The tip for getting started in the arena is do not get discouraged over early losses and/or a low team ranking in the beginning! What a lot of beginning players don't realize is that in Duelmasters winning just a little over 50% of your fights is considered very good play. In most arenas a 60% overall Win-Loss record is enough for a team to hold a position at the very top. Some of the most respected team managers in the game have team rankings below 50% because they do a lot of strategic experimentation.

What it boils down to is that because Duelmasters is a game of continually developing strategy and experimentation, losses are commonplace. The undefeated team is non-existent. The undefeated warrior is almost so. Take your losses with a grain of salt and remember that the best team managers are those who learn from every one of their fights, both from victory and defeat.

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