The Humans of Alastari


The Fratsfans (or Frafrejans; Frafrejan is an older variant of the name) are a people living in the northern part of Alastari, mainly in the Andorian League. Fratsfans are very fair, with hair which is blond or red, usually straight and fine, though occasional curly-haired families show up. Blue or grey eyes are most common, though hazel, brown, and green eyes aren't completely unknown. They are tall, averaging 5'10 and up for women, 6'2" and up for men. The average Fratsfan has a rangy, broad-shouldered builds, with long, angular faces, strong, rather pointed chins, aquiline noses and sharply chiseled features. In many cases this tendency has obviously been enhanced by intermarriages with the Araoi elves who colonized the area around Fratsfa many centuries past. (It is to be noted that the Araoi elves of Alfhame consider this a revolting example of colonial degeneracy, and deny any relationship. However, the evidence is plain to see in the slightly slanted eyes and slightly pointed ears of many Fratsfan noble houses.

Fratsfans are considered a noble, chivalrous people; they value courtesy and honesty. They have a reputation for being almost foolishly courageous in war, sometimes choosing glory over good sense. They have a very high opinion of themselves and their glorious history. They are generous with others, but expect their generosity to be repaid and may take it as an affront if it is not.

Fratsfans may be found all over the Andorian League, but are most common in Fratsfa, Zensu, and Andor.


Krael, like Fratsfa, was an ancient outpost of the Van Empire which survived the Chaos War and became a kingdom in its own right. Less militaristic than the Frafrejans, the rulers of Krael turned instead to the arts of wizardry, creating a powerful, decadent court of wizard-lords in their capital city. The wizard-lords were eventually overthrown in the great cataclysm which sank the city of Krael and left the outlying community of Iaye an island.

There are very few Kraellians left in Alastari today, as most of them were destroyed when Krael sank beneath the waves and the rest intermarried with the Aruaki and Convincians. However, in Point and Iaye, there are still a few families with near-pure Kraellian blood. In general, Kraellians are very similar to Fratsfans in build and appearance, but Kraellians tend more to brown hair and eyes, and to be somewhat more heavily built. Kraellians are thought to be a haughty people with an aptitude for wizardry and an appetite for complex puzzles. They put great store on status and play the game of politics and intrigue very well.


The Harkeny are one of the most common races in Alastari. Inhabiting the Shewish Forest and most of the Free Cities, they are tan-skinned, and of average height and build. The most common hair colors are shades of brown, but blondes, redheads, and dark brown or black hair are not unknown. Curly or wavy hair is common. The most common eye color is brown, but blue, grey, green, and hazel are found as well. They tend to an average height (5'10 for males, 5'4 for females) and build, and have somewhat rounder, broader faces than is common in the far north. In southern Andoria, notably around Caer and Ardivent, where there has been much intermarriage with the Kyan elves, Harkene populations are somewhat shorter and slighter, with pointed ears and slanting eyes.

The Harkeny are considered superlative foresters with an uncanny ability to disappear into the landscape--an ability which has stood them in good stead in areas like the Karnhorn Empire. Harkenes are individualistic people, not given to building huge monuments or congregating in great cities. Self-reliant and distrustful of authority, they prefer many local chiefs or leaders to one all-powerful king. Other peoples sometimes accuse them of sharp dealings; Harkenes prefer to say that they tell everyone the truth they want to hear--if you don't want to hear the real truth, that's your problem.


Convincians are found in most of the Andorian League, but especially in Amen-tei, Kati-Tei, Krill, and the extreme northwest of the kingdom. To a stranger it's extremely difficult to tell a Convincian and a Harkene apart; Convincians are also of average height, build, and coloring. The main difference is that Convincians are fairer-skinned, and the lighter hair and eye colors are a little commoner among them--possibly due to interbreeding with the Fratsfans.

Convincians are known for stolid, unimaginative good sense; they, do, however, often harbor a secret longing for adventure. The farmboy who turns out to be a great hero is a favorite Convincian story. They are excellent farmers and craftsmen and supply much of the goods and manufacturing for Andoria. They prefer the civilized, tame, and controlled to the wild and untrammeled. They are generally peaceful sorts, unwilling to start a fight. They are, however, more than willing to finish one. Convincian temperament can be compared to a bull's--placid as long as you allow them to graze in peace, but wave that red flag...


The Karnhorn Empire is located in the northeast of Alastari, comprising the cities of Zuwayza, Aljafir, Veastian, Kurukar, Jurine, and Willaf. The Karnhorns are a lithe, graceful people with dark hair which may be straight or curly, and coppery skin. They have large, heavy-lidded eyes, oval faces, and Greek noses (no indentation at the bridge.) They favor mustaches and pointed beards for men, and very long hair for women. (Facial hair is more common among Karnhorns than among some related peoples such as the Ferencians, but not as common as it is among the Harkenes or Convincians.)

Karnhorns are a proud, cruel race, much given to scientific and philosophical study. They are warlike but crafty, and will not attack unless sure of their strength. They are hedonistic, enjoying physical pleasures as well as mental ones, and many have a deeply religious bent. They are ruthless, but by their own lights fair.


The Kannari are the primary race of the Delarquan Federation, and are a large portion of the population in the southern Free Cities as well. Kannari skin tones are usually medium brown to tan, without obvious coppery or olive undertones. Black or dark brown hair is most common. Hair may be straight or curly. Brown eyes predominate but hazel or green eyes are found occasionally in Kannari populations; in some areas red or lighter brown hair is fairly common. They are taller on the average than the Harkeny or the Karnhorns, but not so tall as the average Fratsfan. (5'11 for males, 5'6 for females.) They are more heavily built for their height than most of the other races. Their features are mixture of Rirot and Savradese: They have strong, rather blunt features, often with hawk noses.

Kannari are considered to be vicious, ruthless warriors. It's often been said that the Kannari are their own worst enemies, for one of the main reasons they haven't expanded their territory further is that they are usually fighting among themselves. They value pragmatism above all things--getting what you want is far more important than using "honorable" means to get it. If a knife in the back is more efficient than a single combat, go for the knife the back.


The Aruaki are originally of Ratani stock. They have olive skin, and dark hair, and lithe, graceful build. They rarely have facial hair. (Ironically, they greatly resemble their mortal enemies the Karnhorns.) High cheekbones and epicanthic folds are fairly common. Their eyes are yellow almost without exception. They inhabit the western part of the Andorian League in northwestern Alastari.

Some Aruaki are shapeshifters, with the ability to turn into lions, tigers, or other large cats. Aruaki are known for scholarship and wizardry, and for being rather cat-like in nature: curious, playful, but also capable of ruthless cruelty: a Kannari will kill an enemy quickly; an Aruaki plays with his prey. It is from the Aruaki that most of the members of the Andorian Assassins' Guild are drawn.

Aruaki are more religious than most other Andorians, being devoted to Demnat, the god of shapeshifters.

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