The Challenge and Avoid Section

In this section, your warrior will have the opportunity to challenge up to two warriors to a duel, and to avoid up to two teams.

Wish to Fight: No warrior may challenge on the first turn they fight, or on the first turn after being inactive. If this is your warrior's first fight, leave this space blank. If your warrior has fought at least once in the arena, you may wish to issue one or more challenges. In the Wish to Fight section, you can challenge any two warriors allowed by Class Ranking restrictions (see Class Rankings). Challenging the same warrior twice (called "double challenging") increases the likelihood of succeeding in the challenge. Always be sure to include the warrior's ID# when making a challenge. To indicate a Bloodfeud Challenge, circle the name of the warrior you are challenging. The names and ID#s of all warriors are listed in the arena newsletter you receive with each set of turn results.

Initiate Initiate, Challenger Initiate
Challenger Initiate Initiate, Challenger Initiate, Adept
Adept Adept, Challenger Adept
Challenger Adept Adept, Challenger Adept, Champion
Champion Champion, Challenger Champion
Challenger Champion Champion, Challenger Champion, Duelmaster
Duelmaster Challenger Champion

Challenge/If Challenged Strategy: The back side of your strategy sheet is called the "Challenge Side." You may plot an alternate strategy to be used if your warrior successfully challenges another warrior and/or your warrior is challenged by another warrior. Filling out a Challenge strategy is not required. It is an option which may give your warrior an edge. If you fill out a challenge strategy, be sure to check one or both of the boxes in the lower right corner on the standard side of the strategy sheet.

If you check the box marked "Challenge Strategy," your warrior will use their Challenge Strategy (rather than Standard Strategy) if they are paired with one of the warriors you listed in the Wish to Fight section of your strategy sheet. If you check the box marked "If Challenged Strategy," your warrior will use their Challenge Strategy if they are successfully challenged by another warrior. You may check both boxes if you wish.

Wish to Avoid: There may be some teams in the arena that you would prefer not to fight. The strategy sheet provides an option whereby you can attempt to avoid challenges made by up to two teams in the arena. Simply list the name and Team ID number of these teams in the "Wish to Avoid" blanks on the standard side of your strategy sheet (the Team ID numbers are shown after the team name in the newsletter). Any challenges made by warriors from those teams will have greatly reduced chances of succeeding. Bloodfeud Challenges are very difficult to avoid.

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