Thaigyn's Scarf'N'Barf, right next to 
the Welcome Wench, or go to D. Tramp's Tune-Up Garage & Salad Bar, 1 block east of 
Saugum's Outhouse Inn..
     *** Coming to an arena near you, the Steel Breez Chop'N'Slop, (formerly known as 
the Eradicator's International House of Toe Jam***

                                   To all, enjoy, Thaigyn of Petrys Acoplys
                                   D. Tramp, Lord Petrys & Ennexa
                                   Mephobasheth of Steel Breez.

                           DEATH INTENT STATEMENT EXPLAINED

     In order to keep this brief, I'm going to avoid a long rambling opening and get 
right to the meat of the issue.  The `death intent statement' (`fights with a deadly 
bloodlust in his eyes,' `is going for the kill,' `is eagerly seeking the death blow,' 
etc.) can ONLY be gained in normal combat (non-Dark Arena, non-Bloodgames) AFTER 
striking an opponent in a vital location (some region of the HE, CH, or AB, pelvis 
included.)  Once the death intent statement is printed, the struck warrior makes a 
roll to survive the fight.  If this roll is failed, he is dead, and the rest of the 
fight is simply a matter of running down the dead fighter's hit points by normal, non-
critical attacks.
     Now, the moral offshoot of this is that, knowing this, any fighter sent out by 
his manager attacking a vital location is purposefully increasing his chance of 
killing his opponent.  The logic is this: if you attack vitals you are more likely to 
hit a vital location.  In striking a vital, you may get the death intent statement, 
and that's then one dice roll to end the fighter.  By attacking non-vitals you are 
decreasing your chances of striking a vital (by increasing your chances of striking 
non-vitals.)  Note that this is not flawless, as the percentage of actually HITTING 
your attack location is perhaps only 67% on high-deftness fighters, but by not 
attacking vitals you are doing the best you can, which is all anyone can ask.
     Here's the bottom line.  A fighter can run 10-10-10 L-N and NEVER kill (excepting 
infirmary deaths, which is an entirely separate case) if he hits only arms or legs.  
Thus, while KD is a large factor in determining kills (a head shot by a 10-10-1 
fighter is far less likely to get the statement than a head shot by a 10-10-10 
fighter,) it is less important than attack location.

Gary Triplett, a.k.a. Miles/Sir Boyd
diplo Crimson Pegasi (arena 105) for advice, questions, comments, wit statement charts 
or other charts, etc.

P.S.  Apologies to those I said I'd diplo this to.  I just decided to make this a 
general article.  If you're one of the managers in the wave that received only the tan 
wit statement chart and the lavender activity statement chart, please re-contact me if 
you'd like the explanation sheet, which includes details on all the statements printed 
on the fighter overview.

                           REBUTTAL TO "THE LITTLE BASHER"

     So many times I've seen one of these "helpful hints" that I disagreed with, but 
never have I been so disgusted that I'd write a rebuttal.  Well, this time I could not 
sit aside and watch someone slaughter a style that I love.
     I am referring to Belegrath's article, entitled, "The Little Basher."  Now, even 
though I have yet to have a warrior achieve the title of "Lord Protector," I have been 
at this game for a couple of years now.  I've run bashers more than any other style, 
and my record with them is over .500.  Therefore, I think I have enough experience and 
knowledge to say that Belegrath's basher sucks!!!
     The main purpose I write this is not to undermine Belegrath's managerial 
abilities, but to warn any new people who might read his article.  I don't think 
anyone should waste their money on Belegrath's basher theory.  Or even worse, to have 
someone quit the game after getting the crap beat out of them having warriors modeled 
after Belegrath's.
     First, I'll tell you what is wrong with "The Little Basher" (to refresh your 
memory: 20-6-3-13-7-20-15).
     1)  The best he can get, regardless of his strength, is good damage because of 
his 3 SZ.
     2)  He'll fall over from exhaustion before the first minute is up, unless you run 
a real low activity level.  He'll be very frail and have very little endurance.
     3)  A 3 SZ?!?  And what if the war hammer or mace aren't his favorite weapons?  
You lost the QS, a very reputable bashing weapon, and the GS, which I've recently 
found to be a great bashing weapon.
     4)  He probably won't pick up too many skills with a 13 WT.  Good luck maxing out 
in the next decade!!
     5)  With a 7 WL, he has only a 35% chance to raise a stat ONCE, then the chances 
for that same category are halved every time thereafter.  Therefore, he'll always be 
very frail with poor endurance.
     6)  20 SP, what a waste!  Bashers, in my opinion, have no need for speed.  And 
even if you wanted to waste points on speed, you don't need to raise it to such an 
extreme.  One stat raise here, and you lose app. four skills.
     7)  15 DF.  This is pretty much the only point I agree with.  I know, I know, 
bashers don't need deftness.  But just imagine a basher with an AB's accuracy!
     I had a ST once who looked similar to Belegrath's basher.  He looked like this: 
19-4-13-16-3-19-10.  What happened to him, you ask?  He was killed by a maul-wielding 
scum basher on his third fight.  In his first two fights he hacked the crap out of two 
TP's, and then fell over from exhaustion.  No broken shields, no broken bones.  Get 
the point, yet?
     Now, a better basher, not the best, mind you, would look like this:
13 ST     Achieve good damage (possibly great) and be able to use all 
          bashing weapons (except HL).
10 CN     This isn't important, but at least he'll be able to take a couple
          of blows.
 9 SZ     Fulfills requirement for all bashing weapons.
17 WT     A nice number.  19 isn't good, and 21 means that it should be
          something else.
15 WL     Gives at least normal endurance, and increases chances of raising
 5 SP     SP is unimportant, absolutely no need!  Although, it will take a 
          few more skills to get a rating in Decise.
15 DF     Wonderful to have DF.  Keeps them from swinging at the flies (Most
          of the time).
     Well, there you have it.  I hope I cleared things up a little.  I doubt if anyone 
else agrees with me, but that's what makes this game so fun!

                         Drunken Stupor (11)   The Dawn-Men (67)
                         The Dark (26)         Othrsydosanity (74)

                                    THE UN-SCUM

     The type of TP I make will often win fights without ever getting hit!  The fights 
are exciting to read, full of dodges and ripostes, and if you've never seen a TP 
outjump a Basher, make an offensive TP.

ST: 7-13   All you really need is normal damage!  11 is perfect, for carrying capacity 
and weapon selection.  Good damage is nice to have, but if it looks like your rollup 
will get good or great, he's probably better off as a WS, LU or BA.

CN: 9-16   Again, all you need is normal.  We're making a finesse substyle, and the 
points are badly needed on WT, WL and DF.  Just make sure he can take a hit or two.  
Don't add any points here on the rollup, but go ahead and raise it later if you think 
he needs it.  Endurance is not a priority.

SZ: 3-9    A single digit is important for dodging and activity levels.  I will go as 
high as 10, but any bigger and you can't dodge well enough.  Small size also helps 
parry and defense, as well as getting a good activity and elusive statement on the 
overview.  Plus, you need the points below.

WT: 15, 17 or 21 only!  This is the biggie, he'll learn like crazy!  I know what 
you're saying, "my 11 WT SCUM learns 3 skills a fight!"  Yeah, but your SCUM's skill 
base will be so low, when he's maxxed out in skills, my off. TP will be at the same 
level of expertise by his 10th fight!  For any style, 90% of the skills are in WT, WL 
and DF, and that's where the 14 points must go.

WL: 13-21  As with any fighter, more is better.  However, you can get by with normal 
endurance, believe it or not!  This TP will wear moderate armor, and can run active 
for 6-7 minutes with normal endurance.  That's long enough for all but a few 
opponents.  Raise WL on the rollup to 17 or 21 if you can, but if 13 or 15 is all he 
can have, he'll be okay.

SP: 5-9    This is a touchy area, and can make or break your TP.  I like to use 7, 8 
or 9.  If you use 5 or 6, he'd better be small, and have a 17 or 21 WT.  OR, a CN that 
will allow him to take a lot of damage.  If he's too big, dumb and slow then he'll get 
"slow and inactive" on the overview, and that is too scummy for my TP.  You MUST have 
normal or better activity.  SP also helps with your riposte, crucial to the off. TP.

DF: 11-17  Second in importance, behind WT.  Parry, Riposte, Defense and Attack are 
your mainstays, and they're all enhanced by a high DF.  Try to get normal coordination 
(SP+DF=21) if possible.

     Here are some examples of good off. TPs, all are real fighters;

     11        10         8        11         7        11        10
     14        12        15         9        15        13        12
      7         4         7         6         8         7        10
     17        15        15        17        21        17        17
     17        21        17        21        13        17        13
      5         7         9         9         7         8         8
     13        15        13        11        13        11        13

     Now, how to fight them, you ask?  Every one of them seems to like to run 
differently, I've seen some tee off at 2-7-5, some do better at 4-4-5, some 2-3-2, 
even those who go 3-3-5 first min, then go ballistic in the second (10-10-6).  Also, 
some run 7-7-7!  You just have to play around with the numbers, 'til you find what 
works best.  Here's a general strategy I usually start with:

     4    5    6    7    4    3    10   Armor: I use ARM/H most of the time,
     7    6    5    4    4    2    10   but guys like examples #1 and 2 
     5    5    5    5    5    5     6   would be better off in ACM/F.  If
                                        facing a LU or SL, you can wear 
     RA ------------------------>  HE   APA/F (yes, even with normal endur-
     AM ------------------------>  HE   ance!), 'cause the LU or SL is going
     -    -    -    -    -    -     -   to drop in min. 2, more than likely.
     S    S    -    -    -    -     D

Weapons:  Any sword and shield you're suited to, as well as the Quarterstaff and the 
Longspear.  Vs. heavy armor, use a BS two-handed.

Tactics:  Parry, dodge, and especially vs. strikers, responsiveness!  Resp. will drive 
other managers nuts, prompting them to say, "How'd you do that?"  My favorite tactic 
for the Un-Scum.

Matchups:  Every striker in the arena should be on your hit-list.  Other good 
challenges are PS, WS, PR, BA.  Avoid lungers and ABs like the plague!

     So, there you have it.  If you'd rather have a TP who's as elusive as a La-Z-Boy 
than one who sidesteps more blows than he parries, then don't follow my advice.  But, 
if you're ready to have fun fights with TPs, and watch their popularity rise (except 
vs. scum) every match, then that's what I offer you.
     Brought to you by Buri of the G.A.P.P.D.A., MGR. Aesier (3, 104), Swords of 
Sergio (4, 104), S.O.S. (59), and way too many others.  Fell free to diplo me, for 
praise, ridicule, or just for the halibut.

                               Duelmasters for Dummies

     There are handbooks around that will guide you in becoming the hottest player 
Duelmasters has ever seen... if you're prepared to work at it.  But what if you don't 
want to be hot, but only pleasantly warm, have a good time, and not fret and stew 
over maximizing the potential of every roll-up you receive?  What if spending months 
in the Dark Arena searching for the perfect roll-up sounds boring?  What if the 
"Perfect Warrior" is not for you, and you have no intention of dominating Gateway?  
What if such handbooks as the Enchiridion represent "more than you ever wanted to 
know" about the inner workings and minute tunings of the game?
     This article is for you....
     You have a new roll-up sheet in front of you; it doesn't matter whether it's a 
new team or only one replacement.  How do you design the warrior(s) for best present 
enjoyment?  First, don't send anyone straight to the Dark Arena.  Okay, do if you 
like to read Dark Arena fights, but not otherwise.  Give every roll-up, regardless of 
"Perfect Warrior" potential or lack thereof, your best design efforts and a chance to 
show his stuff.  Some supposed duds will surprise you.
     A few simple rules for basic warrior design and strategy:
      1)  Aim at achieving an odd number in your key stats, 15 is good, 17 is better, 
except in unusual cases (DF for aimed blows), 21 is too much of a good thing.
      2)  Wit and Will are the key stats for any warrior except a freak experiment.  
Deftness and Strength are second, Speed and Constitution are third.
      3)  Offensive styles (Basher, Lunger, Slasher, Striker) and Total Parries are 
easier to run and easier to win with than the finesse styles (Aimed Blows, Parry-
anythings, Walls of Steel).  Yes, the finesse styles can be fun and devastating, but 
don't START there.  Start with the easier styles and work up to finesse.  Watch out 
for stereotypes.  Big, dumb, clumsy bashers do not generally do well.  Fast, brainy 
lungers with low CN and WL burn out early in the first minute and also tend to die 
easily.  A medium good roll-up will do well at any of the offensive styles.
      4)  Pick your arena with some care, as different arenas favor and reward 
different styles of play and different tones in the personals.
     Generally speaking, arenas of the Andorian and Lirith Kai regions will frown on 
down-challenges and deliberate killing, and hostile "trash-talking" personals will 
not be appreciated.  On the whole, these Andorian and Adantri arenas are the more 
sociable arenas and will tend to have more personals and more role-playing.  (There 
are, of course, exceptions.)  Players in the Andorian and Lirith Kai arenas will tend 
to be helpful to a newcomer.
     Arenas of the Delarquan region will accept more aggressive styles in play and in 
personals, more down-challenging, and more killing... BUT you can expect to draw a 
quick and hard response in kind.  Generally these arenas are not as friendly as the 
Andorians, and they are much less likely to help out a newcomer.
     The arenas of the Free Blades region vary more among themselves than those of 
the other regions but generally tend to fall in between the Andorian and Delarquan 
      5)  When arming your warrior, check the Weapon/Style/Stat Suitability chart 
below, probably THE most useful chart for a beginner.  It sorts the weapons by style, 
listing only those that are favored by each style, and gives the minimum stats (in 
ST, SZ, WT, and DF) to use any particular weapon.  Note which weapons your warrior is 
physically able to use.  Arm him with something he can use and that is favored by his 
style, and GIVE HIM A BACK-UP WEAPON, even if it's only a dagger.  Do not be misled 
by real-world logic, by the way: bashers are not well-suited to using the fists as 
weapons!  (If you are going to use the same weapon against all armor weights, it 
isn't necessary to make three categories on your strategy sheet, and it annoys the 
     In fact, you might want to consult the chart below before picking a style for 
your new warrior.  It is not a good idea to make a warrior into, say, a basher, if he 
is unable to use well any of the basher's weapons of choice.  (I've done this by not 
paying attention, and I have ALWAYS regretted it afterward.)  For example, I just got 
a replacement who is 8-10-20-9-12-4-7.  If I make it 9-10-20-15-17-4-9, then I should 
NOT make it a Basher, because the poor goop couldn't use any bashing weapon well.  If 
I go with this set of numbers, he should probably be a Lunger using a short spear, or 
a Striker using a hatchet.  But if I drop WT to 13 and raise ST to 11, he could use a 
broadsword and might make a Slasher; equally, if I drop WT to 13 and raise DF to 11, 
instead, he could use a scimitar and make a Slasher....  Choices, choices....
      6)  Put armor on the warrior before sending him out to fight.  Armor saves 
lives.  Total Parries can take the heaviest armors, as they generally don't move 
around a lot.  Offensives can run faster with no armor or leather armor, but that 
doesn't give them much protection.  If you're worried about their survival, put them 
in mid-weight armor; I favor ringmail for this, but scalemail and chainmail are also 
options.  Always put something on their heads!  A blow to the head can be especially 
deadly, so give them protection there--at least a steel cap, a helm for choice, a 
full helm if the warrior is a Total Parry.
      7)  Train skills, unless/until you're sure this is going to be a throw-away, 
short-term warrior.
      8)  Challenge warriors above your warrior, and/or those with more fights, for 
the best chance to learn skills.  Challenge warriors below your warrior to improve 
your chances of winning and to provoke maximum hostility from other managers.  
Repeated challenges to the same warrior, when there are other targets available, will 
also provoke hostility.
      9)  Avoid teams with high kill percentages and teams that regularly down-
challenge or repeat-challenge.
     10)  Don't run a warrior 10-10-10 unless you like to see him go berserk and then 
collapse half way through the first minute.  Yes, the pure offensives should run 
fast, but drop either Activity Level or Kill Desire or both by a few points if your 
warrior doesn't have a good or better endurance.  If endurance is not mentioned on 
the warrior's overview, then it is "normal" or "average," and 10-10-10 will probably 
burn him out early in the fight.  If endurance is poor, don't even think of it.  
(Yes, I can hear all you number crunchers out there rising up to point out that there 
are exceptions.  I admit the exceptions, but these are general guidelines for the 
average beginner.  Exceptions belong in a different article.}  Generally speaking, 
Total Parries should run slowly.
     11)  Be wary of using tactics.  Sometimes they help, sometimes they hinder, and 
they're tricky.  Even when a tactic gives some clear benefit, remember that it comes 
with a built-in danger in that it commits the warrior to that attitude during the 
minute it is used.  A defensive tactic will tend to hinder offense, offensive tactics 
will reduce the warrior's defense.  Do not use both an offensive and a defensive 
tactic in the same minute.
     12)  Fill out your strategy sheet clearly and completely to avoid antagonizing 
the inputter!  Don't make her guess what you want your warrior to do.
     13)  Write personal ads to take part in the player-player interaction.  This is 
a significant part of the fun of the game.  If you want other managers to help you 
learn, write =friendly= personals!  Surprising how some people miss this obvious 
point, but the obnoxious managers are likely to have a hard time getting help.
     14)  Fill out the front part of the Warrior Census Form.  Picking a warrior's 
race can make him a more clearly realized character and one that it is more fun to 
write personals for.  Filling out the warrior sayings can make reading the fights 
more amusing.  Fill out the back of the form only if you feel like it, as NOTHING on 
the back, not even the character stats, has any effect on the fights.  The back of 
the form is all role-playing information and, at this time, will only be used if/when 
your warrior appears in a spotlight written by a staff writer.  When/if the extension 
of the Duelmasters system for which the back of the form was originally intended is 
completed, you will have another chance to fill out this stuff.

                   Weapons, Styles, Minimum Stats required for use
The weapons best-suited to each style are listed under that style.  If a weapon is 
not listed under that style, then it is not well-suited to use by that style.  
Regardless of style, however, the stats required to use a weapon are the same.
     This chart was composed with information found in the Enchiridion, and I thank 
Pagan for making it readily available.

     Aimed Blow  nine weapons                   Slasher  eight weapons
Dagger         ST  -  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7  Battleaxe      ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF  9
Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15  Broadsword     ST 11  SZ  -  WT  9  DF  7
FiST  -        presumably any              Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15
Longspear      ST 11  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  9  Greataxe       ST 13  SZ  5  WT  9  DF 11
Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11  Hatchet        ST  5  SZ  -  WT  3  DF  7
Quarterstaff   ST 11  SZ  9  WT 11  DF 11  Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11
Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11  Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11
Shortspear     ST  9  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7  Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3
Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3  
                                                Striker  Note that the strikers can 
     Basher  eleven weapons                use every weapon plus the small shield 
Greataxe       ST 13  SZ  5  WT  9  DF 11  effectively.  This is the only style that 
Greatsword     ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF 11  has so broad a selection.  Twenty-one 
Halberd        ST 17  SZ  9  WT  9  DF  9  weapons.
Large shield   ST 11  SZ  7  WT  5  DF  5  Battleaxe      ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF  9
Mace           ST 13  SZ  -  WT  3  DF  5  Broadsword     ST 11  SZ  -  WT  9  DF  7
Maul           ST 15  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  7  Dagger         ST  -  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7
Medium shield  ST  9  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  5  Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15
Morningstar    ST 13  SZ  -  WT  7  DF 13  FiST  -        presumably any
Quarterstaff   ST 11  SZ  9  WT 11  DF 11  Greataxe       ST 13  SZ  5  WT  9  DF 11
Warflail       ST 11  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  5  Greatsword     ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF 11
Warhammer      ST 13  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  7  Halberd        ST 17  SZ  9  WT  9  DF  9
                                           Hatchet        ST  5  SZ  -  WT  3  DF  7
     Lunger  five weapons                  Longspear      ST 11  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  9
Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15  Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11
Longspear      ST 11  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  9  Mace           ST 13  SZ  -  WT  3  DF  5
Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11  Maul           ST 15  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  7
Shortspear     ST  9  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7  Morningstar    ST 13  SZ  -  WT  7  DF 13
Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3  Quarterstaff   ST 11  SZ  9  WT 11  DF 11
                                           Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11
     Parry-Lunger  six weapons             Shortspear     ST  9  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7
Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15  Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3
Longspear      ST 11  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  9  Small shield   ST  5  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  5
Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11  Warflail       ST 11  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  5
Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11  Warhammer      ST 13  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  7
Shortspear     ST  9  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7  
Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3       Total Parry  twelve weapons
     Parry-Riposte  six weapons            Battleaxe      ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF  9
Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15  Broadsword     ST 11  SZ  -  WT  9  DF  7
Longspear      ST 11  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  9  Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15
Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11  Greatsword     ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF 11
Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11  Large shield   ST 11  SZ  7  WT  5  DF  5
Shortspear     ST  9  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7  Longspear      ST 11  SZ  9  WT  5  DF  9
Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3  Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11
                                           Medium shield  ST  9  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  5
     Parry-Striker  eleven weapons         Quarterstaff   ST 11  SZ  9  WT 11  DF 11
Battleaxe      ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF  9  Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11
Broadsword     ST 11  SZ  -  WT  9  DF  7  Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3
Epee           ST  7  SZ  -  WT 15  DF 15  Small shield   ST  5  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  5
Greatsword     ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF 11  
Longsword      ST 11  SZ  -  WT 13  DF 11       Wall of Steel  eight weapons
Quarterstaff   ST 11  SZ  9  WT 11  DF 11  Battleaxe      ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF  9
Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11  Broadsword     ST 11  SZ  -  WT  9  DF  7
Shortspear     ST  9  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  7  Greataxe       ST 13  SZ  5  WT  9  DF 11
Shortsword     ST  5  SZ  -  WT 11  DF  3  Greatsword     ST 15  SZ  9  WT  9  DF 11
Small shield   ST  5  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  5  Morningstar    ST 13  SZ  -  WT  7  DF 13
Warhammer      ST 13  SZ  -  WT  5  DF  7  Quarterstaff   ST 11  SZ  9  WT 11  DF 11
                                           Scimitar       ST  9  SZ  -  WT 11  DF 11
                                           Warflail       ST 11  SZ  -  WT  7  DF  5

The Middle Way
DM 93 and elsewhere