The Parry-Riposte Style

The Parry-Riposte style is nothing without its superior riposte (i.e., the ability to take away a foe's initiative). It is a finesse style; thus, very few heavy weapons are well suited to it. This results in one of the most unique combinations of offensive and defensive approaches.

The Parry-Riposte style is well suited to the Lunge, poorly suited to the Slash, and horribly suited to the Decisiveness and Bash tactics.

The style is extremely well-suited to the Riposte, and also effectively uses the Parry Tactic. The Parry-Riposte style is poorly (but not impossibly) suited to the Dodge and (perhaps surprisingly) the Responsiveness tactic.

Wit and Deftness are of paramount importance to the Parry-Riposte style. Speed will benefit your warrior's ability to riposte.

The classic weapon of the Parry-Riposte fighting style is the epee. Warriors of this style favor light, quick, thrusting weapons like the shortspear or dagger.

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