Date   : 12/23/2004    Duedate: 01/05/2005


DM-103    TURN-392

RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %  RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %
  1-LEGION OF DU 13/1056    3    0  0  100   10 ARCTIC GUARDS 82/944  237  219  4 52.0
  2 THE MOTHERSHI 19/699  212  105  1 66.9      ARCTIC GUARDS 71/1048                 
  3 LAFFALYMPICS 56/1053 1178  629  7 65.2      STUFF I BROUGHT 71/918                
    COLGATE DAYS 33/1062                     11 LUROCIANS II 33/775   129  149  5 46.4
  4 DSM4 9/461            572  353  8 61.8      LUROCIANS XII 82/1039                 
    SHAVE MY POODLE 82/1057                     LUROCIANS IV 12/865                   
    LINCOLNSHIRE 65/985                      12 BLOOD KNIGHTS 61/284  242  284  9 46.0
    DARK ANGELS 74/989                       13 RHYME TYME 55/397     189  243  0 43.8
    PROJECT HAYSEED 82/973                   14 REDHORSE 56/823       257  354  2 42.1
    BLADES OF WONDER 22/1002                    ROCANIS RIDERS 55/285                 
    BLADE BROTHERS 82/1045                   15 UNDER DURESS 64/743   696 1009 10 40.8
  5 WENSINWASIN 43/1023     9    6  0 60.0      DUPLICATE REDUNDANCY 33/764           
    WENSINWASIN 15/1066                      16 ARENA FELINES 9/1063   43   65  1 39.8
  6 RAZOR GRACE 17/562     27   22  1 55.1      ARENA FELINES II 12/1064              
  7 MYTHICAL 58/779       510  424  6 54.6      ARENA FELINES 16/1067                 
    DEMONS OF DARKNESS 12/838                   ARENA FELINES 13/1065                 
    THE ROCKERS 7/1029                       17 THE BONDS 49/774      411  942  5 30.4
  8-ANARCHY 19/1030        39   33  2 54.2      CARDOW HUNTERS 13/761                 
    IMMORTAL ASYLUM 17/877                      MIDDLE WAY 17/1058                    
  9 DARKMOON 12/911       154  139  3 52.6      FISHERMAN'S WHARF 32/771              
    SOL INVICTUS 31/974                      18-THE DARK TID 16/1040    2    9  0 18.2

    '##/###' Avoid teams by their Team Id     '-'  Team did not fight this turn

                                  WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT

         + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ A Dark and Stormy Night ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

     The buildings on the campus of the College of Mimes were white, with black
window frames and red doors.  Very plain.  The landscaping was all black paving
stones and tall, severely narrow, dark cypresses.  The walk across the campus always
gave Helyse a cold shiver.  She didn't like the place much, but it was a good job.
And a good job was not to be cast aside for an aesthetic qualm.
     She glanced down at her companion.  "What do you suppose the Master of Mimes
wants with Royland?"
     Lucifreya shrugged.  "Doesn't matter.  Once a gladiator makes it to the Isle,
he's pretty much fair game--so long as Sheila Greywand doesn't intervene.  And she
hasn't, not in years now."
     Helyse digested this in silence.  It wasn't anything she didn't know already,
but she hadn't thought about it lately.  Some things didn't bear thinking about too
often.  Sheila Greywand was one of them.  "What was the stinking stuff?  I never
smelled anything so awful!"
     Lucifreya shrugged again, making Helyse glad that her friend wasn't the one
carrying the umbrella.  It would be all over the place.  "Fish livers.  Something
like that.  From the lake monster's spawn."
     "Yuck.  Why would anyone WANT them?"
     "Don't ask."  Lucifreya's voice was suddenly cold.  "And if anyone tells you
they're edible, don't believe it.  Do NOT, not EVER, eat one."
     "Like I would!"
     "You never know what you might do until the time comes," someone murmured behind
     Helyse whirled around, spray flying off the umbrella.  "Oh!  You startled me,
     The Lord Marshall raised an eyebrow.  "You weren't paying much attention to your
surroundings."  He glanced around the austere campus and nodded; it looked even worse
in the rainy darkness than it did by day.  "I can understand why."
     Lucifreya just nodded, then said, "What I can't understand is why YOU are here.
Most people don't like to mix with the mimes."
     "Just passing through," Woundwort said easily.  "I'm on my way to ask the
Stronghold Academy--I've asked everyone else--if they have any idea what happened to
my teammate Artemisa.  Her ship disappeared near Barikala--"

Barikala where Artemisia was last seen--

     The heavy bell-tone sounded again, and this time the wave-front came with a
light that was brighter than sunlight and sharper than needles.  Artemisia felt that
she was being raked over with a curry-comb.  It didn't feel bad, exactly, but if it
had been a little more forceful....  The tentacle holding her did not fare so well:
its flesh was ripped by the comb-teeth of sound and light.  A dark fluid that must
have been its blood splattered on the deck.
     The tilting deck.  There are just so many assaults of sound-light that any
wooden ship could take, and _The Golden Moon_ had taken them.
     Artemisia rolled free of the tentacle that had been pinning her down and looked
around, assessing options.  The tentacles seemed to be out of the fight, at least for
now.  The zombies, too--the bell's attack had shattered their flimsy bodies.  The
ship was coming apart around her.  But what about her crew?  The few men she could
see were dead.  They couldn't all have died but her, could they?  It certainly looked
like that was what had happened.  Maybe it was the Isle spells that had accompanied
her oath to the Greywand that had preserved her.
     Which didn't answer the immediate question:  What to do?  If she stayed with the
ship, no spell of physical toughness would preserve her from the possibility of being
crushed by a falling mast or the like.  And if she dived overboard...was the tentacle
thing killed or just injured?  But gladiators didn't make it to the Isle through
being indecisive.
     She sheathed her cutlass, gathered her limbs under her, and dived, cutting the
water cleanly and stroking away from the ship and toward the dark hump of Barikala
island.  They said that no one ever came back from Barikala these days, but she would
deal with that problem later.  She could feel turbulence in the water below her and
guessed that it might be more tentacles, and whatever it was they sprouted from.
Well, nothing she could do about it right this minute, but she vowed that if she
survived this, she would encourage the eating of giant octopus.  Or squid, as the
case might be.
     Her fingers grazed rock and something grasped her wrist.  She looked up, gasping
for breath and already twisting to reach her cutlass.
     There was a man kneeling on the rock and pulling her upwards.  An ordinary man.
The most beautiful sight she'd seen in hours.  She allowed him to help her onto the
rock, which she saw was part of the shoreline of the island.
     "I'm surprised you survived," the man said.  "And glad, of course, we see so few
new faces here!  My name's Eddystone, by the way--graduated from the arena here and
didn't get off-island fast enough."
     Artemisia gave up trying to wring water out of her hair and clothes.  "I'm a
Lady Protector myself," she admitted.  "What's going on here?  The zombies, the
tentacles, the bell...?"
     "Ah, well, it's a longish story," Eddystone muttered.  He squinted out across
the water.  "But I guess you're the only survivor on my section of the coast, so we
might as well head back to the Hall."
     "And you can tell me this long story on the way," Artemisia suggested firmly.
"Start with the short version, and we can go into detail later."
     "Yes, well...hmm.  I guess it began with the Invasion, or around the same time--
I don't know if they were connected.  But the Duke says that's when the Light-Keepers
started having trouble with--  Er, you HAVE heard of the TRUE Barikala Light, haven't
     Artemisia glanced inland toward the pillar of light that was visible over the
island every night and on cloudy days.  "Even if I hadn't heard of it then, I have
     "Well, the Light-Keepers started having trouble with the, uh, controls on it, I
guess you'd say.  Most of us didn't know a thing about it then, of course, but we've
all--everyone on Barikala--become, uh, well-informed, I guess you could say, since
then.  The Light got loose.  At least to the extent you see now.  Don't even ask what
became of the Keepers on duty when that happened!  The Light isn't, well, Evil or
anything like that, but when it's loose, it strains things.  The fabric of the
Multiverse and so on.  Like having a lot of little temporary Gates around the place.
Well, the Duke's no fool, you know.  There were procedures.  Close off the island to
local traffic.  The power of the Light can be tapped, and it was used to set up a
Barrier.  Things can get in, but not out.  Because all these little Gates were
leaking...monsters.  Like the one you fought, we've had several of that type.  They
come from a place called, uh, Miskatonia or something like that.  Not always inside
the Barrier, but since the monsters are all drawn to the power of the Light, they all
come in, sooner or later.  And we kill them as fast as we can."  Eddystone grimaced.
"It isn't easy!  We kill monsters, but there are always more coming, and OUR
population is dropping, because since the Barrier went up and people realized that no
one was LEAVING Barikala, we haven't gotten people to replace the ones that die."
     "Sounds like what you need to do is close the Gates," Artemisia said.
     "That's easy to SAY," Eddystone agreed, "and we do when we can, although we're
running out of magicians.  But for every Gate we close, it seems like two more open.
It's the Light that makes all these Gates POSSIBLE, so what we NEED to do is get the
Light back under control.  And that isn't something anyone seems to know how to do."
     "Then we'd better find out," Artemisia said.

                             REPORT FROM WITHIN THE TOWER

     Greetings, warriors of FREE BLADES!  Once again I've been called out of 
retirement for my abilities and insights into Spyreporting.  What's with U.S. STEEL?  
He actually beat FREE BLADES' LUCIFREYJA, and walked away with 25 more points from 
the fight.  I can barely restrain my enthusiam for RHYME TYME's outstanding member, 
Duelmaster FUNNY BUNNY.  Advice to fighters with a 1 will--give up fighting!   
     If at first you don't succeed, avoid.  That'll get you in the Spyreports.  The 
most avoided team was BLACKEST PRIDE.  Management must be dealin', as the boys at 
LAFFALYMPICS ain't reelin'!  BLACKEST PRIDE's mad!  How well I know the feeling of 
being the most challenged warrior, ELVIS!  Don't make idle boasts, they may come back 
to haunt you.  Fighting is a better craft than farming, TIGRESS, but you have to pay 
your dues.  Being challenged by CAPTAIN CAVEMAN, 18 points above you, is dues.  
CAPTAIN CAVEMAN won victory over TIGRESS.  LAFFALYMPICS calls this fighting?  In my 
day...  Maybe DSM4's PARANOIA is one of those guys who likes pain, or something.  
That's what he'll get next week, after challenging up 40 to MONOMACH.  PARANOIA did 
pretty good last week in beating MONOMACH to get 14 points.  Why did MONOMACH lose, 
you ask?  Simple:  he wasn't good enough.  I hate going to the effort of writing 
about the kind of fights that DARTMAN gets in.  He fights people like WHITEWING, 12 
points below.  I thought DARTMAN showed great skill and promise when he was subdued 
by WHITEWING.  All right, so I slept through it!  Big deal!   
     There have been some calls to lengthen the time limit.  Do you want the fighters 
to walk away, or not?  Here's some advice:  study your opponent, master many skills, 
fight dirty.   
     Who knows what the future holds for a warrior.  More fights, there's no doubt.  
FREE BLADES is a nice place to live, but I don't like to live in nice places.  
Remember--a good fighter needs both good skills and good luck.  Until next time,-- 
Olaf Modeen  

LORD-MARSHALL                 W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 FUNNY BUNNY 55-1862         97 135  1  224  RHYME TYME (397)           KHALANI

GRAND CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS    W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
-SAVAGE SAGE 17-4022         31  30  0  251  IMMORTAL ASYLUM (877)      ALJAFIR
-SENGIR VAMPIRE 15-2872      42  32  1  227  WENSINWASIN (1066)         MALCORN
 TRYURLUCK 61-1029           64  60  1  221  BLOOD KNIGHTS (284)        JURINE
 PARANOIA 9-4557             37   9  1  218  DSM4 (461)                 ZUKAL
 GROGGY DOGGY 55-223        132 184  0  213  RHYME TYME (397)           KHALANI

GRAND CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS    W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 ROYLAND 56-3380             79  53  0  213  REDHORSE (823)             ROCANIS
-ELRORAN 12-4386             54  37  2  212  DEMONS OF DARKNESS (838)   RIZTAB
 KREWKUT SAUSAGE 65-6327     31  26  0  212  LINCOLNSHIRE (985)         DAL SHANG

GRAND CHAMPIONS               W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 HERMES 58-6016              29  13  0  210  MYTHICAL (779)             DELARQ TOR
 FRAIL WHALE 55-1968        118 167  3  209  RHYME TYME (397)           KHALANI
 MONOMACH 17-3648            31  21  3  205  RAZOR GRACE (562)          ALJAFIR
 NOFX 19-3180                72  43  2  204  THE MOTHERSHIP II (699)    ZUWAYZA
-FUT COUGH 17-4815           41  17  0  203  IMMORTAL ASYLUM (877)      ALJAFIR
 ELVIS 7-612                 42  35  0  199  THE ROCKERS (1029)         BONSUR
 SCOURGE 74-2857             36  25  1  196  DARK ANGELS (989)          DAIYLA KIV
 LADY EMILY 33-6626          30  23  1  192  LUROCIANS II (775)         NIYTYOLE ISLAND
 NEBUCHADNEZZAR 22-5821      34  29  0  191  BLADES OF WONDER (1002)    SOLVEN
 HAYSEED X-IV 82-6120        26  18  2  191  PROJECT HAYSEED (973)      DWES EG
 MILA 55-29                  68 101  0  190  ROCANIS RIDERS (285)       KHALANI
 HEL 82-14331                45  45  0  189  ARCTIC GUARDS (944)        DWES EG
 SAMPSA 31-4233              29  28  4  186  SOL INVICTUS (974)         CHIMLEVTAL
 WRATH OF ONE 82-11628       18  10  2  183  LUROCIANS XII (1039)       DWES EG
 LORD REDMOND 12-4109        35  33  1  182  LUROCIANS IV (865)         RIZTAB
 RED BARON 33-1092           38  41  3  181  LUROCIANS II (775)         NIYTYOLE ISLAND

GRAND CHALLENGER ADEPTS       W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 KELOS 55-30                 67  97  3  180  ROCANIS RIDERS (285)       KHALANI
 LOKI 71-3798                24  21  2  180  ARCTIC GUARDS (1048)       KYR'TERR
 SMUG BUG 55-2900            46  81  0  178  RHYME TYME (397)           KHALANI
 HOUSE MOUSE 55-221         122 189  2  172  RHYME TYME (397)           KHALANI
 LORD LIGHTSPEED 33-2928     41  37  3  163  LUROCIANS II (775)         NIYTYOLE ISLAND
-SUNGOD DESIGNED ME 43-4270  26   8  0  154  WENSINWASIN (1023)         VEASTIAN

GRAND ADEPTS                  W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 LORD FIREFLASH 33-2966      36  38  0  146  LUROCIANS II (775)         NIYTYOLE ISLAND
 JULIUS 64-3641              76  97  2  141  UNDER DURESS (743)         KURUKAR
 CAPTAIN CAVEMAN 56-3753     20   3  0  140  LAFFALYMPICS (1053)        ROCANIS
-OSIRIS 19-4111              32  22  2  136  ANARCHY (1030)             ZUWAYZA
 LOPING WOLF 56-1796         67 111  0  118  REDHORSE (823)             ROCANIS
 BEER 71-3539                32  39  0  118  STUFF I BROUGHT (918)      KYR'TERR
 TIGRESS 13-4471             30  38  0  116  CARDOW HUNTERS (761)       DULLENS
 REDFOX 13-4197              53  81  0  115  CARDOW HUNTERS (761)       DULLENS
 SCHIZOPHRENIC 9-4595        22  11  1  102  DSM4 (461)                 ZUKAL

GRAND INITIATES               W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 U.S. STEEL 49-3369          23  26  0   88  THE BONDS (774)            VITHICAR
-T-BONE 13-3139              22   6  0   88  LEGION OF DUMB (1056)      DULLENS
-SMILING GOAT 82-20735       15  12  0   85  SHAVE MY POODLE (1057)     DWES EG
 WHITEWING 13-4346           24  43  0   79  CARDOW HUNTERS (761)       DULLENS
-WEDNESDAY 16-5254           16  16  2   69  THE DARK TIDES (1040)      WILLAF
 MOUSE NOYLE 17-6252         24  36  0   64  MIDDLE WAY (1058)          ALJAFIR
 JIMMY THE AINT 82-19733     21   5  1   55  BLADE BROTHERS (1045)      DWES EG
 DARTMAN 33-7161             16   8  1   53  COLGATE DAYS (1062)        NIYTYOLE ISLAND
 LULU 32-3523                24  40  1   39  FISHERMAN'S WHARF (771)    ARVAT

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD                    W   L  K TEAM NAME              SLAIN BY              TURN

                               PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE

All Please Help -- Some of you might remember me Diaretic!  I just got out the Hole
and all my "DUEL 2" stuff is gone.  I don't have skill charts, weapon charts or
anything.  If you can help please diplo me or write me at:
     Brandon Maccabee 429-640
     P.O. Box 45699
     Lucasville, OH  45699
It will be appreciated. -- Diaretic of "The Dark Tides"

Jorja -- Hello, I'm back.  Has all been good? -- Diaretic

House Mouse -- Is that your favorite weapon?  Because it's a bit slow. -- Mila

Debby Tonte -- I'm not anti-mouse, except for the clan of them that ate my favorite
saddle once.  I'm pro-mouse since it means I don't have to feed my cat. -- Mila

Krewkut Sausage -- Well fought.  I hate it when Greywand hurls lightning into the
sky.  It startles the heck out of me, and my opponent always gets first attack. --
P.S.  Remind your manager to change your train. 

Debby Tonte -- Would you please tell the manager of the stand-in team that Helyse has
maxed out.  She needs to train will, or maybe constitution. -- Royland

Tryurluck -- That was particularly unpleasant.  Off wi' ye, ye spalpeen! -- Lump

Sampsa -- Uff da!  Now I've woken up on the resurrection table.  I never want THAT to
happen again.  Still not feeling quite right.  Thanks a bunch. -- Loping Wolf

Captain Caveman -- Why do I get the feeling that you're everywhere?  Not that it
matters.  (wincing)  You were here, that's for sure. -- Redfox

Dartman -- Huh, you oughta try a shortspear.  That's kind of like a dart.  Not that
you seem to be having any problems, but just for symmetry. -- Whitewing

Places the Lotion -- Not THERE, you primate idiot!  Golem primate idiot!  You're
getting my whiskers gummed up!  Gods, I hate that.  Next thing I know, you'll be
bringing in CATS. -- Mouse Noyle

Red Baron -- I don't understand this "pizza" thing you mentioned.  Perhaps you should
come by our guildhouse and explain it to me.  Or show me. -- Tigress

Smiling Goat -- That was unnecessarily personal, you stinking beast.  I warn you now,
I know ways to make rank goat taste just FINE when barbecued.... -- Lulu

T-Bone -- I admit, you are not what I expected when told there was "stock on the
highway."  But you ARE an amazingly fine figure of a woman, come down to it. -- U.S.

8 December 2004
Battle Royal 4
     The Battle Royal arena contests are one of the purest tests of manager skill
available. The rules are simple.  The scoring is simple.  The updates are live.  If
you would like to participate, simply get a team ready in Talcama in the next month
and announce in the personals that you're in.  The prize is bragging rights and
having your name along side previous winners (Doc Steele, Manray Frothingslosh, and
Manager).  It is a brutal contest, but it is a lot of fun!
     Basic rules:  No avoiding other contest teams.  Score = Wins + Kills - Losses.
Only fights against other BR teams count.  First team to 25 wins!
     BR4 begins in Talcama (DM 18) on turn 502, due on Jan 29, 2005.
     Visit for more information.

8 December 2004
     The Turf War IV Grand Contest will commence on Turn 221 (approx. February 22,
2005).  For those who have never participated, Turf Wars are alliance-type contest
and Winner-Takes-All.  There are no 2nd place winners!
     Everyone may participate; known alliances, new alliances, or temporary alliances
created to compete in the Turf War!  However, to participate, each alliance must:
     A.  Announce the alliance name and the Captain of the alliance in the North Fork
         (DM #47) newsletter.
Captains are responsible for:
     A.  Verifying those who wish to participate under the banner of their alliance;
     B.  Distribution of prizes should their alliance win the TW4.
Managers must:
     A.  Submit one (1) RSI Roll-up Gift Certificate to participate;
     B.  Announce their intent to compete with manager name, team name and alliance
         in which they will be fighting under, in the DM #47 North Fork newsletter.
1.  No scoring will begin until an RSI Roll-up Gift Certificate is received.  No
    exceptions will be made.
2.  Before a manager can compete, he must be acknowledged and verified by the Captain
    of the alliance he has claimed for;
    A.  The following turn, points will begin to be awarded or subtracted;
3.  Only one (1) team per manager may compete.  No multiple aliases please (we'll be
    checking this and if'll be disqualified and no refund);
4.  The contest will end on Turn 233 (12 turns!).  Winners will be announced on Turn
    234 and prizes sent to winning alliance between Turn 233 and 234.
5.  No declarations will be acknowledged after Turn 231.
6.  For the purpose of scoring, I reserve the right to make all final decisions.
Scoring:         Win    Lose     Kill     Die
Challenge         +2     -2       +5       -5
Match-up          +1     -1       +1       -5
Bloodfeud         +2     -5       +5       -10
Champion          x2     x2       x2       x2
Downchallenge     +2     -5       +2       -10
Dark Arena       +10     -5       xx       xx
Special Scoring:
     A.  Each mention in the Spy Report is worth 5 points;
     B.  Each Style Master is worth 5 points;
     A.  Champions may be declared, but are not mandatory.  If declared, they must be
         in the Adepts or lower brackets.
     A.  Bloodfeuds will count for all four turns.  However, the same warrior may not
         bloodfeud all four turns.  A penalty of -10 will be given to the team who
         violates this rule.
Special Conditions:
     A.  I reserve the right for all final decisions.
     B.  If I make a mistake, I'll multiply the points by 2;
     C.  If you claim I did, and *YOU* are wrong; I'll subtract points at the rate of
     D.  Each alliance begins with zero (0) points.
     E.  Dark Arena may be used on the first turn of every warrior with no penalty.
     F.  T.V.'s won after contest begins gain a Triple rate of scoring.
     G.  T.C.'s won after the contest begins gain a multiple of 10 scoring.
     H.  No switching alliances once verified by an alliance.
     Any questions or concerns may be addressed (if you're incarcerated) to:
Baphomet, mgr. Knights Templar (268), DM #47 -- North Fork.
     If you're in the free world:  Rick Strigner  Merit East
                                   SCI  P.O. Box 500
                                   Georgetown, DE  19947-0500
P.S.  Prizes are:
     A.  100% of the roll-up certs
     B.  Currently under negotiations with R.S.I. for other prizes
     C.  A special prize from me that I will discuss with the Captain of the winning

15 December 2004
The Company of Brothers Alliance would like to welcome Azereth as our newest member.
We are sure he will be an asset to both our alliance and the dueling community! --
Baphomet, Co-Founder T.C.B.

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

NEBUCHADNEZZAR was devastated by TRYURLUCK in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge fight.
CAPTAIN CAVEMAN demolished TIGRESS in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge melee.
DARTMAN was overpowered by WHITEWING in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge duel.
PARANOIA narrowly defeated MONOMACH in a exciting 3 minute bloody Challenge fight.
SAMPSA was bested by ELVIS in a popular 3 minute Challenge duel.
SCOURGE was bested by GROGGY DOGGY in a crowd pleasing 5 minute bloody match.
FUNNY BUNNY overpowered MILA in a 1 minute uneven Title melee.
LADY EMILY won victory over SUPERIOR FORCES in a 2 minute duel.
RED BARON was vanquished by HERMES in a 1 minute uneven fight.
KELOS was vanquished by KREWKUT SAUSAGE in a 1 minute one-sided fight.
HOUSE MOUSE was beaten by LORD REDMOND in a 2 minute gory melee.
NOFX overpowered LOKI in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided match.
FRAIL WHALE viciously subdued HEL in a exciting 2 minute brutal contest.
ROYLAND devastated WRATH OF ONE in a crowd pleasing 1 minute mismatched bout.
HAYSEED X-IV was overpowered by HATHU in a crowd pleasing 1 minute one-sided duel.
LORD LIGHTSPEED vanquished REDFOX in a 2 minute bloody one-sided fray.
SMUG BUG devastated JULIUS in a exciting 1 minute one-sided brawl.
LOPING WOLF was subdued by LORD FIREFLASH in a exciting 3 minute bout.
BEER was overpowered by HELYSE in a 1 minute mismatched fight.
SCHIZOPHRENIC viciously subdued MOUSE NOYLE in a popular 2 minute gory contest.
JIMMY THE AINT vanquished LULU in a 1 minute one-sided match.
U.S. STEEL handily defeated LUCIFREYJA in a 2 minute bloody uneven duel.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                  16         LUNGING ATTACK   117 -  65 -  1      64  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  7         PARRY-LUNGE       25 -  14 -  0      64  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  6         PARRY-STRIKE       6 -   4 -  0      60  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   3         PARRY-RIPOSTE      3 -   2 -  0      60  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    3         SLASHING ATTACK   41 -  56 -  4      42  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      2         WALL OF STEEL     14 -  22 -  0      39  |
|AIMED BLOW                       2         TOTAL PARRY        5 -   8 -  0      38  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     1         STRIKING ATTACK   25 -  40 -  0      38  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      1         AIMED BLOW        10 -  21 -  1      32  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    0         BASHING ATTACK     8 -  17 -  0      32  |

Turn 392 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

PARRY-LUNGE        2 -  0     SLASHING ATTACK    3 -  4         5  LUNGING ATTACK 
PARRY-STRIKE       1 -  0     STRIKING ATTACK    2 -  4         2  PARRY-LUNGE    
TOTAL PARRY        1 -  0     BASHING ATTACK     1 -  2         1  STRIKING ATTACK
LUNGING ATTACK    10 -  6     AIMED BLOW         0 -  2         1  AIMED BLOW     
                              PARRY-RIPOSTE      0 -  0         1  SLASHING ATTACK
                              WALL OF STEEL      0 -  3         1  PARRY-STRIKE   

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
STRIKING ATTACK  FUNNY BUNNY 55-1862        97 135  1  224 RHYME TYME (397)
SLASHING ATTACK  TRYURLUCK 61-1029          64  60  1  221 BLOOD KNIGHTS (284)

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
LUNGING ATTACK   PARANOIA 9-4557            37   9  1  218 DSM4 (461)
PARRY-LUNGE      GROGGY DOGGY 55-223       132 184  0  213 RHYME TYME (397)
PARRY-STRIKE     FRAIL WHALE 55-1968       118 167  3  209 RHYME TYME (397)
TOTAL PARRY      ELVIS 7-612                42  35  0  199 THE ROCKERS (1029)
AIMED BLOW       NEBUCHADNEZZAR 22-5821     34  29  0  191 BLADES OF WONDER (1002)
BASHING ATTACK   HOUSE MOUSE 55-221        122 189  2  172 RHYME TYME (397)

The overall popularity leader is GROGGY DOGGY 55-223.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was SCOURGE 74-2857.  The ten other most popular fighters were PARANOIA 9-4557, 
SAMPSA 31-4233, GROGGY DOGGY 55-223, FRAIL WHALE 55-1968, SCHIZOPHRENIC 9-4595, 
MONOMACH 17-3648, LORD FIREFLASH 33-2966, LADY EMILY 33-6626, HEL 82-14331, and LORD 

The least popular fighter this week was LULU 32-3523.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were BEER 71-3539, KELOS 55-30, RED BARON 33-1092, MILA 55-29, MOUSE NOYLE 
17-6252, REDFOX 13-4197, HAYSEED X-IV 82-6120, WRATH OF ONE 82-11628, LOKI 71-3798, 
and DARTMAN 33-7161.

Arena (Number)       W  L K  Arena (Number)       W  L K  Arena (Number)       W  L K  
BONSUR(7)            1  0 0  CHIMLEVTAL(31)       0  1 0  JURINE(61)           1  0 0  
ZUKAL(9)             2  0 0  ARVAT(32)            0  1 0  KURUKAR(64)          0  1 0  
RIZTAB(12)           1  0 0  NIYTYOLE ISLAND(33)  3  3 0  DAL SHANG(65)        1  0 0  
DULLENS(13)          1  2 0  VITHICAR(49)         1  0 0  KYR'TERR(71)         0  2 0  
ALJAFIR(17)          0  2 0  KHALANI(55)          4  3 0  DAIYLA KIV(74)       0  1 0  
ZUWAYZA(19)          1  0 0  ROCANIS(56)          2  1 0  DWES EG(82)          1  3 0  
SOLVEN(22)           0  1 0  DELARQ TOR(58)       1  0 0  

TOP WARRIOR OF EACH ARENA     W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 ELVIS 7-612                 42  35  0  199  THE ROCKERS (1029)         BONSUR
 PARANOIA 9-4557             37   9  1  218  DSM4 (461)                 ZUKAL
 LORD REDMOND 12-4109        35  33  1  182  LUROCIANS IV (865)         RIZTAB
 TIGRESS 13-4471             30  38  0  116  CARDOW HUNTERS (761)       DULLENS
 MONOMACH 17-3648            31  21  3  205  RAZOR GRACE (562)          ALJAFIR
 NOFX 19-3180                72  43  2  204  THE MOTHERSHIP II (699)    ZUWAYZA
 NEBUCHADNEZZAR 22-5821      34  29  0  191  BLADES OF WONDER (1002)    SOLVEN
 SAMPSA 31-4233              29  28  4  186  SOL INVICTUS (974)         CHIMLEVTAL
 LULU 32-3523                24  40  1   39  FISHERMAN'S WHARF (771)    ARVAT
 LADY EMILY 33-6626          30  23  1  192  LUROCIANS II (775)         NIYTYOLE ISLAND
 U.S. STEEL 49-3369          23  26  0   88  THE BONDS (774)            VITHICAR
 FUNNY BUNNY 55-1862         97 135  1  224  RHYME TYME (397)           KHALANI
 ROYLAND 56-3380             79  53  0  213  REDHORSE (823)             ROCANIS
 HERMES 58-6016              29  13  0  210  MYTHICAL (779)             DELARQ TOR
 TRYURLUCK 61-1029           64  60  1  221  BLOOD KNIGHTS (284)        JURINE
 JULIUS 64-3641              76  97  2  141  UNDER DURESS (743)         KURUKAR
 KREWKUT SAUSAGE 65-6327     31  26  0  212  LINCOLNSHIRE (985)         DAL SHANG
 LOKI 71-3798                24  21  2  180  ARCTIC GUARDS (1048)       KYR'TERR
 SCOURGE 74-2857             36  25  1  196  DARK ANGELS (989)          DAIYLA KIV
 HAYSEED X-IV 82-6120        26  18  2  191  PROJECT HAYSEED (973)      DWES EG

                                FACE-TO-FACE XXXIV

     Our next Winter Face-to-Face will be held on Martin Luther King weekend, Friday 
through Sunday, 14-16 January 2005, at the Embassy Suites in Tempe, Arizona (4400 S 
Rural Rd--this is the same hotel as last year).  Room rates are $139.00 per night, 
1-4 occupancy, which includes breakfast.  The rooms are blocked.  The reservations 
number is 480-897-7444; tell them you're with the "Reality Simulations Face to Face 
Convention" block.  Our room block will be released in mid-December, so please make 
sure you reserve your room before then! 
     Room rates include a full cooked-to-order breakfast and a complimentary two-hour 
manager's reception.  There is a free shuttle to the airport, as well as free parking.  
The hotel is located down the freeway in Tempe.  All rooms have high speed internet 
(for an extra charge).  There is a fitness center, jacuzzi, and pool, and of course a 
bar and Mexican restaurant inside the hotel.  And there's Denny's right across the 
street.  Look for transportation info in the tournament information sheet.
     The tournament information sheet/strategy sheet should be out sometime in late 
November/early December. 
     If you haven't been to a Face-to-Face before, you're overdue.  If you have, 
you'll be back.  Don't miss this one, it'll be a blast!  See you there! 

                                          -- Green Eyes and the RSI Staff