The Parry-Strike Style

This fighting style's central concepts are: Waste no motion, use the shortest distance between your attacking weapon and your foe's body, use the shortest distance between your parrying weapon and an opponent's attacking weapon, and use swift attacks throughout the fight. While much like the Striking Attack, the main focus of execution is defensive. The Parry-Strike style concentrates first on the parry, then the strike. Only when the warrior has assured their defense do their thoughts turn to quick, economical attacks which will not overextend themselves.

Offensively, because of its economy of motion, the Parry-Strike style lends itself to Decisiveness modification. The Slash, Lunge, and Bash tactics can be used, but are not very effective.

Defensively, the Parry-Strike style is well suited to the Parry and Responsiveness tactics. The Riposte tactic can be used somewhat effectively. The Dodge is not generally effective, but may be used to create some interesting effects.

Many team managers swear that high Wit is of critical importance to the Parry- Strike fighting style. As with Strikers, however, Deftness and Speed can also be of key importance as they aid parrying and the responsiveness ability of your warrior. There are many ways to create a good Parry-Strike warrior, however. The real key is to try to avoid having any attribute that is greatly below average, except perhaps for Size.

The classic weapon of the Parry-Strike fighting style is the shortsword. These warriors favor those weapons that can execute a simple striking attack and effectively parry as well, for example, broadsword and longsword.

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