Upon the separate powers of our faith, we hereby proclaim and declare our Allegiance to Alastari, Land under the Bright Stars. We are together resolved to protect the Land against all who would array themselves as its foes.

By our symbol in the Guardian Sword, we pledge to hold ready our arms in defense of the Land and all who dwell therein, from the greatest even unto the least.

In remembrance of the arena cities from whence we hail, we further declare our long standing brotherhood to all who contest with steel in the gladiatorial games. If fate or duty should stand us in battle against any of these, our brethren, it shall be our common mercy to spare these their lives, striving then only to show forth our mastery at arms.

Should any of us become bound in quest, beyond the sands of the arena, it is our firm resolve to stand united in answer to the needs of the land.

To the bane of all creatures who would league themselves as enemies of Alastari, wizard or warrior, of this world or any other, these vows we do swear.

And so there came to be gathered upon the Isle scores of warriors hailing from every city upon the face of Alastari. Great heroes all, bound by a code of purpose which stands above the inevitable petty rivalries that must needs arise from these games or from each warrior's allegiance to his homeland. The war hammers of the Delarquan Federation, together with the lances of the Andorian League and the swords of the Free Cities here unite against any threat that might befall this world called Alastari.

In this way ended the first chapter in the chronicles of the Advanced Duelmasters Games. This history is no longer to be traced by scribes, but hewn by the Lord Protectors of Alastari with the bold and sure strokes of the Guardian Sword.

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