Offensive and Defensive Tactics

Tactics are special tricks or maneuvers which stress specific qualities of a fighter's style. Wise selection of tactics is highly dependent on understanding the nature of each Fighting Style. We therefore suggest you read the comments in the Reference Section on both Fighting Styles and Tactics before you begin to use tactics. Generally, tactics will emphasize one approach or ability of a fighter at the expense of all other approaches.

Offensive Tactics not only reduce a fighter's defenses, but reduce the likelihood of any other type of attack being initiated. Defensive Tactics, similarly, reduce the chance of initiating attacks, as well as the rest of the defensive options normally open to the fighter. In short, the benefits gained by focusing on a particular tactic go hand in hand with reductions in other capabilities. Use tactics sparingly; often the best tactic is no tactic.

Using both an Offensive Tactic and a Defensive Tactic in the same round is almost always a bad idea. As it is, the use of tactics taxes a warrior's endurance and stamina, and a tactic not well suited to a given fighting style can create an overall disadvantage. Many fighters who seldom use tactics have long and successful careers. Again, close study of the Reference section is advised.

Offensive Tactics Defensive Tactics
B = Bash D = Dodge
D = Decisiveness P = Parry
L = Lunge R = Riposte
S = Slash S = Responsiveness

If you wish your warrior to use either an offensive or a defensive tactic in a particular minute, simply fill in the appropriate code, from above, in the box provided on your strategy sheet.

These are the elements of the strategy sheet you will use to send your fighters after honor and the Duelmastership. The possible combinations are virtually endless. After a time, you will discover not only what works for the various styles in general, but more importantly, what works best for your individual warriors. Never be afraid to experiment. The maxim, "If it works, don't fix it" is probably not good advice for playing Duelmasters. Varied approaches are necessary to be successful against different fighting styles and the unique capabilities of particular warriors. What works well in one fight is not guaranteed to work well in all fights.

Once you have gone over this section and skimmed the rest of the rule book, fill out your first strategy sheets for your warriors and mail them in. Like the art of combat itself, or like playing chess, Duelmasters strategy is an art learned one step at a time, and never completely mastered. May this rulebook, the rollup rules, your overviews, and the fight results you will soon receive, start you on the road to a long and honorable career in the World of Alastari.

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