Political Factions in Alastari include:

1) The Andorian League is an association of northern kingdoms and city-states bound together under King Rylian. The Andorian nobility uphold strict ideals of chivalry and honor. The Andorian League is on its way to becoming the first truly unified nation of Alastari. It is represented on the Isle of the Eye by the arena known as Andorak.

2) The Delarquan Federation, in the south, is composed of kingdoms and city- states with a more aggressive outlook ("might makes right"), and is loosely ruled by the Crown Council, a congress of kings. The Delarquan cities tend to fight among themselves, but they still present a united and dangerous front to outsiders. The Federation is represented on the Isle of the Eye by the Darkholm arena.

3) The Free Cities are a group of independent city-states to the east, which have tentatively banded together in order to resist the expansion of the Andorian League and the Delarquan Federation. They are mostly younger cities with a freewheeling frontier atmosphere. Their arena on the Isle of the Eye is known as Free Blades.

4) The Empire of Lirith Kai: Lirith Kai is the largest nation in the arena system, and the most ancient. Also known as the Swordsman Empire, the skill of its warriors is great, but their honor is greater still. This sprawling and colorful area lies beyond the southwestern limits of Alastari, in the vast lands beyond the Trier Sea. It is represented on the Isle of the Eye by Lirin Kiv.

5) Sheila Greywand is a sorceress of tremendous power, who organized and led Alastari's defense against the last great invasion of armies from the outer Chaos. In preparation for the next invasion, she has raised an island out of the water in the Lake of Mists. There she has founded a school of wizardry. To this island she also invites gladiators who have won renown in their native arenas. She makes them ageless, resurrects them whenever they happen to die, and oversees their continued training. They will be the core of Alastari's defense the next time the forces of Chaos invade. Many Alastarians sign up as gladiators and risk death in the arena, in the hope of winning an invitation to Sheila Greywand's Isle of the Eye, and immortality.

For a map of Alastari, and/or more information about your particular arena, you can write to the Gladiatorial Commission. Or check out the background material online.

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