Challenging and Avoiding Other Teams

Challenging Fighters: As in the strategy sheet section, we emphasize that you may issue two challenges to different warriors or a double challenge against a single warrior. Double challenging a warrior increases the odds of successfully matching up with that warrior. It is very important to place the ID# of the warrior you are challenging in the challenge space on your strategy sheet, or your challenge may not go through.

If you use the Challenge/If Challenged boxes on your strategy sheet, note that marking both boxes will invoke the same strategy. There is no way to have separate Challenge and If Challenged strategies. You must decide which situation is most likely (that your challenge will be successful or that you will be successfully challenged) and warrants a special strategy.

Avoiding Teams: While it is very difficult to avoid a team that is Bloodfeuding you, team avoids are very useful in avoiding regular challenges. They allow you the possibility to avoid the challenges issued against your warrior from any member of another team. Although it might be considered cowardly, even the Duelmaster may avoid the team that holds their closest competition. Better yet, with the fact that you can lose recognition by fighting lower ranked warriors, the avoid can come in handy for evading pesky challengers from below, thereby increasing the odds that you may yourself successfully challenge someone higher in the ranks. Wise use of challenges and avoids can give you a definite edge over your competition by giving you better control over whom you fight and when.

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