How to Use These Rules

The rules following this introduction have been divided into three sections: Strategy Sheet Procedures, General Rules, and a Reference Section. The Strategy Sheet Procedures will teach you the basics of play and how to fill out your strategy sheets. The General Rules are concerned with the overall framework of the game and the various achievements open to teams and warriors. The Reference Section gives more detailed information about each element of play and provides some advice about the subtleties of the game. Throughout the rules, you will see various boxed areas which highlight topical information not essential to play.

For players wanting to get started in the game as soon as possible, we suggest you first read over the entire book briefly to get a good feel for the game. From there, you should be able to go to the Strategy Sheet Section and fill out your first set of strategy sheets. Don't feel obligated to absorb all the material in these rules at one sitting. At first, just concentrate on getting your first set of strategy sheets filled out and sent in. Later, as time permits, you can begin to look forward to challenging specific opponents in your arena and working out some more detailed strategies. Once you've received your first turn results, you can begin to fine tune your strategy by using your first set of fight results as feedback.

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