The Parry-Lunge Style

The Parry-Lunge is a very graceful and powerful way to fight. This type of warrior may be seen as the total warrior, with dueling skills, lunging attacks, dodging skills, and parry ability -- it's all there!

This fighting style is well suited to the Lunge tactic, but is not well suited to the requirements of the Slash, Bash, or Decisiveness modifications.

Defensively, the Parry-Lunge style is well suited to both the Parry and the Dodge tactics. The Riposte can be used to some effect, but it is not a well suited tactic. The Responsiveness tactic is not at all suited to this style.

A well-rounded character tends to do well here. Most good Parry-Lunge warriors have at least average Strength, Wit, and Deftness. Extremes of Wit and Will (as with most styles) have made some very impressive warriors due to the long term learning potential these high attributes provide.

The classic weapon of the Parry-Lunge fighting style is the longsword. Parry- Lungers can effectively wield any weapon that can both parry and jab, for example, the scimitar or shortsword.

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