We hope you enjoy playing the game of Duelmasters and that the effort you put into the game will be rewarded handsomely. Remember to read your fights not simply for entertainment, but also with an eye toward building on the present strong points of your warriors and removing any shortcomings. We believe the rich options available will keep you playing our games for a long time (after all, that's what we're in business for). With strategy sheets, personal ads, diplomatic notes, and the hope of capturing any of the various awards as you raise your fighters through the rankings, all the way to Duelmaster, there are plenty of goals to shoot for in what is essentially an open ended game.

Reality Simulations also presents Advanced Duelmasters, where Duelmasters warriors are individually invited to a special arena to compete, with a special purpose in mind, with gladiators from all the other arenas in Alastari. Participation in AD is by invitation only. When one of your warriors qualifies, you will receive an invitation and all the information you'll need in order to begin play. The first qualification is this: No warrior from an unchartered team will be considered for induction into the Advanced Duelmaster games. Even after ten fights, few, very few warriors earn the records, recognition, skills and other factors necessary. Still, with time and a few good warriors, the honor looms on an ever approaching horizon.

From your first fights in the Arena to battles with the toughest and brightest in all of Alastari, we wish you the best. Above all, enjoy the game to the fullest! And that truly is the final word.

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