The Wall of Steel Fighting Style

The secret to the Wall of Steel fighting style is to keep your weapon moving; the weapon's movement is both your attack and your parry. No fighting style, however, will wear a warrior out more quickly, and a Wall of Steel warrior must be strong, tough, and persistent. The conflicting needs to keep a Wall of Steel warrior constantly moving while not pushing endurance too heavily causes many managers to fight them with a middle-range strategy rather than tending towards the extremes of offensive effort and activity level.

The Wall of Steel warrior can use the Bash or Slash tactics equally well (care should be taken to use a weapon related to the tactic selected). The Lunge and Decisiveness tactics are not well suited to the style.

Defensively, the Parry tactic is very practical, simply a concentration on swinging the moving weapon into proper position to block attacks. The Riposte tactic works well, but perhaps not so well as the Parry tactic. The Wall of Steel warrior simply can't dance around enough to use the Dodge tactic well, and the Responsiveness tactic is not at all suited to the constant weapon movement required of the Wall of Steel warrior.

Strength and Constitution are obviously important to this style. Often Speed is thought to be important, but that's debatable. Speed is not as important for keeping a weapon in constant motion as is Deftness. For this reason, Deftness is perhaps a more important consideration.

The classic weapon of Wall of Steel warriors is the morning star. In general, these warriors favor weapons of medium to long length that can be swung in a continuous circle or arc, for example, a scimitar or war flail.

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