The Slashing Attack Style

The Slashing Attack style is not so basic as it may at first seem. The type of stroke which an effective slashing attack requires may only be struck with a balanced weapon. The slashing stroke uses the cutting edge of a bladed weapon. Rather than chopping into, or thrusting through a foe, the slash attempts to swing along the foe's body. A slash wound will leave a long scar, and can cut a man from left shoulder to right hip in one stroke. The slashing stroke is tricky, in that it can twist around a parry and chop off an unwary defender's wrist.

The Slashing Attack style lends itself to one tactic only, the Slash. The Decisiveness and Lunge tactics are marginally effective at best, and the Bash tactic is ridiculous. The very nature of the slashing style precludes any effective use of the four defensive tactics.

A Slasher seldom walks away from a fight unscathed, so a high Will can be a definite asset. The technique of slashing can be very unforgiving when it comes to a lack of Deftness.

The classic weapon employed by Slashers is the scimitar. The general weapon type is any weapon that slashes effectively, for example, a battle axe or shortsword.

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