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Table of Contents

An Overview of the Game
Sample Fight
How to Use These Rules
Filling Out Your Strategy Sheets
Weapons, Armour, and Helms
Warrior Training
The Challenge and Avoid Section
Fighting Strategy
Offensive and Defensive Tactics
General Rules
The Duelmaster
The Arena Class Ranking System
The Awards System
The Bloodfeud
Challenging and Avoiding Other Teams
Warrior Training
Death and the Dark Arena
Player Participation and Interaction
Political Factions in Alastari
The Humans of Alastari
The Races of Lirith Kai
Other Races of Ghea
RSI Editorial Policy
Reference Section
Fighting Styles
The Bashing Attack Style
The Slashing Attack Style
The Lunging Attack Style
The Striking Attack Style
The Aimed Blow Attack Style
The Wall of Steel Attack Style
The Total Parry Attack Style
The Parry-Lunge Attack Style
The Parry-Strike Attack Style
The Parry-Riposte Attack Style
Offensive and Defensive Tactics
Offensive Tactics
Defensive Tactics
Weapons, Armour, and Helms
The Weapons
The Armour
The Helms
The Historical Development of the Fighting Styles
Design Statement
One Final Word
Duelmasters Strategy Sheet Codes
Duelmasters Rule Revisions and Supplementary Information
Advanced Duelmasters Rules
Information about Ghea, Alastari, and Lirith Kai

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