Player Participation and Interaction

There are several ways to become involved in Duelmasters beyond fighting a stable of warriors. While fighting is the only thing required to play, rise in the ranks, become Duelmaster or earn any other honors, several additional options are available to make the game more interesting. The Duelmaster's Column and Personal Ads in the arena newsletter are designed to be used "in character," as either individual warriors, or as a role playing personification of the Team Manager. Direct contact between team managers is possible through use of Diplomatic notes.

If at all possible, submit your material on a half sheet of paper, typed and double-spaced. If you can't type it, please write legibly. Personal Ads should be on a separate piece of paper from Team Spotlights. Remember to put your name, arena number, and account number on all submissions.

Duelmaster's Column: Any time a warrior becomes the Duelmaster, they may write a column expressing their views on such matters as they deem appropriate. As a new player, you'll have a chance to read many Duelmasters' Columns to give you an idea on what to write about. There is a 400 word limit to their length.

Team Spotlights: Here's something new team managers should start thinking about right away. Managers of all new teams may publish a column, similar in length to a Duelmaster's Column, where you can introduce your warriors and the history of their coming together to the rest of the players in your arena. We print Team Spotlights in the newsletter on a space available basis (usually one per newsletter).

Personal Ads: Each turn, we allow space in the newsletter for 100 words per player for publication in the Personal Ads. You can use this space to congratulate other fighters, threaten them with destruction, make offers of alliance, etc.

Articles: Once you've been playing for a while, you may wish to share some insights with other players at large. We try to publish articles of general interest and advice as often as possible. There is no set limit on length, but the shorter and more concise your article is, the better chance it has to make it into the newsletter.

Diplomatic Notes: A "diplo" is a means of communicating directly with other players to discuss strategy, form alliances, conquer common foes, and exchange information on gladiators in the arena. We prefer that you put your diplo notes on either note cards or half sheets of paper with the Arena Number, your Team Name and the addressee's Team Name where it can be easily seen. Enclose any Diplomatic Notes you wish to send along with your strategy sheets and we'll make sure to forward the note to the team to whom it is addressed.

Role Playing: Many managers take on fictional names and identities, playing either natives of Alastari, or travelers from other times, places, or dimensions. A lot of the gladiators' managers in Alastari seem to be from somewhere very different, and thus they have names and natures that are strange to the natives of this land. It is somewhat difficult to do serious role-playing or storytelling in an arena full of cartoon characters, superheroes, cyborgs, newspaper headlines, and sword-swinging sports cars.

So, we at the Gladiatorial Commission prefer to imagine that most gladiators (unless they have some other semi-plausible reason for being where and what they are) are actually natives of Alastari and are more or less human in appearance. Although the arena fights are deadly serious, they are surrounded by a lot of hype and "show biz" to help promote the games and bring more paying spectators to the arenas. After all, this is where your gladiators' wages come from. Managers usually give their new recruits special names to use in the arenas, to help catch the attention of the crowds. Mothers in Alastari do not name their babies "'57 Chevy," "Less Filling," or "DA #4." As far as the rest of Alastari is concerned, fighters' managers are an exotic species unto themselves, and there is no accounting for the names they think up.

Alastari is a small region in a technologically primitive, magically rich world, somewhat like the ancient Greece of mythology. The Alastari region is only about the size of England, but it seems large to the inhabitants because they travel on foot or horseback, over extremely bad roads. There is a stagecoach, simply called the Shuttle, that carries managers very uncomfortably from one city to another. The most common intelligent races in the world of Alastari are Men, Elves, and Dwarves. There are also various other, rarer races: Swamp Folk, Goblins, Orcs, and Trolls. Legends speak of dragons, gargoyles, and stranger beasts. The Alastari region has been a racial melting pot for many centuries, so that many human-appearing people have mixed blood. This is why shorter warriors are somewhat favored (they may have latent magic from their Elven blood), and why very large warriors may be at a disadvantage (many of them have inherited the slower wits and sluggish reflexes of their Giantish ancestors).

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