Warrior Training

There are two basic types of warrior training: skill learning and attribute development. The primary determinant of how well your warrior learns skills is Wit. The main factor affecting your warrior's chances of training an attribute is Will. If you make no selection in this space, the default choice is skill learning. Most new warriors will have at least one weakness noted on their character overview.

While a weakness (or strength) can result from a number of factors, an increase in the right attribute can help a great deal. For example, if your fighter can only carry a small amount in weapons and armor, often an increase or two in strength will help to eliminate the weakness. Skills improve specific areas of combat ability such as attacking and parrying.

ST Strength
CN Constitution
WT Wit
WL Will
SP Speed
DF Deftness

The first few turns are good for learning basic skills. After around five duels you might consider attempting to train a few key attributes. If you choose to train for skills write in "skills" or "SK" in the space provided on the strategy sheet. If you choose to train an attribute write in one of the following codes in the space provided. (Size is also an attribute, but size may not be increased via training.)

In addition to skills and attributes all warriors equally gain experience with each fight. Experience reduces dueling mistakes and increases a warrior's overall survivability. Warriors gain experience automatically (you don't need to write anything on your strategy sheet).

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