Making the Transfer to A.D.

At this point you may have some questions pertaining to the transfer of your character from Basic Duelmasters to Advanced Duelmasters.

First, your character will transfer following one last turn of play in your regular game. Thus, for the upcoming turn you will send in your strategy sheet along with the rest of the characters in your stable just as usual.

Next turn, with your results, you will find a replacement rollup for each character on your team that will be going to Advanced Duelmasters. Your characters in Advanced Duelmasters are still a part of the original team they came from. However, since they will be fighting in a different arena, your home guild will need to be filled out to its full complement of five warriors.

The transfer of your character to A.D. will occur after the arena processes this turn. After this final turn, your character will no longer be eligible to participate in Basic Duelmasters.

When your warrior arrives at the Isle of the Eye, he will be trained to use his favorite weapon if he lacks the attributes to use it.

After your character has fought his last turn in Basic Duelmasters, you will use the Advanced Duelmasters turnsheet to send in your character's strategy. The only difference in filling out the sheet initially will be to fill in the game number blank with the A.D. arena number (100) rather than the game number you fill in for the rest of your team. Also, when writing your character's ID, write his original arena number followed by his regular ID number, i.e., 37-041 for character #41 in arena 37. Please send your Advanced Duelmasters turn in a separate envelope from your Basic team. The due date for your first Advanced Duelmasters turn will be the same as the due date for your regular arena team. When you receive the newsletter for your first turn in Advanced Duelmasters, the due date for the next turn will be listed (just as in Basic Duelmasters).

It is our sincere hope that you will be as excited about Advanced Duelmasters as we are. Naturally, if you feel that it is something you don't wish to participate in, you may choose not to play at your option. It must be made clear, however, that no characters who have advanced to Advanced Duelmasters may go back to fighting in the regular Duelmasters arenas. This rule is not intended as a penalty for those who don't wish to join Advanced Duelmasters, it is necessary in terms of game balance since all characters good enough to compete with your Advanced Duelmasters character have also been taken out of the arena to go to Advanced Duelmasters. If you do not wish your character to participate in Advanced Duelmasters, you may retire him with honor by not ever sending in that character's Advanced Duelmasters turnsheet. (Sure, we all know that it would be fun to hang around the old home arena and mercilessly beat up on less experienced warriors, but not very challenging!)

All that is left to say is congratulations! The fact that you have made it to Advanced Duelmasters demonstrates that you have put a lot of time and effort developing a good warrior. At your level you probably don't need luck but we still wish you the best of it. Best wishes for the challenges now before you!

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