The Lunging Attack Style

It is mainly the forward lunge which makes a Lunger so dangerous, but also the side-to-side motion for unexpected angles of thrust and general defense. Thus, the Lunging Attack styled warrior tends to have better than average ability to retreat or leap backwards. Their credo is "keep moving!" This style is very well suited to the Lunge tactic; lunging is what the style is all about. The Decisiveness tactic may be used, but is not very well suited to the style. The Slash and Bash tactics are not at all well suited to the Lunging Attack style.

Defensively, the Dodge is most commonly used, and is perhaps the best suited defensive tactic. The Riposte tactic (the ability to make a sharp, quick thrust in response to an opponent's offensive) also works well, as the Lunger continually shifts, awaiting that perfect moment to strike. This style is not at all well suited to either the Responsiveness or Parry tactics.

The term "good Lunger" is often synonymous with good endurance. The Lunging style is very taxing, and accordingly Will is at a premium, with Strength and Constitution also playing an important role in performance. Initiative, the ability to maintain combat advantage, is also of key importance. Below average Wit, Speed, or Deftness may impair the Lunger's ability to keep their foe off balance.

The classic weapon type of Lungers is the longspear. In general, they will use any jabbing weapon, such as a longsword or shortspear.

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