The Bloodfeud

Whenever a warrior dies at the hands of another player, it is the right, some say duty, of the fallen warrior's team to avenge the death. By using a Bloodfeud challenge, a team member challenges and attempts to beat or even kill the slayer of their teammate. Any or all team members may make the Bloodfeud challenge, regardless of their, or their newfound enemy's, status in the Class Rankings. By this rule, an Initiate who slays a warrior may find himself facing the wrath of Adepts, Champions, or the Duelmaster himself if such are teammates of the slain warrior. However, the Duelmaster by virtue of their status has some measure of protection against Bloodfeud. Only warriors in the Class just below the Duelmaster may challenge them, even if their team has a Bloodfeud against them.

The list of Dead Warriors in the newsletter records the status of all Bloodfeuds. A team has four consecutive turns in which it may Bloodfeud. Any time a Bloodfeud is revenged the honor is noted, and if it goes unrevenged through all four turns, the dishonor is also noted. Bloodfeuds can do great things for a warrior's Popularity Rating, especially if they can kill the killer of their teammate (which opens the door for further Bloodfeuds!). Even if a Bloodfeud is successful on the first turn, the avenging team retains Bloodfeud challenging rights for a full four turns against the transgressor.

The Bloodfeud Challenge receives the highest priority of all challenges. For a Bloodfeud Challenge, fill out the Wish to Fight section, and in addition circle (with a red pen, if you like) the name of the challenged warrior to indicate that it is a Bloodfeud. If you don't circle the warrior's name, the challenge will not be processed as a Bloodfeud and thus will not gain the special Bloodfeud Challenge priority (although you will get credit for having revenged your fallen warrior whenever you defeat the offending warrior even if you just match-up with that warrior randomly).

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