The Weapons

Following are descriptions of the different weapons in Duelmasters. There are five basic weapon types: the Swords, the Bashing Weapons, the Spears, the Axes, and the Shields.

Dagger (DA): The classic Mordant dagger is a thin, short hafted, long bladed, eighteen inch weapon. The weapon has an extensive guard, and is a marvelously effective off-hand parrying weapon (unless it breaks!).

Shortsword (SH): The Mordant shortsword is a double-edged thrusting and slashing weapon of two foot length and remarkable thickness. The weapon is good for parrying, as it is nearly impossible to break. Perhaps its greatest virtue is that it requires almost no strength or deftness to wield effectively.

Epee (EP): The Mordant epee is really a single-edged five foot dueling rapier, a light thrusting weapon with its main virtues being speed and the ability to thrust and slash equally well. The main faults of this weapon are its lack of heft and lack of durability in combat. The epee also requires a good deftness to effectively wield.

Scimitar (SC): The sentimental favorite of the Mordant people, the scimitar reminds them of a romanticized time when their people "fled before the wind on our fleet footed horses." The Mordant scimitar is an Arabian horseman's scimitar, 4 to 4 1/2 feet in length, with a slight curve and a pointed tip. It is a classic slashing weapon, but can be used to thrust if needed.

Longsword (LO): The longsword is similar to a dueling rapier, a 5 1/2 foot, slender, double-edged weapon. The longsword lacks the speed of the epee or the heft of a broadsword, but has some of the advantages of both, if used wisely.

Broadsword (BS): The common broadsword is a heavy, wide, thick, double-edged, hilted sword of about 3 1/2 feet in length with a rounded tip. It is barely usable for thrusting, but is a fine slashing weapon.

Greatsword (GS): The Mordant greatsword is a true greatsword. This heavy, double-edged sword with cross-tee hilt is six feet in length, and thus demands great strength to wield. However, using the greatsword is an art, requiring some deftness to whip it about in meaningful arcs. While a greatsword can slash (in a fashion) it is meant to smash things apart. This weapon is a two- handed weapon; it is so large that even the biggest and strongest warriors must use two hands to wield it.

War Hammer (WH): The Mordant war hammer is really a barbarian horseman's weapon, with a two foot wooden haft, at the end of which is a long, narrow hammerhead, giving the weapon the appearance of a cross. The hammerhead is flat on one side, spiked on the other. For all of its lightness, it takes good strength to strike squarely and effectively with a war hammer.

Mace (MA): The Mordant mace is a six inch heavy wooden haft with a large, irregular spiked ball on the end. A special type of mace, with a foot long haft and a smaller striking head, is becoming popular, as it is better adapted to arena fighting. Both maces require good strength and endurance.

War Flail (WF): This remarkable weapon is a six inch wooden haft, indented to allow a better grip, fastened to four one-foot lengths of very heavy chain, with a small ripping flange attached to the end of each chain. Capable of doing terrific damage when all four chain lengths strike at once, this weapon requires surprisingly little deftness to handle well. A war flail is used as if one were throwing a punch.

Morning Star (MS): The Mordant morning star is a 1 1/2 foot length of wood fastened to a two foot length of heavy chain with a spiked ball attached to the other end of the chain. The morning star is not easy to wield, and remarkable in that one can quite possibly hit oneself with this flexible, powerful weapon.

Quarterstaff (QS): The standard war quarterstaff is six feet in length with a number of metal studs driven into the wood near both ends. These metal studs give the weapon more heft and striking power, while the overall weapon remains remarkably light and quick. The quarterstaff is a two-handed weapon.

Maul (ML): The Mordant maul is a long, tapered piece of wood, six feet (or more!) in length, thin enough on one end for a man to hold on to with two hands, and four or five times that thick at the other end. The maul is a two- handed weapon.

Hatchet (HA): The Mordant hatchet is approximately eighteen inches in total length. The weapon is well-balanced with a cutting blade on one side and a spike jutting out the other. The Mordant hatchet is well suited to off hand parrying.

Battle Axe (BA): The Mordant battle axe is intended to be a single handed weapon, but can be used two-handed. The battle axe is single bladed, and of approximately 3 1/2 feet in total length.

Great Axe (GA): There is no true Mordant great axe, but the most commonly used is the excellent Kalhums (Dwarven) styled great axe. The Kalhums great axe is 2 1/2 feet in total length, with a huge double-bitted blade. The Kalhums great axe is a very heavy two-handed weapon, yet is remarkably well balanced.

Halberd (HL): The Mordant halberd is remarkably unwieldy, requiring tremendous strength to use well, but it is an adequate thrusting weapon, and a devastating smashing weapon. The halberd is a two-handed weapon.

Shortspear (SS): The Mordant national weapon, the shortspear, is approximately 3 1/2 feet in length. The spear point has a very slight curve to it. It is well-balanced, and requires only one hand to use effectively. Because of the slight curve to the point of the spear, it makes an inadequate yet usable slashing weapon.

Longspear (LS): The Mordant longspear is really a light lance, and is used as such by the Mordant cavalry on their small, rangy ponies. The longspear is seven feet long, very thin for its length, and is pointed with a long, thin double-edged blade. The longspear is a two-handed weapon.

Shields (SM, ME, LG): Mordant shields are unremarkable. They are usually made of wood with banded bronze reinforcement, and are most often round. Small shields may often be used, in addition to parrying, in sort of a punching fashion, and the large ones make rather good bashing weapons. The medium shield is the best of the three for overall protection, due to its size and weight.

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