The Striking Attack Style

The Striking Attack style is perhaps the simplest in concept of all of the fighting styles. Its central focus revolves around wasting no motion, using the shortest distance between weapon and target, striking downward where possible, and finishing off your foe quickly.

Offensively, the Striking Attack style almost begs to be Decisiveness modified. The Decisiveness tactic is well suited to the quick, economic motions used by this style. (However, beware of running into a superior parrying warrior using responsiveness, or a very fast warrior). This style is also adaptable to use the Lunge, Slash, or Bash tactics, provided the appropriate weapon is used.

Defensively, the Striking Attack style is well suited to the physical requirements of the Responsiveness tactic. Other defensive tactics may be used reasonably well, but tend to be less effective. A word of caution: The Striking attack is primarily offensive.

Especially if you wish to fight with the classic Striking approach, you will want a warrior who can land blows quickly, surely, and with power. A high Wit will add to the decisiveness of a Striker. Like Bashers, Strikers can always benefit from high Strength and Size. A major advantage of the Striking Attack style is its natural conservation of endurance. Accordingly, a Striker can afford to trade endurance attributes like Constitution and Will for other attributes.

The Classic weapon type of the Striking Attack style is the broadsword, but almost any weapon can be employed to good effect.

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