The Bashing Attack Style

The Bashing Attack is simply a compilation of actions which are effective with bashing attacks. The central concepts to this style are: Pressure your foe, hit as hard as you can, and avoid defense (until you are very good, then avoid defense anyhow!).

The Bashing Attack really only lends itself to modification by offensive tactics, and of the offensive tactics only to Bash or Decisiveness. Other tactics can be used, but only in rare cases, and with full knowledge that modifying the style with these other tactics will reduce your warrior's overall abilities.

A Basher is often most successful by either doing great amounts of damage with large weapons, or by repeatedly hammering away at their foe. While great Strength and large Size are obviously plusses for a Basher, it is not always wise to sacrifice so much in other attributes that you end up with a deadly brute who nonetheless is incapable of hitting their foe.

The classic weapon of the Bashing Attack style is the mace. The general weapon type favored by Bashers is any weapon that smashes into the target, for example, the maul or morning star.

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