Offensive and Defensive Tactics

Now that you've seen what fighting styles can do with a given tactic, it is a good idea to take a closer look at the various tactics available to you as part of a warrior's strategy. Not all offensive and defensive tactics are best used with every offensive and defensive fighting style, but some style/tactic combinations can be particularly devastating. The best advice on tactics is to use them sparingly. A warrior will always be giving up more of their total ability to focus on a particular tactic than they will gain in one area by using the tactic. Never use both an offensive and a defensive tactic together in the same minute.

Different tactics often make good use of attributes, similar to the way some fighting styles make better use of the various attributes than others. Offensive tactics are used to improve the offensive capability of a warrior. Defensive tactics can be used either to improve the defensive qualities of a generally defensive style, or generate some defensive qualities that an offensive style cannot obtain simply with a low Offensive Effort. This can be quite tricky, and is often less successful than hoped. After all, offensive styles aren't designed to be used defensively. The combined offense/defense styles are better suited to using a mix of offensive and defensive tactics. Defensive styles, naturally, make good use of defensive tactics. Also, when taking the offense with an essentially defensive style, it is usually better to raise Offensive Effort rather than try an offensive tactic.

Using an offensive or defensive tactic actually modifies the fighting style of the warrior using that tactic. For example, a Slashing style warrior, using a Slash tactic, is fighting with a modified Slashing Attack style. A warrior using a Slash tactic holds their weapon slightly lower and to their side, plants their feet more widely, and in general acts more deliberately than while using an unmodified slashing attack style. Each of the ten basic fighting styles have inherent strengths and weakness, and are variably able to adapt to the four offensive and four defensive tactics.

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