Date   : 11/11/2003    Duedate: 12/08/2003


DM-106    TURN-137

RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %  RANK TEAMS                  W    L  K    %
  1-THE RED REAVE 28/325    8    0  0  100      OVERLORDS 31/1023                     
    DARK CIRCLE PETS II 73/1026              11 DARQUE FORCES 44/857   40   39  1 50.6
  2 REAL BEER 21/859     1550  770 20 66.8      DARQUE FORCES 72/1009                 
    PRIMATES-R-US 25/963                        DARQUE FORCES 45/941                  
    THINGS GEORGE DOES 73/812                   DARQUE FORCES 31/908                  
    MISTAKEN IDENTITY 73/96                     DARQUE FORCES 71/863                  
    PARTY ANIMALS 5/476                      12-SOLIPSISM II 31/1004    2    2  0 50.0
    ALPHABET SOUP 73/943                     13 COMMON JOE'S 35/509   398  410  4 49.3
    ROYAL FLUSH 47/10                           ONE GOOD DUDE 72/396                  
    INGRATE WHITE NORTH 60/745                  PAUL'Z PHARTZ 65/985                  
    IMPORTED FOOTBALLERS 7/883                  DUELING FOR DOLLARS 25/558            
    CHAPEL ROCK 79/615                          KIWI CONNECTION 13/747                
    NOT QUITE 59/1028                           THE FAMILY TREE 20/717                
  3 HAREM 25/998           47   26  2 64.4      OTAGO HIGHLANDERS 14/808              
    A UNIT 25/835                            14 IRON CURTAIN 50/791    13   14  0 48.1
    A UNIT XI 82/849                            OPHIDIAN ORDER 39/705                 
    A UNIT XV 82/851                         15 DARK SIDHE 50/642     109  122  0 47.2
    A  UNIT 10/961                           16 ANDORIAN KNIG 11/962   28   33  1 45.9
    A UNIT 70/844                            17 SIR AGLIO 10/716       38   45  0 45.8
    A UNIT XII 82/850                           VERMIN!! 82/1024                      
  4-PISSED PIZZA  14/831    5    3  0 62.5   18 THE STORMBRIN 31/553   28   36  0 43.8
  5 BARHOPPERS 25/1008      3    2  0 60.0   19 PBA 78/1006             4    6  0 40.0
  6 BLOOD LUST 73/978      11    8  0 57.9      TREE PEOPLE 78/1019                   
    WILLBENDERS 31/1016                      20 DRINKING BUDD 39/574   77  133  0 36.7
    MORDRED'S MADMEN 45/1015                 21 ABYSMAL BEHAV 28/694    6   11  0 35.3
  7 DREAM TEAMS 41/919     86   64  1 57.3      THE WHITE COMPANY 54/529              
    MIKE'S MISFITS 1/793                     22 SAND DANCERS 51/610   234  430  1 35.2
    DEADLY DE-PARTED 11/370                     SAND DANCERS 78/848                   
  8-CARNIVAL 4/686         49   42  0 53.8      SAND DANCERS 52/942                   
    CARNIVAL 47/1029                            THE MIDDLE WAY 39/946                 
  9 ANCIENT KNIGH 65/817   39   34  0 53.4      TRADERS OF TROCAR 54/1027             
    FEARSOME LEGENDS 72/1021                 23 THE BLACK COM 54/698    1    2  0 33.3
 10 OVERLORDS 20/371       54   48  0 52.9   24-RUNNING AMOK 54/979     2    8  0 20.0
    THE STORMGUARDS 31/192                

    '##/###' Avoid teams by their Team Id     '-'  Team did not fight this turn

                                  WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Eye of the Storm #66 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

In the Far West:

     Shania slipped out of the room and shut the door behind her.  She wished there
was a way to lock it but had found no key in her captured robe, and there wasn't time
to search farther.  She had to get away from this room, out of the building if
possible, before the hunt started.
     The hall was narrow and poorly lighted, of some kind of rough, dark stone that
seemed to absorb what little light there was.  It stretched away into darkness in
both directions; she was irresistibly reminded of the passages backstage at a
theater, or the servants' stairs and halls in a great mansion.  She touched the wall
opposite her with the tips of her fingers, hoping to get a general feeling for the
layout and an idea which way she needed to go to find the exit.  And reeled as a
blueprint of the building crystallized in her mind.  Not only the present building,
but its past, and all the stages of construction and modification that had affected
it in the course of centuries.  She snatched her hand away from the wall and tried to
steady her breathing.
     After a moment, Shania looked at the floor plans in her mind and sorted through
them for the current information.  Later, at her leisure, she could wonder why her
talent for knowing had over-reacted so.  For now, the exit.  And it was...that way.
She turned to the right and hurried along the narrow hallway, bare feet silent on the
     The building itself was silent.  She heard no other footsteps, no voices.  It
might have been deserted, for all her senses could tell her.  But she didn't think it
     The hall ended in a small room, a sort of lobby, with more passages going off in
different directions.  The map in her mind said that the left-hand passage would take
her out most quickly, but as she turned in that direction, she heard a muffled slam
and the murmur of a voice in that direction.  Damn.  She would fight if she had to,
but the longer her escape went undiscovered, the farther away she could get.  The map
indicated that if she went straight ahead and then to the right immediately, there
would be a stairway down, which connected with some kind of tunnels under the city.
Sewers, she guessed with a grimace.  But a second voice answered the first down the
passage to the left, and there were movement sounds that could be several people.
     She went straight across the room and looked for the stairs that turned off to
the right.  Nothing.  Blank wall.  But the plans clearly indicated--  Oh, damn.
Hidden doorway.  She didn't have TIME for--  She laid her hand against the wall,
braced for the rush of images, but this time, perhaps because she was prepared, it
was orderly.  The stair had been there, was there, but it had been closed over...
sixty years ago, more or less.  Someone had wanted a secret entrance and exit.  There
was a pressure point...there.  She pressed.
     There was a moment when nothing happened, and her hand went to the dagger in her
sleeve as the voices in the other hall came closer.  Then a stone that rose from the
floor to the level of her waist moved away, giving an opening barely big enough for
her to slip through.  Just in time she remembered that the other side was a stairway
and felt for the first step down.  Okay.  And push the doorway closed...yes, it went
back into position easily and silently.
     The stairwell was pitch dark, but there was nowhere to go but down.  Maybe when
she got to...somewhere, she would try a simple light spell.  No telling how it might
come out, but...later.  Moving carefully, she felt her way down the stairs.  They
were old, worn, and damp in spots.  Tricky footing.  For the moment, being barefoot
was an advantage.  Except that sometimes the moisture underfoot was slimy, squishy,
sometimes it even seemed to move.  Perhaps it was just as well she couldn't see what
she was stepping on.  She kept the fingers of one hand on the wall at her side for
guidance but resolutely did not invoke Knowing.  A little at a time was plenty.
     The moisture in the air and on the stones increased, and she heard the low
mutter of running water.  Not as much of a smell as she'd feared, so perhaps this
wasn't sewers.  Drains--storm drains?  Did it rain a lot here, wherever 'here' was?
An arched opening below her was faintly visible, slightly less dark than the utter
blackness in this descending stairwell.  No sounds of people that she could hear over
the water, so perhaps the light came from some distant opening to the surface.  She
certainly hoped there was an opening to the surface, and well away from the building
where she'd been held.
     The archway at the bottom of the stair opened into a much larger passage, itself
arched and about six feet wide by nine high at the highest point.  The light was so
dim that if she hadn't already been adapted to total blackness, she would have
claimed there was no light at all here.  Water flowed in a channel down the three-
foot-wide center of the floor; she couldn't tell how deep it was.  Except for the
sound of the water, it was utterly silent.
     Shania judged she could risk mage-light here, if it wasn't too bright, and
concentrated briefly to summon it.  A will-o-wisp of golden light bloomed and danced
in the air in front of her, filling the tunnel with soft radiance.  She looked around
curiously.  It was definitely a man-made passage, but either the masons had known 
some art that surpassed that of any she had ever seen, or the tunnel was so old that
time and running water had smoothed all toolmarks from the stones and laid a layer of
mineral deposits over all, hiding whatever joints there might be.
     Her guess was that the smooth, seamless appearance was due to age.  If she
touched the walls in order to Know the layout of the tunnels, how many centuries of
changes would she have to sort through?  Well, it had to be done, if she didn't want
to stand here forever.  That would make a surprising sight for any later visitors!
     Her fingers brushed against the damp stone.  There was a rush of images, but
she'd been expecting that and was not overwhelmed this time.  And despite the great
age of the tunnels, there had been few changes, and those mostly the result of
collapse, not rebuilding.  The tunnels, she now saw, formed a drainage web under a
city....  Ah, but not this city, not originally.  A much older city, laid out
differently for the most part.  Odd, that--usually a new city followed the plan of an
older one, unless some devastation had completely leveled--  Ah, it had.  Well, that
was not her problem.  Draining stormwater to a river and to the sea.  What she needed
was a place where she could safely climb out.  Her mind searched quickly through the
web.  Many of the original exits had been covered by the new construction, others
were only drains, too small to pass even a child.  But there must be some other
human-sized exit than the one she'd come in by, or there would be no point to that
one!  She could, of course, go all the way down to the shore and trust to luck in
getting out unseen there, but not if there was an alternative.  Hmm, there was a
blurred area, quite near the shore.  An effort to clarify the image brought no
result.  What could stop her probe?  Intrigued, she set off in that direction.
     There seemed to be no time in these tunnels, but Shania felt that she'd been
walking hour, perhaps.  Maybe longer.  There was no change in what she saw:
the main tunnel that she had first entered, sometimes a side tunnel, smaller, opening
into it at shoulder height, often with a trickle of water spilling over the lip and
down into the main channel.  The system as a whole was sloping steadily downward.
Sometimes a breeze from ahead brought a smell of the shore, seaweed and mud and maybe
some dead fish.
     When she reached the area that had been blurred to her Knowing, she was almost
surprised to see that it was clear before her physical eyes.  Some kind of magical
shield, then?  If, by any chance, it was maintained by a non-enemy, that could be
exactly what she needed.  She began to peer up each side tunnel in search of an exit.
     In the end, it was easy to find.  One of the side tunnels, instead of opening
flat in the wall, came down from a higher level in a staircase.  Water ran down it in
a fuller stream than most tributaries had been.  That would make the steps slippery,
but she was prepared to crawl up them on her hands and knees if she had to.  She
hitched up her robe and began.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     The fog made it impossible to see where they were going.  Which was the whole 
idea, because the warship that was intending to ram them couldn't see, either.  But
Jammies had this very clear image in his mind of their ship running flat into one of
the rocky islands that dotted this part of the sea.
     Vurand, trotting past him on some errand, whacked him upside the head, not very
lightly.  "Don't think of disaster.  Positive thoughts, dummy," he commanded.  "Even
I know that much about magic."
     Jammies jumped a little--the fog was so heavy he hadn't seen the orc coming.
"Right, positive thoughts," he muttered.  In his mental image, the ship and the rock
suddenly separated.  He thought the deck lurched under his feet and hoped that was
just his imagination.  He could hear shouts off in the fog, too far away to be any of
his comrades.  The warship, no doubt.  He hoped THEY crashed into an island!
Promptly on the thought came the sound of wood being smashed, and screams, but their
own ship kept moving forward smoothly.  The fog began to thin.  He looked around
almost fearfully.
     Their ship was passing between two of the tall rocky islands, through a space so
narrow that Jammies shivered to think of how close they must have come to disaster.
Off to the side, he could see through the mist that the warship had not been so
lucky.  It looked like it had run head-on into an island, and the front half of it
was nothing but firewood, the rear half still retaining something of its original
form.  There were men clinging to bits of wreckage and to the rocky fringes of the
island, and men floating in the water.  And some kind of fish with tall triangular
fringes circling around them, like wolves around a fallen horse.
     "Maybe we should pick up the survivors," Jammies suggested uneasily.  He felt
responsible for their plight.
     "You're nuts, boy!" Vurand snapped.  "Those are our ENEMIES.  Better they die
now so we don't have to fight 'em again later."
     "But...they're people!  They'll drown or get eaten by sharks or something,"
Jammies protested.
     "No," Vurand told him gravely.  "You've got it to learn, boy--those are enemies.
Enemies aren't people, or it'd be too hard to kill 'em.  You can't think about a man
maybe having a wife and kids and still fight to kill.  So he's not 'people'.  If you
find that hard, just think about it from the other side.  THEY wouldn't hesitate to
kill YOU, so you must not be 'people' to them.  Turnabout is fair.  You understand
     When Jammies nodded, Vurand continued on toward the bow to see what kind of
problem Herlas and Rughal were having.  The Fratsfan mage was lying on the deck,
rigid, his eyes rolled back in his head and foam on his lips.
     "What's going on?" Vurand asked, squatting down on the other side of Herlas.
     Rughal didn't look all that good, he looked wrung out, but he was still alert,
still in business, so to speak.  "I don't know," Rughal growled.  Frustration snarled
in his voice.  "When we came out of the fog, he was like this."
     The magician's mouth moved.  "I am in a place called Zinaco-Lal."  The voice was
Shania's.  "I am in..." hesitation, "a Shrine of Hodan near the waterfront.  I do not
know how long I will be safe here--"  The voice broke off abruptly.
     Rughal grabbed Herlas by the shoulders and shook him hard.  "Don't stop!  Tell
us more," he demanded.
     The Fratsfan blinked twice, mumbled something that wasn't any words they could
understand, and went limp.

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Eye of the Storm #67 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

In the Far North:

     "Errodan's grace, she destroyed the Eye!?!" Shatterstar whispered, breathless
with surprise.  He moved quickly to the now still form of the dragon, the hole in its
head giving off a constant swirl of green and black smoke.  He stopped just before
the beast's great head and stared at the fist-sized hole--not much to a creature the
size of this dragon, but more than enough to fell the beast.  He placed a hand
tentatively on the dragon's snout and used a trickle of magic to feel for life within
and found none.  The loss of the Eye of the North had been too much for the once
noble creature.
     Swash and Chi'en came up behind him, the sailor putting a hand on Shatterstar's
shoulder and clearing his throat to speak.  "Is it dead,  Shat?" he asked, his voice
hoarse from the earlier dunking in the sea and the subsequent battle.  "Did she kill
     Shatterstar turned to face them, his hand dropping loosely to his side and his
expression giving them their answer.  There was great sorrow etched on the general's
face, unmistakable sorrow in his eyes as he nodded a simple yes.  The elf then seemed
to remember something and moved off behind the other two, moving quickly to where
Phantazia and Sayn Vann were kneeling over the Jhadzia's limp body.
     Phantazia turned at her older brother's approach, her face beaming.  "She's
alive, Shat," she said, her voice full of relief.  She saw the change in his eyes
when she spoke and her smile widened to see it.  "And what's more, she appears to be
     "I've never seen anything like it," Calth whispered in awe.  "The blast should
have torn her to shreds, yet here she lays unscathed."
     "But unconscious," Chi'en said, coming up to join them with Swash in tow.  She
indicated Calth off to the side, his face pale and his leg bleeding again as he had
passed out and the tourniquet had worked its way loose.  "Let's get them both off the
ice and somewhere warm before we lose them."
     "What about her," Swash asked, indicating Camisole's body.
     "Bring her as well," Shatterstar said without hesitation.
     "Bring them where?" Phantazia asked, removing her cloak and using it to make a
litter to help move her friends.
     They all followed Shatterstar's gaze as he turned it towards the main gate of
the castle.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     It wasn't until after they had found the sleeping quarters that had been used by
the wizard that they found suitable beds for their companions.  All the other beds
were made for the Gargoyles and Northwights, and weren't at all suitable.  The
wizard's study was emptied of any valuables, as he had obviously come back to his
suite before departing, but there was a large bed for Calth and a smaller for Jhadzia
to use while they tried to get them some kind of healing.  Camisole they laid on
their cloaks off to the side, covering her dead body with a sheet taken from a linen
chest in the room.
     Jhadzia would have to wait, since Calth was by now in danger of losing his leg.
Sayn Vann had stayed with the man, trying to make sure the tourniquet wasn't too
tight, but also trying to make sure he didn't bleed to death.  It was a delicate
balance, but the experienced soldier managed to do what needed to be done.
Shatterstar took out a knife and cut away the fur coverings from Calth's leg, giving
them all a clear look at the wound.  A good part of the thigh was just gone, ripped
off by the teeth of the mighty dragon, and the bone was plain to see.  The gladiators
had all seen bad wounds before, but only Shatterstar and Sayn Vann could say they'd
ever seen anything this bad.
     "Can you help, General Dayspring?" Sayn Vann asked, his voice full of hope.  The
loss of even one of their companions weighed heavily on the man, but the though of
losing another bothered him even more.
     Shatterstar looked to the side where Camisole lay and shook his head.  "I am not
a healer of Camisole's skill, and even she, I think, would have had a difficult time
with such a wound."
     "You have to try, Shat," Phantazia said.  She and Chi'en were getting a fire
started and had found a basin of fresh water they could use to bathe the wound.
     The elf looked at his sister and nodded.  "You are right, of course," he said,
closing his eyes and falling once again into his magic.  It still felt different, but
it didn't feel like interference or feedback any longer.  He felt rejuvenated and
empowered.  Reaching into the natural healing ability of Calth's body, he began to
manipulate the muscles and skin, forcing them to speed up the healing process,
forcing the leg to regenerate itself.  It took a tremendous amount of willpower and
concentration to do it, but with each passing moment, her felt more and  more power
flowing through him, warming his body, his mind, and even his soul.  That warmth
spread to everyone throughout the room, everyone standing riveted by the sight of
Calth's leg literally growing new muscle and skin to repair the damage done by the
dragon.  No one noticed the intense amber glow coming from one of Jhadzia's hands.
     Shatterstar collapsed in a heap as the magic he'd been channeling suddenly fell
away.  At first he was worried that it was gone, that the ability to work magic had
left his body for good.  But after a moment's contemplation he realized that the
ability was still there.  He'd stopped casting because Calth's leg was completely
     The other's continued to stare in awe as Calth's breathing was deep and heavy,
his skin where he had been wounded fully healed without even the slightest hint of a
scar.  His face was no longer pale and he even appeared to be smiling, as if he was
having a pleasant dream.
     "How?" was all Swash could get out.
     Shatterstar looked at him, feeling more than a little intoxicated by the power
he'd felt.  "The Eye," was his only answer.
     "But Jhadzia destroyed the Eye to kill the dragon," Chi'en said, her voice
reflecting her doubts.
     Shatterstar simply shrugged in answer.  "There is no other possible
explanation," he replied quietly.  "During the battle, the very proximity of the Eye
allowed both Camisole and I to use our magic freely before the dragon turned the eye
on us and--"  He stopped, looking pained that he had survived but his she had not.
     "And overpowered you both," a husky woman's voice said from behind them.  They
spun to see Jhadzia sitting up, staring at them, her eyes aglow with rich amber
light.  Chi'en started forward but a look form her best friend stopped her in her
tracks.  Jhadzia smiled at her and the Adantri woman surprised herself by smiling
     Jhadzia turned her attention back to Shatterstar.  "Only through the power of
your sword were you saved, Scion of Errodon," she said.  "It gives me great pleasure
to meet you, and greater pleasure still to thank you all for saving me from my former
Guardian."  Her gazed turned upon each of them one by one, making them all feel a
little uneasy.
     "Who are you, if not Lady Jhadzia Shimmermoon?" Shatterstar asked, his hand now
resting gently on the hilt of his sword.
     If Jhadzia notices, it didn't show.  "My name is unimportant after so long, but
you would know me as the Eye of the North."  As she spoke, she slowly raised her left
hand, palm upward, where she held a large amber that glowed more brightly than her
eyes.  "Jhadzia is here as well, for I am only using her body as a receptacle, for I
would be unable to speak to you otherwise."
     "And when can we expect Jhadzia back?" Chi'en asked, taking a step forward.
     Jhadzia stopped her in her tracks again, as she turned to look at her.  The glow
left her eyes and intensified in the stone, which now looked more looked a large,
gleaming cat's eye.  "Right now, Chi'en," she said, her voice now back to normal.
"The Eye meant no harm or offense, but only wanted to thank you herself."
     Swash stepped forward, sword and dagger drawn.  "How do we know it's really
you?" he asked the question that was on everyone else's minds as well.
     She turned a sideways grin his way and winked.  "Swash, if you don't put those
weapons away, I'll have to sheath them for you--in your belly."
     Phantazia chuckled and elbowed Swash in the ribs. "That's her all right," she
     Swash, too, chuckled as he put his weapons away with a bow.  "My apologies, Lady
Shimmermoon, I meant no offense."
     "None taken."
     "So, what happened out there?" Sayn Vann asked, unable to wait any longer.  He
was a patient man, but even patient men have their limits.
     Jhadzia stood up and went to the washbasin and began washing her face as she
explained.  The others took the cue and did the same thing, getting the blood and
grime off their hands and faces at the least.
     "During the fighting, I got this really strange feeling that I should charge the
beast and attack it head on," she said.  "So I dropped my bow and did just that.
While the dragon was distracted by Swash and Chi'en, I jumped up and climbed its neck
to its head, where I had intended to run my sword through its eye and into its
     "Brave," Sayn Vann said, his voice full of respect.
     "Foolish," Chi'en said, disapproval in her voice at her friend's recklessness.
     Jhadzia smiled at them both as she continued talking.  "Once I got into position
and was about to drive my sword home, I realized I was about to make a huge mistake.
If I killed the dragon, who was in a symbiotic relationship with the Eye, I would
likely kill the Eye as well.  That isn't what we came here for."
     "Wait a second," Phantazia interrupted.  "What do you mean, kill the Eye?  Are
you saying...."
     "Yes," Jhadzia answered, smiling.  "The Eye of the North is alive; always has
been.  She was placed here by Lady Greywand after volunteering to serve here.  The
dragon was her companion, and for centuries they lived here together in peace and
     "So what happened to ruin it," Sayn Vann asked.
     "A Folstrom wizard, presumably our friend with the fireball, came to them under
guise of one of Sheila's lieutenants.  He promised them that their time here was
almost over, but that Lady Greywand had cast a spell on them bonding them to this
location, which was why they'd never felt inclined to leave.  He would need them both
to lower their resistance to magic so he could release them from the spell.  It took
some convincing, but after centuries of service, even a dragon and a sorceress turned
into a magic Eye need a change.  They both agreed, and the wizard had them.  The
spell he cast didn't release them form anything at all, but instead enslaved the
dragon to the wizard's will.  The Folstrom have had a long time to develop more
powerful spells, and one of the things they did was modify their dragon control
spells.  Not only was the dragon enslaved, but the counterspell the Eye tried
backfired, forcing the symbiotic relationship between them.  She was absorbed into
the dragon's head and overpowered by the ancient creature' s will."
     "She wants to apologize for the magical overload she was forced to use on you
and Camisole, General Dayspring," Jhadzia said, turning to face Shatterstar squarely.
"She has a way to help restore Camisole as well, but there is a catch, so she won't
do it without your approval.  She keeps referring to you as 'Son of Errodan'--what
does she mean?"
     "You can communicate with her, then?" Swash asked, intrigued.
     "Yes, I can," Jhadzia answered.  "As can all of you.  She can hear what you say,
but you can only hear her if you are touching her.  Unless..."
     "I give her my permission to use Camisole as a host, right?" Shatterstar said,
his distaste sounding clearly in his voice.  "She wants to use her body for her own,
since she is now trapped in an immobile form.  I'll nev..."
     "Sir, she wants to talk to you," Jhadzia said, lifting the gem toward the
knight.  "She says that a Son--no, a Scion of Errodon should know what she intends.
She was once an elf, like you, after all.  Why does she keep calling you that?
What!?!"  Her face took on an incredulous look as she took a seat back on the bed.
Her expression changed several times, as if suffering some internal conflict, then
settled on bewildered as she numbly handed the Eye over to Shatterstar.  The elf took
it without hesitation and the gem flashed brighter still for a moment before
returning to the same level of brightness as before.
     Chi'en moved forward and sat with her friend, turning to look into her eyes.
Jhadzia looked up as if she was seeing her for the first time, through her arms
around the diminutive woman and began to cry, sobbing heavily into Chi'en's shoulder.
     Shatterstar stood briefly with the Eye held in his outstretched hand.  His
expression was grave and stayed that way even as Jhadzia started to cry. After only a
few minutes, he nodded, as if answering an unspoken question, and walked over to
Camisole's body.
     Gently, he uncovered Camisole's face and place the gem on the middle of her
forehead, where the glow intensified to its brightest yet.  Shatterstar backed away
slowly, still watching the gem's glow intensify.  He felt a small hand in his and
knew that Jhadzia had come to join him.  He turned his head for a moment, gazing down
at her, and wondered at how much alike the two of them really were.  He held her hand
tightly and turned back to face the magic being worked by the Eye.  The gem flashed
brightly one final time, a sound like wind chimes fading with the last of the light,
and all went still.  Shatterstar and Jhadzia approached the priestess, the others all
close behind, and saw that the Eye was now embedded in the center of Camisole's
forehead.  She, like Calth, was breathing normally and had full color back in her
cheeks.  Her eyes, all three of them, flitted open and she pushed herself up into a
seated position.  She looked at them all staring back at her, her once blue eyes now
amber with cat's pupils, and laughed aloud.
     With a leap she was on her feet, hugging both Shatterstar and Jhadzia, who were
both hugging her back.  She stepped back from them, her smile taking in everyone else
in the room.
     Shatterstar got everyone's attention when he spoke.  "Welcome back to the land
of the living, sister."
     To the astonishment of the all, Jhadzia embraced her once again and said, "Yes,
dear sister.  Welcome back."

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Eye of the Storm #68 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

In the Far West:

     Shania Silverstar leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes.  Reaching
Herlas had been difficult and exhausting, but it was also a victory; she hadn't
really believed it was possible.  Hard on Herlas, too, probably, but...she pressed
her lips together in a hard line.  Herlas had asked for it.  The Fratsfan magician
had set her up for capture by the people here in this city.  Even more surprising
than reaching Herlas with her message had been that Herlas was still alive to be
reached.  Rughal would have been furious when she vanished.  Someone--Ashon Chang,
perhaps, or Werre--had kept the Fratsfan alive.  Unless--  Could Rughal be dead?  No.
She'd have sensed it if Rughal had died.  At least, she was fairly sure she would
have felt it if the ranger had died.
     A measure of strength returned, and she opened her eyes to stare at the opposite
wall and wonder what to do next.  And whether a priest would show up and demand
something of her for the use of this shrine.  She hadn't seen anyone here yet.  No
priest, no cult figure, no offering bowl--she wouldn't have turned down a bite of the
god's bread--and no altar, no worshippers.  Just a courtyard with a fountain in it,
and two plain stone rooms behind, the water for the fountain welling up in the rear-
most room and flowing through the other and out.  The stair to the storm drains had
come up in the inner room, also.  The god's name, Hodan, had come to her when she
attempted a Knowing, but there had been nothing with it, no images.  Still, it was a
restful place, and she could use the rest.  And she was fairly sure that it was
magically shielded against prying eyes.
     On that thought, her own eyes closed.  Just a little nap, that's what she
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     The mage-wind had dropped when Herlas fainted, but the natural wind was enough
to keep their ship moving.  Werre was doing something with the wheel, and he and
Ashon Chang were peering at a chart.  Vurand and Rughal were kneeling beside the
prostrate Fratsfan.  Jammies dithered a moment, then went back to see whether he
could do anything to help with the ship.
     Ashon Chang glanced up as the young gladiator joined them.  "We've entered a
strong current," the samurai said.  "Without more wind than we have now, escaping it
will be difficult--"
     Jammies peered at the chart they were studying curiously.  It didn't bear enough
resemblance to an ordinary map for him to make sense of it.  "Where's the current
taking us?  Back to the rocks, or the Outer Ocean, or...?"
     "To shore in this area."  Werre indicated a section of coast.  "Zinaco, and even
I, back in Lirith Kai, have heard of Zinaco.  Not a place that welcomes visitors."
     "But it's where we have to go," Vurand said, coming up behind Jammies.  "Zinaco
Lal.  Is that on your map?"
     "Yes, but--"
     "Shania got a message to us through Herlas saying she's AT this Zinaco Lal
place.  So we have to go there and rescue her," the Orc said flatly.  He was
obviously not prepared to hear any arguments on the subject.
     No one offered arguments.  Shania was their comrade, and one did not abandon a
comrade, if there was a way to rescue her.
     Werre walked his fingers over the chart, measuring.  "It'll take us a couple of
days to get there, even with the current and a good wind in our favor."
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Shania wasn't sure how long she'd slept, hours, at least.  The light in the
shrine's outer courtyard had changed from one wall to the opposite one, and it was
softer.  Nearing the day's end, she guessed.  She stood and stretched slowly, wincing
at the aches from sleeping sitting on a stone floor against a stone wall.
     Now that she was fully awake, she could smell something hot and spicy, and her
stomach grumbled eagerly.  If there was finally a worshipper here, with an offering,
did she dare go out to the outer room or the courtyard?
     A man's shape--that was all she could see against the brightness--filled the
doorway.  "'Bout time you woke up," he growled.  "Who're you running from?"
     Shania stiffened, her chin coming up aggressively.  "Why do you assume I'm
running from something?"
     "That's why people come here," he said.  He sounded impatient.  "To hide."
     "Oh."  She shrugged a little.  "Some priests thought I would make a good
sacrifice.  I disagreed with them."
     He moved into the room, and she saw him clearly for the first time.  A local
man, by his swarthy face and features.  Poorly dressed, but he didn't move like a
poor man...he moved like a warrior, and a proud one.  Her eyes narrowed.  And he had
been speaking Isle cant.  An advanced gladiator, almost certainly.  "No point in
being sacrificed if it isn't an honor," he agreed.  "But they have good taste."  He
leered at her.  "I'm partial to blondes myself."

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Tides of Magic #15 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

Not Lirin Kiv:

     Shylock wasn't at all sure he approved of, much less liked, Master Dan Shao, the
approximate arenamaster of this place.  This place that was not Lirin Kiv, or the
Isle of the Eye, or anywhere else familiar.  Dan Shao was altogether too ready to be
familiar...with Clemenda.  And she wasn't pulling away in horror.  Best if she
remembered that she was HIS date and companion at present.  If necessary, he would
remind her.  In unmistakable terms.
     But at least Dan Shao had been willing to provide them with quarters here in
this arena complex, once Shylock had stated that they needed a chance to rest and
recover from the shock of the unexpected inter-dimensional transition.  He did,
indeed, need a quiet place where he could relax, but not from shock.  He needed time
to plan.
     Shylock had long been looking for a place to make his own.  Jade Mountain had
not been that place--definitely not.  The Lucan family was much too powerfully
entrenched.  And even if he had managed to become the highest power in the valley,
there was still the rest of Lirith Kai, the Emperor, and the Sun Legion.  No, not
Lirith Kai.  But Jade Mountain had served its purpose; it was there that he had
earned the Greywand's agelessness.  A tricky spell, agelessness, extremely complex
and requiring not only great power but peculiar and rare ingredients.  He was well
pleased to have let the Greywand incur that burden for him.  But his investigations
seemed to indicate that once agelessness had been bestowed, it was a stable
condition, which meant that he didn't NEED the Greywand any more.
     And Sheila Greywand had stood squarely between him and his goal of power.  So
long as she lived, the Isle of the Eye was not the place he was looking for.  And
killing her might be...difficult.  Very difficult.  A person didn't live to be five
thousand years old, or whatever she was, without learning how to defend herself.
     But here....  Shylock leaned back on the couch which seemed to be what these
people used for relaxing (the chair by the small table was simple, hard, and not the
place to loll) and smiled a little.  This place seemed to be quite different.  He
would need to do a detailed examination, of course, but just from the first scans
he'd made:  The Arcanum here was stable.  A little lower in energy levels than that
of Ghea in the good times, but sufficient for his needs.  There was no one--NO ONE--
within his zone of sensitivity who was making any use of magic at all!  He had been
able to feel the Greywand's presence for miles, even when she was apparently not
doing anything magical.  There was the sort of undifferentiated background shimmer
which he associated with groups of Adantri using their arts of hiu, probably
gladiators, or champions as they were called here, engaged in intensive practice.  It
had that texture to it.
     But the single, glorious fact was that this place appeared to have no
competition for him.  He could establish himself here, begin the subtle influencing
and control of people and events which he sought, and NO ONE WOULD KNOW.  He could be
the uncrowned king here, the emperor, he could be like a GOD here....
     But there were things he needed to do first.  He needed to make sure, absolutely
sure, that this world did not hold practitioners of magic who would be able to
challenge him.  And then he needed to find and close the Gate through which he and
Clemenda had arrived, to make sure that no competitors from Ghea followed.
     He leaped to his feet, eager to make a beginning.
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Clemenda was not in the room assigned to her when Shylock checked it.  She was
walking in a garden with Arenamaster Dan Shao, and enjoying it.  If she felt a little
guilty at not waiting until Shylock was rested and ready to accompany her, well, she
had that guilt under control.  After all, it had only been a dinner date.  It wasn't
like they were seriously involved.  And she could always say that she was finding out
more about this world, which had the advantage of being true.
     As nearly as she could figure out, this world had a Lirith Kai in it that wasn't
too different from the Lirith Kai of Ghea.  But there was no Alastari.  And while
this place, this Liran Kiv, was on an island, it had the whole island to itself.  If
there was anything like the rest of the Isle of the Eye, any Darkholm, Andorak, Free
Blades, any Talahya, Home Guard, or Primus, it was somewhere else.
     She found it hard to imagine a world without Alastari.  She hadn't thought she'd
ever feel homesick for the crowding, jostling nations, the patches of old magic gone
bad from the days of the Chaos Wars, the confusion of races and languages made
possible by Alastari's numerous Gates.  It must be...very peaceful here.  Very...
     Dan Shao came to a stop in front of a monument of polished dark stone and paused
silently.  It was inscribed with rows of something, names, she guessed, in the
Adantri monumental script.
     Clemenda hadn't learned more than the minimum of the Adantri chancery cursive
script required for citizenship, and this angular, antique variation was beyond her
ability.  She glanced at Dan Shao questioningly.
     "It is a monument to those of our number who have fallen in our on-going war
with the Gray Witch of the East," he said.  "We have held the line so far, but unless
the people of the Middle Sea come in on our side..." he shrugged.  "There may be many
more names to add to this pillar before the matter has been settled."
     "An on-going war...."
     "It is the great burden on all the people of Aleth, though some refuse to
acknowledge it, or even welcome the Witch in her rule.  But we of Lirith Kai will
never yield to her, and it is for this that our Champions here are trained and
selected and trained further, sent to war, and..." he sighed, "many ultimately
     "Why is this Gray Witch an enemy?" Clemenda asked curiously.
     "Setting aside the matter of iniquitous taxation, her imposition of worship in
manners and of deities unworthy of our blood, and the horrible draft of young people
from the lands she controls to feed her machinery of power, she risks the very
integrity of our world, the stability of the cosmos, by her unbridled use of Gates
into other dimensions."
     "Gates such as the one Shylock and I came through."
     "Ultimately, yes, that is a case in point.  I have consulted the scholars, and
they feel that the Gate which brought you here, fair lady, was not opened
deliberately.  But that it opened at all is a sign of the degree to which her
tampering with the fabric of reality has weakened the wall between universes.  That
is why it is imperative that your Gate be closed--because it does weaken that fabric
and thus it imperils all existence, possibly that of your world as well as ours."

          + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ The Tides of Magic #16 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

Not Talahya:

     This place that wasn't Talahya, this Hub, was the most confusing city the
gladiators had ever seen, as well as the largest.  There were stone blockhouses with
grim monster masks on their facades, and huts of some kind of jointed wood or reed
with thatched roofs, and tall, narrow wooden houses with elaborate wooden lace
trimming and wild colors, houses of mud, and brick, and even glass, log cabins,
towers that might have been made out of seashell, and scaled domes, all jumbled
together.  Most of the people who crowded the streets were human, though varying
wildly in their dress, but there were elves and dwarves and orcs, lizardmen like
Thristle, Ardaunar, a feline race that resembled the Pridefolk of Ghea, and others
too strange to categorize with a quick glance.

     Thristle's "guildhouse" was not like any Scarlatti had seen before.  It was
built in the form of a hollow square with a modestly-sized courtyard in the center
and three stories around it; the upper floors were set back so that each had a broad
deck in front of the rooms.  Well, no, it was a little like the oldest houses in
Zuwayza.  He had used to think that the Karnhorns had brought that building style
from Serevada, because it sure didn't fight the Zuwayzan climate.  But Serevada
wasn't any warmer, so he didn't know where it came from, just that it wasn't
particularly practical.  Now he wondered if it was practical anywhere, because it
caught the sunlight and concentrated it in this courtyard and to a lesser extent on
the terraces, and he was sweltering.
     Of course, lizards liked being hot, within reason.  Maybe these guys had brought
the style from THEIR home.  And it did have one great advantage: it provided privacy.
No telling when a person might need privacy.
     Thristle gave a trilling call that no human could have voiced, and his fellow
gladiators began to emerge from the curtained doorways around the courtyard and on
the terraces.  All lizard folk, of course, and many of them noticeably larger than
Thristle.  And armed.  Rather intimidating, actually, because the first thing one of
them did was to shut the gate that led back to the street.
     There was a brisk exchange of incomprehensible sounds.  Finally Thristle turned
to the Ghean gladiators and said, "I have told them how you stood with me against the
Ardaunar, and how you came to be here by some magical fluke.  They have agreed that
you are to stay with us for now, and that we will do what we can to put you in the
way of going home.  But it is likely that in return you must join with us in the
arena.  The final decision, though, will be made by our captains."  He gestured
toward the widest doorway on the courtyard level.  An elaborately decorated cloth
hung there, and on one had come out of it so far.  "If you will come with me to speak
to captains Lirtr and Ristrisks and Zith, who all speak the language of the Hub as
well as I do, we can make the final negotiations."
     "Final negations," Rogan muttered.  "I don't know if I like the sound of
     Carris Fallstar glanced at the blind Aruaki sharply, then around at the clusters
of lizard men.
     "It need not have such a negative implication," Moonjumper murmured.  She, too,
glanced around with as casual an air as she could manage.
     "Thristle was friendly," Scarlatti protested, keeping his voice down too.
     "In a human, that behavior would be friendly," Carris said quietly.  "But
Thristle is not human.  Who knows what his people might mean by such an appearance?
It could be how they bait traps."  The elf gestured slightly toward the doorway,
where the lizard man was waiting for them.  "We'd better go on in.  It might be as
innocent as anything could be, and anyway, we're arousing who knows what suspicions
by lingering here."  He walked firmly and confidently toward the curtained doorway.

                             REPORT FROM WITHIN THE TOWER

     And here it is again, a time of rain, cheerful fires, and eating too much.

     Fengar II earned the most points this cycle, 45, for defeating Willie Makit.
     Andorian Knights were avoided by Royal Flush.
     Apparently nobody was most challenged.
     Nobody died, which is always pleasant.
     We had thirty-seven fights, of which fifteen were challenge matches.  I shall,
as usual, list the ups and downs and sideways of the challenges, but I won't make an
issue of any of them--this is not Andorak, it isn't Darkholm, and it isn't amusing
more than once.
     SIX standbys fought!  This is ridiculous, unnecessary, and frankly rather
awkward, because the standbys had expected to fight YESTERDAY and so scheduled a
social event of their own for today.  Greet our standbys in the guise of the Local
Poets' Society.
     Our longest fight was a mere seven minutes, for which mini-marathon I will award
both Disco Queen and Hannya a small box turtle each.  You don't think I'm going to
commission a silver or golden turtle for a seven minute fight, do you?  And as for
the chocolate peanut clusters, known to some as turtles (especially if they have
caramel in the center), I plan to eat them myself.

     So, the fights--
     SIR YDER (31-4353) (19-8-0,74) of WILLBENDERS fought NORM PETERSON (39-2745)
(39-67-0,48) of DRINKING BUDDIES.  SIR YDER vanquished NORM PETERSON in a 1 minute
mismatched bout.  While not wishing to make light of Sir's work, it's easy to
vanquish Norm: just withhold his beer!
     DANNIA TYL SIO (52-3393) (30-19-1,70) of SAND DANCERS fought CATFISH HUNTER (5-
3315) (13-15-1,55) of PARTY ANIMALS.  DANNIA TYL SIO lost to CATFISH HUNTER in a
popular 1 minute bout.  Odd, she didn't look like a catfish to me...
     VAMPIRE (25-4546) (16-9-0,68) of BARHOPPERS fought GILGAMESH (31-4428) (14-11-
0,53) of THE STORMBRINGERS.  VAMPIRE demolished GILGAMESH in a 1 minute one-sided
conflict.  Ooooh, sucked his blood right there in front of everybody!  Shocking,
truly shocking!
     300 (78-2346) (16-13-0,35) of PBA fought EGOTISTIC DUKE (28-2779) (18-7-1,56) of
ABYSMAL BEHAVIORS.  300 was handily defeated by EGOTISTIC DUKE in a 1 minute one-
sided fight.  Which shows how Egotistical came to be that way, yes?  It may be
abysmal behavior, but it's damned good fighting.
     SPLIT (78-2347) (19-11-0,68) of PBA fought CAPTURED PIRATE KING (106-2) (0-0-
0,30) of Local Poets.  SPLIT was demolished by CAPTURED PIRATE KING in a 1 minute
one-sided struggle.  How does one explain to a Captured Pirate King that "Yo ho ho
and a bottle of rum" is not original?  Well, okay, pirates steal things, granted.
     PINE (78-2350) (20-3-1,78) of TREE PEOPLE fought MERCY (54-1797) (16-8-0,71) of
THE BLACK COMPANY.  PINE defeated MERCY in an exciting 1 minute struggle.  Does this
mean that Pine, a fine upstanding tree and very seasonal, fought without mercy?  As
in, mercilessly?  He probably didn't have any ruth, either.
     MATADOR (11-4139) (37-31-2,101) of ANDORIAN KNIGHTS fought AB DESTINED 4 THE DA
(65-1154) (15-4-2,100) of PAUL'Z PHARTZ.  MATADOR was viciously subdued by AB
DESTINED 4 THE DA in a 4 minute match.  You have to wonder sometimes why this AB was
ever even CONSIDERED for the DA, don't you?  One of those mysteries to ponder just
before going to sleep.
     BELGOROTH (50-3175) (27-27-0,139) of DARK SIDHE fought BUCKNER (50-2841) (25-24-
1,136) of IRON CURTAIN.  BELGOROTH savagely defeated BUCKNER in an exciting 2 minute
gory bout.  A battle of the Bees, and a home-town battle, at that.  The Snowbound
folks in the stands went wild over this one.
     *WINTER* (65-3644) (25-19-1,121) of ANCIENT KNIGHTS fought CHEATING MANAGER
(106-6) (0-0-0,130) of Local Poets.  *WINTER* handily defeated CHEATING MANAGER in an
exciting 1 minute one-sided fight.  I've heard it said that "there's poetry in a
spreadsheet," but I don't think the Cheating Manager has the knack.
     DUNEDIN (14-3703) (28-31-0,168) of OTAGO HIGHLANDERS fought JUAN (41-2304) (22-
15-0,143) of DREAM TEAMS.  DUNEDIN was luckily beaten by JUAN in an action packed 4
minute fight.  Who was lucky?  Did Juan win through luck, or was Dunedin lucky to
lose because it kept him from rising too fast, or was there something else entirely
involved here?  Inquiring minds want to know!
     SIR PLUS (10-4316) (28-21-1,172) of SIR AGLIO fought CARLA (39-2428) (58-68-
1,128) of DRINKING BUDDIES.  SIR PLUS overcame CARLA in an exciting 1 minute duel.
SOMEBODY was certainly excited out there!
     WHEEL OF FORTUNE (25-2529) (43-34-2,164) of DUELING FOR DOLLARS fought SIR LY
(10-4116) (37-28-0,173) of SIR AGLIO.  WHEEL OF FORTUNE was luckily beaten by SIR LY
in an exciting 2 minute fray.  That's the thing about wheels of fortune, sometimes
they're up and you win, sometimes they're down and you lose.
     AVONSIDE (13-3927) (30-36-1,169) of KIWI CONNECTION fought TYRE (31-3713) (27-
18-0,128) of DARQUE FORCES.  AVONSIDE lost to TYRE in a 2 minute fray.  Avonside was
frayed?  Is this because of coming from a closed arena?  I've seen tempers fray.  In
fact, some days they ravel like sleeves.
     MONKEY BUSINESS (25-4040) (28-15-1,210) of PRIMATES-R-US fought SCUM #1 (50-
2743) (44-50-0,196) of DARK SIDHE.  MONKEY BUSINESS was defeated by SCUM #1 in an
action packed 4 minute brutal match.  You will note that this match was action
packed, so there can't have been any scumming here, despite the winner's name.  All
     KING FORADAY (47-3762) (39-37-4,204) of ROYAL FLUSH fought THANATO (39-2824)
(25-20-1,162) of OPHIDIAN ORDER.  KING FORADAY vanquished THANATO in an action packed
2 minute gory one-sided match.  Tell me, King, is there any truth to the rumor that
you have recently expanded to dominate a whole week?
     KING UVDAHELL (47-1643) (30-12-1,202) of ROYAL FLUSH fought TEMPUS (31-538) (31-
28-0,173) of THE STORMGUARDS.  KING UVDAHELL overpowered TEMPUS in a popular 1 minute
one-sided match.  Hmm, perhaps this is a day for kings?
     FIGHTER ACE (47-1189) (50-39-6,191) of ROYAL FLUSH fought RIRORNI CAPTAIN (106-
26) (0-0-0,200) of Local Poets.  FIGHTER ACE handily defeated RIRORNI CAPTAIN in a
crowd pleasing 1 minute uneven duel.  The Rirorni Captain opened with a rousing
rendition of, um, something--a drinking song, apparently, though I found some of the
references obscure.  Which left him breathless for just long enough.  The Ace aced
him, and was the crowd ever grateful!  Because that song had a thirty-second
     SITS ON HIS DUFF (73-1810) (36-18-3,200) of THINGS GEORGE DOES fought
ARENAMASTER SANDAVOL (106-28) (0-0-0,200) of Local Poets.  SITS ON HIS DUFF
overpowered ARENAMASTER SANDAVOL in an exciting 2 minute uneven fight.  Thus
preventing Sandoval from favoring us with his reading of Hamlad's Monologue.  I move
we offer a vote of thanks to Sits, because I've HEARD Hamlad's Monologue, and believe
me, you don't want to.
     PRINCE APPLE (47-325) (97-69-2,253) of ROYAL FLUSH fought RIRORNI COOK (106-24)
(0-0-0,181) of Local Poets.  PRINCE APPLE overpowered RIRORNI COOK in a 1 minute
mismatched conflict.  In a way, this was almost too bad.  The Cook, unlike other
standbys, seems to have confined himself to reciting limericks.  Nothing like a good
limerick now and then.
     NEWT GINGRICH (5-3399) (68-25-0,217) of PARTY ANIMALS fought PAT (35-2292) (34-
39-2,213) of COMMON JOE'S.  NEWT GINGRICH overpowered PAT in a 1 minute one-sided
bout.  I think your name's too short, Pat.  You need something long and distinctly
uncommon.  Otherwise, people forget you.
     BEERVAHNA (60-4292) (30-29-3,230) of INGRATE WHITE NORTH fought CRYSALIS GUARD
(106-29) (0-0-0,200) of Local Poets.  BEERVAHNA was devastated by CRYSALIS GUARD in
an exciting 1 minute one-sided fight.  My sympathies to Beervahna, who didn't escape
even in the Infirmary.  The Guard is into epic poetry and followed him there to
continue the recitation.
     FENGAR II (20-61) (102-71-1,211) of OVERLORDS fought WILLIE MAKIT (73-514) (101-
37-2,203) of MISTAKEN IDENTITY.  FENGAR II vanquished WILLIE MAKIT in a crowd
pleasing 3 minute bloody one-sided fray.  This is Fengar the MVP.  Congratulations on
that, sir.

     Ah, the challenge matchs.
     DEBBIE DAHMER (45-3579) (19-5-1,59) of MORDRED'S MADMEN challenged EGAN FORN
(39-3295) (24-27-0,73) of THE MIDDLE WAY.  Up 14.  DEBBIE DAHMER defeated EGAN FORN
in a 1 minute Challenge struggle.  Egan should be used to this.  People beat him up
all the time.
     LEVITICUS (54-1687) (16-14-2,86) of THE WHITE COMPANY challenged MIRTA (51-4033)
(40-27-1,84) of SAND DANCERS.  Down 2.  LEVITICUS was overcome by MIRTA in an action
packed 1 minute Challenge fight.  A bold challenge, Leviticus.  Mirta is better than
her record--as you discovered.
     FEATHER (54-1742) (17-12-2,94) of THE WHITE COMPANY challenged DOLLFACE (39-
2372) (55-74-1,139) of DRINKING BUDDIES.  Up 45.  FEATHER was luckily beaten by
DOLLFACE in a popular 5 minute bloody Challenge brawl.  Ah, luck again.  Or is it?
In five minutes, who knows what deals the warriors could have made?  Perhaps Dollface
suggested going out for drinks later, eh?
     STONEWALL (11-3900) (46-53-2,109) of ANDORIAN KNIGHTS challenged BALCLUTHA (14-
3169) (23-31-1,125) of OTAGO HIGHLANDERS.  Up 16.  STONEWALL unbelievably bested
BALCLUTHA in a 2 minute Challenge conflict.  What's not to believe?  It happened.  We
all saw it.  If we can't believe our eyes, where are we?
     TEN COMMANDMENTS (47-3843) (36-31-0,177) of ROYAL FLUSH challenged SIDON (31-
3712) (29-21-2,191) of DARQUE FORCES.  Up 14.  TEN COMMANDMENTS was overpowered by
SIDON in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.  Does this mean that Sidon now has
license to commit ten sins?
     OUR LADY PEACE (79-1191) (24-7-2,175) of CHAPEL ROCK challenged SANDBLASTER (11-
3899) (49-50-3,179) of ANDORIAN KNIGHTS.  Up 4.  OUR LADY PEACE was beaten by
SANDBLASTER in a popular 1 minute Challenge melee.  Sand in the shoes, sand down the
neck, sand in the ears....
     DISCO QUEEN (47-1992) (31-12-1,156) of ROYAL FLUSH challenged HANNYA (73-4350)
(23-6-1,170) of BLOOD LUST.  Up 14.  DISCO QUEEN slimly won victory over HANNYA in a
popular 7 minute gory Challenge duel.  But they each got a turtle out of it, so it
wasn't all a loss even for Hannya.
     SANDPAWN (11-4169) (42-21-1,151) of ANDORIAN KNIGHTS challenged KYRA (51-3774)
(41-37-1,153) of SAND DANCERS.  Up 2.  SANDPAWN won victory over KYRA in a popular 6
minute Challenge duel.  Hard fought and well done.
     SANDMAN (11-3923) (50-50-2,197) of ANDORIAN KNIGHTS challenged LONALILTA (50-
2806) (48-41-2,201) of DARK SIDHE.  Up 4.  SANDMAN was savagely defeated by LONALILTA
in a 5 minute Challenge melee.  Well, Lonalilta is Dark, so I guess the savagery is
no surprise.  And they come tough when they come from Snowbound.  You have to be
tough to survive ten months of winter.
     GROLSCH (21-5029) (32-4-4,208) of REAL BEER challenged KITALA THE BOLD (78-875)
(79-99-2,208) of SAND DANCERS.  Straight across.  GROLSCH bested KITALA THE BOLD in a
crowd pleasing 6 minute bloody Challenge match.  What really pleased the crowd was
the beer that Grosch promised everybody after his win.
     DAIRY QUEEN (47-2685) (58-34-2,185) of ROYAL FLUSH challenged FATHER OF ALL MUNS
(20-2306) (30-39-1,190) of THE FAMILY TREE.  Up 5.  DAIRY QUEEN was devastated by
FATHER OF ALL MUNS in a 2 minute Challenge duel.  You know, that's not a bad idea.  I
could devastate some ice cream myself.
     F.O.A.D. (73-442) (30-12-2,200) of ALPHABET SOUP challenged TASHIA (11-2740)
(27-30-1,201) of DEADLY DE-PARTED.  Up 1.  F.O.A.D. was defeated by TASHIA in a 2
minute bloody Challenge match.  Tashia used to win first prize in her school's
spelling bees.  This was when she was younger and not departed, of course.
     JUNINHO (7-4001) (23-12-1,224) of IMPORTED FOOTBALLERS challenged KALANDRA (50-
2443) (53-55-3,230) of DARK SIDHE.  Up 6.  JUNINHO was overpowered by KALANDRA in a 1
minute mismatched Challenge duel.  I understand that Kalandra was met after the fight
by the scout for a football team.  Will we lose her to some other game?
     JACK VALTRAEDS (47-407) (81-57-2,221) of ROYAL FLUSH challenged SNOOPER (1-5154)
(32-17-3,254) of MIKE'S MISFITS.  Up 33.  JACK VALTRAEDS was subdued by SNOOPER in an
exciting 2 minute Challenge melee.  Ah, and what secrets did Snooper know about Jack?
We will never find out....

     And for the title--
     ATONEMENT (82-761) (42-25-0,323) of A UNIT XV challenged CRUMBSNATCHER (72-1842)
(47-27-1,273) of ONE GOOD DUDE.  Down 50 to reach the throne.  ATONEMENT slimly won
victory over CRUMBSNATCHER in a 5 minute Challenge Title fight.  Crumbsnatcher
obviously put up a tough struggle, but Well Done, Atonement.


THE TOWER GUARDIAN            W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 ATONEMENT 82-761            43  25  0  341  A UNIT XV (851)            DWES EG

GRAND CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS    W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 SNOOPER 1-5154              33  17  3  274  MIKE'S MISFITS (793)       MORDANT
 PRINCE APPLE 47-325         98  69  2  259  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
 FENGAR II 20-61            103  71  1  256  OVERLORDS (371)            SEAM
 KALANDRA 50-2443            54  55  3  247  DARK SIDHE (642)           SNOWBOUND
 NEWT GINGRICH 5-3399        69  25  0  227  PARTY ANIMALS (476)        KALTOS
 GROLSCH 21-5029             33   4  4  216  REAL BEER (859)            SUNSET
 TASHIA 11-2740              28  30  1  216  DEADLY DE-PARTED (370)     ARUAK CITY
 SITS ON HIS DUFF 73-1810    37  18  3  213  THINGS GEORGE DOES (812)   ERINIKA
 FATHER OF ALL MUNS 20-2306  31  39  1  212  THE FAMILY TREE (717)      SEAM
 SCUM #1 50-2743             45  50  0  211  DARK SIDHE (642)           SNOWBOUND

GRAND CHAMPIONS               W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 KING FORADAY 47-3762        40  37  4  210  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
 LONALILTA 50-2806           49  41  2  208  DARK SIDHE (642)           SNOWBOUND
 KING UVDAHELL 47-1643       31  12  1  208  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
 FIGHTER ACE 47-1189         51  39  6  207  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
-AVAUNT 10-4170              41  29  2  207  A  UNIT (961)              KOLACT
 KITALA THE BOLD 78-875      79 100  2  205  SAND DANCERS (848)         LIN TIRIAN
-AULIC 25-3944               36  26  0  205  A UNIT (835)               LYRATILAN
-ALYSSA 82-656               31  32  0  205  A UNIT XII (850)           DWES EG
 CRUMBSNATCHER 72-1842       47  28  1  203  ONE GOOD DUDE (396)        DRAGONHEAD
 PAT 35-2292                 34  40  2  201  COMMON JOE'S (509)         MURSKA
 SIDON 31-3712               30  21  2  200  DARQUE FORCES (908)        CHIMLEVTAL
 JACK VALTRAEDS 47-407       81  58  2  199  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
 WILLIE MAKIT 73-514        101  38  2  198  MISTAKEN IDENTITY (96)     ERINIKA
 SANDMAN 11-3923             50  51  2  196  ANDORIAN KNIGHTS (962)     ARUAK CITY
 F.O.A.D. 73-442             30  13  2  196  ALPHABET SOUP (943)        ERINIKA
 MONKEY BUSINESS 25-4040     28  16  1  196  PRIMATES-R-US (963)        LYRATILAN
 SANDBLASTER 11-3899         50  50  3  192  ANDORIAN KNIGHTS (962)     ARUAK CITY
 BEERVAHNA 60-4292           30  30  3  190  INGRATE WHITE NORTH (745)  ARADI
 JUNINHO 7-4001              23  13  1  190  IMPORTED FOOTBALLERS (883) BONSUR

GRAND CHAMPIONS               W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
-BUTCH 70-6657               31  23  2  186  A UNIT (844)               SENTERN
 SIR LY 10-4116              38  28  0  182  SIR AGLIO (716)            KOLACT

GRAND CHALLENGER ADEPTS       W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 DISCO QUEEN 47-1992         32  12  1  180  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
 DAIRY QUEEN 47-2685         58  35  2  176  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
 TEMPUS 31-538               31  29  0  175  THE STORMGUARDS (192)      CHIMLEVTAL
 SIR PLUS 10-4316            29  21  1  174  SIR AGLIO (716)            KOLACT
 TEN COMMANDMENTS 47-3843    36  32  0  173  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
-SNOOKUMS 82-610             35  32  0  173  A UNIT XI (849)            DWES EG
 OUR LADY PEACE 79-1191      24   8  2  171  CHAPEL ROCK (615)          MIROI CHANG
 WHEEL OF FORTUNE 25-2529    43  35  2  167  DUELING FOR DOLLARS (558)  LYRATILAN
 HANNYA 73-4350              23   7  1  166  BLOOD LUST (978)           ERINIKA
 THANATO 39-2824             25  21  1  164  OPHIDIAN ORDER (705)       XOCHITHLAN
 JUAN 41-2304                23  15  0  164  DREAM TEAMS (919)          KATI-TEI
-GERTRUDE 44-2582            22   8  0  162  DARQUE FORCES (857)        KRILL
 SANDPAWN 11-4169            43  21  1  160  ANDORIAN KNIGHTS (962)     ARUAK CITY
 KYRA 51-3774                41  38  1  156  SAND DANCERS (610)         TRICORUS
 DUNEDIN 14-3703             28  32  0  155  OTAGO HIGHLANDERS (808)    TOBIR
 TYRE 31-3713                28  18  0  155  DARQUE FORCES (908)        CHIMLEVTAL

GRAND ADEPTS                  W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 AVONSIDE 13-3927            30  37  1  147  KIWI CONNECTION (747)      DULLENS
 BELGOROTH 50-3175           28  27  0  147  DARK SIDHE (642)           SNOWBOUND
 DOLLFACE 39-2372            56  74  1  141  DRINKING BUDDIES (574)     XOCHITHLAN
 *WINTER* 65-3644            26  19  1  137  ANCIENT KNIGHTS (817)      DAL SHANG
 CARLA 39-2428               58  69  1  136  DRINKING BUDDIES (574)     XOCHITHLAN
-JOYCE 25-4387               25  16  0  136  HAREM (998)                LYRATILAN
 BUCKNER 50-2841             25  25  1  135  IRON CURTAIN (791)         SNOWBOUND
-MOUNTEBANK 4-2083           43  19  0  130  CARNIVAL (686)             JHELUM
 STONEWALL 11-3900           47  53  2  123  ANDORIAN KNIGHTS (962)     ARUAK CITY
 BALCLUTHA 14-3169           23  32  1  115  OTAGO HIGHLANDERS (808)    TOBIR
 AB DESTINED 4 THE  65-1154  16   4  2  112  PAUL'Z PHARTZ (985)        DAL SHANG
-FOGGY 72-4595               12   1  2  103  DARQUE FORCES (1009)       DRAGONHEAD

GRAND CHALLENGER INITIATES    W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 FEATHER 54-1742             17  13  2  100  THE WHITE COMPANY (529)    TROCAR
 MATADOR 11-4139             37  32  2   99  ANDORIAN KNIGHTS (962)     ARUAK CITY
-URSULA 45-3713              22  15  1   99  DARQUE FORCES (941)        STORMCROWE
 MIRTA 51-4033               41  27  1   91  SAND DANCERS (610)         TRICORUS

GRAND INITIATES               W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
-EVE 72-4596                 11   2  0   87  DARQUE FORCES (1009)       DRAGONHEAD
 PINE 78-2350                21   3  1   86  TREE PEOPLE (1019)         LIN TIRIAN
 LEVITICUS 54-1687           16  15  2   84  THE WHITE COMPANY (529)    TROCAR
-DROSS 31-4305               17  12  2   83  SOLIPSISM II (1004)        CHIMLEVTAL
-BREADSTICKS 14-3772         21   9  0   78  PISSED PIZZA GUYS (831)    TOBIR
 SIR YDER 31-4353            20   8  0   77  WILLBENDERS (1016)         CHIMLEVTAL
 VAMPIRE 25-4546             17   9  0   77  BARHOPPERS (1008)          LYRATILAN
-GABRIA HAND 39-3294         26  25  1   76  THE MIDDLE WAY (946)       XOCHITHLAN
 CATFISH HUNTER 5-3315       14  15  1   75  PARTY ANIMALS (476)        KALTOS
 MERCY 54-1797               16   9  0   73  THE BLACK COMPANY (698)    TROCAR
 DEBBIE DAHMER 45-3579       20   5  1   71  MORDRED'S MADMEN (1015)    STORMCROWE
-BERWICK 14-3901             18  10  3   67  OTAGO HIGHLANDERS (808)    TOBIR
 EGAN FORN 39-3295           24  28  0   65  THE MIDDLE WAY (946)       XOCHITHLAN
 EGOTISTIC DUKE 28-2779      19   7  1   63  ABYSMAL BEHAVIORS (694)    MORYA
-LAST MINUTE 82-11517        18  11  3   61  VERMIN!! (1024)            DWES EG
 DANNIA TYL SIO 52-3393      30  20  1   57  SAND DANCERS (942)         FRATSFA
-JOEY ABEQ 54-2453           18  15  1   54  TRADERS OF TROCAR (1027)   TROCAR
-NIBENAY 71-3380             21  19  1   51  DARQUE FORCES (863)        KYR'TERR
-SABRETOOTH 54-2269          19  12  2   50  RUNNING AMOK (979)         TROCAR
 GILGAMESH 31-4428           14  12  0   49  THE STORMBRINGERS (553)    CHIMLEVTAL
-TURBINE 28-1511             12   6  2   49  THE RED REAVERS (325)      MORYA

GRAND INITIATES               W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 NORM PETERSON 39-2745       39  68  0   48  DRINKING BUDDIES (574)     XOCHITHLAN
 SPLIT 78-2347               19  12  0   39  PBA (1006)                 LIN TIRIAN
 300 78-2346                 16  14  0   33  PBA (1006)                 LIN TIRIAN

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD                    W   L  K TEAM NAME              SLAIN BY              TURN

                               PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE

Willie Makit -- In order to help my cause, how about we count total ADM titles?  I
get one for Lirin Kiv. -- Fengar II

High Lord Bosk -- Salute warrior.  How fares thee?  Indeed, RUSH IN RIO has just been
released.  The power trio are in good form.  Tal. -- The Icelord

Livia -- What right do you have to be annoyed?  My stable is outraged that 50 Hostzie
Anti-Aruak city stables have invaded my home town and are trying to destroy our way
of life.  Did you really believe the Aruak City War will only be fought within the
city limits?  Without Andorian law here in this non-Andorian arena each stable can do
as they want.  My stable and I will then do as we want.  We will hunt down and
destroy all who hate us.  Without mercy or honor! -- AK47

     Sir, I am the spy reporter here.  It is my job to observe and report.  I would
     suggest that if you are concerned about the events in Aruak City, which are NOT
     my business, you reactivate there and combat them where it will count.

Andorian Knights Stable -- Good job on attacking the offenders.  Kitala the Bold was
seen visiting the newcomers of The Traders of Trocar Stable.  That stable is now open
for attack now.  As of yet no other stables have shown hate towards those of our
kinsmen. -- AK47

Tashia -- We salute you for becoming once again top warrior of Aruak City. -- Sandman

Dairy Queen, Debbie Dahmer and Egan Forn -- My stablemates enjoyed your kind words of
praise.  However we must remain focused on our conflict at hand. -- Stonewall

Ten Commandments -- Does it not matter what I write on the stones? -- Sandman

All -- It is with great pleasure I announce my first ADM warrior, Sir Lancelot.  I
have much to learn and some of you here I have already had the pleasure of meeting.
I look forward to getting to know you all.  Feel free to offer suggestions (other
than retirement) and advice. -- Baphomet, manager
P.S.  Any protocol, rules of engagement?

     Congratulations on this milestone, sir.

All -- I keep seeing those personals about one federation vs. another and it bothers
me that one wants to run the other out of an arena.  I'm against that.  If someone
declares they want to run someone else out, I'm with the banished.  But I can't
figure out who wants to banish whom, so if you want my help, clear the air for me.  I
would prefer to just drop all this talk about banishing someone.  And as for those
comments about downchallenges, a downchallenge is a warrior with 165 fights
challenging one with 61 fights.  Recognition point are meaningless.  I am a Delarq,
by the way. -- Abby

Crip -- Yeah, I know "Holy verbosity."  But I'm that way occasionally. -- Abby

Jack Valtraeds -- Gee, I was looking for a better teacher! -- Hannya

Abby -- No, not curious in the least.  You may continue to challenge if you want. --

Aulic -- Surprisingly entertaining.  I must say, your units seem to assist well in
providing stat raises. -- Prince Apple

Atonement -- And we'll keep challenging until you let one of us win.  It's considered
a challenge, not looking for an easy win. -- Sits On His Duff

Snooper -- WoWsEr!  You seem to be on something. -- F.O.A.D.

Crumbsnatcher -- Well done, wasn't expecting your style. -- Willie Makit

Lonalilta -- Thank you so much for putting me back on a winning streak, well, a one
fight winning streak at least. -- Newt Gingrich

     Every streak begins with a single win.

Butch -- Surprise!  But don't be disappointed.  I'm one of three of Crip's Crap that
have more tourney FE than arena FE. -- Juninho

Tashia -- Though shalt not learn any more defence skills (I hope!). -- Ten

Dunedin -- That's the end of the regular season, hope to see you in Spring Training.
-- Monkey Business

Hannya -- Interesting trade of fight results for training.  May it serve you well in
the long run. -- Jack Valtraeds

Scum #1 -- Don't you know, scum are not supposed to fight back. -- Our Lady Peace

Avaunt -- You seem to be improving more than I am, as it only took you half as long
to win this time around. -- Fighter Ace

Tempus -- It's not too often I get to see a warrior with a lower ID# than mine who
lets me walk away with a win.  We have to do this more often. -- King Uvdahell

     Is this the beginning of something beautiful?

Avonside -- Is that the north side or the south side of the river? -- Dairy Queen,
surveying her lands

Sir Ly -- Loser to a basher in ADM would turn my smile into a frown as well.  Perhaps
it is time to consider an alternate career. -- King Foraday

Alyssa -- Yet another close one.  But a lite beer?  Not in your life time. -- Grolsch

Tyre -- Don't wear out, just keep shaking that booty. -- Disco Queen

Feather -- Well done, ma'am.  I salute you. -- Egan Forn

Sir Yder -- Drat, I KNEW I shouldn't have come to the Isle!  I hate being hit.  I'm
not even sure why I became a gladiator....  No, I'm sure of that.  It was because of
my father.  HIM, I will be glad to beat up, if I get the chance.  So maybe I should
retire and go hunt him down....  Hmm, have to think about that? -- Joey Abeq

Egotistical Duke -- That's an abysmal behavior?  I thought that was NORMAL for a
gladiator.  Good try, anyway, but it seems to have been my day (so few of them are!).
-- Dannia tyl Sio

Last Minute -- Well, not quite.  More like the third from the last, I think. -- Mirta
P.S.  I never use my feet.  I'm no kick-boxer!

31 October 2003
     Come one, come all, to the greatest contest in Alastari!  The Third Annual Turf
War will be in North Fork (DM 47) starting in about 6-7 turns....  C'mon and get your
team some experience, and get declared!
     More info available in North Fork's newsletter.
     Bloody Sands. -- Asmo Dius, TCB

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

ATONEMENT slimly won victory over CRUMBSNATCHER in a 5 minute Challenge Title fight.
JACK VALTRAEDS was subdued by SNOOPER in a exciting 2 minute Challenge melee.
JUNINHO was overpowered by KALANDRA in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge duel.
F.O.A.D. was defeated by TASHIA in a 2 minute bloody Challenge match.
DAIRY QUEEN was devastated by FATHER OF ALL MUNS in a 2 minute Challenge duel.
GROLSCH bested KITALA THE BOLD in a crowd pleasing 6 minute bloody Challenge match.
SANDMAN was savagely defeated by LONALILTA in a 5 minute Challenge melee.
SANDPAWN won victory over KYRA in a popular 6 minute Challenge duel.
DISCO QUEEN slimly won victory over HANNYA in a popular 7 minute gory Challenge duel.
OUR LADY PEACE was beaten by SANDBLASTER in a popular 1 minute Challenge melee.
TEN COMMANDMENTS was overpowered by SIDON in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge match.
STONEWALL unbelievably bested BALCLUTHA in a 2 minute Challenge conflict.
FEATHER was luckily beaten by DOLLFACE in a popular 5 minute bloody Challenge brawl.
LEVITICUS was overcome by MIRTA in a action packed 1 minute Challenge fight.
DEBBIE DAHMER defeated EGAN FORN in a 1 minute Challenge struggle.
FENGAR II vanquished WILLIE MAKIT in a crowd pleasing 3 minute bloody one-sided fray.
BEERVAHNA was devastated by CRYSALIS GUARD in a exciting 1 minute one-sided fight.
NEWT GINGRICH overpowered PAT in a 1 minute one-sided bout.
PRINCE APPLE overpowered RIRORNI COOK in a 1 minute mismatched conflict.
SITS ON HIS DUFF overpowered ARENAMASTER SANDAVOL in a exciting 2 minute uneven fight.
FIGHTER ACE handily defeated RIRORNI CAPTAIN in a crowd pleasing 1 minute uneven duel.
KING UVDAHELL overpowered TEMPUS in a popular 1 minute one-sided match.
KING FORADAY vanquished THANATO in a action packed 2 minute gory one-sided match.
MONKEY BUSINESS was defeated by SCUM #1 in a action packed 4 minute brutal match.
AVONSIDE lost to TYRE in a 2 minute fray.
WHEEL OF FORTUNE was luckily beaten by SIR LY in a exciting 2 minute fray.
SIR PLUS overcame CARLA in a exciting 1 minute duel.
DUNEDIN was luckily beaten by JUAN in a action packed 4 minute fight.
*WINTER* handily defeated CHEATING MANAGER in a exciting 1 minute one-sided fight.
BELGOROTH savagely defeated BUCKNER in a exciting 2 minute gory bout.
MATADOR was viciously subdued by AB DESTINED 4 THE DA in a 4 minute match.
PINE defeated MERCY in a exciting 1 minute struggle.
SPLIT was demolished by CAPTURED PIRATE KING in a 1 minute one-sided struggle.
300 was handily defeated by EGOTISTIC DUKE in a 1 minute one-sided fight.
VAMPIRE demolished GILGAMESH in a 1 minute one-sided conflict.
DANNIA TYL SIO lost to CATFISH HUNTER in a popular 1 minute bout.
SIR YDER vanquished NORM PETERSON in a 1 minute mismatched bout.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                  20         PARRY-RIPOSTE     16 -  10 -  1      62  |
|WALL OF STEEL                   13         SLASHING ATTACK   22 -  16 -  0      58  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                 10         AIMED BLOW        30 -  22 -  0      58  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      7         LUNGING ATTACK    89 -  75 -  1      54  |
|AIMED BLOW                       5         PARRY-STRIKE       7 -   6 -  0      54  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      4         WALL OF STEEL     63 -  58 -  0      52  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  4         STRIKING ATTACK   55 -  52 -  1      51  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         BASHING ATTACK     5 -   5 -  0      50  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    2         TOTAL PARRY       26 -  33 -  0      44  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   1         PARRY-LUNGE       29 -  39 -  1      43  |

Turn 137 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

PARRY-STRIKE       2 -  0     LUNGING ATTACK     9 - 11         3  LUNGING ATTACK 
BASHING ATTACK     1 -  0     AIMED BLOW         1 -  4         2  WALL OF STEEL  
TOTAL PARRY        3 -  1                                       2  STRIKING ATTACK
PARRY-LUNGE        4 -  3                                       1  PARRY-RIPOSTE  
WALL OF STEEL      7 -  6                                       1  PARRY-LUNGE    
PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -  1                                       1  SLASHING ATTACK
SLASHING ATTACK    2 -  2                                       1  TOTAL PARRY    
STRIKING ATTACK    5 -  5     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
WALL OF STEEL    ATONEMENT 82-761           43  25  0  341 A UNIT XV (851)
PARRY-RIPOSTE    SNOOPER 1-5154             33  17  3  274 MIKE'S MISFITS (793)
STRIKING ATTACK  PRINCE APPLE 47-325        98  69  2  259 ROYAL FLUSH (10)
LUNGING ATTACK   FENGAR II 20-61           103  71  1  256 OVERLORDS (371)
PARRY-LUNGE      KALANDRA 50-2443           54  55  3  247 DARK SIDHE (642)
SLASHING ATTACK  NEWT GINGRICH 5-3399       69  25  0  227 PARTY ANIMALS (476)
TOTAL PARRY      SCUM #1 50-2743            45  50  0  211 DARK SIDHE (642)
BASHING ATTACK   KING FORADAY 47-3762       40  37  4  210 ROYAL FLUSH (10)
AIMED BLOW       WILLIE MAKIT 73-514       101  38  2  198 MISTAKEN IDENTITY (96)
PARRY-STRIKE     DISCO QUEEN 47-1992        32  12  1  180 ROYAL FLUSH (10)

The overall popularity leader is KITALA THE BOLD 78-875.  The most popular warrior 
this turn was LONALILTA 50-2806.  The ten other most popular fighters were KITALA THE 
72-1842, DISCO QUEEN 47-1992, KYRA 51-3774, AB DESTINED 4 THE DA 65-1154, DUNEDIN 
14-3703, and BALCLUTHA 14-3169.

The least popular fighter this week was GILGAMESH 31-4428.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were 300 78-2346, SPLIT 78-2347, TEN COMMANDMENTS 47-3843, NORM 
PETERSON 39-2745, CARLA 39-2428, TEMPUS 31-538, PAT 35-2292, EGAN FORN 39-3295, DAIRY 
QUEEN 47-2685, and JUNINHO 7-4001.

Arena (Number)       W  L K  Arena (Number)       W  L K  Arena (Number)       W  L K  
MORDANT(1)           1  0 0  MORYA(28)            1  0 0  FRATSFA(52)          0  1 0  
KALTOS(5)            2  0 0  CHIMLEVTAL(31)       3  2 0  TROCAR(54)           0  3 0  
BONSUR(7)            0  1 0  MURSKA(35)           0  1 0  ARADI(60)            0  1 0  
KOLACT(10)           2  0 0  XOCHITHLAN(39)       1  4 0  DAL SHANG(65)        2  0 0  
ARUAK CITY(11)       4  2 0  KATI-TEI(41)         1  0 0  DRAGONHEAD(72)       0  1 0  
DULLENS(13)          0  1 0  STORMCROWE(45)       1  0 0  ERINIKA(73)          1  3 0  
TOBIR(14)            0  2 0  NORTH FORK(47)       5  3 0  LIN TIRIAN(78)       1  3 0  
SEAM(20)             2  0 0  SNOWBOUND(50)        4  1 0  MIROI CHANG(79)      0  1 0  
SUNSET(21)           1  0 0  TRICORUS(51)         1  1 0  DWES EG(82)          1  0 0  
LYRATILAN(25)        1  2 0  

TOP WARRIOR OF EACH ARENA     W   L  K PNTS  TEAM NAME                  CITY           
 SNOOPER 1-5154              33  17  3  274  MIKE'S MISFITS (793)       MORDANT
 NEWT GINGRICH 5-3399        69  25  0  227  PARTY ANIMALS (476)        KALTOS
 JUNINHO 7-4001              23  13  1  190  IMPORTED FOOTBALLERS (883) BONSUR
 SIR LY 10-4116              38  28  0  182  SIR AGLIO (716)            KOLACT
 TASHIA 11-2740              28  30  1  216  DEADLY DE-PARTED (370)     ARUAK CITY
 AVONSIDE 13-3927            30  37  1  147  KIWI CONNECTION (747)      DULLENS
 DUNEDIN 14-3703             28  32  0  155  OTAGO HIGHLANDERS (808)    TOBIR
 FENGAR II 20-61            103  71  1  256  OVERLORDS (371)            SEAM
 GROLSCH 21-5029             33   4  4  216  REAL BEER (859)            SUNSET
 MONKEY BUSINESS 25-4040     28  16  1  196  PRIMATES-R-US (963)        LYRATILAN
 EGOTISTIC DUKE 28-2779      19   7  1   63  ABYSMAL BEHAVIORS (694)    MORYA
 SIDON 31-3712               30  21  2  200  DARQUE FORCES (908)        CHIMLEVTAL
 PAT 35-2292                 34  40  2  201  COMMON JOE'S (509)         MURSKA
 THANATO 39-2824             25  21  1  164  OPHIDIAN ORDER (705)       XOCHITHLAN
 JUAN 41-2304                23  15  0  164  DREAM TEAMS (919)          KATI-TEI
 DEBBIE DAHMER 45-3579       20   5  1   71  MORDRED'S MADMEN (1015)    STORMCROWE
 PRINCE APPLE 47-325         98  69  2  259  ROYAL FLUSH (10)           NORTH FORK
 KALANDRA 50-2443            54  55  3  247  DARK SIDHE (642)           SNOWBOUND
 KYRA 51-3774                41  38  1  156  SAND DANCERS (610)         TRICORUS
 DANNIA TYL SIO 52-3393      30  20  1   57  SAND DANCERS (942)         FRATSFA
 FEATHER 54-1742             17  13  2  100  THE WHITE COMPANY (529)    TROCAR
 BEERVAHNA 60-4292           30  30  3  190  INGRATE WHITE NORTH (745)  ARADI
 *WINTER* 65-3644            26  19  1  137  ANCIENT KNIGHTS (817)      DAL SHANG
 CRUMBSNATCHER 72-1842       47  28  1  203  ONE GOOD DUDE (396)        DRAGONHEAD
 SITS ON HIS DUFF 73-1810    37  18  3  213  THINGS GEORGE DOES (812)   ERINIKA
 KITALA THE BOLD 78-875      79 100  2  205  SAND DANCERS (848)         LIN TIRIAN
 OUR LADY PEACE 79-1191      24   8  2  171  CHAPEL ROCK (615)          MIROI CHANG
 ATONEMENT 82-761            43  25  0  341  A UNIT XV (851)            DWES EG


     Beginning at the Winter Face-to-Face in Tempe (January 2004), we will implement 
several changes affecting tournaments.  The tournament announcement for the upcoming 
FTF and future tourneys will reflect these changes.
     First, we will eliminate the tourney freeze for all regular DM warrior classes.  
Regular DM warriors will not be classed ahead of the tournament, but instead will 
fight according to their FE on the date of the tourney.  There will still be a freeze 
for the ADM classes, occurring on the same timeline as before, approximately 6 weeks 
before the tournament.
     In addition to the above change, the warrior classes will be slightly altered.  
The new tourney classes will be as follows:

                DM Tourney Classes                 ADM Tourney Classes
              ======================              ======================
                  0 FE:  Rookies                        Freshmen
                1-4 FE:  Apprentices                    ADM
               5-10 FE:  Initiates                      Eligibles
              11-20 FE:  Adepts                      ---induction---
              21-30 FE:  Champions                      Contenders
                31+ FE:  Challengers                    Primus

     All regular DM tourney classes will remain solely FE based.  All ADM classes will 
now be based on warrior characteristics (i.e., the ADM split algorithm), including the 
Freshmen class.
     The Gateway and Primus arenas will be merging before the FTF to form one top 
arena.  These warriors will be split into two tournament classes, the Contenders and 
the Primus classes, again based upon their characteristics.  More information on this 
will be published in the newsletters for those arenas.
     If you have any questions about the above changes, please contact Customer 
Service.  Good luck in your games.

                                          -- Green Eyes and the RSI staff