Following are descriptions of the various parts of the strategy sheet and instructions for filling them out. As you read this section, refer to the sample strategy sheet at the back of this booklet.

You should have one strategy sheet for each of your warriors. Each strategy sheet has two sides, the Standard side and the Challenge side. You will need to fill out the Standard side of the strategy sheet for each warrior you wish to enter into combat. The Challenge side of the strategy sheet is optional. It represents a special strategy to be used if your warrior is Challenged by another warrior in the arena and/or your warrior himself successfully challenges another gladiator. (Note that a warrior may never challenge or be challenged the first turn they fight in the arena. If this is your first turn playing Duelmasters, leave the Challenge side of your strategy sheets blank.)

Along the top of the strategy sheet are spaces for your warrior's name, ID#, team name, account number, game number and your name.

This is the most important part of your strategy sheet, so take special care to fill in all of these blanks accurately for every strategy sheet you submit. If you don't, we may not be able to process your turn.

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