Defensive Tactics

By using a defensive tactic, a warrior may be able to avoid injury, but at the risk of their own endurance.

Parry (P): When using the Parry tactic, a warrior will modify their fighting stance to more fully engage the parrying abilities of their weapons. The warrior keeps their weapons directly before them, and plants their feet a little wider apart. The Parry tactic "commits" a warrior's weapons to a parry posture, which weakens that warrior's decisiveness, initiative, and attack ability. The Parry tactic is most effective versus a Slash, less effective versus a Lunge.

Dodge (D): The Dodge tactic causes almost constant movement, allowing increased mobility and ability to dodge a blow. A fast, highly trained warrior using the Dodge tactic seldom needs to parry and can make an opponent look inept. However, there are weaknesses. Power is lost because the warrior seldom has both feet firmly planted to allow a balanced and powerful swing. The constant shifting causes increased error; the warrior may step away from an attack or into a sudden blow. Their foes cannot develop a complex, formal attack upon them, but neither have they time to attack their foes. Lastly, constantly ducking and weaving is tiring. This tactic is most effective versus a Lunge, and least versus a Slash.

Riposte (R): A warrior using this tactic focuses on the counter-strike, striking the foe while they are in that awkward period between making an attack and recovering enough to make a parry. Riposte techniques vary, but usually consist of a parry followed by a tight circular motion of the parrying weapon and a step forward. A well executed attack cannot be riposted, but when facing an uninspired offense, a riposting warrior may even beat their foe to the attack. A riposting warrior is more tentative and may miss opportunities to strike, or attempt to parry and riposte versus a well executed attack, and miss the parry entirely. The Riposte works best versus clumsy attacks (which are often bashing) and fares worst against well executed large weapon attacks (which are also often bashing!).

Responsiveness (S): This tactic is simply Decisiveness used in a defensive manner. Using Responsiveness allows the warrior to use their speed and decisiveness to enhance their abilities to dodge and parry. The warrior will be keyed mentally to respond instantly to any attack. The chief weakness is that any warrior using this tactic largely gives away the initiative. As with the Decisiveness tactic, a warrior using Responsiveness sometimes makes instantaneous, but bad dueling decisions. Responsiveness is only of real value against very decisive warriors, and is least effective versus patient, methodical warriors.

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