The Total Parry Style

The Total Parry style counts on the fact that only a fraction as much energy is necessary to defend as to attack. Thus, a fighting style which defends, attacking only as an afterthought, can result in a defensive net unmatched by any other style.

The Total Parry style is not well suited to any offensive tactic. The Total Parry style is best suited to the Parry Tactic, but the style can use all other defensive tactics as well.

There are any number of ways to design a good Total Parry warrior. Some schools of thought hold that the ability to carry a lot of weight in weapons and armor, coupled with ability to take a lot of damage, is most important. This line of reasoning makes Strength, Constitution, and Will the dominant attributes. Others schools maintain that parrying ability is of paramount importance, thus making Wit, Speed, and Deftness the most important factors. Most managers will agree, however, that Size is of relatively lesser importance to the Total Parry style. Accordingly, many of the best Total Parry warriors are shorter.

The classic weapon of the Total Parry fighting style is the shield. Warriors of this style can use virtually any weapon that can parry effectively, for example, the shortsword or dagger.

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