Date   : 10/29/2003    Duedate: 11/11/2003


DM-102    TURN-362

RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %  RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %
  1 EVILUTION 74/987     1383  566  6 71.0      VERMIN 72/956                         
    ERDMAN BROTHERS 35/521                   21 POISONOUS DEM 53/586  326  360  2 47.5
    SONS OF CTHULHU 67/493                      CALL OF THE WILD 68/1310              
    SONG OF ILUVATAR 56/1305                    DOG DAY AFTERNOON 30/935              
    OLD FRIENDS 17/1100                         BRINK OF EXTINCTION 14/1185           
    DEVIL ADVOCATES 32/356                      BOOK OF THE DEAD 57/1205              
    MEN OF IRON 70/815                       22 JUGEND 39/776         427  476  3 47.3
    SATAN'S KINGDOM 13/351                      LOONY TEAM 54/538                     
    SOMETHING FAMILIAR 15/1177                  BAUTA BABIES 52/791                   
    FOWL WARRIORS 64/1116                       SWORDS OF TWILIGHT 45/693             
  2 YOUNG JUSTIC 57/1306    9    4  0 69.2   23-THE GUILD 29/643       80   91  0 46.8
  3 DARK PANTHEON 6/738   783  385  6 67.0      INTO THE BLACK 35/898                 
    THUNDR + LITENING 18/616                    DISTAFF STEEL 20/891                  
  4 DSM4 9/995            101   56  0 64.3   24 STAR TREK 29/1066     206  270  1 43.3
  5 MY WIFE 30/1107      1138  678  7 62.7      CRIMSON CLUB 5/439                    
    HEART OF DARKNESS 82/1271                   LORDS OF THE SWORD 55/1152            
    DEATH STUDS VII 60/1257                     THE A'S -- LOSERS 30/1032             
    DEATH STUDS IV 60/658                       LORDKING GENOCIDAL 66/1085            
    SAILS OF CHARON 60/437                      THE REVELATION 1/389                  
    RAINDANCE 57/540                            STAR GUARDIANS 56/1254                
  6 THE TIDE 33/685       528  322  2 62.1   25 THE ART OF D 66/1118  118  174  1 40.4
    ZOOM ZONE 12/675                         26-NOTORIOUS 32/357       36   54  1 40.0
    WISH YOU WERE HERE 17/1146               27 ELVENDEN 69/1311        4    6  0 40.0
    HIGH FLIERS 60/912                       28 THE FORSAKEN 60/1288   15   23  0 39.5
    PARTY TIME 6/927                            CRYSTAL PALACE 47/1287                
  7 OVERLORDS 20/1294       8    5  0 61.5   29 THE DARK ORDE 30/516   84  131  0 39.1
  8 LOST SOULS 40/583     245  163  1 60.0   30 THE TAKEN 29/895       47   75  0 38.5
    LOST SOULS II 19/972                        SOUL WARRIORS 38/648                  
    MUSIC IMMORTALS 53/1076                     HERO ALLIANCE 35/1246                 
  9 BURN N' PILLA 18/407  384  257  2 59.9   31 THE PINK PAN 99/1315    5    8  0 38.5
    BOB'S REFRIGERATOR 69/703                32 X-FORCE 66/981        320  530  1 37.6
    KNIGHTS OF ORCCON 69/865                    RUBY DRAGONS 42/620                   
 10 WITCHES BREW 18/1103  267  186  4 58.9      ELFQUEST 77/629                       
    EYE OF THE NEEDLE 60/574                    BLOOD KNIGHTS 61/575                  
    MEPHISTO'S WALTZ 9/636                      SCARLET KNIGHTS 70/706                
 11 KNIGHT SHADE 69/1123  155  113  1 57.8      PEGICORN 71/1266                      
 12 SIS BOOM BAA 54/432  1127  834  9 57.5      SCARLET KNIGHTS 61/1308               
    4-LETTER WORDS 48/317                       RUBY DRAGONS 48/1251                  
    STREET PIZZA 18/293                      33 CASTAWAYS 7/402       219  365  1 37.5
 13 WASTELAND II 7/635    675  505  3 57.2      MOSSRUNNERS 1/180                     
 14 KILLER JELLO 7/502    318  240  0 57.0      BLUE EYRIE 1/1179                     
    BIG MEAN FISH 18/512                        BLACK WINGS 58/1206                   
 15 SUPERIOR FORC 9/1058  199  158  0 55.7      SKAITHVARN 51/1304                    
    SUPERIOR FORCES II 60/1037               34 DONUT POLICE 26/1065   95  160  2 37.3
 16 SUNNYDALE 60/1081     112   94  0 54.4      WIMPS OF DEATH 22/1064                
    BLOOD BATH 99/1133                          SUPERHERO REJECTS 19/1061             
 17 LAKOTA 21/1193         20   18  0 52.6   35 RUNNERS 58/1036        54  100  1 35.1
 18 RHYME TYME 55/587     243  238  2 50.5   36 SAND DANCERS 76/1048  111  240  4 31.6
    SCARRY BEASTIES 74/958                      THE ILLUMINATI 37/938                 
    WE WANT RAISES 75/922                       SAND DANCERS 75/1091                  
 19 THE MERCENARIE 8/385  858  871  3 49.6      SAND DANCERS 74/1217                  
    THE RED REAVERS 28/300                   37 GENETIC MISHAP 14/32  301  672  1 30.9
    FIERCE CREATURES 68/1120                 38 DREAM PARK 9/1317       9   21  0 30.0
 20 QUBIT 53/792          365  386  1 48.6      BATTLE SCHOOL 65/1260                 

RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %  RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %
 39-LORDS OF VAL 20/1062    3   22  0 12.0      THE STORMBRINGERS 31/1069             

    '##/###' Avoid teams by their Team Id     '-'  Team did not fight this turn

                                  WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Eye of the Storm #66 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

In the Far West:

     Shania slipped out of the room and shut the door behind her.  She wished there
was a way to lock it but had found no key in her captured robe, and there wasn't time
to search farther.  She had to get away from this room, out of the building if
possible, before the hunt started.
     The hall was narrow and poorly lighted, of some kind of rough, dark stone that
seemed to absorb what little light there was.  It stretched away into darkness in
both directions; she was irresistibly reminded of the passages backstage at a
theater, or the servants' stairs and halls in a great mansion.  She touched the wall
opposite her with the tips of her fingers, hoping to get a general feeling for the
layout and an idea which way she needed to go to find the exit.  And reeled as a
blueprint of the building crystallized in her mind.  Not only the present building,
but its past, and all the stages of construction and modification that had affected
it in the course of centuries.  She snatched her hand away from the wall and tried to
steady her breathing.
     After a moment, Shania looked at the floor plans in her mind and sorted through
them for the current information.  Later, at her leisure, she could wonder why her
talent for knowing had over-reacted so.  For now, the exit.  And it was...that way.
She turned to the right and hurried along the narrow hallway, bare feet silent on the
     The building itself was silent.  She heard no other footsteps, no voices.  It
might have been deserted, for all her senses could tell her.  But she didn't think it
     The hall ended in a small room, a sort of lobby, with more passages going off in
different directions.  The map in her mind said that the left-hand passage would take
her out most quickly, but as she turned in that direction, she heard a muffled slam
and the murmur of a voice in that direction.  Damn.  She would fight if she had to,
but the longer her escape went undiscovered, the farther away she could get.  The map
indicated that if she went straight ahead and then to the right immediately, there
would be a stairway down, which connected with some kind of tunnels under the city.
Sewers, she guessed with a grimace.  But a second voice answered the first down the
passage to the left, and there were movement sounds that could be several people.
     She went straight across the room and looked for the stairs that turned off to
the right.  Nothing.  Blank wall.  But the plans clearly indicated--  Oh, damn.
Hidden doorway.  She didn't have TIME for--  She laid her hand against the wall,
braced for the rush of images, but this time, perhaps because she was prepared, it
was orderly.  The stair had been there, was there, but it had been closed over...
sixty years ago, more or less.  Someone had wanted a secret entrance and exit.  There
was a pressure point...there.  She pressed.
     There was a moment when nothing happened, and her hand went to the dagger in her
sleeve as the voices in the other hall came closer.  Then a stone that rose from the
floor to the level of her waist moved away, giving an opening barely big enough for
her to slip through.  Just in time she remembered that the other side was a stairway
and felt for the first step down.  Okay.  And push the doorway closed...yes, it went
back into position easily and silently.
     The stairwell was pitch dark, but there was nowhere to go but down.  Maybe when
she got to...somewhere, she would try a simple light spell.  No telling how it might
come out, but...later.  Moving carefully, she felt her way down the stairs.  They
were old, worn, and damp in spots.  Tricky footing.  For the moment, being barefoot
was an advantage.  Except that sometimes the moisture underfoot was slimy, squishy,
sometimes it even seemed to move.  Perhaps it was just as well she couldn't see what
she was stepping on.  She kept the fingers of one hand on the wall at her side for
guidance but resolutely did not invoke Knowing.  A little at a time was plenty.
     The moisture in the air and on the stones increased, and she heard the low
mutter of running water.  Not as much of a smell as she'd feared, so perhaps this
wasn't sewers.  Drains--storm drains?  Did it rain a lot here, wherever 'here' was?
An arched opening below her was faintly visible, slightly less dark than the utter
blackness in this descending stairwell.  No sounds of people that she could hear over
the water, so perhaps the light came from some distant opening to the surface.  She
certainly hoped there was an opening to the surface, and well away from the building
where she'd been held.
     The archway at the bottom of the stair opened into a much larger passage, itself
arched and about six feet wide by nine high at the highest point.  The light was so
dim that if she hadn't already been adapted to total blackness, she would have
claimed there was no light at all here.  Water flowed in a channel down the three-
foot-wide center of the floor; she couldn't tell how deep it was.  Except for the
sound of the water, it was utterly silent.
     Shania judged she could risk mage-light here, if it wasn't too bright, and
concentrated briefly to summon it.  A will-o-wisp of golden light bloomed and danced
in the air in front of her, filling the tunnel with soft radiance.  She looked around
curiously.  It was definitely a man-made passage, but either the masons had known 
some art that surpassed that of any she had ever seen, or the tunnel was so old that
time and running water had smoothed all toolmarks from the stones and laid a layer of
mineral deposits over all, hiding whatever joints there might be.
     Her guess was that the smooth, seamless appearance was due to age.  If she
touched the walls in order to Know the layout of the tunnels, how many centuries of
changes would she have to sort through?  Well, it had to be done, if she didn't want
to stand here forever.  That would make a surprising sight for any later visitors!
     Her fingers brushed against the damp stone.  There was a rush of images, but
she'd been expecting that and was not overwhelmed this time.  And despite the great
age of the tunnels, there had been few changes, and those mostly the result of
collapse, not rebuilding.  The tunnels, she now saw, formed a drainage web under a
city....  Ah, but not this city, not originally.  A much older city, laid out
differently for the most part.  Odd, that--usually a new city followed the plan of an
older one, unless some devastation had completely leveled--  Ah, it had.  Well, that
was not her problem.  Draining stormwater to a river and to the sea.  What she needed
was a place where she could safely climb out.  Her mind searched quickly through the
web.  Many of the original exits had been covered by the new construction, others
were only drains, too small to pass even a child.  But there must be some other
human-sized exit than the one she'd come in by, or there would be no point to that
one!  She could, of course, go all the way down to the shore and trust to luck in
getting out unseen there, but not if there was an alternative.  Hmm, there was a
blurred area, quite near the shore.  An effort to clarify the image brought no
result.  What could stop her probe?  Intrigued, she set off in that direction.
     There seemed to be no time in these tunnels, but Shania felt that she'd been
walking hour, perhaps.  Maybe longer.  There was no change in what she saw:
the main tunnel that she had first entered, sometimes a side tunnel, smaller, opening
into it at shoulder height, often with a trickle of water spilling over the lip and
down into the main channel.  The system as a whole was sloping steadily downward.
Sometimes a breeze from ahead brought a smell of the shore, seaweed and mud and maybe
some dead fish.
     When she reached the area that had been blurred to her Knowing, she was almost
surprised to see that it was clear before her physical eyes.  Some kind of magical
shield, then?  If, by any chance, it was maintained by a non-enemy, that could be
exactly what she needed.  She began to peer up each side tunnel in search of an exit.
     In the end, it was easy to find.  One of the side tunnels, instead of opening
flat in the wall, came down from a higher level in a staircase.  Water ran down it in
a fuller stream than most tributaries had been.  That would make the steps slippery,
but she was prepared to crawl up them on her hands and knees if she had to.  She
hitched up her robe and began.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     The fog made it impossible to see where they were going.  Which was the whole 
idea, because the warship that was intending to ram them couldn't see, either.  But
Jammies had this very clear image in his mind of their ship running flat into one of
the rocky islands that dotted this part of the sea.
     Vurand, trotting past him on some errand, whacked him upside the head, not very
lightly.  "Don't think of disaster.  Positive thoughts, dummy," he commanded.  "Even
I know that much about magic."
     Jammies jumped a little--the fog was so heavy he hadn't seen the orc coming.
"Right, positive thoughts," he muttered.  In his mental image, the ship and the rock
suddenly separated.  He thought the deck lurched under his feet and hoped that was
just his imagination.  He could hear shouts off in the fog, too far away to be any of
his comrades.  The warship, no doubt.  He hoped THEY crashed into an island!
Promptly on the thought came the sound of wood being smashed, and screams, but their
own ship kept moving forward smoothly.  The fog began to thin.  He looked around
almost fearfully.
     Their ship was passing between two of the tall rocky islands, through a space so
narrow that Jammies shivered to think of how close they must have come to disaster.
Off to the side, he could see through the mist that the warship had not been so
lucky.  It looked like it had run head-on into an island, and the front half of it
was nothing but firewood, the rear half still retaining something of its original
form.  There were men clinging to bits of wreckage and to the rocky fringes of the
island, and men floating in the water.  And some kind of fish with tall triangular
fringes circling around them, like wolves around a fallen horse.
     "Maybe we should pick up the survivors," Jammies suggested uneasily.  He felt
responsible for their plight.
     "You're nuts, boy!" Vurand snapped.  "Those are our ENEMIES.  Better they die
now so we don't have to fight 'em again later."
     "But...they're people!  They'll drown or get eaten by sharks or something,"
Jammies protested.
     "No," Vurand told him gravely.  "You've got it to learn, boy--those are enemies.
Enemies aren't people, or it'd be too hard to kill 'em.  You can't think about a man
maybe having a wife and kids and still fight to kill.  So he's not 'people'.  If you
find that hard, just think about it from the other side.  THEY wouldn't hesitate to
kill YOU, so you must not be 'people' to them.  Turnabout is fair.  You understand
     When Jammies nodded, Vurand continued on toward the bow to see what kind of
problem Herlas and Rughal were having.  The Fratsfan mage was lying on the deck,
rigid, his eyes rolled back in his head and foam on his lips.
     "What's going on?" Vurand asked, squatting down on the other side of Herlas.
     Rughal didn't look all that good, he looked wrung out, but he was still alert,
still in business, so to speak.  "I don't know," Rughal growled.  Frustration snarled
in his voice.  "When we came out of the fog, he was like this."
     The magician's mouth moved.  "I am in a place called Zinaco-Lal."  The voice was
Shania's.  "I am in..." hesitation, "a Shrine of Hodan near the waterfront.  I do not
know how long I will be safe here--"  The voice broke off abruptly.
     Rughal grabbed Herlas by the shoulders and shook him hard.  "Don't stop!  Tell
us more," he demanded.
     The Fratsfan blinked twice, mumbled something that wasn't any words they could
understand, and went limp.

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Eye of the Storm #67 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

In the Far North:

     "Errodan's grace, she destroyed the Eye!?!" Shatterstar whispered, breathless
with surprise.  He moved quickly to the now still form of the dragon, the hole in its
head giving off a constant swirl of green and black smoke.  He stopped just before
the beast's great head and stared at the fist-sized hole--not much to a creature the
size of this dragon, but more than enough to fell the beast.  He placed a hand
tentatively on the dragon's snout and used a trickle of magic to feel for life within
and found none.  The loss of the Eye of the North had been too much for the once
noble creature.
     Swash and Chi'en came up behind him, the sailor putting a hand on Shatterstar's
shoulder and clearing his throat to speak.  "Is it dead,  Shat?" he asked, his voice
hoarse from the earlier dunking in the sea and the subsequent battle.  "Did she kill
     Shatterstar turned to face them, his hand dropping loosely to his side and his
expression giving them their answer.  There was great sorrow etched on the general's
face, unmistakable sorrow in his eyes as he nodded a simple yes.  The elf then seemed
to remember something and moved off behind the other two, moving quickly to where
Phantazia and Sayn Vann were kneeling over the Jhadzia's limp body.
     Phantazia turned at her older brother's approach, her face beaming.  "She's
alive, Shat," she said, her voice full of relief.  She saw the change in his eyes
when she spoke and her smile widened to see it.  "And what's more, she appears to be
     "I've never seen anything like it," Calth whispered in awe.  "The blast should
have torn her to shreds, yet here she lays unscathed."
     "But unconscious," Chi'en said, coming up to join them with Swash in tow.  She
indicated Calth off to the side, his face pale and his leg bleeding again as he had
passed out and the tourniquet had worked its way loose.  "Let's get them both off the
ice and somewhere warm before we lose them."
     "What about her," Swash asked, indicating Camisole's body.
     "Bring her as well," Shatterstar said without hesitation.
     "Bring them where?" Phantazia asked, removing her cloak and using it to make a
litter to help move her friends.
     They all followed Shatterstar's gaze as he turned it towards the main gate of
the castle.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     It wasn't until after they had found the sleeping quarters that had been used by
the wizard that they found suitable beds for their companions.  All the other beds
were made for the Gargoyles and Northwights, and weren't at all suitable.  The
wizard's study was emptied of any valuables, as he had obviously come back to his
suite before departing, but there was a large bed for Calth and a smaller for Jhadzia
to use while they tried to get them some kind of healing.  Camisole they laid on
their cloaks off to the side, covering her dead body with a sheet taken from a linen
chest in the room.
     Jhadzia would have to wait, since Calth was by now in danger of losing his leg.
Sayn Vann had stayed with the man, trying to make sure the tourniquet wasn't too
tight, but also trying to make sure he didn't bleed to death.  It was a delicate
balance, but the experienced soldier managed to do what needed to be done.
Shatterstar took out a knife and cut away the fur coverings from Calth's leg, giving
them all a clear look at the wound.  A good part of the thigh was just gone, ripped
off by the teeth of the mighty dragon, and the bone was plain to see.  The gladiators
had all seen bad wounds before, but only Shatterstar and Sayn Vann could say they'd
ever seen anything this bad.
     "Can you help, General Dayspring?" Sayn Vann asked, his voice full of hope.  The
loss of even one of their companions weighed heavily on the man, but the though of
losing another bothered him even more.
     Shatterstar looked to the side where Camisole lay and shook his head.  "I am not
a healer of Camisole's skill, and even she, I think, would have had a difficult time
with such a wound."
     "You have to try, Shat," Phantazia said.  She and Chi'en were getting a fire
started and had found a basin of fresh water they could use to bathe the wound.
     The elf looked at his sister and nodded.  "You are right, of course," he said,
closing his eyes and falling once again into his magic.  It still felt different, but
it didn't feel like interference or feedback any longer.  He felt rejuvenated and
empowered.  Reaching into the natural healing ability of Calth's body, he began to
manipulate the muscles and skin, forcing them to speed up the healing process,
forcing the leg to regenerate itself.  It took a tremendous amount of willpower and
concentration to do it, but with each passing moment, her felt more and  more power
flowing through him, warming his body, his mind, and even his soul.  That warmth
spread to everyone throughout the room, everyone standing riveted by the sight of
Calth's leg literally growing new muscle and skin to repair the damage done by the
dragon.  No one noticed the intense amber glow coming from one of Jhadzia's hands.
     Shatterstar collapsed in a heap as the magic he'd been channeling suddenly fell
away.  At first he was worried that it was gone, that the ability to work magic had
left his body for good.  But after a moment's contemplation he realized that the
ability was still there.  He'd stopped casting because Calth's leg was completely
     The other's continued to stare in awe as Calth's breathing was deep and heavy,
his skin where he had been wounded fully healed without even the slightest hint of a
scar.  His face was no longer pale and he even appeared to be smiling, as if he was
having a pleasant dream.
     "How?" was all Swash could get out.
     Shatterstar looked at him, feeling more than a little intoxicated by the power
he'd felt.  "The Eye," was his only answer.
     "But Jhadzia destroyed the Eye to kill the dragon," Chi'en said, her voice
reflecting her doubts.
     Shatterstar simply shrugged in answer.  "There is no other possible
explanation," he replied quietly.  "During the battle, the very proximity of the Eye
allowed both Camisole and I to use our magic freely before the dragon turned the eye
on us and--"  He stopped, looking pained that he had survived but his she had not.
     "And overpowered you both," a husky woman's voice said from behind them.  They
spun to see Jhadzia sitting up, staring at them, her eyes aglow with rich amber
light.  Chi'en started forward but a look form her best friend stopped her in her
tracks.  Jhadzia smiled at her and the Adantri woman surprised herself by smiling
     Jhadzia turned her attention back to Shatterstar.  "Only through the power of
your sword were you saved, Scion of Errodon," she said.  "It gives me great pleasure
to meet you, and greater pleasure still to thank you all for saving me from my former
Guardian."  Her gazed turned upon each of them one by one, making them all feel a
little uneasy.
     "Who are you, if not Lady Jhadzia Shimmermoon?" Shatterstar asked, his hand now
resting gently on the hilt of his sword.
     If Jhadzia notices, it didn't show.  "My name is unimportant after so long, but
you would know me as the Eye of the North."  As she spoke, she slowly raised her left
hand, palm upward, where she held a large amber that glowed more brightly than her
eyes.  "Jhadzia is here as well, for I am only using her body as a receptacle, for I
would be unable to speak to you otherwise."
     "And when can we expect Jhadzia back?" Chi'en asked, taking a step forward.
     Jhadzia stopped her in her tracks again, as she turned to look at her.  The glow
left her eyes and intensified in the stone, which now looked more looked a large,
gleaming cat's eye.  "Right now, Chi'en," she said, her voice now back to normal.
"The Eye meant no harm or offense, but only wanted to thank you herself."
     Swash stepped forward, sword and dagger drawn.  "How do we know it's really
you?" he asked the question that was on everyone else's minds as well.
     She turned a sideways grin his way and winked.  "Swash, if you don't put those
weapons away, I'll have to sheath them for you--in your belly."
     Phantazia chuckled and elbowed Swash in the ribs. "That's her all right," she
     Swash, too, chuckled as he put his weapons away with a bow.  "My apologies, Lady
Shimmermoon, I meant no offense."
     "None taken."
     "So, what happened out there?" Sayn Vann asked, unable to wait any longer.  He
was a patient man, but even patient men have their limits.
     Jhadzia stood up and went to the washbasin and began washing her face as she
explained.  The others took the cue and did the same thing, getting the blood and
grime off their hands and faces at the least.
     "During the fighting, I got this really strange feeling that I should charge the
beast and attack it head on," she said.  "So I dropped my bow and did just that.
While the dragon was distracted by Swash and Chi'en, I jumped up and climbed its neck
to its head, where I had intended to run my sword through its eye and into its
     "Brave," Sayn Vann said, his voice full of respect.
     "Foolish," Chi'en said, disapproval in her voice at her friend's recklessness.
     Jhadzia smiled at them both as she continued talking.  "Once I got into position
and was about to drive my sword home, I realized I was about to make a huge mistake.
If I killed the dragon, who was in a symbiotic relationship with the Eye, I would
likely kill the Eye as well.  That isn't what we came here for."
     "Wait a second," Phantazia interrupted.  "What do you mean, kill the Eye?  Are
you saying...."
     "Yes," Jhadzia answered, smiling.  "The Eye of the North is alive; always has
been.  She was placed here by Lady Greywand after volunteering to serve here.  The
dragon was her companion, and for centuries they lived here together in peace and
     "So what happened to ruin it," Sayn Vann asked.
     "A Folstrom wizard, presumably our friend with the fireball, came to them under
guise of one of Sheila's lieutenants.  He promised them that their time here was
almost over, but that Lady Greywand had cast a spell on them bonding them to this
location, which was why they'd never felt inclined to leave.  He would need them both
to lower their resistance to magic so he could release them from the spell.  It took
some convincing, but after centuries of service, even a dragon and a sorceress turned
into a magic Eye need a change.  They both agreed, and the wizard had them.  The
spell he cast didn't release them form anything at all, but instead enslaved the
dragon to the wizard's will.  The Folstrom have had a long time to develop more
powerful spells, and one of the things they did was modify their dragon control
spells.  Not only was the dragon enslaved, but the counterspell the Eye tried
backfired, forcing the symbiotic relationship between them.  She was absorbed into
the dragon's head and overpowered by the ancient creature' s will."
     "She wants to apologize for the magical overload she was forced to use on you
and Camisole, General Dayspring," Jhadzia said, turning to face Shatterstar squarely.
"She has a way to help restore Camisole as well, but there is a catch, so she won't
do it without your approval.  She keeps referring to you as 'Son of Errodan'--what
does she mean?"
     "You can communicate with her, then?" Swash asked, intrigued.
     "Yes, I can," Jhadzia answered.  "As can all of you.  She can hear what you say,
but you can only hear her if you are touching her.  Unless..."
     "I give her my permission to use Camisole as a host, right?" Shatterstar said,
his distaste sounding clearly in his voice.  "She wants to use her body for her own,
since she is now trapped in an immobile form.  I'll nev..."
     "Sir, she wants to talk to you," Jhadzia said, lifting the gem toward the
knight.  "She says that a Son--no, a Scion of Errodon should know what she intends.
She was once an elf, like you, after all.  Why does she keep calling you that?
What!?!"  Her face took on an incredulous look as she took a seat back on the bed.
Her expression changed several times, as if suffering some internal conflict, then
settled on bewildered as she numbly handed the Eye over to Shatterstar.  The elf took
it without hesitation and the gem flashed brighter still for a moment before
returning to the same level of brightness as before.
     Chi'en moved forward and sat with her friend, turning to look into her eyes.
Jhadzia looked up as if she was seeing her for the first time, through her arms
around the diminutive woman and began to cry, sobbing heavily into Chi'en's shoulder.
     Shatterstar stood briefly with the Eye held in his outstretched hand.  His
expression was grave and stayed that way even as Jhadzia started to cry. After only a
few minutes, he nodded, as if answering an unspoken question, and walked over to
Camisole's body.
     Gently, he uncovered Camisole's face and place the gem on the middle of her
forehead, where the glow intensified to its brightest yet.  Shatterstar backed away
slowly, still watching the gem's glow intensify.  He felt a small hand in his and
knew that Jhadzia had come to join him.  He turned his head for a moment, gazing down
at her, and wondered at how much alike the two of them really were.  He held her hand
tightly and turned back to face the magic being worked by the Eye.  The gem flashed
brightly one final time, a sound like wind chimes fading with the last of the light,
and all went still.  Shatterstar and Jhadzia approached the priestess, the others all
close behind, and saw that the Eye was now embedded in the center of Camisole's
forehead.  She, like Calth, was breathing normally and had full color back in her
cheeks.  Her eyes, all three of them, flitted open and she pushed herself up into a
seated position.  She looked at them all staring back at her, her once blue eyes now
amber with cat's pupils, and laughed aloud.
     With a leap she was on her feet, hugging both Shatterstar and Jhadzia, who were
both hugging her back.  She stepped back from them, her smile taking in everyone else
in the room.
     Shatterstar got everyone's attention when he spoke.  "Welcome back to the land
of the living, sister."
     To the astonishment of the all, Jhadzia embraced her once again and said, "Yes,
dear sister.  Welcome back."

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Tides of Magic #15 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

Not Lirin Kiv:

     Shylock wasn't at all sure he approved of, much less liked, Master Dan Shao, the
approximate arenamaster of this place.  This place that was not Lirin Kiv, or the
Isle of the Eye, or anywhere else familiar.  Dan Shao was altogether too ready to be
familiar...with Clemenda.  And she wasn't pulling away in horror.  Best if she
remembered that she was HIS date and companion at present.  If necessary, he would
remind her.  In unmistakable terms.
     But at least Dan Shao had been willing to provide them with quarters here in
this arena complex, once Shylock had stated that they needed a chance to rest and
recover from the shock of the unexpected inter-dimensional transition.  He did,
indeed, need a quiet place where he could relax, but not from shock.  He needed time
to plan.
     Shylock had long been looking for a place to make his own.  Jade Mountain had
not been that place--definitely not.  The Lucan family was much too powerfully
entrenched.  And even if he had managed to become the highest power in the valley,
there was still the rest of Lirith Kai, the Emperor, and the Sun Legion.  No, not
Lirith Kai.  But Jade Mountain had served its purpose; it was there that he had
earned the Greywand's agelessness.  A tricky spell, agelessness, extremely complex
and requiring not only great power but peculiar and rare ingredients.  He was well
pleased to have let the Greywand incur that burden for him.  But his investigations
seemed to indicate that once agelessness had been bestowed, it was a stable
condition, which meant that he didn't NEED the Greywand any more.
     And Sheila Greywand had stood squarely between him and his goal of power.  So
long as she lived, the Isle of the Eye was not the place he was looking for.  And
killing her might be...difficult.  Very difficult.  A person didn't live to be five
thousand years old, or whatever she was, without learning how to defend herself.
     But here....  Shylock leaned back on the couch which seemed to be what these
people used for relaxing (the chair by the small table was simple, hard, and not the
place to loll) and smiled a little.  This place seemed to be quite different.  He
would need to do a detailed examination, of course, but just from the first scans
he'd made:  The Arcanum here was stable.  A little lower in energy levels than that
of Ghea in the good times, but sufficient for his needs.  There was no one--NO ONE--
within his zone of sensitivity who was making any use of magic at all!  He had been
able to feel the Greywand's presence for miles, even when she was apparently not
doing anything magical.  There was the sort of undifferentiated background shimmer
which he associated with groups of Adantri using their arts of hiu, probably
gladiators, or champions as they were called here, engaged in intensive practice.  It
had that texture to it.
     But the single, glorious fact was that this place appeared to have no
competition for him.  He could establish himself here, begin the subtle influencing
and control of people and events which he sought, and NO ONE WOULD KNOW.  He could be
the uncrowned king here, the emperor, he could be like a GOD here....
     But there were things he needed to do first.  He needed to make sure, absolutely
sure, that this world did not hold practitioners of magic who would be able to
challenge him.  And then he needed to find and close the Gate through which he and
Clemenda had arrived, to make sure that no competitors from Ghea followed.
     He leaped to his feet, eager to make a beginning.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Clemenda was not in the room assigned to her when Shylock checked it.  She was
walking in a garden with Arenamaster Dan Shao, and enjoying it.  If she felt a little
guilty at not waiting until Shylock was rested and ready to accompany her, well, she
had that guilt under control.  After all, it had only been a dinner date.  It wasn't
like they were seriously involved.  And she could always say that she was finding out
more about this world, which had the advantage of being true.
     As nearly as she could figure out, this world had a Lirith Kai in it that wasn't
too different from the Lirith Kai of Ghea.  But there was no Alastari.  And while
this place, this Liran Kiv, was on an island, it had the whole island to itself.  If
there was anything like the rest of the Isle of the Eye, any Darkholm, Andorak, Free
Blades, any Talahya, Home Guard, or Primus, it was somewhere else.
     She found it hard to imagine a world without Alastari.  She hadn't thought she'd
ever feel homesick for the crowding, jostling nations, the patches of old magic gone
bad from the days of the Chaos Wars, the confusion of races and languages made
possible by Alastari's numerous Gates.  It must be...very peaceful here.  Very...
     Dan Shao came to a stop in front of a monument of polished dark stone and paused
silently.  It was inscribed with rows of something, names, she guessed, in the
Adantri monumental script.
     Clemenda hadn't learned more than the minimum of the Adantri chancery cursive
script required for citizenship, and this angular, antique variation was beyond her
ability.  She glanced at Dan Shao questioningly.
     "It is a monument to those of our number who have fallen in our on-going war
with the Gray Witch of the East," he said.  "We have held the line so far, but unless
the people of the Middle Sea come in on our side..." he shrugged.  "There may be many
more names to add to this pillar before the matter has been settled."
     "An on-going war...."
     "It is the great burden on all the people of Aleth, though some refuse to
acknowledge it, or even welcome the Witch in her rule.  But we of Lirith Kai will
never yield to her, and it is for this that our Champions here are trained and
selected and trained further, sent to war, and..." he sighed, "many ultimately
     "Why is this Gray Witch an enemy?" Clemenda asked curiously.
     "Setting aside the matter of iniquitous taxation, her imposition of worship in
manners and of deities unworthy of our blood, and the horrible draft of young people
from the lands she controls to feed her machinery of power, she risks the very
integrity of our world, the stability of the cosmos, by her unbridled use of Gates
into other dimensions."
     "Gates such as the one Shylock and I came through."
     "Ultimately, yes, that is a case in point.  I have consulted the scholars, and
they feel that the Gate which brought you here, fair lady, was not opened
deliberately.  But that it opened at all is a sign of the degree to which her
tampering with the fabric of reality has weakened the wall between universes.  That
is why it is imperative that your Gate be closed--because it does weaken that fabric
and thus it imperils all existence, possibly that of your world as well as ours."

   * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[ As the Turns Whirl ]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

     Galen walked down the gangplank with the two Lord Protectors, Phetmolge the
troll-like creature and Khirza the cat-woman.  He was nervous.  After years of
searching, he was going to meet Jolane again.  Of course she was dead now, or rather
undead.  But still, he had a chance to settle an issue that had weighed on his soul
for three years.  He sighed as he stepped down the little stair onto the deck.
     Phetmolge looked down at him.  The gladiator was huge and gray and spotted here
and there with patches of short, oddly colored hair like lichen on a rock, but
according to a Commission memo Galen had seen, anatomically he was far more human
than troll.  The big gray man said, "So you have a history with this woman.  I'm
sorry.  Were you and she lovers?"
     "No," Galen said.  "No, not at all."  He followed Phetmolge across the deck to
the ladder leading down.  "She was a prostitute."  At Phetmolge's glance, he blushed
and added, "I wasn't a customer of hers either.  I met her one night in a police
station.  I was a little bit kind to her and she passed me a note.  It was written
with lipstick on a handkerchief, I couldn't make out what it said.  Someone had to
decipher it for me.  She was asking me to help her sister.  But I'd lost track of
this woman, Jolane, at the police station, I didn't know her name or where to find
her or her sister or what kind of help was needed... Later on, I met a person who may
or may not be her sister, a woman named Perdina."
     Khirza, bringing up the rear, dropped down from the ladder and said, "Perdina
the goddess of lost causes?  Or named after her?"
     Galen shrugged.  "The goddess herself, if she is a goddess.  Although I don't
know how a prostitute and a goddess could be sisters, or what kind of help Perdina
might need.  Maybe Jolane had more than one sister."
     "All questions we hope she'll answer today," rumbled Phetmolge as he pushed open
the door to the boiler room.
     To prepare for this interview, Galen had done a bit of research at the Korga
Khan Memorial Library.  The sirens of the Lake of Mist were undead, suicides who had
drowned themselves (or been eaten while attempting to drown themselves).  They had
the power to fascinate the opposite sex (or, if their victims were alternate-
lifestyle, the same sex).  Then they would drown their victims with a kiss and take
them to an underwater lair where the victim, quite dead, would be eaten.  Sirens had
a fixation on the issue over which they had ended their lives, and limited sentience
in regards to that issue although where anything else was involved they were pretty
much just nasty, murderous undead.  No one knew exactly what happened if a siren
succeeded in resolving its issue, because as far as it was known, none ever had.  The
most effective weapons against them were--
     "Galen!" said a sweet voice.  A long-legged blonde, even more beautiful and
voluptuous than she had been in life, held out her pale arms to him.  "I've waited so
long for you!"
     He wasn't ready.  The glory of her golden-brown eyes stunned and overwhelmed
him.  The vial of blessed earth tumbled from his fingers and shattered on the deck.
     He took a step forward and then a huge hand closed on the collar and back of his
coat and jerked him upward.  Dangling uncomfortably by the bunched-up fabric in his
armpits, Galen said, "Jolane, I'm here!"  Although his arms were somewhat
constricted, he struggled to tuck in his shirt; he wanted to present a neat
appearance to his lady-love.
     She rose from her bed of weedy ropes and walked toward him on her bare,
unbelievably graceful, precious white feet which he longed to kiss, swerving nimbly
around the cat-woman who was busy scooping something up off the floor.  She reached
for him; Galen managed to grab her hand although Phetmolge lifted him higher.  The
hand was wet and slipped from Galen's grasp.  Above the commotion of Galen and Jolane
calling to each other, the trollish man said, "We found her and locked her in this
room three days ago.  You'd think she would have dried out a bit."
     "Enchanted wetness," Khirza said, standing up with her cupped hand full of dirt.
"Too bad you can't bottle it, people could put it on their house plants when they go
on vacation."  With her free hand she tapped the siren's soggy white-clad shoulder.
"Ma'am, instead of killing him, don't you have something to tell him?"
     Jolane whirled, baring a mouthful of shark-like teeth, and snapped at Khirza,
who swiped with her claws, jumped way back, and drew a short sword.  Then Jolane
lunged for Galen.  Phetmolge, still holding the spyreporter up in the air by the
scruff of his neck, turned to protect his charge, pushed the siren away with his free
hand and then drew up his leg and attempted a side kick.  It was a grotesque thing to
watch, thought Galen, momentarily distracted from his obsession with Jolane by the
remarkable sight of an eight-foot, 300-pound humanoid attempting to fight like an
aimed blow.  The gray-skinned gladiator actually managed to get his leather-clad leg
up, deeply flexed and hip-swiveled so it was in position to lash out like a piston.
But then Jolane stepped to the side, Phetmolge attempted to pivot on his other foot
in order to keep her in range, and suddenly waved his free arm wildly in a frantic
effort to keep his balance.
     "Oh noooo!" Galen shouted as the huge man, evidently still trying to protect him
from Jolane, twisted around in order to fall on top of him.
     When Galen regained consciousness, it was rather dark and he felt like his head
was caught in a vise.  It was hard to breathe.  He could move one leg freely and
could wiggle all his fingers.  The other leg was pinned but nothing seemed to be
broken.  He realized that his head was being pressed between the deck and the massive
gladiator's chest.  Phetmolge was snoring gently.  Galen could see a narrow band of
lamp light, about the width of his own head, and some wooden decking.  There was the
edge of a pile of weedy ropes, so he thought he was still in the boiler room.  He
struggled briefly, trying to roll the gladiator off of him.  It was no use.
Phetmolge looked like about a 300-pounder, but maybe he was actually a lot heavier.
     Feet appeared in the lighted space: pale, graceful, wet feet.  Then a pair of
hands came down to the floor, along with a quantity of soggy white rags.  Then a
lovely white face with crimson lips and vivid amber-brown eyes.  She had to lie down
on the floor in order to look at him.
     "Galen, my love, come out of there," Jolane said.
     "I can't," Galen said.  "Not until he wakes up.  He must have hit his head."
     "But I want to kiss you."
     "I know!  I want it too, but we'll have to wait."  He was struck by a moment of 
sanity.  "Meanwhile, maybe we could talk."
     "I don't want to talk," she pouted.  "I want to kiss."
     "So do I, but...well, there you have it."  He would have shrugged helplessly.
"Tell me about your sister who needs my help.  Is it Perdina?"
     "You are far too late, my love, my failed hero, my miserable little rat of a
would-be rescuer.  Why didn't you help her before she was beyond all help?"
     "Because I didn't know who she was, or who you were, or where to find you so I
could ask you!"
     "Ignorance of the quest is no excuse."
     "It jolly well is so!"
     "I should have known you would let me down.  It is the nature of men."
     Normally, Galen's attitude toward women was very respectful...deferent...he
let them order him around...basically, it seemed to be his destiny to be pussy-
whipped.  However, being wedged between a hard deck and an unconscious behemoth was
having its effect on his attitude.  "Oh for pity's sake!  You have this in common
with your sister: you are very ready to hand out undeserved guilt.  Short of dying,
I'm willing to do what I can for your sister, if there's anything that can still be
done.  I don't happen to know what her problem is.  You forgot to mention that little
detail."  He made a little sound of discomfort and tried again, with no success, to
push the gray man off of him.  "Your sister is Perdina, right?"
     "Yes."  Lying on the deck and peering under Phetmolge's chest, Jolane gazed
thoughtfully at Galen.  "Do you promise to help her?"
     "No!  I barely know the woman and she hasn't been very nice to me.  I promise
I'll...I'll look into it, and help her if I can reasonably well do so."
     "That's not good enough," Jolane said.
     "Well, what is her problem?  If it's something simple then maybe I could make a
more comprehensive pledge."
     "She needs to get out of a sticky marriage."
     "Eh?  Is that why you killed yourself?  Because your sister wants a divorce?"
     "No, of course not."
     "Then why did you?"
     "It's none of your business."
     It was very hard to think clearly when his head was being squeezed.  However,
Galen definitely recalled reading that sirens were only rational (relatively
speaking) in regards to the subject that had made them commit suicide.  "Jolane, I
beg your pardon for pointing this out so bluntly, but you're dead.  Undead, rather.
Why are you still concerned about your sister's unhappy marriage?"
     "Isn't it just like a man to say such a cold-hearted thing!  Oh, I'm going to
kill you and be done with it!"  She reached under Phetmolge's chest, her graceful
hand becoming a clawed, bony talon as it slid towards his face.  He renewed his
effort to throw the huge gladiator off.
     Another clawed hand, this one covered with taffy-colored fur, seized the
attacking arm and dragged it away from him.  After that, all he could see was a
jumble of furred appendages and pale white ones tumbling and scrambling past his
narrow field of vision.  There was cursing, snarling, a shriek, and then a gagging
sound and some rhythmic thumping on the deck.
     Very suddenly, the weight was lifted from his head and body.  "I think it's safe
to let you up now," rumbled Phetmolge, rising to his feet.
     Galen sat up, appreciating the power of taking a deep breath.  The first thing
he saw was Khirza, crouching over Jolane's convulsing white body and holding her
mouth shut.  Jolane's hands clutched Khirza's forearms, which were covered with
bleeding scratches.  Galen watched, feeling no strong urge to interfere.
     When Jolane stopped twitching, Khirza stood up and took a step back.  The cat-
woman glanced at Phetmolge.  "Could you get a tarp?"
     With a nod, the great gray being left the room.
     "Thanks," Galen said.  He stared at the body.  There was dirt around Jolane's
red lips.  "You fed her the blessed earth?"
     "Actually it was only supposed to be sprinkled on her skin."
     "Oh well."
     He cleared his throat.  "I'm sure your method will be fine, though."
     He helped them roll her into the tarp, then watched as Phetmolge systematically
crushed the bundle and dumped the mess into the lake, where it was rapidly devoured
by schools of nasty little monsters.  The library book had not mentioned any special
methods of disposing of a slain siren, but this one seemed to ensure that if Jolane
could somehow resurrect herself, she would not be doing it anytime soon.
     "I don't understand it," Galen said as they all washed themselves in buckets of
clean water from a barrel.  "Why would she kill herself and become an undead over her
sister's marriage?"
     "You'd better let it go," said Phetmolge.  "You're out of it now, whatever IT
is.  You don't want to get sucked back in, do you?"
     Galen splashed cold water on his face, which still felt strange from being
squeezed.  "Well, evidently Perdina has a serious problem."
     Khirza said, "Galen, she may be a very minor goddess but she's still a goddess.
When someone asks you if you want to help a deity with their marital problems, you
say NO."
     "Yes of course, but still...I wish I understood why..."
     Khirza dipped a fresh bucket of water from the barrel and poured it over Galen's
head.  The rest of his comment was lost in sloshes and sputters.

                             REPORT FROM WITHIN THE TOWER

     It was a day like any other day, filled with those events which alter and
illuminate our lives.  Then there were the fights, which don't illuminate much as far
as I'm concerned.  Perhaps I'm just jaded.  At least it isn't hot outside.
     As I suspected would happen, IRON PRINCESS TV challenged DRAT for the title.
Possibly because of Drat's lack of a column or perhaps because of a better set up,
this time Princess won and is back in the top spot.  Who's next?
     We had one death this time out.  PARIS GREEN met a non-poisonous demise at the
hands of NELINARIA.  I feel sure this was a slip of the blade; the Sand Dancers
aren't usually a bloodthirsty lot.
     The HIGH FLIERS were still being avoided by the DEVIL ADVOCATES.  Looks like 
those avoids were combined with challenges for the Advocates, who both won their
challenge matches.  Speaking of challenges, twenty-three out of the sixty-two total
fights were challenges.
     MUDMINNOW was the most challenged warrior.  In fact, the first match of the day
was a TV challenge from WOLFINMYCLOTHES (if you've torn anything, I'll be very upset)
to Mudminnow.  It was an exciting fight, quite aside from the worry about my clothes.
The two spent six minutes hacking and slashing at each other, with the Minnow being
the eventual winner.
     I'll give a silver turtle to RABID-GERBIL and BERCILAK for their nine minute
random matchup.  It was actually a good fight; it wasn't boring at all.  There was
lots of blood, which the launderers may not like, but the rest of us do.  The Gerbil
we all already know and love, but Bercilak sounds rather like a patent medicine for
     I'm afraid that's it for me this time around.  Most of the rest of it you can
probably figure out on your own far more efficiently than I could.
     Remember, every rose has its thorn--stick to daisies and snapdragons.
          The Saint

THE LADY'S PROTECTOR              W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
  1) IRON PRINCESS 18-3115      189  94  3  THUNDR + LITENING (616)    TALCAMA

THE LADY'S CHALLENGERS            W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
  2) DRAT 48-1831               183  98  6  4-LETTER WORDS (317)       CAER
  3) WIDOWMAKER XII 60-1803     144  72  6  DEATH STUDS IV (658)       ARADI
  4) MUDMINNOW 18-2760          150  77  1  BIG MEAN FISH (512)        TALCAMA

THE LADY'S CHALLENGERS            W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
  5) WHITE DOVE 57-2671         191  94  1  RAINDANCE (540)            ANDOR
  6) WOLFINMYCLOTHES 54-961     184 110  4  SIS BOOM BAA (432)         TROCAR
  7) RABID MOOSE 13-2450        206  79  0  SATAN'S KINGDOM (351)      DULLENS
  8) RAETH 69-1083              123 100  0  KNIGHTS OF ORCCON (865)    CIMMERIAC
  9) TIMKORD 54-979             162 111  0  LOONY TEAM (538)           TROCAR
 10) MELANIE 99-365              84  77  6  BLOOD BATH (1133)          SOUTH RIDGE
 11) GRIM REAVER 28-1356        166  92  3  THE RED REAVERS (300)      MORYA

LEGION OF THE WAND                W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 12) MENDELSSOHN 9-2894         170  77  2  MEPHISTO'S WALTZ (636)     ZUKAL
 13) WHIRLING FURY 6-3891       168  53  0  DARK PANTHEON (738)        TRANSEL
 14) LIMEY 60-983               209  65  2  SAILS OF CHARON (437)      ARADI
 15) SUG 60-2336                142  65  0  HIGH FLIERS (912)          ARADI
 16) RED HOOK 60-1596           140 103  4  EYE OF THE NEEDLE (574)    ARADI
 17) ABT 60-2950                120  60  2  HIGH FLIERS (912)          ARADI
 18) PRIME EVIL MAN 74-2332     113  29  0  EVILUTION (987)            DAIYLA KIV
 19) BOB'S WEINER 69-1200       145  86  1  BOB'S REFRIGERATOR (703)   CIMMERIAC
 20) SMELLY SOCKS 18-1975       213  93  1  STREET PIZZA (293)         TALCAMA
 21) HENDERSON 30-1622          150  93  0  THE A'S -- LOSERS (1032)   IAYE
 22) GRINDOL 52-2287             81  77  0  BAUTA BABIES (791)         FRATSFA
 23) RABID-GERBIL 68-6931        73  71  0  FIERCE CREATURES (1120)    FIREHOLD
 24) TEDDY BREWSTER 35-1563     217  72  2  ERDMAN BROTHERS (521)      MURSKA
 25) NOVA STAR 40-1831          161  62  3  LOST SOULS (583)           ZENSU
 26) RAKHIM 54-741              135 127  1  LOONY TEAM (538)           TROCAR
 27) KEYSER 6-4340              122  50  2  PARTY TIME (927)           TRANSEL
 28) SUNSPOT 66-2832             90  90  3  X-FORCE (981)              TARRGIR
 29) BERCILAK 45-1791           109 100  0  SWORDS OF TWILIGHT (693)   STORMCROWE
 30) BOB'S BEEF 69-1199         147  88  3  BOB'S REFRIGERATOR (703)   CIMMERIAC
 31) RASPBERRY 7-2219           146  93  0  KILLER JELLO (502)         BONSUR

DEFENDERS OF THE TOWER            W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 32) BLUE BUNNY 9-2717          110  60  0  SUPERIOR FORCES (1058)     ZUKAL
 33) THE UNHOLY CHILD 1-3810    144  52  1  THE REVELATION (389)       MORDANT
 34) JOE 17-4772                102  37  0  WISH YOU WERE HERE (1146)  ALJAFIR
 35) UUM FOO FOO 18-2083        151  99  2  BURN N' PILLAGE (407)      TALCAMA
 36) QUAGMIRE 53-4637           133  85  1  QUBIT (792)                KHALHUMS
 37) EDGE 7-3539                149  71  0  WASTELAND II (635)         BONSUR
 38) MARDUK 67-159              216  70  7  SONS OF CTHULHU (493)      BARIKALA
 39) AUNTIE CHRIST 32-1913      205  64  0  DEVIL ADVOCATES (356)      ARVAT
 40) MASQUERADE 8-2297          106  59  0  THE MERCENARIES (385)      ARKERS
 41) TORTURED TROUT 13-2449     176 108  1  SATAN'S KINGDOM (351)      DULLENS
 42) FRAC 12-2900               151  74  2  ZOOM ZONE (675)            RIZTAB
 43) SATURN 47-2440             101  92  2  CRYSTAL PALACE (1287)      NORTH FORK
 44) NEUE REGEL 30-1775         157 154  0  THE DARK ORDER (516)       IAYE
 45) LEVI A. THON 32-2080       174  85  1  DEVIL ADVOCATES (356)      ARVAT
 46) PINK MINK 55-220           160 112  1  RHYME TYME (587)           KHALANI
 47) DOMINO 66-2867              97  96  2  X-FORCE (981)              TARRGIR
 48)-ADRIEN ELISEER 35-2761      71  34  1  INTO THE BLACK (898)       MURSKA
 49) TRY AS HE WILL 61-752       84  96  0  BLOOD KNIGHTS (575)        JURINE
 50) STABLIOQUEEN 39-1244       114  96  1  JUGEND (776)               XOCHITHLAN
 51) FALPAWIZ 55-1342           153  76  4  LORDS OF THE SWORD (1152)  KHALANI
 52) TAMED SHREW 72-1776        123 103  1  VERMIN (956)               DRAGONHEAD
 53) TREMOR 9-3352              120  60  1  DSM4 (995)                 ZUKAL
 54) NIGHTFALL 77-1210           81  59  2  ELFQUEST (629)             MAZGOURRAH
 55) TIMBER WOLF 68-9138         65  33  1  CALL OF THE WILD (1310)    FIREHOLD
 56) BLACK DOG 33-3207          144  87  2  THE TIDE (685)             NIYTYOLE ISLAND
 57) BIG BIRD 64-3987            60  26  0  FOWL WARRIORS (1116)       KURUKAR
 58) QUAALUDE 53-5154           113  80  1  QUBIT (792)                KHALHUMS
 59) SHAHRAZAD 1-2008           127  83  1  MOSSRUNNERS (180)          MORDANT
 60)-DANGEROUS 32-1843           67  51  3  NOTORIOUS (357)            ARVAT

THE ELITE GUARD                   W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 61) HOPE CRUSHER 22-3070        86 100  0  WIMPS OF DEATH (1064)      SOLVEN

THE ELITE GUARD                   W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 62) SALUKI 30-3253              78  51  1  DOG DAY AFTERNOON (935)    IAYE
 63)-KEZ MAEFELE 29-3027         85  42  1  THE GUILD (643)            LAPUR
 64) OLIVE DRAB 70-1678          91  77  3  SCARLET KNIGHTS (706)      SENTERN
 65) LOWLY WORM 74-56           159 107  1  SCARRY BEASTIES (958)      DAIYLA KIV
 66) PIECE OF 12 BUCKS 99-321    37  33  4  THE PINK PANSIES (1315)    SOUTH RIDGE
 67) VILLIAGE IDIOT 14-304      202 194  1  GENETIC MISHAPS (32)       TOBIR
 68) HISSY FIT 30-3308          115  58  0  MY WIFE (1107)             IAYE
 69) BELLEROPHON 20-2863        109  72  3  OVERLORDS (1294)           SEAM
 70) JAZERIAN 70-1675            99  86  2  SCARLET KNIGHTS (706)      SENTERN
 71) SAVAGE CHIPMUNK 13-3603     98  72  1  SATAN'S KINGDOM (351)      DULLENS
 72) PICARD 29-1995             145  81  2  STAR TREK (1066)           LAPUR
 73) RAVEN BLOOD 18-4760         81  96  1  WITCHES BREW (1103)        TALCAMA
 74) ANGEL 60-4060               46  43  0  SUNNYDALE (1081)           ARADI
 75) THUNDAR BEAGLE! 14-852      93 166  1  GENETIC MISHAPS (32)       TOBIR
 76) JOHN BRAIN 7-3850          109  74  2  WASTELAND II (635)         BONSUR
 77) KHAROS 7-1777              112  71  1  CASTAWAYS (402)            BONSUR
 78) ELISA 5-1210                97  67  2  CRIMSON CLUB (439)         KALTOS
 79) ALAIN 42-1532               97  82  0  RUBY DRAGONS (620)         RODEKI
 80) COL WYRMSLAYER 70-3145     125  43  0  MEN OF IRON (815)          SENTERN
 81) MANIC 9-4297                83  24  0  DREAM PARK (1317)          ZUKAL
 82) JA'KLA 82-1173              52  38  1  HEART OF DARKNESS (1271)   DWES EG
 83) SOLOMON 35-2758             66  34  1  HERO ALLIANCE (1246)       MURSKA
 84) MASTER STROKE 22-2809      120  85  1  WIMPS OF DEATH (1064)      SOLVEN
 85) XOTHUZYL 54-1038           109 117  1  LOONY TEAM (538)           TROCAR
 86) CELUAN 1-3263              153 111  0  BLUE EYRIE (1179)          MORDANT
 87) SHATTERSTAR 66-334         127 144  1  X-FORCE (981)              TARRGIR
 88) PHANTAZIA 66-2083           88  95  1  X-FORCE (981)              TARRGIR
 89) PRETTY VASHEEL 58-42       127 127  3  BLACK WINGS (1206)         DELARQ TOR
 90) PIZZA SAINT 60-3286         88  74  0  SUPERIOR FORCES II (1037)  ARADI
 91) RAINFOREST 14-3132          33  20  0  BRINK OF EXTINCTION (1185) TOBIR
 92) ELFSTER 69-3085             63  60  4  ELVENDEN (1311)            CIMMERIAC
 93) SHAVED MAMMOTH 13-3607     119  53  1  SATAN'S KINGDOM (351)      DULLENS
 94)-NEPTUNE 38-2780             68  48  0  SOUL WARRIORS (648)        CLIFFHOME
 95) KHYRON 75-1026             107 132  3  WE WANT RAISES (922)       JADE MOUNTAIN
 96)-LADY LACE 19-2544           95  49  0  LOST SOULS II (972)        ZUWAYZA
 97) SNIK SNAK 26-3135           92  90  2  DONUT POLICE (1065)        CALEAM
 98) STING-GER 66-443           115 101  1  LORDKING GENOCIDAL (1085)  TARRGIR
 99) WENDIGO 58-3871             77  78  2  RUNNERS (1036)             DELARQ TOR
100) HARM 57-1937                79  54  0  YOUNG JUSTICE (1306)       ANDOR
101) ON GUARD 15-3234           100  58  0  SOMETHING FAMILIAR (1177)  MALCORN

THE TOWER GUARD                   W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
102) D. OGGED 69-7672            58  28  0  KNIGHT SHADE (1123)        CIMMERIAC
103) SWIFT 75-181               150 114  2  WE WANT RAISES (922)       JADE MOUNTAIN
104)-CHERRY HILL 53-4999         96  47  2  MUSIC IMMORTALS (1076)     KHALHUMS
105) CUTTER 77-73                85  76  1  ELFQUEST (629)             MAZGOURRAH
107) CHARINIDA 71-1462           60  74  2  PEGICORN (1266)            KYR'TERR
108)-SKIRNIR 20-2878             54  63  2  LORDS OF VALHALLA (1062)   SEAM
109) PANZER 58-3579              66 100  4  RUNNERS (1036)             DELARQ TOR
110) HATHOR 57-3998              57  41  2  BOOK OF THE DEAD (1205)    ANDOR
111) ODIN LXXIV 60-3678          60  48  0  DEATH STUDS VII (1257)     ARADI
112) ANIKAN SILVERHAWK 61-1263   64  90  4  SCARLET KNIGHTS (1308)     JURINE
113) PICASSO 66-89               97 120  5  THE ART OF DEATH (1118)    TARRGIR
114) WILD TURKEY 64-3934         52  23  1  FOWL WARRIORS (1116)       KURUKAR
115) COLREDES 51-1313           122 147  1  SKAITHVARN (1304)          TRICORUS
116) CLARISA 38-2493             81  39  0  SOUL WARRIORS (648)        CLIFFHOME
117) NELINARIA 75-672           152 117  6  SAND DANCERS (1091)        JADE MOUNTAIN
118) THE LITTLE ONE 56-1432     108 119  4  STAR GUARDIANS (1254)      ROCANIS
119) NEPTUNE 60-3433             78  48  1  THE FORSAKEN (1288)        ARADI

THE TOWER GUARD                   W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
120) CHIEF IRON BEAR 21-4669     65  39  2  LAKOTA (1193)              SUNSET
121) MANWE SULIMO 56-3338        27  12  0  SONG OF ILUVATAR (1305)    ROCANIS
122) BEAN 65-4972                51  32  0  BATTLE SCHOOL (1260)       DAL SHANG
123) PARIS GREEN 53-5465         91  97  0  POISONOUS DEMISE (586)     KHALHUMS
124) REBINA TYL KHOL 74-1528    109 161  5  SAND DANCERS (1217)        DAIYLA KIV
125)-ANGELIC SMURF 1-2351        57  57  0  THE REVELATION (389)       MORDANT
126) TREY THE EDGE 37-1849      138 133  5  THE ILLUMINATI (938)       SIBIKHAS
127) CONOR LARKIN 17-4974        66  26  2  OLD FRIENDS (1100)         ALJAFIR
128) THE LADY 29-2226            84  67  1  THE TAKEN (895)            LAPUR
129)-AUGLAIZE 29-3472            57  22  2  THE GUILD (643)            LAPUR
130) DAION 1-2061                94 105  0  MOSSRUNNERS (180)          MORDANT
131) VIOLENT FURY 14-303         87 186  1  GENETIC MISHAPS (32)       TOBIR
132) MIHA-TAHALI 76-752         136 127  2  SAND DANCERS (1048)        SIMTAKKA
133)-LOU 20-2412                 74  42  0  DISTAFF STEEL (891)        SEAM
134)-STRAHD 31-3175              46  52  0  THE STORMBRINGERS (1069)   CHIMLEVTAL
135)-AMBER BLACKWOLF 48-2909     53  75  2  RUBY DRAGONS (1251)        CAER

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD                    W   L  K TEAM NAME              SLAIN BY              TURN
PARIS GREEN 53-5465        91  97  0 POISONOUS DEMISE 586   NELINARIA 75-672       362

                               PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE

On Guard -- Gutted, hamstrung, AND I broke two nails.  Don't you sometimes think this
is an unnecessarily gory sport? -- Colredes

     True, broken nails are above and beyond the call of duty. -- The Saint

Conor Larkin -- A duffer like you should've taught me a skill or two.  Try harder
next time. -- Daion

Xothuzyl -- You should change your attack location.  You could poke somebody's eye
out with that thing. -- Kharos

Falpawiz -- Don't you just hate that cliche, "I am already victorious, and you the
fool for not accepting it!"  Well, good fight anyway.  You trained in Khalani?  Done
any riding?  I hear they have wonderful horses there. -- Shahrazad

Abt -- My father was a respected Osksian paper merchant; you are not he. -- Vasheel

Chief Iron Bear -- Ignore that rude person in the stands.  You are not a stupid
idiot.  Because of my wings, I look a lot slower than I actually am.  You fought
well; I have the wound to prove it. -- Celuan

Harm -- You know, if she can't get hold of what's-his-name, the one with the mild-
mannered glasses and the turquoise tee-shirt, Lady Protector Sandy the Homicidal
Maniac says she's coming after YOU. -- Trey the Edge

Bean -- I do not care for beans. -- Miha-Tahali

Wild Turkey -- Obviously, the season makes you unusually aggressive. -- Rebina tyl

Rainforest -- To avoid extinction, I would recommend getting out of the arena. --

The Saint -- ArtGum with bones tears the paper. -- Trey the Edge, willing to try many
things once but not twice

     There you go then.  That just proves my point.  Whatever that may have been. --
     The Saint

The Dark One -- Oh, sure...I cut you some slack, and you blindside me with a Teddy B.
challenge.  Fine.  (Well, technically, only one since you run T.B.)  However,...where
was I going with this? -- Hoffa?

     In circles or to the nearest bar, I think. -- The Saint

Sultan -- Dude, your best warriors in this arena are sooo bad, they're like, no fun
to beat up on.  Go back to tending the water bucket. -- Hoffa

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

WOLFINMYCLOTHES was viciously subdued by MUDMINNOW in a 6 minute Challenge fight.
IRON PRINCESS demolished DRAT in a popular 1 minute one-sided Challenge Title melee.
SMELLY SOCKS was viciously subdued by WHITE DOVE in a 5 minute Challenge brawl.
RABID MOOSE overpowered MELANIE in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge match.
TEDDY BREWSTER viciously subdued RAKHIM in a crowd pleasing 5 minute Challenge fight.
WHIRLING FURY devastated SUNSPOT in a 2 minute one-sided Challenge competition.
TORTURED TROUT slimly won victory over DOMINO in a 3 minute Challenge duel.
MARDUK won victory over TRY AS HE WILL in a action packed 2 minute Challenge fight.
TREMOR won victory over NIGHTFALL in a popular 2 minute Challenge fight.
AUNTIE CHRIST overpowered NEUE REGEL in a 2 minute gory one-sided Challenge melee.
BIG BIRD subdued HOPE CRUSHER in a crowd pleasing 1 minute Challenge match.
LEVI A. THON overcame QUAALUDE in a exciting 1 minute Challenge contest.
COL WYRMSLAYER demolished PHANTAZIA in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge brawl.
HISSY FIT overpowered BELLEROPHON in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
HARM was handily defeated by STING-GER in a 2 minute mismatched Challenge bout.
JA'KLA savagely defeated SHATTERSTAR in a exciting 2 minute brutal Challenge bout.
SHAVED MAMMOTH was savagely defeated by ELFSTER in a popular 3 minute Challenge match.
SAVAGE CHIPMUNK devastated THUNDAR BEAGLE! in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge contest.
ODIN LXXIV overpowered BEAN in a popular 2 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
MANWE SULIMO handily defeated THE LADY in a 1 minute uneven Challenge duel.
WILD TURKEY overpowered REBINA TYL KHOL in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
ON GUARD overpowered INVISIBLE PEDESTRIAN in a 1 minute uneven Challenge fight.
CONOR LARKIN demolished VIOLENT FURY in a 2 minute one-sided Challenge melee.
TIMKORD was overpowered by WIDOWMAKER XII in a 1 minute one-sided fray.
GRIM REAVER handily defeated HENDERSON in a popular 3 minute gory one-sided duel.
RED HOOK was vanquished by RAETH in a exciting 1 minute one-sided fray.
LIMEY demolished BOB'S WEINER in a exciting 1 minute one-sided fight.
SUG overpowered GRINDOL in a exciting 4 minute uneven bout.
KEYSER devastated FALPAWIZ in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided duel.
PRIME EVIL MAN demolished MASQUERADE in a exciting 2 minute gruesome mismatched match.
MENDELSSOHN defeated BOB'S BEEF in a exciting 2 minute match.
RABID-GERBIL viciously subdued BERCILAK in a action packed 9 minute gory match.
QUAGMIRE was beaten by ABT in a popular 6 minute duel.
SATURN was handily defeated by RASPBERRY in a 1 minute mismatched match.
NOVA STAR vanquished TAMED SHREW in a exciting 1 minute one-sided match.
STABLIOQUEEN vanquished CELUAN in a 1 minute mismatched duel.
EDGE demolished ALAIN in a crowd pleasing 1 minute gory uneven conflict.
BLACK DOG devastated RAVEN BLOOD in a action packed 1 minute bloody mismatched match.
BLUE BUNNY subdued MANIC in a popular 1 minute match.
XOTHUZYL was subdued by TIMBER WOLF in a action packed 1 minute gory fight.
PINK MINK overpowered KHAROS in a crowd pleasing 2 minute one-sided fray.
THE UNHOLY CHILD vanquished JAZERIAN in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided match.
WENDIGO was overpowered by SHAHRAZAD in a popular 1 minute one-sided battle.
FRAC overpowered SOLOMON in a crowd pleasing 1 minute mismatched conflict.
UUM FOO FOO overpowered VILLIAGE IDIOT in a exciting 3 minute one-sided struggle.
JOE overpowered MASTER STROKE in a exciting 1 minute bloody one-sided brawl.
ANGEL devastated SCRAG'S EGO in a action packed 1 minute bloody one-sided bout.
PIZZA SAINT was savagely defeated by ELISA in a crowd pleasing 2 minute bloody fight.
PRETTY VASHEEL devastated ANIKAN SILVERHAWK in a popular 1 minute one-sided bout.
OLIVE DRAB vanquished D. OGGED in a exciting 1 minute bloody mismatched match.
TREY THE EDGE was narrowly defeated by JOHN BRAIN in a popular 4 minute gory struggle.
LOWLY WORM devastated PICASSO in a 1 minute uneven match.
SALUKI vanquished CLARISA in a popular 1 minute one-sided bout.
KHYRON was defeated by PICARD in a action packed 1 minute brutal melee.
MIHA-TAHALI was demolished by RAINFOREST in a popular 1 minute uneven battle.
PIECE OF 12 BUCKS savagely defeated SNIK SNAK in a exciting 3 minute gruesome contest.
NEPTUNE devastated DAION in a exciting 6 minute gory one-sided bout.
CUTTER defeated PANZER in a popular 3 minute fight.
NELINARIA delivered the death blow upon PARIS GREEN in a crowd pleasing 1 minute duel.
SWIFT handily defeated CHIEF IRON BEAR in a action packed 1 minute one-sided match.
CHARINIDA devastated COLREDES in a popular 2 minute gruesome one-sided battle.
THE LITTLE ONE was viciously subdued by HATHOR in a crowd pleasing 8 minute match.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                  46         LUNGING ATTACK   281 - 207 -  1      58  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                     17         PARRY-LUNGE       96 -  77 -  0      55  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                 17         WALL OF STEEL     62 -  63 -  0      50  |
|WALL OF STEEL                   12         AIMED BLOW        57 -  58 -  0      50  |
|AIMED BLOW                      11         STRIKING ATTACK   27 -  28 -  0      49  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    6         PARRY-RIPOSTE     37 -  42 -  1      47  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  5         SLASHING ATTACK   76 - 110 -  1      41  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     5         PARRY-STRIKE      22 -  41 -  0      35  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      4         TOTAL PARRY       15 -  29 -  0      34  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   0         BASHING ATTACK     0 -   8 -  0       0  |

Turn 362 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

LUNGING ATTACK    28 - 18     SLASHING ATTACK    8 -  9         6  LUNGING ATTACK 
STRIKING ATTACK    3 -  2     AIMED BLOW         4 -  7         2  PARRY-LUNGE    
PARRY-LUNGE       10 -  7     WALL OF STEEL      4 -  8         2  WALL OF STEEL  
PARRY-RIPOSTE      3 -  3     TOTAL PARRY        1 -  3         1  AIMED BLOW     
                              PARRY-STRIKE       1 -  4     
                              BASHING ATTACK     0 -  0     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   RANK WARRIOR                     W   L  K TEAM NAME                  
LUNGING ATTACK     1) IRON PRINCESS 18-3115     189  94  3 THUNDR + LITENING (616)
AIMED BLOW         2) DRAT 48-1831              183  98  6 4-LETTER WORDS (317)
PARRY-LUNGE        4) MUDMINNOW 18-2760         150  77  1 BIG MEAN FISH (512)
WALL OF STEEL      6) WOLFINMYCLOTHES 54-961    184 110  4 SIS BOOM BAA (432)
SLASHING ATTACK   20) SMELLY SOCKS 18-1975      213  93  1 STREET PIZZA (293)
PARRY-STRIKE      26) RAKHIM 54-741             135 127  1 LOONY TEAM (538)
PARRY-RIPOSTE     35) UUM FOO FOO 18-2083       151  99  2 BURN N' PILLAGE (407)
STRIKING ATTACK   38) MARDUK 67-159             216  70  7 SONS OF CTHULHU (493)
TOTAL PARRY       41) TORTURED TROUT 13-2449    176 108  1 SATAN'S KINGDOM (351)

The overall popularity leader is VILLIAGE IDIOT 14-304.  The most popular warrior 
this turn was HATHOR 57-3998.  The ten other most popular fighters were ABT 60-2950, 
WHITE DOVE 57-2671, BERCILAK 45-1791, SMELLY SOCKS 18-1975, SUG 60-2336, and GRINDOL 

The least popular fighter this week was SATURN 47-2440.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were TIMKORD 54-979, CHIEF IRON BEAR 21-4669, MIHA-TAHALI 76-752, CLARISA 
38-2493, PICASSO 66-89, ANIKAN SILVERHAWK 61-1263, SOLOMON 35-2758, JAZERIAN 70-1675, 
CELUAN 1-3263, and TAMED SHREW 72-1776.

Arena (Number)       W  L K  Arena (Number)       W  L K  Arena (Number)       W  L K  
MORDANT(1)           2  2 0  IAYE(30)             2  2 0  DELARQ TOR(58)       1  2 0  
KALTOS(5)            1  0 0  ARVAT(32)            2  0 0  ARADI(60)            7  2 0  
TRANSEL(6)           2  0 0  NIYTYOLE ISLAND(33)  1  0 0  JURINE(61)           0  2 0  
BONSUR(7)            3  1 0  MURSKA(35)           1  1 0  KURUKAR(64)          2  0 0  
ARKERS(8)            0  1 0  SIBIKHAS(37)         0  1 0  DAL SHANG(65)        0  1 0  
ZUKAL(9)             3  1 0  CLIFFHOME(38)        0  1 0  TARRGIR(66)          1  5 0  
RIZTAB(12)           1  0 0  XOCHITHLAN(39)       1  0 0  BARIKALA(67)         1  0 0  
DULLENS(13)          3  1 0  ZENSU(40)            1  0 0  FIREHOLD(68)         2  0 0  
TOBIR(14)            1  3 0  RODEKI(42)           0  1 0  CIMMERIAC(69)        2  3 0  
MALCORN(15)          1  0 0  STORMCROWE(45)       0  1 0  SENTERN(70)          2  1 0  
ALJAFIR(17)          2  0 0  NORTH FORK(47)       0  1 0  KYR'TERR(71)         1  0 0  
TALCAMA(18)          3  2 0  CAER(48)             0  1 0  DRAGONHEAD(72)       0  1 0  
ZUWAYZA(19)          0  1 0  TRICORUS(51)         0  1 0  DAIYLA KIV(74)       2  1 0  
SEAM(20)             0  1 0  FRATSFA(52)          0  1 0  JADE MOUNTAIN(75)    2  1 1  
SUNSET(21)           0  1 0  KHALHUMS(53)         0  3 0  SIMTAKKA(76)         0  1 0  
SOLVEN(22)           0  2 0  TROCAR(54)           0  4 0  MAZGOURRAH(77)       1  1 0  
CALEAM(26)           0  1 0  KHALANI(55)          1  1 0  DWES EG(82)          1  0 0  
MORYA(28)            1  0 0  ROCANIS(56)          1  1 0  SOUTH RIDGE(99)      1  1 0  
LAPUR(29)            1  1 0  ANDOR(57)            2  1 0  

TOP WARRIOR OF EACH ARENA         W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 33) THE UNHOLY CHILD 1-3810    144  52  1  THE REVELATION (389)       MORDANT
 78) ELISA 5-1210                97  67  2  CRIMSON CLUB (439)         KALTOS
 13) WHIRLING FURY 6-3891       168  53  0  DARK PANTHEON (738)        TRANSEL
 31) RASPBERRY 7-2219           146  93  0  KILLER JELLO (502)         BONSUR
 40) MASQUERADE 8-2297          106  59  0  THE MERCENARIES (385)      ARKERS
 12) MENDELSSOHN 9-2894         170  77  2  MEPHISTO'S WALTZ (636)     ZUKAL
 42) FRAC 12-2900               151  74  2  ZOOM ZONE (675)            RIZTAB
  7) RABID MOOSE 13-2450        206  79  0  SATAN'S KINGDOM (351)      DULLENS
 67) VILLIAGE IDIOT 14-304      202 194  1  GENETIC MISHAPS (32)       TOBIR
101) ON GUARD 15-3234           100  58  0  SOMETHING FAMILIAR (1177)  MALCORN
 34) JOE 17-4772                102  37  0  WISH YOU WERE HERE (1146)  ALJAFIR
  1) IRON PRINCESS 18-3115      189  94  3  THUNDR + LITENING (616)    TALCAMA
 69) BELLEROPHON 20-2863        109  72  3  OVERLORDS (1294)           SEAM
120) CHIEF IRON BEAR 21-4669     65  39  2  LAKOTA (1193)              SUNSET
 61) HOPE CRUSHER 22-3070        86 100  0  WIMPS OF DEATH (1064)      SOLVEN
 97) SNIK SNAK 26-3135           92  90  2  DONUT POLICE (1065)        CALEAM
 11) GRIM REAVER 28-1356        166  92  3  THE RED REAVERS (300)      MORYA
 72) PICARD 29-1995             145  81  2  STAR TREK (1066)           LAPUR
 21) HENDERSON 30-1622          150  93  0  THE A'S -- LOSERS (1032)   IAYE
 39) AUNTIE CHRIST 32-1913      205  64  0  DEVIL ADVOCATES (356)      ARVAT
 56) BLACK DOG 33-3207          144  87  2  THE TIDE (685)             NIYTYOLE ISLAND
 24) TEDDY BREWSTER 35-1563     217  72  2  ERDMAN BROTHERS (521)      MURSKA
126) TREY THE EDGE 37-1849      138 133  5  THE ILLUMINATI (938)       SIBIKHAS
116) CLARISA 38-2493             81  39  0  SOUL WARRIORS (648)        CLIFFHOME
 50) STABLIOQUEEN 39-1244       114  96  1  JUGEND (776)               XOCHITHLAN
 25) NOVA STAR 40-1831          161  62  3  LOST SOULS (583)           ZENSU
 79) ALAIN 42-1532               97  82  0  RUBY DRAGONS (620)         RODEKI
 29) BERCILAK 45-1791           109 100  0  SWORDS OF TWILIGHT (693)   STORMCROWE
 43) SATURN 47-2440             101  92  2  CRYSTAL PALACE (1287)      NORTH FORK
  2) DRAT 48-1831               183  98  6  4-LETTER WORDS (317)       CAER
115) COLREDES 51-1313           122 147  1  SKAITHVARN (1304)          TRICORUS
 22) GRINDOL 52-2287             81  77  0  BAUTA BABIES (791)         FRATSFA
 36) QUAGMIRE 53-4637           133  85  1  QUBIT (792)                KHALHUMS
  6) WOLFINMYCLOTHES 54-961     184 110  4  SIS BOOM BAA (432)         TROCAR

TOP WARRIOR OF EACH ARENA         W   L  K  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 46) PINK MINK 55-220           160 112  1  RHYME TYME (587)           KHALANI
118) THE LITTLE ONE 56-1432     108 119  4  STAR GUARDIANS (1254)      ROCANIS
  5) WHITE DOVE 57-2671         191  94  1  RAINDANCE (540)            ANDOR
 89) PRETTY VASHEEL 58-42       127 127  3  BLACK WINGS (1206)         DELARQ TOR
  3) WIDOWMAKER XII 60-1803     144  72  6  DEATH STUDS IV (658)       ARADI
 49) TRY AS HE WILL 61-752       84  96  0  BLOOD KNIGHTS (575)        JURINE
 57) BIG BIRD 64-3987            60  26  0  FOWL WARRIORS (1116)       KURUKAR
122) BEAN 65-4972                51  32  0  BATTLE SCHOOL (1260)       DAL SHANG
 28) SUNSPOT 66-2832             90  90  3  X-FORCE (981)              TARRGIR
 38) MARDUK 67-159              216  70  7  SONS OF CTHULHU (493)      BARIKALA
 23) RABID-GERBIL 68-6931        73  71  0  FIERCE CREATURES (1120)    FIREHOLD
  8) RAETH 69-1083              123 100  0  KNIGHTS OF ORCCON (865)    CIMMERIAC
 64) OLIVE DRAB 70-1678          91  77  3  SCARLET KNIGHTS (706)      SENTERN
107) CHARINIDA 71-1462           60  74  2  PEGICORN (1266)            KYR'TERR
 52) TAMED SHREW 72-1776        123 103  1  VERMIN (956)               DRAGONHEAD
 18) PRIME EVIL MAN 74-2332     113  29  0  EVILUTION (987)            DAIYLA KIV
 95) KHYRON 75-1026             107 132  3  WE WANT RAISES (922)       JADE MOUNTAIN
132) MIHA-TAHALI 76-752         136 127  2  SAND DANCERS (1048)        SIMTAKKA
 54) NIGHTFALL 77-1210           81  59  2  ELFQUEST (629)             MAZGOURRAH
 82) JA'KLA 82-1173              52  38  1  HEART OF DARKNESS (1271)   DWES EG
 10) MELANIE 99-365              84  77  6  BLOOD BATH (1133)          SOUTH RIDGE